Candy Depositor – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The candy depositor is a vital equipment in the confectionery industry. By its nature, its components and its use, it continues to raise several questions.

However, we will provide detailed, and quality answers to your question through this piece. So relax, read through, and get the enlightenment you desire.

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What Is A Candy Depositor?

A candy depositor is a machine that pours out candy. It deposits candy using electromechanics, and this results in accuracy and top efficiency.

 Candy depositor

Candy depositor

What Is The Guide To Pick A Candy Depositor?

Your selection of a candy depositor has to be correct if you want to enjoy its services.

The truth is, several brands and manufacturers produces different kinds of candy depositor.

However, it becomes pretty easy when you have the proper knowledge.

Here are the factors that should guide your choice.


The materials are great determiners of the nature and performance of the candy depositor.

Candy depositing machine should consist of easy-to-clean materials without neglecting the scope of durability.

So it’s fantastic if you choose a candy depositor that you can clean easily. Materials with a long duration should also be in your consideration.

Depositor’s Measurements

There are candy depositors of different sizes flooding the industry. However, it will be a big problem if you choose a candy depositor whose dimension doesn’t suit your production scale.

Therefore put into consideration the following;

  • Width
  • Height
  • Length,
  • Weight etc

And ensure you choose the one that fits your production scale.

Temperature Factor

The temperature has a significant effect on several machines in the confectionery industry. A good candy depositor must have a good temperature regulator. This will help the candy depositor work with minimal risk.

Machine’s Depositing Capacity

An ideal candy depositor should have a good candy deposition per minute.

Power Capacity

In terms of a candy depositor, there are different power specifications for different world regions. Do well to check your region’s power requirements, then confirm it with the candy depositor of your choice.

How Do I Distinguish A Candy Depositor Freom A Chocolate Depositor?

A candy depositor may sound similar to a chocolate depositor, but they aren’t the same thing.

A candy depositor facilitates the pouring of candy. Conversely, a chocolate dispenser is used to pour and form chocolates.

What Are The Classes Of Candy Depositors?

Some of the available classes include:

Automatic Candy Dispenser

The automatic candy dispenser operates in full automation. It means you can leave the operation for the machine with much lesser supervision.

The Automatic Candy Depositor

The Automatic Candy Depositor

Semi-automatic Dispenser For Candy

In this kind of machine, some part of the process does not work with automation.

The Semi-automatic Candy Depositor

The Semi-automatic Candy Depositor

What Are The Candy Depositor’s Elements?

A candy depositor is a machine that comprises several parts.

These parts perform different functions that contribute to the overall efficiency of the candy depositor.

Let’s see the fundamental parts that make up the candy dispenser.

Heated Panels

Do you remember we talked about temperature as a significant factor? The heated panels come to play in this mix.

The heated panel controls and regulates temperature that’s involved in the process.

Heated Hopper

The hopper receives the ingredient feed. The heated copper keeps the candy ingredients in a molten state.

The molten state is the suitable temperature for the candy ingredients, making the entire process successful.

Power Unit

Of course, a candy depositor is a machine that works with electric power. So it has the power unit as one of its components.

The power unit controls and enhances the workability of the machine.

Molding Station

It’s unarguable that candy comes in various shapes and forms. However, the molding station makes that feat very possible.

The molding station comprises molds of different shapes and sizes.

Depositing Nozzles

The nozzle is the point of entrance of the candy into the molds. It controls the rate of deposition by the machine.

Control Panel

The control panel is the unit from where you can monitor and control the entire deposition process.

Shot Size Control

Shot Size Control is a system that helps you regulate how the candy dispenser will deposit the candies into the molds.

As a result we can have candies in lots of sizes.

Safety Unit

Safety is crucial for every industrial equipment, and the candy depositor is not an exemption. The safety unit is responsible for detecting machine malfunctions using its sensors.

What Are The Benefits Of A Candy Depositor?

