Airheads Candy Bars

Airheads candy bars contain six-flavor bulk variety pack of individually wrapped full-sized gummies. Features a chewy non-melting candy with different flavors including white mystery, watermelon, orange, cherry, grape, and blue raspberry. These candies are gluten free, peanut and tree nut free. Provides a tremendously tangy and playfully chewy chew.


Albanese gummy bear candies feature a 12 distinctive fruit flavor gummi bears in each bag. Provides a soft, delicious chew with sour and sugar free options. Flavor assortment includes watermelon, mango, green apple, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, lime, grape, and more. Made using an allergen-friendly, fat free, tree nut free, and gluten free ingredients.


Bebeto gummy clusters are delivered with 5oz in a pack of 4. Professionally packed and shipped to ensure safe arrival. Equipped with a secret candy shop gift box and an exclusive secret candy shop magnet. An unbelievably delicious gummy selection with fruity flavors. Made with high-quality and safe ingredients.

Black Forest

Black forest gummy bears are so juicy and so good. Features a 1.5 oz snack size making it perfect for both kids and adults. A mouth-watering candy which is manufactured sing a real fruit juice, gluten-free, and premium ingredients. A fruit flavored candy which offers a full of authentic juicy flavor, a ton of passion and a touch of love.

Brach’s Jube Jel Cherry Hearts

Brach’s jube jel cherry hearts are a shareable sweet treat. Includes 12-ounce bag of mouth-watering valentine gummies with delicious cherry flavor. Provides a deliciously sweet combination of cherry flavor and fun. A perfect choice to fill the hearts of loved ones during valentine’s day. Includes gummy cinnamon hearts and hearts valentine candy.

Candy Kittens

Candy kittens contains natural flavors and colors. Made with palm oil free and vegan recipe ingredients with coconut water. Features a sweet and chewy gummy candy which arrives with a pack of 2. Incudes 4.4oz of gummy candies each pack. Characterized by an original deliciously edible and fully wearable gummy candy.

Candy People Sugar-Free Fish Gummy

Candy people sugar-free fish gummy is inspired by the Dala horse from Dalarna in central Sweden. A berry flavored gummy candy manufactured with a gelatin free, fat free, and gluten free ingredients. Available with a pack of 2 and each bag contains 4 ounces. free of synthetic colors and free of trans fats.

Crabby Patties

Crabby patties are made with only whole food ingredients with no pig gelatin. Contains essential nutrients, antioxidants, and organic fruit flavors. Made to revitalize the body and mind using simple, clean and real ingredients. A popular choice for healthy snacking and creates a great-tasting products that support overall health and wellness.

Dulces Vero Pica Fresa

Dulces Vero pica fresa gummy candy features a delightful Mexican confection. Manufactured by Vero, made with real fruit juice and are a strawberry-flavored. A chewy spicy gummy covered in chili. Features a unique wedge shape and is perfectly bite-sized. Covered in sour sugar crystals available in a wide variety of delicious varieties.

Efrutti Planet Gummi

Efrutti planet gummi is a soft candy with a fruity gel center. Each gummi planet individually wrapped with different kinds of packaging. Features an assorted fruit flavored gummies candy which are soft and chewy. Perfect for snack time in any events or environments. The candies are bursting with sweet, fruity flavors.

Enjoy Hawaii Snacks

Enjoy Hawaii snacks 3d gummy candy is a pineapple flavored snack with a 3d gummy design. Delivered with low sugar and low calorie. A healthy gummies candy that satisfies your sweet tooth guilt-free. Specially made with just 6g net carbs per serving, no hidden chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and fake ingredients.

Ferrara Candy Co

Ferrara candy co includes 4 bags of zebra fruit stripe gummies. These yipes shaped stripe gummies are delivered in a 3.25-ounce bag with 3 delicious flavors such as lemon, cherry, and tangerine. Features a perfect mix of sweet gummy candy packed with an exciting assortment to satisfy everybody’s snacking needs.

Flamethrower Candy Company

Flamethrower candy company offers ridiculously spicy gummy bear. 900 times hotter than a jalapeno and is made in the USA. Each bag comes with this fun group of adorable and colorful gummy candies. Provided with a resealable sharing size that contains enough chewy gummy candy to share with friends, family and coworkers.

