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Benefits of Dosator Capsule Filler Machines in Powder and Pellets Filling Applications

Do you need an equipment that can fill powder, pellets, tablets or a combination of the two?

Maybe you need to consider dosator capsule filler machines. With a dosator encapsulating machine, you can fill a wide range of capsules with any material of choice.

You will only make slight changes on the capsule filler. Moreover, with […]

Automatic Capsule Machine Standards: Why is cGMP and GMP Requirements Important?

The cGMP and GMP requirements are essential automatic capsule machine standards that all manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry must adhere to. They play an integral role in quality control (QC) and performance validation procedures.

In this article, you will learn how the cGMP and GMP play a pivotal role in this industry.

To make it simple […]

An Ultimate Guide to Cleaning & Maintaining an Automatic Encapsulation Machine

Like other machines, at some point, you’ll need to clean, maintain or troubleshoot an automatic encapsulation machine.

Depending on the complexity of the machine, this can be a tiresome process. It is even worse when you’re new to the automatic capsule filling technology.

In this simple guide, I will focus on two fundamental aspects:

How to […]

5 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Videos to Help You Learn How Capsule Fillers Work

These simple automatic capsule filling machine videos can help you understand the working principle of these machines.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a newbie in the capsule filling industry, you’ll find these videos very useful.


Before, I review the 5 automatic capsule filling machine videos, let’s summarize how this machine works:

Capsules […]