Bottle Labeling Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What Is A Bottle Labeling Machine?

A bottle labeling machine is a device that you will use when dispensing, applying, or printing labels that stick on various bottles.

The labels on the bottles have vital information about the product which assists the clients or consumers.

bottle labelling machine

bottle labeling machine

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What Labels Can A Bottle Labeling Machine Put On A Bottle?

A bottle labeling machine can apply two kinds of labels namely:

Removable Labels

This type of label is made with custom adhesives that offer a safe bond on the bottles you are labeling.

Besides, you can remove these labels from the bottles and they will not leave any adhesive residue on the surface.

This is advantageous since you will not compromise the surface of the container or rip the labels while detaching them.

 removable sticker

removable sticker

On removable labels, you may now choose from a diverse variety of adhesives.

This makes it simple for the removable labels to offer non-permanent and light bonding features.

Also, you can reuse these labels once you remove them from the bottles.

However, because of these features and advantages, removable labels are costly.

Besides, removable labels can stick on several bottle surface materials as they offer peel, tack, and shear features.

It is easy to eliminate removable labels from rough surfaces and not smooth surfaces but they will offer an inadequate bond.

However, many removable labels are not suitable for use if the bottle will be exposed to the following elements:

  1. Cold environments
  2. Heat
  3. Corrosive substances
  4. Moisture

Non-Removable Labels

These labels are also known as permanent labels since they are suitable for single use.

The bond you will use on these labels is strong therefore forming strong bonds between the bottles and the surface.

Besides, factors that influence how permanent these labels include the following:

  1. Adhesive
  2. Application
  3. Environment
  4. Surface material

It is vital to ensure the adhesives you apply on non-removable labels offer peel, tack, and shear.

This will make the bond effective even under harsh environmental conditions.

If you remove permanent labels from the surface of bottles, they leave behind residue from the adhesives or tear.

non removable labels

non removable labels

However, with time, non-removable labels may begin to lose their bonding strength as the adhesive becomes less effective.

Why Is It Important To Label Bottles Using A Bottle Labeling Machine?

There are various reasons why labeling bottles is essential.

Here are some of the reasons why you will use a bottle labeling machine to apply labels on bottles:

Bottle Specification

Each bottle will have varying specifications.

Also, the bottles may have the same design but the contents may vary a lot.

Labeling the bottles makes it simple for the manufacturer to offer specific details regarding the contents in that bottle.

For example, you may find certain herbal products using similar bottles but come in different grades.

This means you need to use a bottle labeling machine to apply labels that will specify the contents in the bottle.

Bottle Identification

The label you apply on a bottle using a bottle labeling machine identifies it.

Besides, the bottle will stand out from the competition on shelves if it has a specific identity.

This identity will make your product distinguishable from other bottles selling the same product as you.

When you use a bottle labeling machine, the labels on the bottles will give it a unique identity as consumers can find your product easily.

Also, the manufacturer can add some descriptions on the labels that identify the product even more.

Legal Obligation

The law within several countries around the world makes it mandatory to label their bottles.

Furthermore, some of the content you will add on the bottle labels is approved all around the globe.

For instance, the labels on the bottles need to contain the following information:

  1. Safety instructions
  2. Manufacture and expiry date
  3. Ingredients
  4. Batch number
  5. Allergen information
  6. Net weight
  7. Brand identity

Bottle Promotion

All manufacturers and producers want to make some profit from their sales.

For this reason, the bottle labeling machine will apply labels on the bottles which makes them stand out.

The labels will make the bottle appealing to potential customers who in turn may purchase your product from the shelf.

By using labels that are creative and attractive to promote the bottles, you grab the customers’ attention.

Additional Information

There are times when the manufacturer may include some supplementary information on the labels you apply using a bottle labeling machine.

Also, the labels can differentiate the bottle from other similar products in the market.

What Are the Components of a Bottle Labeling Machine?

Several sections of a bottle labeling machine interact together throughout the labeling process.

