How to Leverage on the Applications of roller Compactor Pharmaceutical for Maximum Productivity

We all wish to own a roller compactor machine that guarantees maximum productivity within the limited resources available. Not any machine can achieve this.

Basically, you need a high quality and precise roller compactor pharmaceutical machine, whose design meets the specific requirements of the end user.

This is not a far-fetched dream. I can help you source for the right accessory from our factory.

roller compactors pharmaceutical

For now, I want to focus on the various applications of roller compactor pharmaceutical machines that can boost the prosperity of your business.

By the way, it is so obvious that whenever we talk about roller compactor technology, the first thing that comes to your mind is dry regulation. This is basically the opposite of wet granulation.

Practical Applications of roller Compactor Pharmaceutical Machine

This is not the kind of a generic article that focuses on applications such as processing materials in pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing industries.

The big question here is:

At what point or why exactly do you need roller compactor machines?

The decision you make here should have economic value to your business. Let’s explore some of the most common applications:

1. Use it for Moisture Sensitive Powder Applications

There are certain products that are moisture sensitive. That is, such substance may lose a significant amount of their physical and chemical properties when mixed with moisture or water during material processing.

Dry Granulator

Furthermore, some substances tend to lose their active ingredients on exposure to moisture or liquids.

Remember in dry granulation, we don’t need either water or moisture. This way, the integrity and quality of the final product will remain unchanged.

Ideally, this will save you the cost of further treatments or processes that may increase the cost of material processing.

2. Consider rollerer Compaction Technology for Heat Sensitive Products

In wet granulation, you’ll mix the product with a solution. The choice of a fluid will depend on the type of material you intend to process.

This fluid should be volatile such, that you can remove it by drying. Basically, you’ll apply a given amount of heat.

Therefore, the process is only suitable for processing materials that are not heat sensitive.

How about the heat sensitive products?

Well, the most cost effective and reliable option will be dry granulation. Definitely, you’ll need a roller compactor pharmaceutical machine.

Processes in roller compaction for dry granulation

Adopting this machine for this application will guarantee maximum productivity. This is because you will not require specialized equipment or treatment in the process.

3. Adopt it for Powders that Do Not Compress Well

At times, granulation fluid may not be useful. Therefore, you have no choice but to adopt a process that will ensure maximum amount of force is exerted to achieve the required density.

Parts of roller compactor

In short, it is only a roller compactor pharmaceutical machine that will ensure consistent dry granulation process for such materials. Remember, with this machine, you will effectively compact and reduce the size of all materials.

Therefore, you can achieve a uniform free flow blend. This is because the particles will effectively be aggregated as the two rollerers exert enough force to compress the powder effectively.

This is an efficient and effective way of processing material in the pharmaceutical industry.

End product from dry granulation process

Again, you should remember that the efficiency of a roller compactor will depend on the specific characteristics of the machine. It doesn’t matter whether your application requires briquetting, continuous compacting, heavy-duty compacting or high volume material processing.

We have a rollerer compactor machine that will suit your specific application.


In short, you need to realize that roller compactor pharmaceutical machines do not require liquid or moisture to process materials. So, you need to understand the intrinsic properties of the materials you intend to process.

By doing so, you’ll choose materials that are moisture or heat sensitive, i.e., those that may lose their intrinsic properties when you adopt wet granulation process.

In case of any queries or clarifications about roller compactors/dry granulation or wet granulation machines, you can contact me. I’ll be happy to share with you my years of experience in the pharmaceutical machinery.

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