Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What Is An Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Chocolate tempering is heating and cooling of chocolate to stabilize it for coating of candies and confections.

Therefore, automatic chocolate tempering equipment tempers chocolate giving it a smooth and glossy finish and keeps it from melting easily in your hands.

Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

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Is There a Difference Between Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine and Automatic Chocolate Melting Machine?

When you melt chocolate, the molecules separate.

On the other hand, when you temper chocolate, the chocolate molecules are bonded together, hardening the chocolate with a smooth and glossy finish.

An automatic chocolate melting machine melts chocolate so that it can be used for baking things like brownies.

Conversely, an automatic chocolate tempering machine tempers the chocolate for finishing and coating candies, cakes, and confections.

What Are The Advantages of Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine over Manual Chocolate Tempering Machine?

An automatic chocolate tempering machine is faster than a manual chocolate tempering machine.

Notably, an automatic chocolate tempering machine makes the tempering of chocolate easy and consistent without the requirement for an expert.

On the contrary, a manual chocolate tempering machine requires an expert operator for quality tempered chocolate production.

Also, an automatic chocolate tempering machine reduces the risk of wastage of expensive batches of tempered chocolate.

Conversley, using a manual chocolate tempering is associated with the risk of wastage of expensive batches.

Lastly, with an automatic chocolate tempering machine, your daily output capacity is increased as compared to manual chocolate tempering.

How Do Batch Automatic Tempering Machine And Continuous Automatic Tempering Machine Compare?

As the name suggests, a batch automatic chocolate tempering machine tempers chocolate in batches.

On the other hand, a continuous automatic tempering machine tempers chocolate continuously, uninterrupted.

A continuous automatic chocolate tempering machine is more expensive than a batch automatic chocolate tempering machine.

The continuous automatic chocolate tempering machine has an inbuilt pump that circulates the chocolate continually via a spout and back into the tank.

This makes filling moulds easy, particularly with the optional moulding accessory.

Arguably, a continuous automatic tempering machine offers more consistency than a batch automatic tempering machine.

Lastly, the batch automatic machine, cannot be used independently. You have to move the chocolate to a separate vat or machine before operating it.

On the other hand, the continuous automatic operating machine can be used as independent machines or built into enrobers.

Do Continuous Automatic Tempering Machines Stick To The Tempering Curve?

No, all continuous tempering machines operate in two stages. They cool from 45 degrees Celsius to the predetermined cooling temperature.

Tempering happens as a result of the temperature reduction and agitation on the auger pump.

Some versions have a third temperature controller for heating again of the chocolate after it has been cooled.

The function of this third controller is solely to keep chocolate at working temperature and prevent it from crystallizing on the output nozzle.

What Are The Features Of Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Some of the features of an automatic chocolate tempering machine are:

  • Temperature adjustment that allows you to control the temperature of the machine.
  • The machine also has a melting and storage function.
  • The machine comes with a scraper, mixer, and stirring device.
  • Made out of stainless steel that is food-friendly and makes cleaning the machine easier.
  • A digital temperature control system that allows for stabilization of the temperature that you had set.
  • The machine is equipped with water interlayer heating technology, allowing it to be utilized for exterior heating as well as heat conservation.

Can You Melt Chocolate in Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Yes, melting is an essential part of the tampering process.

Hence, an automatic chocolate tempering machine has to melt the chocolate first for easy pouring into moulds.

Both automatic and manual chocolate tempering machines can melt chocolate.

Typically, to melt your chocolate, you will need to turn the thermostat of your machine to 45oC.

You will then lower the temperature depending on the type of chocolate. For dark chocolate, lower the temperature to +/- 31oC, and for both white and milk chocolate to 29oC.

What Are The Key Parts and Components of Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Below are the major parts and components of an automatic chocolate tempering machine:

  • Power Module that accepts a detachable cable set and has a primary power switch and fuse holder.
  • LED Indicator lights that show the machine’s status.
  • Thermostat that maintains the temperature setting so that it does not change.
  • Bowl Motor is used for holding the bowl scraper and rotating it to mix the chocolate in the bowl.
  • Bowl Scraper used to scrape the mixing bowl and mix the chocolate. It can also be used to remove the chocolate from the mixing bowl.
  • Mixing Bowl where the chocolate is put to be melted and tempered. The bowl is also used for the speed measurement of the automatic chocolate tempering machine.
  • Temperature Probe which is a sensor used to measure the temperature of the machine. It sends the measured temperature it to the thermostat so that the temperature can be regulated.
  • Baffle which is a flow directing vane or panel used in the chocolate mixing bowl. It allows the chocolate to be tempered properly.

How Does Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine Work?

Automatic Chocolate Temperer

Automatic Chocolate Temperer

A chocolate tempering machine allows the chocolate’s molecular crystals to take on a precise consistent structure known as a Beta V shape. This is known as tempering.

