5 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Videos to Help You Learn How Capsule Fillers Work

These simple automatic capsule filling machine videos can help you understand the working principle of these machines.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a newbie in the capsule filling industry, you’ll find these videos very useful.


Capsule Closing and Cleaning Station

Before, I review the 5 automatic capsule filling machine videos, let’s summarize how this machine works:

  • Capsules from the hopper are fed into an orienting device
  • Encapsulators transfer the capsules into special cells
  • When in position within the cells, the machine separates the capsules
  • Bottom part of the capsules move into position ready for filling
  • Capsule filling takes place and the encapsulating machine rejects all non-separated capsules
  • Bottom and top parts are then joined together
  • Machine inspects capsules, rejects those with defects and directs the remaining capsules to the receiving box

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Video to Learn From

Here are simple videos illustrating the working principle of automatic capsule filling machines:

Automatic Encapsulating Machine Video 1

This video shows the most important components of an automatic capsule filling machine.

That is, a complete machine after assembly, dosing system, touch screen HMI, electrical components, motors, conveyor systems etc.

As you can see in the video, the entire structure is a stainless steel. The equipment design conforms to the CGMP requirements.

Automatic Capsule Filler Video 2

The next video focuses more on the actual working principle of automatic capsule filling machine.

In the video, you’ll see how the capsules move from the hopper, orientation section, dosing table turning to capsule receiving box.

More importantly, I am sure you’ve seen the automatic capsule filler reject some capsules with ability to monitor all operations from the touchscreen HMI.

Again, the working principle of encapsulating machine involves a coordinated movement of parts. It is the PLC that controls these movements.

Unlike in the first capsule filler video, this is a high speed machine, hence, a high production output.

Automatic Capsule Machine Video 3

Another automatic encapsulating machine video is:

From the video, you will realize that the safety of machine users is a major concern to most manufacturers. The dosing disc is enclosed in a “cabin” with lockable door.

The door is made from solid polycarbonate sheets. No one can open the door when the machine is switched on.

Moreover, these machines can fill capsules of different sizes depending on the production needs.

Automatic Encapsulator Video 4

Laboratory automatic capsule filling machines are common in modern pharmaceutical industries. Below is a illustrating how this machine works:

Have you noticed any difference between this capsule filling machine video and the first 3?
Well, the capsule dosing system is quite different. This is machine requires a small installation space.

So far, the four capsule filling machine videos capture key important working principles of fully automatic encapsulator machines. Therefore, it will be appropriate to review a video of a semi-automatic capsule filling machine.

Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine Video 5

Semi-automatic capsule filling machines are also common in the pharmaceutical industries. As you will see in the video below, the working principle of semi-automatic capsule filling machines requires human intervention.


Whether you’re an expert or a newbie in the capsule filling industry, I am sure you found these 5 videos to be useful. They explain important working principles of encapsulating machines.

The videos mainly give you a practical aspect of the capsule filling process.Moreover, the control system and the electric wiring components conform to the CE standards.

All safety warnings are also put in place.


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