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10 Advantages of SaintyCo Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

How do you know if an automatic capsule filling machine is suitable for your pharmaceutical industry?

Obviously, you need to focus on the basic factors that guarantee efficiency, high production output, accuracy, etc. Remember, all these may vary depending on the type of encapsulating machine brand.

In this article, I will focus on 10 advantages of SaintyCo automatic capsule filling machines and they include:

1. SaintyCo Capsule Filler are cGMP and CE Compliant

The design of all SaintyCo capsule filling machines conforms to the CE and cGMP requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for the NJP, SF-II, VSF-V or manual capsule fillers.

The Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirement is an important standardization procedure in the pharmaceutical industry. It ensures proper quality control in the entire manufacturing process to ensure safety of drug products.

An indication that a pharmaceutical product complies with GMP

SaintyCo technicians work closely with the U.S. Food Drug and Administration (FDA) to ensure compliance of capsule fillers. It is rigorous procedure to ensure:

  • Proper machine design procedures
  • Monitoring and regulating quality
  • Control of manufacturing process

Moreover, all electrical components and choice of material also conform to the CE directive. This eliminates any possible incompatibility issues.

Above are CE marking. You should know the difference between fake and geunine CE marks

All SaintyCo capsule filling machines have the CE and cGMP marks as a proof of compliance. You can also request for these certificates for validation.

2. SaintyCo Encapsulating Machines Guarantee Accurate and Precise Dosing

These machines guarantee accurate and precise powder dosing. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for the manual, automatic or semi-automatic capsule filler.

Each machine has unique features that guarantee a high level of accuracy to reduce possible wastages. Let’s have a quick look at how SaintyCo achieves this:

  • SaintyCo manual capsule fillers

SaintyCo manual capsule filling machines have a middle sheet with a special flute design. This ensures high precision while protecting capsules from damage.

SaintyCo CN-20 manual capsule filler

Moreover, the U-design reduces the possibility of powder loss, hence, it guarantees a high accuracy and precision.

  • SaintyCo semi-automatic capsule fillers

To improve accuracy of these encapsulator machines, operators may use the number of rotations of the dosing disc to regulate the capsule filling process. Also, the powder feeder has an auger that regulates the powder filling process.

SaintyCo SF-II semi-automatic capsule filling machine

Moreover, SaintyCo capsule fillers have an independent power and fixed point filling, besides a variable speed filling.

  • SaintyCo fully automatic capsule filling machine

SaintyCo automatic capsule fillers have a powder dosing that uses a 5 stage tamping technology to ensure an enhanced accuracy. Furthermore, most machines have enlarged dosing disc, controlled powder flow, three dimensional control elements, etc.

SaintyCo NJP-200 capsule filling machine

All measures may vary depending on the production output capacity and the type (series) of the machine.

Clearly, SaintyCo does not compromise on accuracy and precision of the powder filling process. A reason why the company invests in technical innovations to ensure every encapsulator has the right quality control measures.

3. The Capsule Fillers Ensure Unlimited Capsule Filling Possibilities

With the dynamisms in the pharmaceutical industry, a time has come when you need an encapsulating machine with unlimited possibilities.

That is, one that guarantees high productions besides, the ability to fill different products. Let’s review some series of SaintyCo capsule fillers:

Type of capsule fillerCapsule filling capacity
CN-20 manual capsule filling machine20 capsules per time
SF – II semi-automatic capsule filling machineProduction varies depending on capsule sizes: 00# up to 25,000 pcs/hr., 0# up to 30,000 pcs/hr. & others (1#,2#,3# and 4#) up to 35,000 pcs/hr.
NJP – 1200 fully automatic capsule filling machine36,000 to 72,000 pcs/hr. for powder and 18,000 to 55,000 pcs/hr. for pellets
NJP – 7500 fully automatic capsule filling machine450,000 pcs/hr. for powder filling

Clearly, whether you need to fill either powder or pellets, SaintyCo capsule filling machines will meet your production needs.

Apart from these, at times, you may need to change various parts of the encapsulating machines to meet your specifications. A reason why SaintyCo machines are easy to assemble and disassemble.

For example, SaintyCo SF-II capsule filler has a special design where users can change mold for different capsule sizes within 30 minutes.

4. Encapsulating Machines are Simple and Easy to Operate

All SaintyCo encapsulating machines are simple and easy to operate. One doesn’t require any special training to operate and maintain the machines.

For instance, all manual capsule filling machines have removable screws and pins. This makes it easy and simple to assemble and disassemble.

Removable screws for a manual capsule filling machine

For the semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines, they have a modular design for easy assembly and disassembly. Also, users can monitor and configure all operations through the human machine interface (HMI).

Normally, one technician can operate even high production encapsulating machines.