Understanding these parts can help you troubleshoot minor issues with the bottle labeling machine.

Here are the parts you will find in a bottle labeling machine:

Labeling Station

This component contains the labeling pad and the labeling head.

It comes in handy when printing labels on containers is not possible.


This part will hold all bottles that enter the bottle labeling machine.

Besides, it continuously and consistently feeds bottles into the machine while ensuring all these happen uniformly.

Control Unit

This part contains a human-machine interface [HMI] and a programmable logic controller [PLC].

All of these enable you to use the responsive touchscreen display to specify the labeling parameters.

This allows you to control the entire process from a single station.

Conveyor System

Bottles in the bottle labeling machine need to move from one area of the machine to another.

That is why a conveyor system is an important part of the bottle labeling machine.

Body Frame

This is the tough exterior part that holds all parts of a bottle labeling machine together.

The material construction is durable and high-quality stainless steel.


This is a portion of the electrical unit that provides power to move the bottle labeling machine.

The motors operate by generating mechanical power out of electrical power.

In fully automatic bottle labeling machines, the motors are large thereby generating a lot of mechanical power.


This part will hold the labels before you being the labeling process.

Besides, it sits on the top part of the bottle labeling machine enabling you to easily access and feed the labels.

Rejection Unit

The function of this unit is to remove bottles that have labels with errors.

It is important to have this part as it will only allow high-quality bottles to pass to the next production phase.

Dancer’s Arm

This part of the bottle labeling machine assists the labels to flow smoothly.

The dancer’s arm will provide enough tension to stop overfeeding from the web roll which can cause wastage.

Peel Plates

The labels will be separated from the paper backing in this section.

As the web forcefully splits over the peel plates, the label slides in a straight path.

Roller Drive

The function of this part is to pull the backing web thereby beginning and halting on each labeling chain.

Labeling Sensors

The function of this component is to detect the presence of gaps between the labels.

Once it detects such issues, it will shut down the bottle labeling machine automatically to prevent any faults.

Safety Unit

These include a variety of safety features that will protect the operators from harm and the bottles and labels from destruction.

For instance, sensors may shut down the bottle labeling machine to prevent further damage.

In others, the sensors will relay the issue to the operator via the control panel for them to take immediate action.

Discharge Unit

Errors might occur with the bottle labeling machine when you are printing labels.

A discharge unit can locate and inhibit the labels from offsetting.

What Is The Operating Principle Of A Bottle Labeling Machine?

There are different types of bottle labeling machines in the market but they all function using the same principle.

Here are the steps that each bottle labeling machine takes:

Feeding The Bottles

In this phase, you will feed the bottles into the bottle labeling machine through the assistance of a conveyor system.

Concurrently, the labeling unit starts to move at a consistent pace.

Besides, the bottle labeling machine will synchronize the feeding unit and labeling station to ensure accurate labeling.

Labeling The Bottles

The bottles will move into the labeling station via a conveyor system using in-feed scrolls which ensure correct spacing between bottles.

It is in this phase that the bottles will receive their respective labels.

The wheel drags tags with alternate motion as the label is drawn from the reel.

Simultaneously, it puts pressure on the labeling bottles for further labeling.

Label distribution and placement are actuated by a brushless motor, allowing for seamless coordination with the moving speed of the bottles.

Concurrently, paper sheet backing support will offer the distribution unit a higher capability that you control using mechanical units.

This is significant because it allows for consistent tension on the paper sheets.

It is critical to realize that the band must continue to enable or disable tags throughout the labeling operation.

As a result, the spool must be deployed in open-loop displacement control.

This will assist in the maintenance of the labels with tension which helps the labels to be close to each other.

The labeling box has a speed which that places labels in similar situations.

As the box reaches a specific area, the conveyor system and driving wheel will move the label quickly.

The main task is to ensure equal labeling speeds and afterward reduce the speed and stops.

During the labeling operation, shafts at the top of the bottle labeling machine arrange the bottles.

