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Blister Packing Machine: The Definitive Guide for Importers and Learners

Blister Packing Machine:The Definitive Guide for Importers and Learners

A blister packaging machine plays a fundamental role in pharmaceutical, food processing and chemical industries.

It guarantees an effective and safe packaging of tablets from a tablet press or capsules from capsule filling machines.

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything about blister packaging equipment. This will […]

Fluid Bed Dryer Buying Guide: Important Fluid Bed Dryer Specifications You Must Consider

If you’re planning to buy a new fluid bed dryer, then you’ll like this guide. Here, you’ll learn about all the fluid bed dryer specifications.

I find this subject important, especially for people who are investing in the fluidized bed dryer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Depending on the fluidized bed dryer design, you may go for […]

A Definitive Guide to Fluid Bed Granulation Process (Updated)

Fluid bed granulation is a popular material processing technique in many industries.

Quite a number of industries use it as a means of transforming the dusty powder into desirable granules.

But before I explore the fluid bed granulation process, let’s review granulation process in general.

I think this information is important since it will give you a […]

How Different Types of Spray Systems in Fluid Bed Equipment Work (Specific Functions &Applications)

Fluid bed machines come in a wide range of designs and configurations that suit various applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

However, one distinct feature is always the exact location of the spray system.

Depending on the application or position of their spray system, you may classify the available fluid bed equipment as:

Fluid bed drying machine