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The Ultimate Guide on IBC Mixer Machines(We Analyzed 13 Different Mixing Machines)

In my analysis, I sampled 13 different mixer machines from these 7 global manufacturers: SaintyCo, Silverson, INDCO, Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, Admix, IKA and StaMixCo. The aim of this case study was to establish the various aspects that these machines offer based on the working principle, features, application and quality compliance, among other factors.

My study […]

How to Source for IBC Bins from a Blender Machine Manufacturer in China

I know finding the right IBC bin blender machine manufacturer in China can be an overwhelming task with over 100s of factories actively involved in this industry. Most likely, you may end up sourcing for IBC bins from incompetent or fraudulent companies.

Today, I am going to share with you practical hacks on how to […]

Key IBC Bin Blender Applications in Modern Industrial Processes

If you haven’t thought of incorporating IBC bin blenders in your material processing and handling plant, maybe it is time to do so.

Since the first IBC bin blenders were introduced in the 1961, they have become an effective accessory in the pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical, laboratories and nutriceutical industries, just to mention a few […]

9 Important Features of a Pharmaceutical Laboratory Blender that Guarantee High ROI

If you want to increase productivity, efficiency and ROI, then you need to do one simple thing:

Acquire a pharmaceutical laboratory blender with superior features.

In most cases, you’ll find people looking for an IBC blender machine with reasonable structure, stable, easy to clean, etc.

The truth is; this is not all that you need.

To be guaranteed […]