Automatic Face Mask Packing Machine

An automatic face mask packing machine is a device that will assist in packing face mask cosmetics.

Face masks are the perfect type of skincare treatments that can help you treat your skincare concerns.Face masks

Different types of face masks

In this guide, we are going to look at the most interesting facts about the machine that packages face masks.

This includes the uses, types, the components, working principles and factors to consider when purchasing a face mask packaging machine.

Uses of Automatic Face Mask Packing Machine

You can use an automatic face mask packing machine for the following functions:

Face mask packing machine

Face mask packing machine

  • Preparing the face mask packaging materials such as cartooning, pouches, tubes, and bottles.
  • Cutting the packages into the right sizes
  • Packaging the face mask into the right containers.
  • Printing the labels, dates, and the batch numbers on the containers of the face mask.

Apart from the face mask, the face mask packing machine is also suitable for packing other products.

For instance, you can use it for packing medicines, food, condoms, cosmetics, ointments, and wrapped products in cartons.

Additionally, you can link the automatic face mask packing machine to make a three-dimensional packing machine.

You can link it with a shrinking machine, blister packing machine to form a production chain that can:

  • Fill the face mask or any other product into suitable containers
  • Spraying aromatized flavors and scents onto the products
  • Sealing off the containers after filling

Types of Facial Mask Packaging Machines

Here are some of the types of facial mask packaging machines:

High speed face mask folding machine

High-speed face mask folding machine

1. Automatic Facial Mask Filling, Sealing & Printing Packing Machine

The main features of this particular machine include:

i. Just as the name suggests, the machine is fully automatic and human input is limited.

ii. The parts that are in contact with the facial mask are high-quality stainless steel.

iii. It depends on an intelligent mode that will detect, fill and seal the bag.

iv. It has a PLC system that allows you to control all the operations from one point.

v. It also has a 7-inch touch screen display that allows you to key in all the setup parameters.

vi. The machine is also able to do a self-diagnosis in case of any errors with the machine.

2. High Speed Face Mask Folding Sealing Packing Machine

The machine is suitable for applications such as non-woven folding of eye masks and faces masks.

It is also suitable for three and four folding and can freely exchange from three to four folding.

The main features of this machine include:

i. This machine uses a micro-computer with a linear design and engine to enable high-speed folding, sealing and packing.

ii. It has an automatic system that is easy to handle with precise volume calculations prompting accuracy.

iii. The sealing system has an intelligent temperature controller.

iv. It also exhibits a PLC advance system complete with a colorful touch screen for easy operations.

v. The main material for the machine is aluminum alloy and stainless steel to avoid contaminations.

vi. It has sensor controls which will detect the presence of a film to trigger the folding activities.

The sensor will also sound an alarm in case a film is missing.

3. Semi-Auto Mask Folding Machine

This is a horizontal compact face mask packing machine that has work stations for human assistance.

Most of the actions are automatic but you will need people to assist in loading the bags into the hopper.

The main features include:

i. Artificial mask feeding, automatic folding, bagging, bag detection, pressing and bag collection units.

ii. Inverter motors that allow you to freely adjust the speed of the conveyor belts.

iii. PLC control system

iv. An Independent control system that allows it to stop working in case of an error.

4. Vertical Automatic Facial Mask Folding and Packing Machine

This is a type of automatic facial mask folding machine that assumes a vertical position in the factory.

The operations begin from the bottom upwards and then allows you to collect the packages at the bottom.

The main features include:

i. It can complete nonwoven cutting, folding, adding liquid, packing and sealing with profound accuracy.

ii. It covers very little space in the factory and has all the features that an automatic machine exhibits.

iii. It has an automatic PLC control system for programming and thermos-regulator to regulate the amount of heat.

It also has the provision of integration with other equipment such as screw elevator, compressor, and printers among others.

5. Automatic Horizontal Four-side Sealing Facial Mask Packing Machine

The machine is fully automatic and you can use in filling liquid components into different containers.

The operations of the machine are on a horizontal platform with no up and down movements.

The main features include:

i. Automatic operations with a PLC control system that gives you the freedom of remote control.

ii. Two production lines cover minimal space, highly accurate and efficient in its operations.

iii. Side seal and edge trimming device to clear up the side sealing burrs.

iv. Different film feeding options

v. It also features an upper and a lower reel that allows the use of different film materials.

vi. It also provides options for pouch packaging of peelable chevrons

Automatic Face Mask Packing Machine Parts and Components

The main parts and components of an automatic face mask packing machine are:

Automatic face mask packaging machine

Automatic face mask packaging machine

· PLC Control System

The PLC control system together with a touch screen display system for controlling and adjusting the operation specifications.

· Filling Head

This is the part that fills the packages with the right materials such as liquid in cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.

· Electric Control System

It provides and controls the amount of power the machine requires to perform specific functions.

· Frequency Conversion Equipment

It assists in the adjustment of speed according to the needs of the filling specifications.

· Safety Devices

It protects the operator from harm in case of any faults on the machine.

The safety glass door protects the operator from dust and the machine will automatically stop once you open the door.

The safety system also stops the machine when it reaches abnormal air pressure and triggers the heater disconnection alarm.

· Bag or Package Storage Unit

This is the main area of the machine where you will load and store the packages for easy access.

