Automatic Capsule Filling Machine MagnaFill CF-150

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine MagnaFill CF-150

SaintyCo MagnaFill CF-150 automatic capsule filler is an innovative encapsulating machine that doses both pellets and powders. It has a production capacity of 24,000 to 95,000 capsules/hour for pellets and 48,000 to 150,000 capsules/hour for powder.

The MagnaFill CF-150 capsule filler has 10 stations and 18 segments, with the ability to dose a wide range of capsules of different sizes such as #0, #1, #2, #3 and #4; with options for #00 and #5 available.

For quality compliance and consistency, SaintyCo automatic capsule filling machine design conforms to the cGMP and CE requirements.

This SaintyCo capsule filler has an enclosed main turntable, dosing system, dust suction and vacuum cleaning station system. All these ensure maintenance free operation, while reducing downtime.

It features a 5 tamping technology, an SS 304 stainless steel frame and polycarbonate door. The SaintyCo MagnaFill CF-150 capsule filler is fully integrated with the SIEMENS PLC with an HMI system.