7 Important Applications of Hammer Mills You Should Know

This article focuses on key applications of hammer mills in various industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, cosmetic or chemical industries. In all these industries, the principle of operation depends its ability to crush materials into smaller pieces.

SaintyCo hammer mill machine

SaintyCo hammer mill machine


1. Producing Intermediate Grades of Powder

Hammer mills can produce intermediate powder grades for specific applications in the pharmaceutical industry. That is, powders whose nominal diameters are neither large nor small.

Sample of ground particles

Sample of ground particles

The good thing about this equipment is that, it can produce intermediate powder from nearly any material except sticky substances. Sticky material can choke the screen.

This not only handy in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in other processes in cosmetic, chemical and food processing.

2. Grinding Legumes and Other Dry Products

Grinding is an important manufacturing process in pharmaceutical, food processing and cosmetic industry. These may include grinding soya, beans, groundnuts, etc.

A section of hammer mill for grinding

A section of hammer mill for grinding

For instance, hammer mills grind coffee and soya for making beverages in food processing industries. Furthermore, it is also a common practice in the cosmetic industry where a number of nuts are ground to mate body lotions and creams.

3. They Help in Material Size Reduction

To package drugs or other products, there is a need to reduce their sizes to fit the packaging equipment. A good example is the capsule filling machines that fill powders, pellets or tablets.

A fine powder for filling capsules

A fine powder for filling capsules

For materials whose diameters are larger than the standard capsule types, they should be reduced to reasonable sizes with the help of a hammer mill.

Hammer mills can resize solids, dry materials, fibrous material, slurries, etc. It is an essential equipment in micronization.

4. Hammer Mills Help to Improve Formulation or Dissolution

In pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing industries, at times, mixing products require a large surface area. This is possible by reducing particle sizes.

Illustration of hammer milling

Illustration of hammer milling. Image source – UONBI

Furthermore, small particles will ensure there is an even distribution of particles in the final formulation. Therefore, a hammer milling machine will ensure consistency in particle distribution, producing a quality mixture.

This an essential aspect more so in the pharmaceutical industries where every capsule or tablet should have the right dose quantity.

5. It Helps in Mixing Solid Dry and Fibrous Materials after Grinding or Milling

As this equipment mills or reduces the average size of materials, it does the mixing at the same time. This results in a final product with smaller particles whole ingredients are evenly distributed within the content.

Mixing different powders

Mixing different powders

Moreover, this eliminates the laborious process of mixing two different powders after grinding.

6. It Reduces Active Ingredients of Substances/Substrates

Reducing the active ingredients is an important procedure in the pharmaceutical industry. Grinding or milling these substrates make them more useful to the end users.

A curcumin powderA curcumin powder

This an important procedure in any manufacturing and processing industry.

7. Hammer Mills Help in Faster and Cost Effective Recycling of Substances

Recycling is also an important part of any manufacturing process. This equipment can mill, resize and mix various ingredients of the final products.

It offers a fast and cost effective way to turn them into a useful end product.

These 7 applications of hammer mill are clear indications that this equipment plays an integral role in the various manufacturing processes. However, to benefit more from a hammer mill, you need a high quality and reliable equipment that conforms to all quality standards and specifications.


A hammer mill is an effective and useful manufacturing equipment that grinds, mills and mixes various ingredients to form a useful end product.

It offers a cost effective way to process a variety of products such wide range of powder mixtures, wet or dry granulations.

Always choose a high quality equipment from a reliable and reputable manufacturer only.

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