Fruit-Tella Soft Gummies

Fruit-tella soft gummies are a crave-ably delicious fruity candy. Available in delicious strawberry and raspberry fruit flavors. Features a fun shaped, soft chewy fruittella gummies. Manufactured using apple, strawberry, raspberry and mango extracts. Provides the taste of real fruit making it perfect as a sweet snack. Crafted with real fruit colors and flavors from natural sources.

Galerie Froot Loops Gummies

Galerie froot loops gummies are made with real fruit juice and are extremely realistic-looking. Includes 7-ounce bag which is filled with a ton of fruity candies. Tastes exactly like froot loops but in gummy form making them extra tasty and delicious. A perfect gift for all of the cereal lovers, stuffer for boys or girls.

Garden Of Life

Garden of life kids’ vitamin gummies have 9 organic whole fruits in every bottle. Produced with the clean gummy technology. A gummy multivitamin for kids with no pig gelatin and no corn starch. Contains essential nutrients and antioxidants with no artificial flavors or colorings to support kids’ health. Certified vegan and gluten free.

Haribo Gold Bears

Haribo gold bears are naturally flavored with balanced sweetness. Available with a wide range of flavors including strawberry, raspberry, lemon, pineapple, and orange. A mouth-watering candy made with a fat-free, gluten free, and non-GMO ingredients. Free from artificial colors and flavors. Delivered with high quality natural sweeteners. Comes with individually wrapped fillers.

Jelly Belly Assorted Sour Gummies

Jelly belly assorted sour gummies contain 1 – 7 oz of candies per bag. Available with numerous delicious flavors including cherry, orange, green apple, sour lemon, and sour berry blue. Made with vegan and vegetarian friendly ingredients with colors from natural sources. Arrives with a classic jelly belly bean shape.

Jolly Rancher Gummies

Jolly rancher gummies are soft and chewy assorted fruit flavored candies. Perfect for work, get together, camping, and road snacks. Available in various selections featuring different colors, shapes, flavor, and fruits such as watermelon flavor, cherry, grape, and more. Well-sealed Jolly Rancher Gummies with highest quality packaging. Packed with different number of pieces.

Jovy Enchilokas

Jovy enchilokas gummy candy is individually wrapped for your convenience and added portability. Characterized by 3 bags of 10 individually wrapped candies and each bag weighs about 5.29 oz. Each soft, chewy gummy candy shows off its signature power with fruity flavor and colorful style. Features a shelf stable snack for candies to last for a long time.

Juicy Drop

Juicy drop summer gummy candy is sweet and sour. Provides a both sweet gummy candy and a sour gel experience. A perfect mix at the beach during a summer vacation. A delicious summer party candy that kids will love. Contains 8 individually-wrapped assorted gummy candy with 4 mouth-watering fruity flavors.

Jujyfruits Candy

Jujyfruits candy is a fruit flavored gummy that comes in different shapes. Provides a truly unique candy experience. Available with orange, raspberry, lemon, licorice, and lime flavors. Gummy shapes include raspberry, tomato, asparagus, banana, grapes, and pineapple. Packaged in a theatre box with the perfect size making it a satisfying treat.


Kasugai lychee gummy arrives with 3.59oz of candies per bag. Manufactured with real fruit juice making it an incredibly soft and juicy treat. An intensely flavored gummies which are individually wrapped with appealing canisters. Burst of refreshing flavor and a wonderful aroma. Over 10 flavors are available to try and enjoy.


Kervan gummy candies are naturally flavored and unbeatably chewy. Available with peach, strawberry and apple flavors. Guarantees a guilt-free sweet tooth satisfaction and is made with clean, low carb diet friendly ingredients. Provided with a high fat and high fiber content. A perfect choice for filling any party table in any other special occasion.

Kiss My Keto Candy

Kiss my keto candy is delivered with low sugar, low calorie, and low carb candy. Contains up to 2g sugar, 80 calories, and 3g net-carbs. Produced using 100% keto friendly food ingredients which is specifically designed for low carb and keto diets. Features a sweet keto snack with macros that help maintain ketosis.

