Bin Washing Station

SaintyCo bin washing stations come in a different shapes and designs for cleaning components and cabins. These include SaintyCo QY movable washer, SaintyCo bin washing station-double chamber and SaintyCo automatic washing Station.

The movable SaintyCo bin washing station has rubber wheels for moving it around. It has pump station, control and washing system.

By setting all the operating parameters, the SaintyCo bin washing machine automatically starts and stops washing.

SaintyCo’s more advanced washing machine stations like the SaintyCo bin washing station-double chamber is a fully automated equipment. It washes and dries all parts and components.

With its compact design, the machine has electric chamber, operation box, pump station, conveyor line, air handing unit, drying chamber and washing chamber all in one unit.

The SaintyCo bin washing station uses PLC automation software to ensure continuous operation. These are handy cleaning accessories in many industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing industries, etc.

Key Features of SaintyCo Bin Washing Stations

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • No protruding screws and dead angles
  • CE and cGMP compliant
  • Cost competitive
  • Offers all-in-one cleaning solution

Bin Washing Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to maintain the hygiene of your pharmaceutical bins and drums, then you need a washing machine.

These machines are optimally designed to clean and sterilize bins to the FDA requirements.

So, if you’re looking for high quality bin washing machine, then you should read this guide:

What is a Bin Washing Machine?

Bin washing machine is an automatic washing system for bins and other types of containers used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The bin washing system automatically performs comprehensive washing and drying run based on a process recipe.

Pharmaceutical washing station

Pharmaceutical washing station

Bin washing station naturally separates bins to be washed and the washed ones in two rooms.

One primary machine can wash bins and containers of different specifications.

It is regarded as the perfect measurable washing solution for bins, containers, and other apparatuses in the pharmaceutical industry.

The bin washing station can come either as a stand-alone or a fully integrated system fashioned to cleanse IBCs of all sizes with minimal human assistance.

The cleaning system is particularly devised for washing and drying the bins and containers in a pre-validated process.

It comes fitted with an effective telescopic arm enabled spray nozzle for washing the interiors.

What are the Types of Bin Washing Machine?

You will find two main types of bin washing stations available in the market.

The classification of pharmaceutical bin washing machines is based on their level of automation.

They include:

i. Semi-automatic Bin Washing Station

 Semi automatic bin washing station

 Semi-automatic bin washing station

This type of bin washing station requires human assistance in carrying out some functions efficiently.

The bin washing system does the internal cleaning and drying processes automatically, while external processes are manual.

When working with this equipment, the operator inserts one or two bins into the loading chamber, shuts the safety gate, and push the load button.

The number of bins or IBCs inserted depends on their size.

The machine does the cleaning and rinsing processes automatically.

After finishing, the worker presses the unload button, which, as a result, will eject the bins or intermediate containers from the semi-automatic pharmaceutical bin washing station.

ii. Fully Automatic Bin Washing Machine

Automatic bin washing station

 Automatic bin washing station

It is a type of bin washing station which needs minimal to no human assistance in washing, rinsing, and drying of pharmaceutical equipment.

The machine comes with PLC that enables fully automatic control and easy and efficient operation.

Typically, you will find single and double-chamber fully automatic pharmaceutical bin washing systems.

They facilitate automatic loading and unloading of equipment, ensuring an entirely automated operation.

Also, you can fully program the cleaning cycles and print out washing process data using optional printing software.

What are the Applications of Bin Washing Machine?

Industries engaged in manufacturing utilize several equipments to perform various operations in the production process.

Bin washing stations help in cleaning of these apparatuses between batches of products.

It makes sure there is no material residue that can contaminate or affect the purity and quality of the new batch.

Additionally, you can use bin washing machines in the automatic cleansing of wheeled and non-wheeled bins, intermediate bulk containers, and other equipment used in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

The cleaning systems have a vast capacity and facilitate concurrent washing and drying of a great number of apparatuses that are ready for instant use.

What are the benefits of the Bin Washing Machine?

Bin washing machine

 Bin washing machine

Here are some of the advantages of the bin washing machine that you will enjoy when you include the machine in your production line:

  • Saves time since it is automatic equipment having the ability to function at very high speeds.
  • PLC control unit makes it possible for you to program all operations and let the machine proceed.
  • Minimal movement of operators since the bin washing station can be easily monitored and controlled from one point.
  • Require a few operators to help in the cleaning and drying operation since it is an automatic machine.
  • Ensures a high degree of cleaning and drying efficiency hence guaranteeing top quality and purity of your products.
  • You can fabricate it from stainless steel which ensures robustness, longevity and high degree of hygiene during the process of cleaning
  • Increases your production because of the lessening of downtime
  • Ensures the safety of your employees since they will not get in contact with the harmful chemicals that were originally in the bins or IBCs you want to clean.
  • Has user-friendly control systems enable ease in operating the equipment.
  • You have the option of selecting a customized pharmaceutical washing station.
  • You can use the equipment to clean heat-sensitive apparatuses without over damages on them.
  • You have a wide range of design and capacities of bin washing machines to choose from
  • It requires minimal maintenance cost since the machine encounters fewer downtime occurrences

What are the Components of the Bin Washing Machine?