The chocolate tempering machine does this by melting the chocolate to a particular temperature. It then gently chills and reheats the chocolate while blending it in a controlled manner.

The integration of heating to the appropriate temperature, which varies for dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

This also goes hand in hand with combining precisely the correct amount results in the formation of the appropriate crystals.

A computer-controlled chocolate tempering machine can maintain chocolate in the tempered, melted condition for hours at a time.

This enables you to produce candy without having to worry about the tempering procedure.

Tempered chocolate cools evenly, glossy, and crunchy, yet melts to a smooth, creamy smoothness on the tongue.

Is It Possible To Work With Different Types Of Chocolate In A Single Automatic Tempering Machine?

It is possible but cleaning the machine every time you change the type of chocolate can be tiresome.

It is advisable to invest in multiple smaller versions rather than a single larger one. This is particularly important if you operate with a variety of chocolate varieties in modest quantities.

Alternatively, get a medium-large one for the chocolate you use more often, and tinier ones for the rest. Everything is dependent on your present budget and circumstance.

What Is The Minimal Capacity To Operate Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

It’s better to keep the chocolate bowl level at 50 percent or higher.

For example, with an 8kg tempering machine, we advise at least 4kg for efficient functioning.

Of course, you can run the tempering machine at less than 50% volume.

However, in this instance, we suggest using the chocolate tempering machine for a brief period of time.

The duration should not be more than 1-2 hours, because it may cause over tempering.

Does Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine Maintain The Chocolate Tempered And Set For Use?

When you finish filling the bowl with extra melted chocolate, the tempering machine immediately returns to the predetermined temperature.

It maintains it at that temperature, though with slight decimal changes.

As a consequence, your chocolate is constantly ready to work, thus the machine has continuous tempering of chocolate.

How Do You Remedy Under-crystallized And Over-crystallized Chocolate in Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Over-crystallization of chocolate is when the chocolate thickens and this is as a result of more cocoa butter crystals forming in the chocolate. It becomes so due to the chocolate cooling down or kept in constant motion.

This is solved by adding some melted chocolate or some under crystallized chocolate. Alternatively, you can heat the over crystallized chocolate with a heat gun, which melts the over crystallized crystals.

Under crystallized chocolate poses the problem of hardening slow or sticking to molds when dried and does not come out easily.

For under crystallization of chocolate, you can remedy it by properly tempering the chocolate. One of the ways to do so is by working with the chocolate on a marble table.

Or, you can seed stable cocoa butter crystals in the chocolate by mixing solid chocolate pieces into your melted chocolate.

Alternatively, you can use crystallized cocoa butter for the right amount of cocoa butter crystals.

What Is The Meaning Of Seed Tempering In Automatic Tempering Machine Operation?

When you are tempering chocolate, the seed technique involves combining already tempered chocolate with molten, untempered chocolate.

The tempered chocolate will “seed” the untempered chocolate with the right crystalline structure, bringing the whole batch into temper.

The tempered chocolate will also bring down the temperature of the liquid chocolate to the necessary working temperature.

Do The Different Chocolate Types Require Varying Tempering Temperature Of The Automatic Tempering Machine?

Yes. When you are dealing with different types of chocolate the tempering heat of the automatic tempering machine changes too.

For example; dark chocolate requires to be heated to 1200F, white chocolate requires 110oF and milk chocolate requires 115oF to temper.

How Do You Calculate The Hourly Production Rate Of Automatic Tempering Machine?

We usually calculate a continuous tempering machine’s output as up to three times the capacity of its bowl per hour.

This is due to the fact that the basic aim is to refill the bowl with melted chocolate throughout the procedure.

When you finish  filling the bowl with extra melted chocolate, the tempering machine rapidly returns to the specified temperature.

As a consequence, your chocolate is constantly ready to use, thus the phrase continuous tempering.

Following the processes outlined above, it is feasible to achieve a production rate of up to three times the bowl size each hour.

Can You Add Inclusions In Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Yes, directly on the tempering machine, you may work with inclusions with granular sizes of up to 5mm.

But keep in mind that each model only accepts a certain percentage of inclusions.

The norm is that the larger the tempering machine, the greater the proportion of inclusions it can deal with.

Also, putting the inclusions straight on the tempering machine is only worthwhile if you are planning to create large amount of that type.

If not, the best alternative is to temper the chocolate in a separate dish, then add the inclusions, mix, and form.

You won’t have to go through a whole washing procedure simply to modify the inclusion.

What Are The Available Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine Sizes?

Some of the available options include:

Automatic Tabletop Chocolate Tempering Machine

The electrical circuitry of the Table Top Temperer is state-of-the-art, allowing for efficient, dependable, and long-lasting continuous functioning. It has an easy-to-use digital temperature control and reading.