Life Savers Exotics Gummy Candy

Life savers exotics gummy candy includes 7 ounces of gummy candies in a bag. Features different fruit flavors including mandarin orange, fuji apple, raspberry dragon, lemon star fruit, and Asian pear. Perfect for lunches, snacks and any other activities. A classic candy which is originally designed to resemble a life preserver.

Maynards Bassetts Jelly Babies Carton

Maynards bassetts jelly babies carton are available in all natural colors and flavors. A British jelly babies which are imported from the UK England. A perfect mouthwatering treat and sweet end to be served at birthday parties and game nights. Provides a soft, chewy, and fu experience. Offers a fruity twist on the original confection.

Nerds Gummy Clusters

Nerds gummy clusters contains a selection of mouth-watering fruity flavors per bag. A perfect treat to have and a fun candy for everyone. These delicious treats in assorted fruity flavors are loved by kids and adults alike. Features flashy wearable gummies in bold and fun colors. A perfect way to take celebrations to a whole new level.

Project 7

Project 7 gummi candies are bestselling gummy snacks. Includes delicious sour apple rings, original gummy bears, sour gummy worms, and sour fruit gummies. A perfect variety pack for a movie night. Provided with just 6g net carbs per bag that won’t spike your blood sugar. Made without gelatin and packed full of fiber.

Push Pop Gummy Roll

Push pop gummy roll is a summer candy with a delicious variety of assorted candy flavors. Features 8 individual shelf-stable gummy rolls per box. Arrives with a light sour sprinkle in a portable dispenser. Individually wrapped for a fun and tasty summer. Contains wheat and milk making it perfect for gifting to friends.

Raindrops Gummy Candy

Raindrops gummy candy is modeled after real pizza toppings and garnishes. Includes a super cute pizza box with gummy candies. 18 gummies per pizza and 4.5” in diameter. 130 calories per serving and is enough for everyone to enjoy. Offers assortment of fruit candy which includes colorful and tasty gummies in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures.

Ricolino Panditas Little Panda Gummy Bears

Ricolino panditas little panda gummy bears contain various packs with its own style and flavor filled persona. Features a mix of sweet and refreshing strawberry, lime, pineapple and orange flavors. The #1 gummy candy in Mexico is a perfect way to share with friends and co-workers. The box contains six on the go bags of soft candy pandas.

Ring Pop Gummies Chains

Ring pop gummies chains are fully edible and fully wearable sweet gummy candy. Arrives in chains and emojis to share how you’re feeling. Delivered with individual gummy candy packs. Each pack includes 4 gummy chains and 16 gummy emojis. Available with assorted candy flavors including strawberry, cherry, watermelon, grape, orange and blue raspberry.

Secret Candy Shop

Secret candy shop world’s largest gummy snake is a 36″ long variety of 3 gummy candies. Professionally packed by secret candy shop with numerous delicious flavors including blue raspberry, apple, and cherry. Contains no artificial flavors or colors and is made with pectin from organic apples and organic orange peel.

Skittles Wild Berry Gummy Candy

Skittles wild berry gummy candy contains one 12-ounce sharing size bag of gummies. Accessible with different fruity flavors like raspberry strawberry, wild cherry, and melon berry. Features a bright and colorful chewy candy pieces with a soft and fruity mix of fruits. Typically serves as snacks for movie nights and road trips.

Smart Sweets

Smart sweets provide 3g of sugar and 100 calories for each bag. Smartly sweetened with high-quality and natural inducements. A mouthwatering gummy candy which is free from sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. Produced using a gluten free, allergen friendly, dairy free, tree nut free, and soy free ingredients. Always real and never artificial.

Sour Jacks Candy Gummy

Sour jacks candy gummy includes 5 oz bags of sour wedges, watermelon sour wedges and wild berry sour wedges. Features a perfectly bite-sized and chewy gummy candies. Covered in sour sugar crystals with an original sour wedge mix. Available with numerous flavors such as sweet strawberry, luscious cherry, and tangy lemonade.

