Biscuit Making Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know choosing a perfect biscuit making machine can be an overwhelming task.

A reason this guide will make it simple by exploring all the vital aspects you need to know about biscuit making machine.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Determines The Cost Of Biscuit Making Machine?

biscuit making machine

biscuit making machine

Reputation Of The Seller

Company’s reputation can determine the cost of the machine hence this can be bad or good.

If the machine is from a good reputation company, then the buyers will be will to pay more for it.

Ability To Test The Machine.

If the buyers can be able to inspect, test and see proof of what they are getting, that makes a big difference in what they are willing to pay.

A machine that is highly maintained is preferred hence to reduce the cost of machine maintenance.

A variety of replaceable molds.

This helps in making multi-shaped biscuits hence customers prefer it for replacement products when purchasing an electric biscuit market.

Market Condition.

When the economy is down turn, the machine buyers tend to less willing to buy the machine at a higher price.

So, the companies sell their under-utilized machines making it a buyer’s market.

Condition Of The Machine.

Having machines painted, repaired or cleaned mat result in higher price.

More detailed information like maintenance and repair records, history and proof of ownership also encourages the buyers and be willing to pay more.

Supply And Demand.

As the demand goes up the prices rises as businesses compete for available machines.

To avoid machine at a higher price, a seller look outside his region in areas where supply is low and demand is high.

How Does A Biscuit Making Machine Work?

We start by mixing ingredients; wheat flour, water, sugar, milk, cream, oil and eggs.

Pour the mixed ingredients into the mixer and add amount of water to be equally mixed.

The mixing time is 15-20 minutes and the temperature should be 25-30c.

Knead them into a dough.


The dough is then rolled into sheets flat shape, fine texture and smooth surface ready for forming.

At this stage you can add some peanuts or other materials before molding.


This is done to form biscuits into different shapes.

The machine generally has small noise and vibration hence it is compacted and easy to use.

Put the formed biscuit in a high-temperature oven.


Baking is done in different tunnel ovens hence all ovens ensure quick and smooth baking.

The drive system of the oven makes them have a preferable residence time in oven hence for a quality baking product.

Cooling And Packaging.

After baking the biscuit, they are cooled by cooling conveyor and packed in boxes with user-friendly information printed on them.

They are then transported by star wheel ready for sale.

What Components Make Up A Biscuit Making Machine?

Biscuit making machine is made up of the following components;

Rotary Cutting

It cuts a dough into desired shapes and sizes.

It’s also used in printing the design on the surface of the dough.

Cooling Conveyor Machine.

This helps in reducing moisture gradient from the center of the biscuits.

It also cools the biscuits before packing.

Biscuit Forming Machine.

Biscuit forming automatic machine can roll dough in different shapes hence the biscuit is then formed.

Tunnel Oven.

It is a highly energy efficient with countless baking options.

Ovens provides heat transfer evenly to the dough resulting in a uniform baked product.

Oil Spraying Machine.

It is an automatic machine which spray oil evenly on the inner wall of the baking tray so that the baked cake can quickly be released from mold.

Biscuit Stacking Machine.

It is a machine that enables the biscuit come into rows and transport them to packing table.

Biscuit Packing Machine.

It is an automatic machine that packs the biscuits into boxes with user friendly printed information on them.

Dough Mixer.

This machine mixes all the ingredients required to produce biscuits into a dough.

Is Biscuit Making Machine A Beneficial Investment?

Biscuit making investment is the most profitable and it is a homebased business.

Biscuit production comes from the traditional bakery market hence they are consumed by people in almost every homestead thus it is a potential business.

The business requires planning, new flavors, unique ideas and strategy for promoting and selling of biscuits.

Some biscuits manufacturers come up with unique recipe of biscuit hence making their identity in the biscuit making industry.

It is a simple machine to use hence it does not need any skills to operate.

The machine is made of high-quality material that can withstand variety of harsh operational hence get an automatic biscuit machine.

Rent a big enough place that will hold all required machines then get in touch with respective authority to get the clearance and permits.

For attainment of ingredients, one needs to get in touch with whole sale suppliers since they provide biscuit formular.

Packaging of the biscuits can be done manually or by machines.

After packing, the biscuits are now ready for sale hence they are transported to the selling counters.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Biscuit Making Machine?

The advantage of using automatic biscuit making machine is that;

  • It is energy-saving and reliable.
  • Adopts high-quality electrical components.
  • Is simple to troubleshoot, maintain and improving production capacity.
  • It converses speed regulation.
  • It also supports single control.
  • Has a high efficiency and production.
  • Has safety features guaranteed to workers.
  • Automatic biscuit making machine has no noise, no pollution and its energy saving.

What Is The Service Life Span For Biscuit Making Machine?

Biscuit making machine can last longer if it is highly maintained and well installed.

It can last and run for at least 20 years if correctly configured.

What Is The Average Production For Biscuit Making Machine?

The production capacity of an automatic biscuit machine can be 150-200kg/hr.

The capacity production of an optimal biscuit machine is at least 300kg/hr.