The candy depositor has several advantages, which provide its user with a rewarding experience. So, without much ado, let’s see the benefits of this fantastic device.

All In One And Compact

A candy depositor comprises several parts. Its parts perform different functions that feature in the candy-making process.

Therefore, a candy depositor reduces the equipment you will need for the process as it performs many functions. That is, with one candy depositor, you need a few more pieces of equipment to produce your candy.

Minimal Human Skills

When using a candy depositor, it only requires a little human effort. The machine works in automation; hence the machine carries out all processes with just a little supervision from you.

Top Quality

A candy depositor will deposit the right quantity of candy at a good pace. So you have nothing to worry about.

It is very reliable because you can produce candies of different shapes with high-quality precision and precision.

Faster Production

Since the machine is automatic, you can produce a large quantity of candy in a very short time. It lies in the ability to adjust the deposition speed of the machine.

High Durability

A candy depositor comprises quality materials with high tensile strength. Therefore, the machine will serve you with a good maintenance structure for a long time.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

The structure and material that make up the candy depositor make it easy to clean and maintain. Also, you can easily replace any part of the machine since you can find them anytime, any day.

What Are The Downsides Of A Candy Depositor?

Candy depositor machine

Candy depositor machine

Amidst the many advantages of the candy depositor, there are a few disadvantages. The drawbacks cover the area of usage and maintenance of the machine.

Let’s see a few.

Sticking Of Candy Constituents On The Device Surface

One of the challenges you can encounter when using the candy depositor is when ingredients stick on the machine’s body.

The addition of starch coupled with a precise mixing rate will help cut down this problem.

High Cost

To get a candy depositor will cost you good money. The cost even gets a bit higher due to its installation process.

What Is The Difference Between A Semi-automatic Candy Depositor And An Automatic Candy Depositor?

A recall on the categories of the candy depositor, you will discover that it falls into the semi-automatic and automatic candy depositor.

There exist a difference between both categories, and let’s see what they are.

As the name implies, the semi-automatic candy depositor doesn’t operate on a complete automation system. Hence not all its working processes are automatic.

In contrast, the automatic candy depositor has a complete automatic working process. Therefore, there is little human supervision, and production is faster than the semi-automatic candy depositor.

Is There A Depositing Capacity For A Candy Depositor?

First things first!! Let’s recall the meaning of a depositing capacity. It is the measure of time at which the machine pours candy. That is the number of candy per time.

There is no specific depositing capacity, but it varies depending on the type of candy depositor.

For example, a semi-automatic candy depositor will have a lesser depositing capacity compared to the automatic candy depositor.

Which Materials Do Manufacturers Use In Producing A Candy Depositor?

Manufacturers use stainless steel to manufacture the best candy depositors. So you could ask, why stainless steel?

Well, let’s see why stainless steel does the magic.

Semi automatic candy depositor

Semi automatic candy depositor

High Tensile Strength

A material with high tensile strength, like stainless steel, will make the candy depositor resistant to breaking under tension.


Stainless steel boasts high stability. Therefore, using such a material for the candy depositor will provide excellent stability for the machine.

Resistant To Corrosion

On a general basis, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion. Hence it will prevent the candy depositor from corrosion.

The machine’s resistance to corrosion also improves the hygiene of the process. In addition, since the manufacturers use stainless steel, there is no possibility that the candy will contact the corroded parts of the machine.

Stain Resistant

The material is stainless. As a result, it is simple to clean and maintain.

What Is The Working Principle Of The Candy Depositor?

The deposition of candy is a centuries-old practice, but machines have come to make the process easier deposit is an age-long practice, but machines have come to make the process easier.

Besides, the first group of candy depositors possessed single hoppers.

On a broad scale, the candy depositor is a mechanical device that uses electrical power for its operation.

The machine’s components moves mechanically. The cams connected to the mold circuit are responsible for the movements.

