Like any other encapsulation machine, SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machine changes powder into slug. It then delivers this slug into the capsule, which ensures precise dosing and improved yield.

On the other hand, it uses a vacuum suction to fill pellets. This is also a precise and accurate mechanism.

The image below summarizes the dosator capsule filling principle:

dosator capsule filling machine working principle

Diagrams illustrating the working principle of a capsule filling process

Also, here is a link you can read more about the dosator capsule filling machine working principle.

Now, in this article, I will focus on the 10 key benefits of SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machine. You’ll learn why these machines play a significant role in any pharmaceutical industry.

1. SaintyCo Dosator Capsule Filling Machines are High Production Capacity Equipment

SaintyCo has a wide range of dosator capsule filling machines. These are the SaintyCo Z series machines.

Z-40 dosator Capsule Filling Machine

SaintyCo Z40 series

Below is a table showing various options of the Z-series machines:

Type of dosator capsule filling machineProduction capacity in capsules/hour

As you can see, these are high production machines that can meet the high production demands in most pharmaceutical industries. The production capacity depends on the type of Z-series dosator capsule filling machine model.

A dosator encapsulating machine is suitable for fast turnaround of drugs after the clinical trials.

2. All SaintyCo Z-series Conform to the cGMP/GMP Requirements

The Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) are a set of regulations set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The regulations govern the manufacturing process/procedures to ensure the encapsulating machine conforms to set safety standards and production. You learn more about this from the cGMP/GMP requirements in pharmaceutical equipment.

Good Manufacturing Practice        

Good Manufacturing Practice

Every SaintyCo capsule filling machine meets all the key requirements stipulated in the cGMP/GMP guidelines. For instance, SaintyCo uses stainless steel (for the entire structure) and solid polycarbonate sheet (for the upper section), which are FDA approved materials.

Also, the manufacturing environments and technicians is to the international standards. This ensures safety and reliability of every equipment.

The SaintyCo Z-series have advanced dust handling capabilities. That is, the dosing section is covered to protect dust from spreading to other mechanical sections.

Also, the vacuum cleaning system helps to maintain the hygiene of capsule filling machine. The Z-series are machines you can trust for your pharmaceutical production industry.

3. Dosator Capsule Filling Machines Feature Modern Technology & Patented Design

To optimize capsule filling process, SaintyCo invests in innovation and R&D. This ensures the dosator capsule filling machine remains competitive in the dynamic pharmaceutical industry.

Dosator Capsule Filling Machine details

A section of the Z180 dosator capsule filling machine

SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machines feature patented designs such as the unilateral vertical movement of the dosing system. This ensures accurate powder filling process.

Other modern technological advancements include the vacuum cleaning system, vacuum suction compression air blow principle, double-row dosator structure, industrial PC and automatic lubrication system.

Furthermore, some Z-series use the SIEMENS PLC and they have a touch screen human machine interface (HMI).

All these aim to optimize the production capacity and reliability of the SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machine.

4. SaintyCo Encapsulating Machines Guarantee High Level of Accuracy & Precision

Precision and accuracy are fundamental aspects in the modern capsule filling process. It is for this reason that SaintyCo invests a lot in technological advancements and patented designs to ensure accuracy and consistency.

A section of the dosing system for the Z-series capsule filling machine

A section of the dosing system for the Z-series capsule filling machine

The Z-series capsule filling machines feature a wide range of features and technological modifications. Remember, by putting in place measures that:

  • Reduce powder spilling or leaking
  • Ensures cams and moving sections are precisely adjusted to achieve a consistent mechanical movement
  • Dosator systems have an up and down movement to ensure dosing accuracy
  • Machine operators can monitor the machine from the HMI
  • Proper selection of capsules per cycle

All SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machines will meet the desired production specifications.

5. They are Easy to Adjust Depending on the Capsule Filling Requirements

At times, you may wish to adjust or modify certain sections of the dosator capsule filling machine. To achieve this, you need to choose an encapsulating machine with a modular design.

This is exactly what SaintyCo has in store for you.