Some machines can produce more than 500kg per hour.

How Do I Maintain Biscuit Making Machine?


Cleaning of machine is essential after every use hence for the machine to last longer.

Cleaning of oven band, roller conveyor, gauge rolls, etc. should be done frequently after use.


All major rollers bearing like gear boxes, chain and guide should be lubricated hence to reduce the later maintenance cost.


Grouting bolts, screws and pulleys should always be checked and tightened.

It is better to replace the damaged parts with original parts to achieve prolong life service of the machine.

What Should You Consider when Buying Biscuit Making Machine?

A good biscuit machine can make unique biscuits and big profits from it hence here are factors to consider when buying the machine;

Production Output.

The production results depend on how big or small the machine is or how many machines do the company want to run the business.

A Variety Of Replaceable Molds.

Many biscuit manufacturers prefer to make a multi-shaped biscuits thus customers also purchase multiple molds for replacement production.

Stable Performance, Low Maintenance Cost.

Buying a good machine helps to obtain high quality biscuits and prevent high cost of machine maintenance.

Low Investment Cost.

Biscuit making machine is operated by one person hence it is a low investment cost machine.

What Quality Standard Certifications Do Biscuit Making Machine Adhere To?

Common certificates are;

  1. ISO9001 certification.

This certificate is issued to show that the biscuit production line has high quality standard.

  1. FDA certification.

This is a high standard hygiene certificate give to the company manufacturing biscuits.

  1. CE certification.

This certificate proves that the biscuit production line equipment will not harm anybody, animals and goods.

Others include RoHS and cGMP compliant.

How Do You Increase Efficiency For Biscuit Making Machine?

Efficiency involves minimal downtime hence downtime can be caused by failure of the equipment

Oven efficiency is very important to good baking hence multi-mode baking is defined as using many oven modes to control the baking reactions.

This determines the final product results through convection, radiant and dielectric heat transfer modes.

Microwave and convection have the biggest connection on moisture and weight.

The technique could reduce the processing time and the energy usage of baking and it will improve the texture products.

Efficiency of labor is also an important hence the higher level of efficiency of labor the higher level of products production.

Is There MOQ Then Purchasing A Biscuit Making Machine?

Exactly yes.

The minimum order quantity requirement enables the client to buy a minimum number of units from a dealer.

The MOQ requirement depends on how the supplier sets it hence it can limit the clients who tends to buy minimum units.

Some are also customer friendly hence a client can buy as low as one machine.

Can You Differentiate Between Automatic And Manual Biscuit Making Machine?

  • Automatic biscuit making machine requires only 1-2 workers hence it saves labor while manual biscuit making machine requires many workers.

automatic biscuit making machine

Automatic biscuit making machine

  • Automatic biscuit making machine has high productivity and high efficiency while manual biscuit making machine has low efficiency and productivity.
  • Automatic biscuit making machine is easy to operate while manual biscuit making machine is time consuming and hard to operate.
  • Automatic biscuit making machine has no noise, no pollution and its energy saving.
  • Automatic biscuit machine can do several operations like molding, delivering, baking and cooling while manual cannot do all of those operations.
  • Manual biscuit machine has a few or no safety features to help guarantee the workers safety.

manual biscuit making machine

manual biscuit making machine

How Does Semi-Automatic Biscuit Making Machine Compare To Manual Biscuit Making Machine?

The following are some of the factors that makes semi-automatic machine preferable to a manual machine:

  • It has a guaranteed safety standards which manual may not have.
  • It is simple to troubleshoot, maintain and improving production capacity.
  • It has a faster and higher output capacity since most aspects of the device are automated.

semi automatic biscuit making machine

Semi automatic biscuit making machine

  • Most parameters are connected with human interface for simple operation and interpretation.
  • It ensures efficiency and precision in the biscuit production process hence leading to a higher quality control.

manual biscuit making machine

Manual biscuit making machine

Which Factors Will Affect How Biscuit Making Machine Works?

The following are the factors that can affect how biscuit making machine works;

Delay Of Raw Materials.

This can slow down manufacturing flow by hours or even by days due to machine breakdown or missed shipment supply.


Manufactures always depends on this machine to complete production hence a temporary breakdown or malfunction can affect the manufacturing process.

Factory Utilities.

Any lack of steady water source or power supply can also affect manufacturing process since manufactures depends on utilities to power machines.

Availability Of Labor.

This can also affect manufacturing process due to vacations and sick days taken by workers hence leading to labor efficient and cost effective.

Ease Of Maintenance.

Machines might fail to work due to lack of cleaning and proper maintenance.

Changes In Design.

This will lead to slow down of manufacturing process, wastage of time and money since the pipeline must be removed to make way for the new products.

Defects Of Products.

Product defects can be headache to manufactures since products must be pulled offline for inspection thus wasting a lot of time by inspected one by one.

What Are Some Troubleshooting Techniques Of Biscuit Making Machine?

Troubleshooting is very necessary during production hence to save a lot of maintenance cost.