Sour Patch

Sour patch bulk package contains 15 individually wrapped original candy, sour patch watermelon candy, and fish candy. Delivered with soft, chewy, and fun sour patch kid’s candy. Comes sealed in an 80-ounce bag prepared for last-minute parties, dessert baskets, treats and everything. This classic shaped fat free candy offers a fun sweet candy snack.


Starburst gummy candy contains 2 packs 4.3-ounce peg pack. Accessible with bursting playful fruity flavors like cherry, orange, lemon and strawberry. Provides a new gummy candy experience and is easy to chew. A perfect companion for leisure activities. Delivers a unique, soft, squishy and airy texture. This gummy won’t stick to your teeth.

Swedish Candy

Swedish candy is created using a gluten and gelatin-free ingredients. Included in this package are two 4-ounce bags with its distinctive hand-painted ornamentation. free of high fructose corn syrup and has no synthetic colors. Contains delicious citrus, pineapple, and raspberry fruit flavors making it perfect for both kids and adults.

Sweet Candy Company

Sweet candy company has the old-time nostalgia of a classic candy. Sweet candies are perfect for parties, wedding bars, gender reveals, birthday parties, and other gatherings. Features bright colors making it a perfect table filler. Available in a variety of fun flavors ranging from cinnamon, mango chili, and chocolate cinnamon.

Sweet's Cinnamon Bears

Sweet’s cinnamon bears are provided with a nice size, great taste, and bright colors. Perfect for virtual gatherings, birthday parties, and incredibly fun candy to play with kids. Features an assorted gummy candy bags with assorted fruity flavors of mouth-watering favorites. Includes variety bags which are shelf-stable and long lasting.

The Ginger People

The ginger people flavorful ginger candy is made with the original formula which is sweet and enjoyable. Gently spiced chews for nausea with 27% fresh ginger, real, and simple ingredients. Contain no artificial sweeteners. Soothes the stomach and satisfies the sweet tooth. Delivered with an individually-wrapped ginger chew and a softer texture.

Totally Awesome Unicorns Gummies

Totally awesome unicorns’ gummies come in 4 kid-loved fruity flavors such as grape sweet dreamer, blue raspberry fashionista, strawberry party corn, and watermelon jetsetter. Features adorable unicorn-shaped gummies and are a great pantry item. Perfect for unicorn parties, unicorn gift or gift bag, birthday parties, party favors, snacking, and more.

Trader Joe's Fruity Gummy Candies

Trader joe’s fruity gummy candies for adults are made with pectin. Verified fruit and vitamin chews which doesn’t have synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors or colors. These are not only good for the health, but it is also great-tasting. Guaranteed with no prohibited herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. Made with organic whole fruits in every pack.


TraderB gluten free gummy lobsters are a vegetarian candy with the original Scandinavian swimmer mix. Commonly serves as party favors to match themed parties. Features a naturally flavored and colored gummy with fruit and vegetable juices. A plant based and low sugar snacks packed with natural plant fibers which makes it a healthy candy.


Trolli strawberry puffs are very berry gummies with mind-blowing flavors. Soft and fluffy gummies which are coated in tangy sweetness. Features unique shapes including tiny hands, weird beards, sharks, sloths, eggs and octopi. Offers a fruity tropical paradise with natural and artificial flavors. Delivered with a sweet and sour combo.

Yumearth Organics

Yumearth organics contain 10- 7.0 ounce. Features a chewy, soft, and allergy-friendly candy that is individually wrapped. Available with classic holiday flavors including peach, cherry, and strawberry smash. Manufactured using simple, organic ingredients which are free from the top 8 allergens. Provides a little sweeter, simpler and filled with joy moments.


Yupik gummy candies are ideal for gifting snacking, parties, and treats. Features a classic gummy worm which is soft, chewy, and fruity. An allergy friendly snack which is made with peanut free and dairy free ingredients. Delivered with no artificial sweeteners packed with a sweet, fruity flavor. Provides a low sodium treat.

Zebra Fruit Strip Gummy Candy

Zebra fruit strip gummy candy is enjoyed at family get-togethers, beach with friends, kid’s summer birthday. Available with classic flavors and individually wrapped. Made with a gluten-free, peanut-free and kosher ingredients. These mouth-watering gummy candies are individually wrapped, making them the perfect candy for holidays, events, and office treats.

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