However, the newest set of candy depositors possesses a programmable logic controller(PLC) and high-tech servo drives.

They replace the mechanical cams and their connections.

As a result, the working principle is more automatic and efficient.

How Can I Keep The Quality Of A Candy Depositor?

Just as you have it with every other piece of equipment, it is best to have a maintenance structure for the candy depositor.

Good maintenance will boost the durability and efficiency of the machine.

Here are the simple ways to maintain your candy depositor.

Find A Solution To Worn-out/Broken Parts

It’s normal for your candy depositor to have some of its parts broken or worn out. However, best practice demands that you always check the parts of your machine and replace them when necessary.

Clean The Candy Depositor

Cleaning is an essential thing for any machinery. An excellent and strict cleaning routine will do. However, some candy depositors have a clean in place system.

The clean-in-place system will help the machine clean itself.


It’s best to lubricate every moving part of the candy depositor with suitable lubricants such as oils.

Are There Different Modes of Candy Depositing?

Yes, there are different modes of candy depositing. These modes are a result of the various production models of candy.

In the industry, the generic modes of candy production are;

  • High milk production mode
  • Clear candy production mode
  • Cream candy production

Hence we have the following candy depositing modes;

Candy Depositor

Candy depositor

High Milk Candy Depositing Mode

It involves the deposition of candy with high milk contents. You can fill the candy with chocolates or soft caramel when operating in this mode.

Clear Candy Depositing Mode

The clear candy depositing mode results in colored fruit-flavored candies. Beyond the fruit-flavored candies, the depositing mode also features the following.

  • Liquid center filled candies
  • Clear mint candies
  • Layered candies

Cream Candy Depositing Mode

This depositing mode is for Candies with at least 5% cream.

How Can I Check the Quality of a Candy depositor?

Determining the quality of a candy depositor involves different tests in different stages. Let’s see how it all plays out.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

This is where it all begins. First, manufacturers should start with a quality control process. Then, when the candy depositor is still at the factory, you should check if the machine is working appropriately.

Ensure you get a factory acceptance test certificate from the manufacturer. The certificate indicates the machine is of top quality.

Test for Installation (IQT)

This test occurs at the time of installing the candy depositor. Ensure you conduct a quality test and get the installation qualification test certificate.

The certificates indicate that the installation of the candy depositor is without fault.

Test for Machine’s Operation

It can be said that this test is the ultimate quality test. This is because it involves you inspecting the machine while it works.

It is time to put all its specifications to a practical test. The operational qualification test certifies that the machine works properly.

What Flavours Of Candy Can A Candy Depositor Deposit?

The great news is, the candy depositor can deposit any candy flavor available in the industry. Hence there is no limitation of the machine’s depositing prowess in terms of candy flavors.

What Is The Cost Of A Candy Depositor?

The cost of purchasing a candy depositor isn’t stable—instead, its price changes due to some factors.

According to market research, the cost of a candy depositor is in the range of $ 5,000 to $ 60,000.

The following are the price determiners the candy depositor.

  • The machine’s technology
  • Size
  • Candy depositor’s type

What Techniques Does A Candy Depositor Employ?

The candy depositor uses three techniques. And they include

Modular Technique

The modular technique is flexible such that the production line can fit into any length of the workshop. As a result, you can switch the functions of the candy depositor.

Numerical Control Technique

When using this technique, the machine maintains a fixed position. But you can deposit accurately.

Depositing  with Precision Technique

Just as the name implies, everything is precise in this technique. You can control the flow of deposits at a minimum of 0.01g

With all that you have learnt from this piece, you now have all the crucial knowledge on the subject matter. The knowledge covers the physical parameters, technical operations, and a whole lots of dynamics.

You can now take a bold step to get your own candy depositor. Beyond purchasing the equipment, you are not far away from an exclusive experience with the machine.

Feel free and continue to enjoy the top-level knowledge and resources that we provide.

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