Automatic Capsule Filler-MagnaFill CF-300

Automatic Capsule Filler-MagnaFill CF-300

SaintyCo MagnaFill CF-300 automatic capsule filler has an output production capacity of 5,000 capsules per minute with 36 (3 row) segment bores and 12 stations. It is designed for high production pharmaceutical companies that fill capsules size 00# to 5#.

This automatic encapsulating machine has superior features that guarantee efficiency, safety and reliability. The automatic encapsulator has RU180 and RU140 high precision gap indexing box.

The unique design of SaintyCo automatic encapsulator has an improved drive cam to reduce shortcomings of spring. Its silicon sealing eliminates powder sucked in problem.

To improve efficiency and reduce downtime, SaintyCo MagnaFill CF-300 automatic capsule filling machine features a double-axis movement in its lower mold with a silicon sealing ring.

All these ensure the automatic encapsulator machine does not experience a back and forth stretching belt powder condition. This results in smooth operation and high precision.

With the MagnaFill CF-300 automatic capsule filler, there is no need to open the turntable to replace the sealing ring. Thus, it is easy to maintain.

The machine also comes with a second indoor dehumidifier, 3D adjustment mechanism, auto-lubrication system, modular punching system and 10-inch colored LCD screen.

Advantages of SaintyCo MagnaFill CF-300 automatic capsule filler

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Guarantees high production
  • Users can monitor all operations via the LCD screen
  • The design conforms to cGMP requirements
  • Unique design eliminates degree of deformation on the dosing pan
Capsule FillerUltraFill CF-300
No.of segment bores36( 3 Row)
Suitable for capsule00#-5#
Total power12Kw
Overall weight3500Kg
Overall dimensions1605*1285*2200(+480)mm

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