A section of Z85 dosator capsule filling machine

A section of Z85 capsule filling machine

By following the simple steps in the user manual, you can change various dosing systems of the Z-series dosator capsule filling machine. Take for example:

  • It takes only three minutes for size changeover
  • You can use one rotating scale to adjust the overall dosing process
  • Adjusting rotational bowl to suit unique capsule filling applications

All these features make this machine adaptable to any capsule filling process/technique.

6. Both Design and Performance Conform to the CE Standards & Requirements

Like any other electrical and electronic equipment, all SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machines conform to the CE standards and requirements. Whether it is the choice of material, electrical components, interlocking systems or control systems.

The control panel of SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machine

The control panel of SaintyCo capsule filling machine

The manufacturing and design of the SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machine ensure safety and reliability of every electrical and control system.

For instance the Z-series capsule filling machines use a voltage from 230 to 400V, with a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz. This eliminates any incompatibility issues that may arise when connecting electrical systems.

Therefore, you can buy and install a SaintyCo encapsulating machine, irrespective of your geographical location.

7. The Z-series can Fill a Range of Capsule Sizes

SaintyCo designs all dosator capsule filling machine to dose a wide range of capsule sizes. These capsule sizes may include OL -5, 000L-5, SUPRO A-E, D-B, DBAA, etc.

Different sizes of capsule

Different sizes of capsule

Furthermore, SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machine may be modified for micro dosing or manufacturing low fill weight capsules. In such applications, a dosator machine may fill very small capsule that weigh from 5 mg to 20 mg.

In short, you’ll only need slight modifications to customize the encapsulating machine for your unique application. Remember, pharmaceutical companies opt for dosator capsule filling machines as opposed to tamping pin encapsulating machine when it comes to micro-dosing applications.

8. These Machines are Reliable & Compact with Simple Dosing Mechanism

All SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machines are reliable and have a compact design. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

This design, where all electrical components are within the main machine (for most Z-series) makes it easy to relocate/move the machine. Also, these machines occupy a small space.

Moreover, the machines have a simple working principle as you can see in the diagram below:

The working principle of dosator capsule filling machines

The working principle of dosator capsule filling machines

With a simple working principle, alongside a comprehensive and easy to understand troubleshooting manual, makes it easy to maintain the equipment.

All these reduce possible downtime hence, optimizing the production process.

9. SaintyCo Capsule Filling Machines have Combined Dosing System

Why is combined dosing an important aspect in the modern capsule filling processes?

In case you’re keen, there are certain capsules that may contain both powders and pellets or tablets and powder.

This is what we call combined dosing. You can see this in the image below:

material used for dosator capsule filling machine

    Capsules containing more than one material

With the SaintyCo Z-series dosator capsule filling machines, you can fill a wide range of materials depending on the market needs. This may include powder, pellets, tablets or a combination of any two.

As you can see in the working principle of dosator capsule filling machines illustrated above, you’ll only make simple adjustments. This makes these machines a better alternative compared to other capsule fillers in the market.

10.The Z-series Dosator Machines are Cost Competitive

In case you’re looking for a cost competitive dosator capsule filling machine, then this is a perfect choice for your pharmaceutical industry.

SaintyCo manufactures cost competitive capsule fillers that are easy to maintain and guarantee high production capacity. They are also high-tech equipment that conforms to industry standards while ensuring safety and reliability.

Clearly, these ten benefits of SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machines will guarantee a high ROI. But, before, I wrap up this section, let’s review what SaintyCo offers.

For over 20 years that SaintyCo has been in the pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing, it aims to provide unmatched solutions. So, what are the key benefits of purchasing a dosator machine?

Here is why you need to consider SaintyCo:

  • A turnkey solution for any capsule filling process
  • It provides both installation and maintenance training to all its clients
  • 1 year warranty on every equipment
  • Existence of a local based technical support team

Definitely, SaintyCo is a manufacturer you can count on.


From the above 10 points, you can see that a SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machine is accurate, reliable, conforms to industry standards, safe and high quality product.  This makes it a perfect choice for even the most demanding capsule filling applications such as micro dosing.