Typically, the main parts of pharmaceutical washing station include:

· Main Body or Frame

The mainframe is the part of the washing system that carries all the other parts and components.

You can fabricate it from austenitic stainless steel having angled chambers that ensure robustness and durability.

· Transport Unit

This part conveys the bins, IBCs, and other apparatuses from one station to the other.

In the case of the pharmaceutical bin washing machine, the conveyor unit transfers the bin or intermediate bulk containers from the washing to drying station.

· Washing System

Just as the name suggests, this is the main part of the bin washing station that carries out the cleaning operation of the equipment.

It comes fitted with spraying nozzles that sprinkle sufficient water and other cleaning constituents.

The washing system also consists of surge tanks that store the water required by the bin washing machine throughout the cleaning operation.

Other components of the washing system comprise of pallet washing rack, parts washing rack, and dedicated rinsing pipe.

· Pump System

It is the part of the pharmaceutical bin washing machine that manages and supplies the pressure required in sprinkling water and other cleaning elements via the spraying nozzles.

· Air Handling System

It is the part responsible for controlling and supplying adequate air needed by the machine for drying the washed equipment.

The air handling system facilitates the flow of hot air inside the system and eliminates humid air, thus removing moisture.

Also, it is capable of heating the air you will need during the drying phase of cleaning.

· Electrical System

It is the electrical and electronic components of the machine, including circuitry.

Normally, it facilitates the flow of electric power needed for the successful operation of the bin washing machine.

· Control System

This type of industrial washing machine comes with an automatic control mechanism that enables you to input the required control variables.

The servo PLC allows you to keep track of the machine’s operation from the control system.

· Safety System

To guarantee the safety of the operators, typically, all bin washing stations will incorporate a safety system.

The safety mechanism entails detectors that will automatically sense complications with the equipment and stop it from operating instantly.

Furthermore, the safety system will prevent the machine from running in case any of the compartments are open.

Therefore, it will safeguard you or your employees from harm.

· Water heating System

Normally, it is the part responsible for heating the water to the temperature required for efficient cleaning and sterilization of equipment.

How does a Bin Washing machine Work?

The working principle of bin washing stations relies on the cleaning machine.

However, most equipment applies the same concept though with minimal variations.

Typically, you will go through these stages when operating a pharmaceutical bin washing station:

Stage One: Preparation of Equipment

You begin the process by preparing the bin washing station as well as all the equipment you intend to clean.

Preparation entails confirming whether all the components of the machine are in good shape.

You will as well ensure that all the cleaning elements, including water and detergents, are adequate and in the appropriate location.

After ascertaining that everything is in order, insert the equipment, you intend to clean inside the cleaning chamber.

It is important to ascertain the apparatuses have the right orientation to guarantee a more effective cleaning operation.

Stage Two: Actual Cleaning Process

This is the step where you power ON the bin washing machine and use the control panel to key in the cleaning variables.

The parameters consist of water temperature, the quantity of detergent, speed of washing, and drying time, among others.

Subsequently, you will switch ON the whole system and let the unit carry on with the cleaning operation.

It will perform the washing based on the cleaning variables fed on the washing system.

The nozzles fitted in the interior walls of the cleaning system help in washing the exteriors of the bins or intermediate containers.

On the other hand, the telescopic arm enabled spray nozzles to wash the interiors of the apparatus you are cleaning.

Stage Three: Drying of Equipment

Depending on the type of bin washing machine, you may have the drying station on the same machine.

Alternatively, it may be separate from the cleaning system.

After cleaning the equipment, the machine will transfer them to the drying station if it is in a different location.

The process of drying begins automatically as the system blows hot air over the cleaned pharmaceutical equipment.

This will, as a result, remove the moisture leaving the equipment dry.

After achieving the cleaning variables requirements, the bin washing station will automatically stop.

You will then open and take out the cleaned equipment and start another cleaning cycle.

What are the Key Parameters to Control when using Bin Washing Machine?

You will be required to manage certain cleaning variables during the operation of the bin washing station.

