Boba-Standard Popping Boba Production Line

Boba-Standard Popping Boba Production Line

With SaintyCo’s production line equipment, your popping boba snack business will boom.

We offer innovative features to optimize the production of popping boba. For example, our production line has an HMI touch screen, a servo-driven filling system, a specialized boba filtering, and a cleaning system.

The screen allows for easy operation and adjustment of the production process. The filling system includes a juice hopper with a capacity of 60L and 192 nozzles for efficient filling of boba. The filtering system is designed to reuse the sodium alginate solution for minimum waste.

Depending on your needs, our equipment can supply you with up to 340 thousand popping boba per hour. You will have a large margin of customization, setting boba size to anything from 4 to 20mm, and loading any kind of juice into the juice hopper.

Lastly, the entire popping boba production line is made using 304-grade stainless steel that is safe for food contact.

You can be sure of the quality and efficiency of SaintyCo’s production lines.

boba making machine

SaintyCo Boba-Standard Popping Boba Production Line

  • 2 Sets of 600 L Jacket cooker &cooling tank for cooking filling materials and coating Sodium alginate
  • Liquid cycle pipe to feed cooked Sodium alginate into forming trays
  • 10cm width Conveyor trays that collect Popping boba from the filling nozzle
  • 60L Juice hopper with 192 nozzles that ensure the mass filling volume of filling
  • HMI Touch Screen system to easily adjust control parameters
  • Continuous buffer boards that carry popping boba to the filtering system
  • Designed Cleaning system to offer thorough boba Cleaning
Technical DataBoba-Standard
Capacity340K boba/hr (4-20 boba diameter)
Depositing speed15~25times/min
Working environment>25℃
Dimension 5400x2200x2250mm

Popping Boba Production Drawing

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