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Automatic Capsule Fillter (PrimaFill CF-90)

Tamping and Powder Dosing

Capable of speeds of up to 90,000 capsules per hour, this machine has the potential to become a key ingredient in your 2018 profit plan.

AdvantaFill CF90 Fully Automatic Capsule Filling machine rated at 90,000 cph. Fully operational, well performance for nutraceutical and supplement product.


  • 01 format tooling
  • Siemens PLC with Color touchscreen controls
  • Pneumatic powder loading system(option)
  • Pneumatic Empty loading system (option)


  • #304 Stainless Steel Enclosures & Tabletop
  • Four Heavy Duty Acrylic Doors
  • #304 Stainless Steel Turret
  • All FDA Approved Contact Parts
  • Mounted on Casters & Leveling Pads

Drive System:

  • AC Variable Speed Frequency Control
  • Clutch/Brake System with Torque Limiter for Safety

Capsule Orientation/Feeding & Separation Stations:

  • #304 Stainless Steel Capsule Hopper with Level Sensor Control
  • Complete Capsule Orientation System
  • Complete Capsule Separation System
  • Redesigned without metal to metal contact

Powder Feeding/Tamping System Station:

  • Five Tamping Stations that Provides the Widest Variety of Filling Capabilities in the Industry
  • One Transfer Station to Remove Pre-Measured Product to Capsule to within +/- 1%
  • #304SS Powder Hopper with Automatic Auger Filling System
  • #304SS Dosing Chamber & Disk with Level Control Sensor

Main Segment Drive Assembly:

  • Faulty Capsule Ejection Station
  • Capsule Closing Station
  • Capsule Ejection Station
  • Segment Cleaning Station
  • Uses Dry Vacuum Pump
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