This is to verify the accuracy of the entire bottle labeling procedure.

Since errors might happen during the labeling process, the bottle labeling machine uses registers to ensure accurate placement of the labels.

Ejecting The Bottles

The bottles will exit the bottle labeling machine after they pass the inspection stage.

Inspecting the bottles is important as it allows quality labels to pass and reject bottles with bad labels.

Sensors will perform the detection, rejection, and ejection processes.

Does A Bottle Labeling Machine Need A Factory Acceptance Test?

All bottle labeling machines must pass the Factory Acceptance Test [FAT].

This test monitors all components of the bottle labeling machine to ensure they operate as per the specifications.

Besides, FAT makes sure that both you and the manufacturer save resources as there might be some adjustments you need to make before buying.

How Do You Enhance The Performance Of A Bottle Labeling Machine?

Increasing a bottle labeling machine’s efficiency guarantees that it continues to run and is durable.

Regularly verify all components to ensure they are in good operating correctly.

Ensure the photoelectric sensors are clean all the time as this will ensure you maintain high safety levels.

Repair or replace all worn-out and faulty components with new and genuine parts as they might compromise the web labels.

Regularly clean the transportation unit by removing labels, adhesives, etc. that may stick on the system.

Replace faulty electronic parts as they might be a source of fire breakouts or electrocution.

Wipe all sensors as this will ensure they continue to operate effectively.

Lubricate all moving parts with suitable substances as this will minimize the rate of wear and tear.

Make sure you use an antirust treatment on any iron items that are vulnerable to corrosion.

Dip a cloth in alcohol and use it to wipe the blades since it may negatively affect the labels when cutting.

What Kinds Of Bottle Labeling Machines Are There On The Market?

There are different types of bottle labeling machines to choose from and they each have their advantages and limitations.

Examples of bottle labeling machines include the following:

Manual Bottle Labeling Machine

This type of bottle labeling machine lacks any form of automation.

For this reason, you need human laborers to perform the labeling process.

This makes manual bottle labeling machines time and labor-intensive.

However, they are cheap since they have few features and their labeling capacity depends on human laborers.

manual bottle labeling machine

manual bottle labeling machine

Also, since these machines offer minimal calibration adjustments, it can cause errors to happen during operation.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine

This machine has some degree of automation making it a suitable choice over the manual version.

However, it still needs some form of human intervention since it cannot perform all tasks independently.

Semi-automatic bottle labeling machines are cheaper than fully automatic versions but costly than manual versions.

They have a higher labeling speed than their manual counterpart and offers more bottle labeling accuracy and consistency.

 semi automatic bottle labeling machine

semi automatic bottle labeling machine

Some versions come with safety features that will prevent or minimize damage during the labeling process.

Fully Automatic Bottle Labeling machine

This machine can perform all bottle labeling tasks independently once you feed the labeling parameters via the control panel.

It has a high capacity than the semi-automatic and manual versions.

Besides, it offers high accuracy and consistency when it comes to placing labels on bottles.

Also, you can adjust the labeling parameters easily from a central station allowing you to label different bottles.

fully automatic bottle labeling machine

fully automatic bottle labelling machine

However, they are quite expensive than the semi-automatic and manual versions making them suitable for large production capacities.

Two-side Bottle Labeling Machine

This bottle labeling machine will apply labels on two sides of a bottle, that is, the back and the front side of bottles.

It can apply labels on bottles in a variety of forms like oval, square, or flat.

 automatic double sided labelling machine

automatic double sided labelling machine

Table-Top Bottle Labeling Machine

These are heavy-duty machines that you’ll employ to affix labels to various bottles.

Prefabricated labels will be applied to bottles using table-top bottle labeling equipment.

Besides, these machines are suitable for use in medium and small industries that have limited space and budget.

 table top bottle labelling machine

table top bottle labelling machine

Round Bottle Labeling Machine

These are machines that put labels on round bottles in a variety of styles.

 round bottle labelling machine

round bottle labelling machine

Square Bottle Labeling Machine

These devices are capable of attaching labels on square-shaped bottles.

 square bottle labelling machine

square bottle labelling machine

Vertical Bottle Labeling Machine

These are highly versatile machines that can label up to 150 containers every minute.