SaintyCo touch screen HMI for an automatic filler machine

The encapsulator uses SEIMENS PLC to coordinate all its operations. That is, controlling powder and capsule hoppers, controlling production speed, stopping machines, locking safety doors, etc.

5. SaintyCo Design Ensure Low Maintenance Operation

All SaintyCo machines have proper dust handling capability as per the cGMP requirements. That is, all the moving parts (mechanical parts) are fully enclosed to protect them from dust.

A vacuum powder loading device for simple operation

These include:

  • Main turntable
  • Dosing system
  • Control systems
  • Electrical components

Also, SaintyCo capsule fillers feature other technologies such as:

  • Vacuum cleaning station
  • Dust suction system

Furthermore, every SaintyCo capsule filling machine comes with an easy to use and understand troubleshooting manual. This also eliminates the tiresome process of going about the maintenance operation.

Remember, all these will reduce downtime, which will affect production significantly.

6. They have Flexible and Adaptable/Adjustable Settings to Improve Production

SaintyCo machine design allows for expansion. This makes it easier to adapt it to any manufacturing environment.

Whether you need a capsule filling machine that can meet high or low production needs. Also, you may use it either for powder or pellet capsule filling.

Basically, you can change every component of the capsule filling machine to meet your production needs.

Components of production filling machine

It is for this reason that SaintyCo specifies production capacities in terms of a specific range. For instance, SaintyCo SF – II semi-automatic capsule filling machine has a production range from 25,000 to 35,000 pcs/hour.

7. SaintyCo Capsule Fillers are Safe

An encapsulator machine is an assembly of different components. They include rotating parts such as motors and electrical components.

Every SaintyCo encapsulating machine has different safety measures to protect technicians from possible injuries. These include:

  • Protecting users from possible electrical shock

First, the machine has a warning sign that alert people of possible electric shock. You can see this on the outer cover of the machine.

Secondly, the electrical components are fully enclosed. No one can access this section when the machine is on.

Fully lockable electrical components of SaintyCo capsule fillers

  • All moving components, be it pumps, electric motors, cams, shafts or gears, are enclosed

Every compartment is enclosed with a lockable door. The door has a safety protection switch. When one opens the door, the machine will automatically switch off.

SaintyCo capsule filling dosing disk and powder filling

In the upper section (encapsulator powder and capsule hopper), the door is made from polycarbonate sheet. This is a shatterproof material and it can withstand high magnitude of vibrations.

  • SaintyCo machines comply with all safety rules and regulations

SaintyCo is an ISO certified company that conforms to all safety rules and regulations. These include the CE, GMP or cGMP requirements.

In short, SaintyCo capsule fillers are machines you can trust for all capsule filling operations.

8. SaintyCo Features Advanced Structure with Revolutionary Technology to Ensure Reliability and Efficiency

To ensure production consistency and efficiency in the capsule filling process, you need an encapsulator with advanced structure and a revolutionary technology.

So, why should you choose SaintyCo capsule filling machines?

  • A stainless steel structure

The machine has a stainless steel structure that is strong and free from rust. This conforms to the stipulated safety measures.

SaintyCo NJP – 1200 made from stainless steel

Moreover, its design features an enlarged cam (between Ru100 and Ru83). This improves stability and lifespan of the machine.

In fact, quite a number of components in this machine are made from stainless steel.

  • Advanced control system

SaintyCo used SIEMENS PLC to control most operations of the semi-automatic and fully automatic capsule filling machines. These may include orienting capsules, filling the capsules, rotating dosing disc, etc.

Electrical system being part of the SaintyCo control system

Users can control the machine through the touch screen HMI panel. The control system controls both the mechanical and the electrical parts of the capsule filler.

9. These Capsule Fillers have an Excellent Cost Benefit Ratio

Investing say over $20,000 in a single SaintyCo capsule filler comes with many benefits. That is:

  • A high production output – up to 450,000 capsules per hour depending on the type of machine.
  • Guarantees safety
  • Reduced labor costs since the machine requires only one technical staff.
  • It can fill most capsule sizes ranging from 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4# and 5#.
  • Low maintenance operation and reduced downtime

As you can see, these machines are actually cheaper in the long run.

10. SaintyCo Capsule Filler Machines Guarantee Enhanced Data Security

As a pharmaceutical company, the integrity of your data is an integral aspect. You’ll require this data to make other production decisions.

A digital displaying system

In SaintyCo machines, this data is displayed in digital format to eliminate any possibility of parallax error. Also, the data can be printed and stored.


As you can see from above, SaintyCo capsule filling machines have several advantages that can improve productivity in any pharmaceutical industry. These are actually some of the main reasons why SaintyCo capsule fillers are popular in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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