The primary parameters that you should control consist of:

Pharmaceutical bin washing station

 Pharmaceutical bin washing station

1. Cleaning Time

Here, you will set and control the duration the bin washing machine takes to clean the pharmaceutical equipment successfully.

2. Drying Time

In this case, you will enter the time the machine should take to dry the washed apparatuses.

3. Water Temperature

You have to preset the temperature to which water used for washing the equipment should be heated.

4. Air Temperature

This is the temperature of hot air necessary for drying or removing excess moisture from the cleaned equipment.

5. Detergent Requirements

You will have to consider the quantity, quality, and type of detergent used in the cleaning process.

Which Industries use Bin Washing Machines?

Most Bin washing stations can handle all kinds of non-wheeled IBC containers and pallets or wheeled bins.

This machine commonly finds application in the following industries:

Technical drawing of bin washing station

Technical drawing of bin washing station

  • Pharmaceutical industry for washing pharma equipment like bins and IBC containers.
  • Food industry to cleanse food preparation apparatuses.
  • Chemical industry for cleaning and drying chemical containers without resulting in any injury to operators

How do you Specify Bin Washing Machine?

If you require a customized bin washing machine, then you need to specify the following to your supplier:

  • Mainframe measurements concerning the size and weight
  • Level of automation of the machine which can either be semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • Power requirements inclusive of operational power needed by various systems like the pump.
  • Pressure specifications of the pneumatic system like steam pressure, pump pressure bar and compressed air consumption.
  • Fan power comprising of exhaust fan power in kW.
  • The flow rate of the pump

What are the Quality Standards to look for in Bin Washing Machine?

A good pharmaceutical bin washing station should conform to the following quality standards:

Bin washing station

Bin washing station

  • cGMPrules for drugs have minimum prerequisites for the equipment, techniques, and controls applied in the production, processing, and packaging of a pharmaceutical product.
  • FDA compliance which stands for the quality standards according to the Food and Drug Administration.
  • CE compliance indicates that the bin washing machine adheres to the safety, health, and environmental protection standards for items supplied in the European Economic Area.
  • ISO certification

Are there New Technologies for Pharmaceutical Bin Washing Machine?

Yes, there is increased adoption of advanced technology by current bin washing stations, and this boosts there efficiency and productivity.

Some of the technological innovations in bin washing machines include:

· Solar Energy

There are more advanced versions of bin washing stations with the ability to utilize the power of solar energy.

This entails utilizing a solar panel to make the equipment more energy-efficient and guarantee the constant charge of the battery.

If you are environmentally conscious and looking to adopt green technology, then this machine is a perfect choice for you.

· Advanced Water Filtration System

Some latest models of bin washing machines offer an innovative ‘six-stage water treatment’ system.

The mechanism provides an unrivaled method of maintaining the cleanliness of water inside the tank.

Therefore, it allows the operator to use the equipment more effectively and longer.

The new filtration system comprises of a sequence of secondary filters which continuously treat the water and significantly enhance the conventional 3 stages of filtration.

This modern system recirculates water to these additional 2 sequences of filters to enhance the quality of water and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Eventually, in the sixth stage of treatment, it aerates the water before it flows into the main tank.

Rather than ordinarily filtering the water, this advanced filtration system filters the water independently in the fourth and fifth stages.

It does the filtration together with aeration, which continually improves the water quality.

Besides, the system does the extra filtering when the equipment is idle.

In effect, the bin washing station is cleansing its water when it is not operating.

What are the Disadvantages of Bin Washing Machine?

Semi automatic bin washer

 Semi-automatic bin washer

Every industrial machine comes with its disadvantages, and the bin washing machine is no exception.

Therefore, let’s look at the main disadvantages of bin washing stations that you will encounter:

  • Requires high capital concerning the cost of purchasing and installing the equipment.
  • You may incur additional cost in training or hiring of personnel. It is because you need an operator with adequate skills and experience to manage or operate the machine.
  • The big size of the bin washing station implies that it will need a large floor space area for installation.

What is the Importance of Cleaning Validation in Pharmaceutical Bin Washing Machine?

Pharmaceutical bin washing station

 Pharmaceutical bin washing station

Cleaning validation is a recorded proof with a high level of guarantee that you can routinely clean a pharmaceutical bin washing station.

It is basically to preset and acceptable limits.

The aim of good manufacturing practices comprises of the prohibition of likely contamination and cross-contamination of pharma raw materials and products.