It can be an automatic or semi-automatic machine depending on the brand that you have purchased.

Otherwise, there will be a learning curve as you learn how to temper chocolate while using the machine.

Automatic Tabletop Chocolate Tempering Machine

Automatic Tabletop Chocolate Tempering Machine

Automatic Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine

The automatic commercial chocolate tempering machine is larger than the tabletop chocolate tempering but smaller than the industrial tempering machine.

The commercial tempering machine can temper chocolate from around 100 kgs per hour to 250 kgs per hour.

They also have a power usage of between 1.5 kilowatts to around 9 kilowatts.

They are heavy machinery that can weigh about 200 kgs to 580 kgs with a size of 800*550*1350 mm to 1100*1000*1700 mm.

Automatic Industrial Chocolate Tempering Machine

Automatic industrial chocolate tempering machines are used for large-scale tempering of machines.

They are bigger than both the commercial and the table top tempering machines.

The machines can temper 250 kgs of chocolate per hour to 500 kgs of chocolate per hour. Their main motor power can range in between 2.2 kw to 4 kw and weigh about 650 kgs to 950 kgs.

Their outside dimensions can measure 950*850*1600 mm to 1000*1200*1800 mm.

How Do You Clean Chocolate Tempering Machine?

First, you have to clean the mixer. You need to first remove the mixer then install a water line into the nozzle.

Install the tank sensor, then activate the prewarm, mixer, and pump controls.

Switch on the water and use a paintbrush to scrub the tank. You then connect the discharge point to a pipe, and the valve is opened to discharge.

The next thing you have to do is to clean the nozzle. Flush it with water, but don’t put more than 5cm of pipe in there.

Keep the release valve open, then extract and wash the nozzle by opening the upper panel.

Start replacing the nozzles and remove the screws that hold the screw pump in place. Seal the screw holes after removing the screw pump.

Reconnect the screw pump after cleaning the screw pump cylinder with water. You can then close the topmost panel.

There is a process known as cocoa butter cleaning in which the butter is injected into specified areas with extra chocolate and then melted.

When they are melted, the chocolate residue softens and falls out.

It is not the most cost-effective method and produces more affluent, but it is a good technique to clean your tempering equipment.

Are Automatic Tempering Machines Constructed With A Sanitary Design?

Yes, most of automatic tempering machines are constructed with a sanitary design that makes it easier to clean the automatic tempering machines.

However, some machines may lack this feature in them.

Generally, to ensure sanitary standards of the machines, the main material used for the construction of contact parts is food-grade stainless steel.

What Is The Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine Price in China?

Prices of automatic chocolate tempering machines do vary depending on size and output.

A machine that has a capacity of 250 kilos per hour cost about 24,800 to 28,200 dollars per set.

A small machine may cost about 4,000 dollars to 6,000 dollars per set.

When Should You Buy Automatic Mini Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Machine selected is determined by throughput needs, selectable features such as enrobing or automated dosing into moulds, chocolate with inclusions, among other features.

These miniature types of chocolate tempering machines are ideal for use at home or when running a small business.

This is because they are compact and simple to operate.

All of the tiny chocolate tempering machines are pre-programmed to consistently create flawlessly tempered plain, milk, white, or ruby chocolate.

The chocolate tempering machines have prolonged chocolate tempering.

This automatically preserves the liquidity of the tempered chocolate for up to 12 hours.

Working with tempered chocolate that remains fluid throughout the workday is a universe apart from using a bowl and a microwave.

Automatic Mini Chocolate Tempering Machine

Automatic Mini Chocolate Tempering Machine

Do You Offer Training In Layout Design, Assembling, and Installation of Automatic Tempering Machine?

Yes, we offer onsite training on the layout design, assembling, and installation of the automatic chocolate tempering machine.

We can also install the machine for you after your purchase.

Are There Necessary Accessories For Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Some necessary accessories you will need alongside your tempering machine to make the tempering process efficient include:

  • Moulds Loader MachineThis machine loads the tempered chocolate into the moulds which makes them faster and more efficient than manual loading of moulds.
  • Vibrating Table MachineThis machine is used to level the tempered chocolate poured into moulds so that they are even.
  • Chocolate Enrobing Belt which is used together with the chocolate tempering machine.
  • Mould Leaner and Chocolate Recovering SystemThis is used to clean and remove chocolate from moulds.
  • Cooling Tunnels can be used to cool the tempered chocolate so that they can harden int their moulds.

Do You Provide OEM Services for Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machines?

Yes, OEM services are provided for the automatic chocolate tempering machines. We can also assemble the parts for you and install them.

At SaintyCo, we offer perfect solution for all your automatic chocolate tempering machine needs – contact us now.

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