· Hopper

This is the part of the machine where you will load the face mask that you will package.

The machine can also have the bag hopper for the packages.

Mask sealing station

Mask sealing station

· Conveyer

It is a belt that assists in the transport of the packages from one station to the next.

· Electrical Motor

It assists in adjusting the widths and sizes of the bags according to the specifications during the filling process.

i. Liquid level control device that controls the level of liquids in the hopper.

ii. Photoelectric tracking positioning system

iii. This system tracks the position of the bag before filling to avoid spilling the face mask outside the bag.

· Standard Filling Pump

The filling pump provides enough power that pushes the filling material to the outlets and into the packages.

· Temperature Control System

It detects and controls the amount of temperature the machine generates or use in sealing the bags.

· Digital Input Cut Position for More Accurate Sealing and Cutting

Most of the parts that are in touch with the fill materials are stainless steel to avoid contaminations.

· Inverter Motor

It assists in adjusting the speed of the conveyor belt to match the speed of the filling process.

· Liquid Batcher

It is the component that holds and sprays the liquid aroma

Mask sealing platform

Mask sealing platform

Working Principle of Face Mask Packing Machine

Here is a step by step guide on how the face mask packing machine works.

Step One: Automatic Bag Feeding

First, you will load the packing bags into the package or bag storage unit.

You should also make sure that the face mask or filling material is in the hopper.

With the help of the PLC, you will key in all the filling and packaging specifications such as speed.

Start the machine to allow the machine to pick the bags from the bag storage unit.

At this point, the hopper is also receiving the filling material and controlling the levels using the liquid level controller.

Step Two: Automatic Bag Opening

The conveyor moves the bags to the filling station for filling purposes.

The electric motor has clips that adjust the width of the bags and opens them.

The electric motor will adjust the width of the bags according to your specifications.

As the process continuous you can monitor every step through the PLC and touch screen system

The machine also monitors the bags that are not open.

You can collect such bags and load them back to the hopper for reuse.

Step Three: Automatic Liquid Filling

The photoelectric tracking positioning system will track and detect the presence of a bag that requires filling.

As the bag gets into place, the fill material also moves from the hopper through the assistance of the standard filling pump.

With the bag in place, the machine will accurately fill the bag with the right quantity of fill material.

The photoelectric tracking positioning system will not allow the filling machine to operate without a bag in position.

This feature helps in conserving fill material and preventing any form of spillage outside the bag.

Step Four: Automatic Bag Sealing

Before sealing, it is important to remove the air from the bag.

You can accomplish this by thoroughly exhausting the bag to remove air traces.

The filled bags will move to the next stage where the package will receive a seal.

Most of the machines have a temperature control system which produces enough heat to assist in sealing the bags.

The digital input cut position also assist in identifying and cutting the bag in the right position according to size.

Step Five: Automatic Label and Date Printing

After the sealing process, the machine will automatically move the full bags to the labeling zone on a conveyor.

The machine will print the dates especially the manufacturing dates and the expiry dates.

Apart from that, the machine will print labels with the brand names and ingredients among other key information.

Step Six: Output

Lastly, the machine moves the bags out through the output for collection.

The bags move on a conveyor belt from the packaging unit.

At this point, you may decide to place them in bigger cartons for storage awaiting transportation.

Considerations when Importing Face Mask Packing Machine

Some of the major factors that you need to consider before importing face mask packing machine include:

Face mask packing machine

Face mask packing machine

· Technical Specifications of the Machine

First, you have to know the face mask packing machine that you intend to import in detail.

This includes all the technical specifications such as:

Technical specification

Technical specification

i. Model of the face mask packing machine

ii. Supply power and all the power requirements of the machine

iii. Speed of the machine including the designed speed and the optimum speed

iv. Dimensions of the machine such as the dimension of the feeding frame and the mask machine.

v. Overall weight of the machine.

vi. Production capacity of the machine

vii. Number of filling heads the machine has

viii. Type of sealing such as air pressure or temperature sealing

Note that the technical specifications will vary according to the type of machine you intend to import.

· Cost of the Face Mask Packing Machine

The cost of the machine will depend on the brand, size, quality, dimensions and other technical specifications of the machine.

You should also consider the import cost from the origin country to your destination.

· Technology in Face Mask Packing Machine

In face mask packaging machine, technology plays a crucial rule.

For instance, fully automatic face mask packing machine feature SIEMENS PLC, with a user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI).

It has fully integrated automatic electrical control systems.

Among the key functions that a face mask packing machine performs automatically may include:

  • Automatic frequency conversion
  • Stopping the machine automatically in case of overheating or abnormal pressure
  • Automatically checking for no pouch, error in opening the pouch, sealing, labeling, etc.

· Material Type

Normally, parts that are in direct contact with facial masks are made from stainless steel.

This ensures the machine conforms to the right hygiene standards and safety.

Besides, the face mask packing machine is also CE, cGMP, and CCC compliant.

Apart from all these, you should buy the face mask packing machine from reputable manufacturers.

For this, you can try SaintyCo Automatic Facial Mask Packing Machine.


With a face mask packing machine, you can maximize production and save a lot of time.

It will also help you in the conservation of materials as it reduces wastage.

Since it is easy to operate and maintain, you will not need to spend money on training services.

For any consultations or questions on face mask packing machine, you can contact us today

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