  • The belt is adjusted and the conveyor belt can also be tight during deformation of biscuits.
  • Clear the smoke exhaust pipe to prevent the biscuit to become crisp after cooling.
  • Check the error and the connection of the switch and the power.
  • Check whether the indicator light is on, the wire is loose or the sensor is damaged.

Which Type Of Biscuits Can You Make Using Biscuit Making Machine?

The most common biscuits that can be made using biscuit making machine are;

  • Crisp biscuits.
  • Semi-hard biscuits.
  • Filled biscuits.
  • Automatic biscuits.
  • Semi-automatic biscuits.
  • Cream biscuits
  • Vegetable biscuits.
  • Multi-vitamin biscuits.
  • Walnut biscuits.
  • Ultra-thin biscuits.
  • Animal biscuits.

How Does Biscuit Making Machine Compare To Candy Making Machine?

Biscuit making machine is a machine used to make different types of biscuits while candy machine is a machine you can use to make variety of candies.

biscuit making machine

biscuit making machine

Biscuit making machine does not need any skills to be used while candy machine needs training and high experienced personnel in candy manufacturing process.

Automatic biscuit making machine has no noise and does not pollute environment while candy making machine pollutes environment by releasing the waste production.

Candy making machine is smaller compared to biscuit making machine.

 candy making machine

candy making machine

What Is The Best Material For Making Biscuit Making Machine?

The best material for making biscuit machine is stainless steel which is very reliable, durable, wear and corrosion resistant and it is also easy to clean.

How Does Biscuit Making Machine Compare To Sandwiching Machine?

Biscuit machine can take sugar, powder, milk powder, wheat flour, egg and other raw materials to make the different types of biscuits.

while sandwiching machine can make sandwich biscuits of different flavors like strawberry, chocolate and many other flavors.

 sandwiching machine

sandwiching machine

Why Conduct Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Before Buying Biscuit Making Machine?

  • Factory acceptance test verifies how the machine is built and operates during and after the assembly process.
  • It evaluates the equipment if its components and controls are working well.
  • FAT is usually conducted to ensure there is no any abnormalities and how the machine should be handled.
  • Any abnormality found is documented in the problem report and corrected before shipment.

How To Conduct Factory Acceptance TEST[FAT].

Before starting the test, the product is assembled, prepared and connected.

Documentations like ASME certificate and test procedures are also collected together.

The manufacturer then presents the FAT procedure to the client for review and approval.

Once the procedure is approved, the manufacturer tests the equipment before FAT begins.

This Pre-test will ensure the machine is set up with the correct options.

 Step 1: Process Done Before FAT.

This process is very important for an effective FAT.

  • The testing included in FAT procedure is derived from Functional Requirements Document that is created by the team project.

The requirements must be well understood before the actual FAT protocol.

  • The dealer will prepare and submit a FAT procedure hence the manager will review and approve it.
  • The sequence of testing and the time schedule will be given to the client by the dealer.
  • Before FAT, all design approvals should be complete to prevent disputes over work.
  • The dealer prepares all the test equipment’s that will be used to conduct FAT testing.
  • All documents set that will support the testing such as contract specifications, all drawings for the project, detailed testing check list are compiled by the dealer.
  • Pretest must be done by the dealer before FAT to prevent wasting time during the actual FAT.
  • The owner of the property should be invited to attend FAT to answer some question regarding the movement of the system into his/her facility.

 Step 2: Process Done During FAT.

  • Review the specification while checking the equipment that’s include any change orders.
  • Inspect for any problem that can occur during installation like lifting points etc.
  • Test the equipment as per the dealer’s approval procedure.
  • Software and the firmware versions in the equipment are also tested.

Step 3: Processes Done After FAT.

  • Confirm all the documentation given to you by the vendor.

Should You Buy New Or Used Biscuit Making Machine?

Before buying the machine you need to ask yourself what you want it to do for you? Is it to help deal with an increase in orders or are you looking for long lasting machine?

  • If you are planning for a long-term period machine then go for the new machine.

New machines always have warranty hence when it breaks down you still got a chance to return it back to the manufacturer.

  • Just because something is used doesn’t mean its unreliable.

Some prefer used machines because its price is much lower to afford hence, they purchase them to increase production.

Can Biscuit Making Handle Continuous Production?

Why not?

Biscuit making can handle continuous production.

The machine is designed and manufactured to allow continuous output of biscuit production.

  • Continuous production offers the bakers an opportunity to provide front-end control to the process.
  • It eliminates the problems associated with batch cycles and produces a consistent product all day, every day.
  • It also reduces the processing time since the same production is prepared continuously.
  • There is a risk of faults hence a single fault can stop the entire course of production.
  • Since it is a continuous production, a lot of capital will be involved to install the production line.
  • Low flexibility in changing products hence the materials and equipment’s must be standardized.

Do Biscuit Making Machines Have Depositor line?

Absolutely yes.

The machine distributes the biscuits directly to the tunnel oven belt.

It allows accuracy and consistence during products production from hard biscuit sticks and shapes to chocolate chip cookies.

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