Benefits of Dosator Capsule Filler Machines in Powder and Pellets Filling Applications

Do you need an equipment that can fill powder, pellets, tablets or a combination of the two?

Maybe you need to consider dosator capsule filler machines. With a dosator encapsulating machine, you can fill a wide range of capsules with any material of choice.

You will only make slight changes on the capsule filler. Moreover, with their modular designs the entire process will be simple and cost effective.

A dosator capsule filler machine can fill different type of capsules

In this article, I will focus on the benefits of using a dosator encapsulating machine to fill powders, pellets and tablets.

By the way, do you know how a dosator capsule filling machine looks like?

Here is a complete diagram showing the principle of operation of a dosator capsule filling machine:

How a dosator capsule filling machine works (dosing powders)

Benefits of Dosator Capsule Filler in Powder Filling Applications

Filling capsules is one of the most popular applications of a dosator encapsulator machine. Unlike the tamping pin capsule filling machine, the dosator machines have the following key benefits:

• Guarantees a High Degree of Powder Filling Accuracy and Consistency

Accuracy and consistency are a fundamental aspect in the capsule powder filling industry. In fact, it is one of the requirements of a CGMP/GMP compliant dosator capsule filling machine.

The dosator capsule fillers are such that the special dosator pistons can penetrate the powder bed. Also, the piston helps to compress the powder forming a slug.

Furthermore, you can modify a dosator encapsulating machine to suit micro dosing applications. With these machines, you can dose as low as 10 to 50mg capsules.

This is an essential process for dosing low fill weight capsules. The accuracy, neither changes with time nor gets affected by the irregular sizes of the powder.

• Ensures Constant Production Output Irrespective of the Powder Type

The powders may vary in texture, density and composition. With a dosator capsule filler machine, all these variations will not affect your production output.

Depending on the type of powder you intend to fill in the capsules, there is the rotating bowl for amorphous or normal powers. Furthermore, you can adjust the machine to fill light and aerated powders.

All you need is the right components that are easy to fix and adjust for a constant production output. The deviation in the weight is always within the recommended range.

• Dosator Capsule Filler is Flexible thus, Easy to Adjust for a Range of Production Needs

Depending on the pharmaceutical industry requirements, you can adjust the dosator nozzle to suit a wide range of capsule filling applications. This can range from milligrams to hundreds of grams.

This also allows for the flexibility in the production process.

Again, the design of the powder bowl is such that you can use it for a wide range of powder dosing applications.

• Simple Operating Principle hence, Easier to Troubleshoot and Maintain

The dosator encapsulating machines are simple to troubleshoot and maintain. This reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Alternatively, you use dosator capsule filling machines in pellet filling application.

Benefits of Dosator Capsule Filler Machines in Pellet Filling Applications

The figure below illustrates the working principle of a dosator encapsulator in pellet filling applications.

A section showing a dosator encapsulator filling pellets

The key benefits of using dosator capsule filling machines in this application include:

• Dosator Encapsulator Guarantee High Level of Precision

Compared to other available mechanisms of filling pellets, dosator machines offer a reliable and safe filling process. The process maintains the integrity of the pellet coating, which is not the case for other products.

Moreover, the dosator machine reduces the electrostatic problems that compromise the quality of pellets.

As you can see from the diagram above (pellets filling process), dosator machine uses vacuum suction. This is not the case for the powder filling process.

This makes the dosator machines efficient and more precise.

• Maintaining the Production Output

Dosator machines use pushers to dose pellets into the capsules. This helps to maintain production output (a predictable output capacity).

Other than the two applications mentioned above (powder and pellet filling), dosator machines are also common in the tablet dosing applications.

Benefits of Dosator Encapsulator in Tablet Filling Applications

The image below illustrates the working principle of a dosator encapsulation machine in tablet filling applications:

Dosator encapsulator filling capsules

The key benefits of this machine include:

  • A dosator encapsulating machine can dose more than one tablet
  • It is accurate since it uses a an electronic control system
  • Guarantee a high production rate

At times, you may use this dosator encapsulator machine to fill a mixture of either powder and pellets or pellets and tablets. Whether you use it to fill one material or a mixture, the benefits will still remain the same.


Clearly, the dosator capsule filler has a wide range of benefits irrespective of the type of filler material. It is a machine that guarantees a high level of accuracy, precision and production output besides, its consistency and ease of modification to suit specific applications.

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