Besides, they are suitable for applying labels on cylindrically shaped bottles.

It has a roller spacing configuration that ensures all bottles are in the right position.

Multi-Functional Bottle Labeling Machine

This bottle labeling machine can apply labels on a wide scope of labels of all shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, it ensures excellent precision while applying labels to all of these various bottles.

High-Speed Bottle Labeling Machine

These are extremely fast bottle labeling machines capable of applying labels to up to 1000 bottles per minute.

They incorporate the latest technology and are suitable for industries with a high production capacity.

Besides, they are precise and efficient.

Are There Other Support Equipment That You Can Use With A Bottle Labeling Machine?

There are different support equipment that you can have in the production line together with a bottle labeling machine.

These include the following:

Bottle Packaging Machines

These machines are responsible for placing the bottles in different packages for storage and transportation.

Besides, these machines can package the bottle in different packaging materials such as boxes.

Bottle Filling Machines

This is a machine that will fill the bottles you are labeling with various products.

For instance, you can fill liquid, semi-liquid, and solid products in these bottles before labeling.

Bottle Capping Machines

These machines will apply a cap over the bottle to provide an airtight seal to the products inside the bottles.

They ensure the contents remain fresh and away from any contamination.

Bottle Counting Machines

The function of these machines is to count the bottles that pass through them.

For instance, it will count the bottles and only pass a specific number of bottles to a packaging machine.

Also, you will know how many bottles you are working with within your production line.

Bottle Unscrambling Machines

These machines are responsible for unscrambling different bottles then placing them in the bottle holder via the unscrambling plates.

Afterward, the bottles will move to the next stage in the production line.

Does A Bottle Labeling Machine Have Advantages?

There are several merits to using a bottle labeling machine, and they include:

Simple To Use

Bottle labeling machines are simple to operate and all you need is minimal training to get acquainted with the machine.

Quality Label Placement

A bottle labeling machine ensures that the labels it places on the bottles are simple to read and identify by customers.

Minimizes Production Costs

Labor is a cost factor to consider when you have a bottle labeling plant.

If you have several laborers, your recurring labor costs will increase over time.

However, if you use automatic bottle labeling machines, you will lower your labor costs significantly.

This is because these machines can operate with minimal supervision yet assure you more accuracy and precision.

Reduces Errors

Investing in a bottle labeling machine will minimize the number of errors that are prone to happen in the production line.

These machines have sensors and safety features that ensure accuracy and precision.

Also, it has scanners that will verify if the details such as barcodes are legible on the labels.

Enhance Production Levels

Bottle labeling machines are available in a variety of capacities.

Fully automatic bottle labeling machines, for example, offer a higher output capacity than semi-automatic models.

This means you can meet your production needs and thereby increase your sales and profit margins.

More Flexibility

The automatic versions will allow you to change the bottle labeling requirements on the fly.

This enables you to label different bottles within a short time as you can adjust the settings.

For this reason, you can meet various bottle labeling needs.

Does A Bottle Labeling Machine Have Any Limitations?

These limitations should not prevent you from investing in a bottle labeling machine.

Some of these demerits entail the following:

Initial Price

Depending on the type of bottle labeling machine you purchase, you will spend money.

Purchasing automatic bottle labeling equipment, for example, will cost more than purchasing manual bottle labeling machines.

Overall Size

Bottle labeling machines in the market have varying configurations.

This means you may have limitations to the type you would buy depending on the available space.

Production Output

This will also be determined by the sort of bottle labeling equipment you buy.

Bottle labeling machines that are operated manually have a lesser output than those that are operated automatically.

What Quality Standards Should A Bottle Labeling Machine Comply With?

A bottle labeling machine should comply with quality standards to assure high safety levels.

