Auxiliary Support Equipment

Chilling System

The chilling unit is modular to fit your available floor space.
Refrigeration capacity: 7.91Kw
Power: 220 V 50 Hz 1P 3.33Kw
Dimensions: 930x 520x975mm
Weight: 135Kg

Color Mixe

Each tumble dryer has a large, high powered centrifugal fan, and is equippedwith an anti-static device to prevent softgels from sticking due to electromagnetic charge build-up.

Drying Trays

The softgels come out of the tumble dryers and are placed on paper lined drying trays. The trays are then stacked
on dollies and pushed into drying tunnels.
Dimensions: 750x475x55mm

Gelatin Melting Tan

Capacity gelatin melting and mixing tank is made from all stainless steel construction with sanitary stainless steel valves and clamps, a triple wall jacket with breather.

Gelatin Service Tank

Capacity gelatin melting and mixing tank is made from all stainless steel construction with sanitary stainless steel valves and clamps, a triple wall jacket with breather.


The Softgel tooling is custom made to meet your needs with a 2-week turnaround. It features harder aircraft grade aluminum, colored timing marks, and “bead blasting” to minimize gel adhesion.

Tumble Dryers

Temperature:< 100℃
Pressure:< 0.05Mpa
Power supply:220V/60Hz
Dimension:Φ550×1210 mm/Φ700×1330 mm /Φ800×1370 mm

Vacuum Mixer

Vacuum degree:< 0.09 Mpa
Cutting speed:0-1500 RPM
Mixing speed:50 RPM
Dimension:1580x860x2100 mm/1600x860x2150 mm/1710x860x2200 mm

  •  Step One – Gelatin Preparation

Powdered gelatin is mixed with water until a liquid gelatin is formed in a reactor. The reactor serves as a gelatin-melting tank. It is important that this process is done quickly and that minimal air is in the gelatin. When color is added to the gelatin – it is done so by a high-speed vacuum mixer – again to decrease the amount of added air to the gelatin. The gelatin is stored in heated tanks until used.

  •  Step Two – Encapsulation

Forming the Gelatin Ribbon The gelatin is supplied to the encapsulation machine through a gravity driven system. The gel is sent to the machine and two ribbons of gelatin are formed. The ribbons of gelatin are cooled and lubricated with non-toxic oil. The gelatin is now ready to be shaped and filled.

  • Filling the Capsule

The two ribbons of gelatin are run through recessed dies of the desired shape and size. The ribbon of gelatin is forced into the recessed areas of the die by the chosen fill material. At the same time the capsule is filled within the die it is sealed and cut from the ribbon of gel.

  •   Step Three – Drying of Capsules

Stage One – Capsules that have just been filled are very soft due to the amount of moisture they contain. Therefore they are sent immediately through a tumble dryer via a conveyor. The main purpose of the tumble dryer is to remove the thin layer of oil on the outside of the capsule as well as some of the moisture in the gelatin.

Stage Two – After being tumble dried, the capsules are placed on trays and moved into rooms that are climate controlled to continue drying. Air is circulated around the trays of capsules for up to 48 hours.

  •   Step Four – Inspection

Before any capsules are packaged they are inspected for uniformity, proper filling and to make sure there are no air pockets in the gelatin or dimples in the shell.

  • Mechanical Softgel Machine
  • Auto Servo Softgel Machine
  • Complete Drying System(double Deck Tumbling Dryer)
  • Drying System(Big In-Line Tumbling Dryer)
  • Gelatin Preparation Equipment
  • Medicine Preparation Equipment
  • Accessory Equipment
  • Die roll&Shape
Technical DataAprila SG50PAprila SG250P
Mold Sizes (mm)φ 150 x 50Φ150 x 250
SpeedUp to 1.8 RPMUp to 1.8 RPM
Capacity (40# Round 1.8RPM)4,500 pcs/h35,000 pcs/h
Power220V/380V,50/60Hz,3 Phase,2 Kw220V/380V,50/60Hz,3 Phase, 19 Kw
Machine Dimensions (mm)1700x810x 17502050x 1200x 1850
Weight600 kgs1900 kgs
Tumble Dryers24
Tumbler SizeΦ316x417mmΦ580x900mm
Tumbler Dimensions1400x 450x800mm4100x880x 1200mm

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