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HD – Multi-Directional Motions Mixer

SaintyCo HD – Multi-Directional Motions Mixer is a cGMP compliant eccentric cone design driven by shaft serve mechanism for low noise and stably operation. Our HD – Multi-Directional Motions Mixer is a popular pharmaceutical mixing machine with a unique Y-type universal joint for fast and homogeneous mixing.

Every SaintyCo HD – Multi-Directional Motions Mixer rotates in a three dimension space to prevent material segregation due to centrifugal force. Whether you need an HD – Multi-Directional Motions Mixer for foodstuff, medical or chemical processing, SaintyCo offers both standard and custom design options.

  • CE and cGMP compliance
  • Guarantee high charge and mixing coefficient
  • Fast discharge and cleaning
  • Fully automated
  • Cost competitive
Main Technical SpecificationsHD-5 HDA-5HD-20 HDA-20HD-50 HDA-50HD-100 HDA-100HD-200 HDA-200HD-400 HDA-400HD-600 HDA-600HD-800 HDA-800HD-1000 HDA-1000HD-1500 HDA-1500
Volume of Barrel5L20L50L100L200L400L600800L1000L1500L
Mixing Volume4L17L40L85L170L340L500L680L850L1250L
Mixing Capacity(kg)4154080100200300400500750
Main Shaft Speed (rpm)20201714141212101010
Motor Power (kw)0.750.751.12.2345.57.57.511
Weight (Kg)9010020050070012001500250030005000
Dimension (L*W*H)mm900 x 700 x 650970 x 780 x 7001200 x 1100 x12001360 x 1500 x 15301800 x 1600 x 17002200 x1900 x 17002400 x 2100 x 20502600x 2500 x 25502800 * 2600 * 28003400 * 3200 * 3100


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