Some of these quality standards include the following:

CE Mark Of Quality

This is a quality standard adopted by European Economic Area but is widely accepted worldwide.

Current Good Manufacturing Practice [cGMP]

This criterion assures that the machine meets international quality standards and follows consistent production procedures.

Food And Drug Administration [FDA]

This standard is important if you will be using the bottle labeling machine to label bottles that contain food for human consumption.

It ensures no contamination happens to the products during the labeling process.

Restriction Of Hazardous Substances [RoHS]

This standard ensures that the bottle labeling machine does not have any hazardous substances on any component.

What Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine Trends Are There?

Examples of these trends include the following:

  • Premium labels

These labels contain varnishes, high-definition illustrations, and embellishments that are attractive to potential customers.

  • Recyclable labels

This allows you to make recyclable labels that prove to be advantageous to the environment.

  • Lightweight labels

This trend will minimize the paper and adhesive you use during the bottle label application.

  • Digital label printing

This trend enables you to customize labels and maximize production rates.

  • Automatic label printing

This trend enhances support and streamlining, thus increasing the efficacy of the bottle labeling machine.

What Product Surface Can A Bottle Labeling Machine Apply Labels?

Bottles have a variety of surfaces that may carry labels, so it’s crucial to know of their composition.

For example, some surfaces need you to use low pressure.

Here are some surfaces that you can apply labels on using a bottle labeling machine:

  • Smooth surfaces
  • Elastic surfaces
  • Solid surfaces
  • Oily surfaces
  • Dump surfaces
  • Rough surfaces

What Are Some Of The Design Specifications For A Bottle Labeling Machine?

These specifications will help you when purchasing a bottle labeling machine desirable for your application requirements.

Some of these design specifications include the following:

  • Simplicity of use
  • Part changeover
  • Material quality
  • Rejection rate
  • Downtime
  • Maintenance
  • Unique features
  • Reliability
  • Construction material
  • Power requirements

What Are Some Troubleshooting Techniques Of A Bottle Labeling Machine?

Troubleshooting allows you to identify and solve issues regarding a bottle labeling machine.

These techniques include the following:

  • Misalignment of labels

Solve this by adjusting the bottle labeling machine and using minimal adhesives.

  • Curling labels

Solve this by using stronger adhesives, dry bottles, and adjusting the compression levels.

  • Labels peeling off

Solve this by lowering the amount of adhesive you use.

What Are Some Applications Of A Bottle Labeling Machine?

Several industries use a bottle labeling machine, and they include the following:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Cosmetic industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Agricultural industries
  • Light industries
  • Petroleum industries
  • Water packing industries

What Are Some Product Materials That You Can Label Using A Bottle Labeling Machine?

A bottle labeling machine can apply labels of bottles of the following product materials:

  • PET
  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • Plastic
  • Steel fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Aluminum

What Factors Will Affect How A Bottle Labeling Machine Operates?

These include the following:

Adjustment Features

It is necessary to constantly adjust the bottle labeling machine to ensure no flaws happen during application.

Inaccurate labeling is prone to happen if you fail to conduct any adjustments.

Label Head

Considering traction system, compaction, and changing mechanisms are critical if accuracy is not a guarantee.

Mechanical Structure

Ensure you inspect this part of the bottle labeling machine as vibrations can cause the machine to perform inefficiently.

Electrical System

Select high electrical systems to ensure the bottle labeling machine operates efficiently.

Traction Unit

Here, you will consider skidding as it decreases the stripping power of the bottle labeling machine.

How Much Does A Bottle Labeling Machine Go For?

Since there are different types of bottle labeling machines, the price can go anywhere from 1000 US dollars.

Are There Factors Worth Considering When Buying A Bottle Labeling Machine?

These include the following:

  • Technology
  • Spare parts
  • Integration
  • Features
  • Cost
  • Available space
  • Type of bottle
  • User-friendliness
  • Quality standards
  • Working environment
  • Future upgrades

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