Your pharmaceutical products can be adulterated by many substances like:

  • Contaminants related to previous products (both excipient residues and active pharmaceutical ingredients)
  • Airborne materials like particulate matter and dust
  • Microbes
  • Lubricants
  • Residues of cleaning detergents

The sufficient cleaning process plays an instrumental role in prohibiting contamination and cross-contamination during your manufacturing operations.

Cleaning validation of pharmaceutical bin washing machines offers recorded proof that a certified cleaning process will give clean equipment, appropriate for its intended use.

Here are the advantages of cleaning validation in pharmaceutical bin washing stations:

  • Government regulations
  • Guarantee of quality and safety
  • Product integrity
  • Contamination and cross-contamination integrity
  • Microbial integrity
  • Batch integrity
  • Minimization of quality cost
  • Equipment reuse
  • Making good economic sense.
  • Fewer batch failures and reduced downtime
  • Clean and efficient operations.

Which are the Bin Washing Machines Manufactured by SaintyCo?

There are various shapes and designs of SaintyCo bin washing stations.

Our different types of bin washing machines are for cleaning and drying wheeled and palletized bins.

However, you can as well use them to clean other pharmaceutical equipment such as:

i. Solution tanks

ii. Mixing chambers

iii. High shear mixers

iv. Fluid bed dryers, among other apparatuses.

SaintyCo bin washing stations consist of:

They have a compact design and strong main body made up of:

  • Operation box
  • Conveyor line
  • Electric chamber
  • Pump station
  • Washing chamber
  • Air handling unit
  • Drying chamber all in a single unit.

Does SaintyCo manufacture a fully automated Bin washing machine?

Yes, SaintyCo manufactures more improved bin washing machines like the SaintyCo Bin washing station-double chamber QDS series.

It is a fully automated bin washing station.

Also, it completes the conveyance, washing, and drying of bins automatically based on the predetermined recipe.

The PLC systems ensure the continuous operation of the machine.

What are Factors should you Consider when Choosing Pharmaceutical Bin Washing Machine?

Cleaning of pharmaceutical equipment is a crucial step in making sure you manufacture quality products.

For that matter, you must pay attention to some factors when selecting pharmaceutical bin washing stations.

Cleaning chamber for bin washing machine

Cleaning chamber for bin washing machine

· Handling Capacity

The machine’s handling capacity should be sufficient enough to fulfill your cleaning requirements.

· Required Chemicals

When choosing a pharmaceutical washing station, you need to factor in the chemicals that you will use.

It ensures there is no risk from mistaken contamination of products.

· Output Speed

The output speed of the machine is as well an essential factor to consider.

It ensures any workforce expenses are maintained at a minimum in the course of its operation.

· Quality of Machine

Industrial bin washing stations are a major venture for any manufacturing establishment.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that quality usually comes at a cost.

Therefore, instead of letting monetary considerations to dictate your choice, it is wise to buy the equipment that employs the best cleaning technology.

This guarantees a fool-proof cleaning operation.

· Size of the Water Tanks

Another very essential factor to consider when choosing a pharmaceutical bin washing machine is the water tanks.

You should purchase a bin washing station with water tanks that can hold enough water to support your cleaning requirements.

· Cost of Operating the Machine

Essentially, the buying price of the equipment is not the only expense you need to put into consideration.

Energy, detergent, and water consumption throughout the life of the bin washing machine are as well vital.

Certainly, it may come with a higher initial cost.

However, it will help you save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

· Technical Support

It is important to ascertain that your manufacturer or supplier can offer technical assistance at any time.

In addition, confirm the presence of arrangements to train your personnel concerning the usage of new machines.

Why Clean Pharmaceutical Bins and Drums?

The importance of cleaning pharmaceutical bins and drums consist of:

Pharmaceutical bin and drum

 Pharmaceutical bin and drum

  • Maintain the quality of the product.
  • Eliminate all ingredient residues to avoid the passing on of constituents from one product to the other. This is particularly vital when you are producing multiple products on the same machine.
  • Prevent downtime of manufacturing machines that may result in contamination of the product.
  • Offer a clean surface for sterilization. You cannot properly disinfect or sanitize surfaces before cleaning them.
  • Abide by local and international regulations and standards to guarantee consumer safety and stay away from legal issues.
  • Boost performance and productivity of your facility by maintaining equipment, preserving the quality of the product, and reducing waste.
  • Boost operators’ safety by providing a smoothly operating machine and a clean working environment.

What is the difference between Clean-in-Place and Clean-out-of-place?

Clean-in-Place is, in most cases, utilized for big systems and parts that are not easy to disassemble.

CIP is suitable for hygiene-sensitive industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage to clean a broad range of machinery and apparatuses.

Clean-in-Place refers to the utilization of a blend of water, chemicals, and heat to clean vessels, pipework, or machines without disassembling the plant.

CIP normally leads to reduced downtime because it does away with the necessity to disassemble or move the machine.

Immersion, spray systems, and automated systems are all examples of Clean-in-Place processes.

Pharmaceutical bin washing machine

Pharmaceutical bin washing machine

Cleaning-out-of-Place refers to a technique of cleaning equipment and components by taking them out from their operational zone.

That is, you can transfer them to an assigned cleaning station for washing.

COP entails disassembling equipment, cleaning it and its components in a central washing zone utilizing an automated system, and reassembling it after drying.

Some components of machines cannot be cleaned using CIP systems and must be detached or dismantled and cleaned-out-of-place.

You can use COP systems to clean parts of the machine that would not be reached by a CIP system.

COP system is frequently employed for smaller components of larger machinery or tiny pieces of equipment that can be detached and re-assembled after washing.

COP can entail either the utilization of machine cleaning systems or manual washing.

In COP, you must follow specific guidelines for dismantling and re-assembling equipment.

Which Cleaning Detergents are suitable for Cleaning Pharmaceutical Equipment?

Pharmaceutical bin cleaning equipment

Pharmaceutical bin cleaning equipment

If you want high-quality products, the pharmaceutical sector must use cleaning detergents designed to disinfect and safeguard the equipment used.

For instance, they use nonionic detergents that maintain the quality of the equipment.

Here are the types of detergents used in cleaning pharmaceutical equipment:

  • Amphoteric detergent
  • Anionic detergent
  • Cationic detergent
  • Alkaline detergent

Basically, you will choose detergent depending on the cleaning requirements.

Which Material is Pharmaceutical Bin Washing Station made of?

The vital parts are made from high-grade stainless steel.

They feature food-grade material.

You should have special considerations such as doing away with dirt traps.

This design facilitates easy cleaning.

Apart from Bin Washing Machine, are there Other Alternative Cleaning Solutions in the Pharma Industry?

Yes, there are other optional cleaning solutions in the pharmaceutical industry other than bin washing machines.

Most pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment normally needs clean-in-place cleaning by manual cleaning or automated immersion or spray systems.

The choice of cleaning technique will influence your choice of detergent.

High-pressure washers and automatic parts cleaners need low foaming detergents.

i. Manual Cleaning

You can carry out manual cleaning as long as the place meets the set of hygienic standards.

In most cases, you can use abrasive pads, scrapers, spray bottles, brushes, buckets, or other suitable equipment.

A good manual cleaning process will set out any:

  • Pre-rinsing
  • Cleaner concentration
  • The sequence with which you need to clean specific components
  • The rinsing procedures.

ii. Automated Clean-in-Place

Immersion and spray are two types of automated CIP systems applied commonly for cleaning pharmaceutical production machinery.

In both systems, there is a central source of water that you can heat if necessary.

The water forms part of the cleaning solutions and rinsing agent before and after the washing cycles.

iii. Immersion Clean-in-Place

You can clean smaller blenders, mixers, and manufacturing tanks by wholly filling all the equipment and pipes using a cleaning solution.

You do this while smoothly running any agitators found in the equipment.

Successful validation of the immersion cleaning process will determine the:

  • The concentration of the cleaner
  • Level of agitation
  • Contact time and temperature

All these will determine a successful cleaning process.

Typically, this method of cleaning pharmaceutical equipment is best for older big manufacturing tanks that lack integrated spray CIP systems.

The advantage of immersion clean-in-place is the fact that it is a simple process.

It does not need a diligently engineered design.

Its main disadvantage is that it usually takes much time since you would have to fill, heat and drain the equipment to be cleaned.

iv. Spray Clean-in-place

Spray CIP entails re-circulating or spraying the first flush, wash, and rinse mix under high pressure.

This cleans the large interior parts of equipment without the need to fill them wholly with a cleaning solution.

To ensure efficient cleaning operation, you have to properly adjust temperature, timer, and concentration of cleaner across the pipes and spray balls.

The advantage of spray clean-in-place is that it can swiftly clean big parts of pharmaceutical equipment.

Of course, it uses minimum quantities of cleaning solution.

Besides, the energy required for heating the rinse water and cleaning solution is also low.

On the other hand, the main disadvantage of spray CIP is the fact that it needs a very diligent engineering design to guarantee efficient cleaning.

In short, before you choose bin washing machine, you need to understand it working principle and technical specification.

Additionally, ensure it conforms to the required cleaning standards and requirements.

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