Candy Hook

Candy Hook: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for high quality and reliable candy hook.

In this guide, you will find all information you need about candy hook – from design, material type, dimensions to uses, just to mention a few.

So, if you want to learn more about candy hook, read this guide.

What Is Candy Hook?

Candy hook

Candy Hook

For anybody making candy manually using hands, it is a necessary item and is stainless steel manufactured.

Repeatedly pulling candy batch and putting it back for at least 30-60 minutes is important.

It helps in incorporating air bubbles into the batch.

The batch is aerated which helps in making the candies lighter thus easy to chew.

Until sufficient air is added and the batch achieves a white colour, Pulling is done repeatedly.

Why Do You Need Candy Hook?

It is used in preparation of candies produce for pulling the batch by candy makers.

The process is done manually by repeatedly pulling the batch over the hook.

To ensure the batch is well aerated through pulling and improve quality of candy, support is provided by the hooks.

Mixing of the additives used in preparation of the batch is uniformly achieved.

Candies quality is analyzed based on size, appearance and taste according to the inspection regulatory.

Why Is Candy Pulling Hook Made From Food Grade Material?

Food grade materials ensures safety and hygienic of all food products.

When it comes to Candy pulling hooks construction stainless still is the best.

This is so because the material is non-porous, smooth surfacing, usually very easy to clean thus reduce contaminations.

It has high corrosion resistivity, it does not destroy quickly hence no harmful substances released into the body.

To add on that its durability is incomparable to other materials.

Stainless steel candy hook

Stainless Steel Candy Hook

What Is The Best Material For Making Candy Hook?

The best material is 304 stainless steel.

Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steels materials have a high resistance to corrosion.

In atmospheric conditions low alloyed grades resist corrosion. The cold work hardening properties of many stainless steels can be used in design

While highly alloyed grades resist corrosion in environments with most acids, alkaline solutions and chloride bearing, even at elevated temperatures and pressures.

High And Low Temperature Resistance

Some grades maintain high strength at very high temperatures thus resist scaling while others at cryogenic temperatures show exceptional toughness.


In design to reduce material thicknesses and reduce weight and costs the cold work hardening properties of many stainless steels can be used.

To make very high strength components other stainless steels may be heat treated.

Aestheic Appeal

In many surface finishes stainless steel is available.

Resulting in a high quality it is easily and simply maintained thus pleasing appearance.

Hygienic Properties

Stainless steel cleanability makes it the first choice in kitchens, hospitals, food and pharmaceutical processing facilities.

Life Cycle Characteristics

Stainless steel is a low maintenance material, durable and in a life cycle cost comparison choice it is often the least expensive.

Is There Recommended Candy Pulling Hook Shape?


They are constructed in a bowlike or curved shape.

Where the batch is hunged for pulling as their curved nature creates enough space.

When compared to other different designs curved hooks are much easier to work with.

Which Features Should You Look For In Candy Hook?

Stainless steel fully constructed material are the best candy hooks.

Material has excellent mechanical and physical properties.

Cleaning is easy due to the stainless steel made material.

It is very long lasting as it is corrosion resistant.

The reasons behind its superior durability is the materials’ toughness, hardness, and strength.

Measurements are done in dimensions of L, W, and D when it comes to size, which are 364, 180, and 20 mm respectively.

Right choice when buying can be made depending with the pricing of the hooks.

Quality goes hand in hand with pricing of the tool.

Hooks made of steel will always cost more compared to those of poor-quality materials.

How Does Candy Hook Help In Candy Making Process?

Candy hook

Candy Hook

Candy hook helps in pulling the caramel mass manually, this impacts the finishing positively by providing a mirror like look.

Air bubbles are saturated and mixed with prescribed supplement.

Candy pulling adds air to the batch and it turns white.

This is a continuous process where batch is thrown over and over the hook non-stop until enough air is added and the specific colour is achieved.

Which Is The Best Design For Candy Pulling Hook?

Detachable Candy Pulling Hook.

At the mounting plate it is designed in a way that the hook can be dismantled.

Screw the mounting plate against the wall as the hook can be attached.

The cleaning process is made easier due to the ability of the hook to slip out of the plate.

-Non-detachable candy pulling hooks

The design of this kind of candy hook the hook cannot be separated from the mounting plate.

With the help of screws all of the parts are intact and mounted as a whole.

-Sharp candy pulling hooks.

They dig in deeply due to their sharp far end.

To avoid accidents while using them you are required to be very keen.

Blunt Candy Pulling Hooks

Risks of getting injured is minimal due to their far end cut hooks.

Which Dimensions Are Critical In Candy Hook?

Different hooks and mounting plates have different dimensions.

Dimensions for mounting plates are estimated as 20cm-36.4cm height/length and 15cm-18cm width.

Diameter of hook is approximated as 15cm-20cm

For any hook with superior properties and efficiency these are the best measurements to be considered.

How Do You Install Candy Pulling Hook?

1)      Getting The Wall Anchors For Your Screws.

Ensuring that they are of the same material as the wall to be mounted.

Are more common in dry walls and concrete masonry with no studs to support the hooks.

To avoid everything from falling off always put stud with anchors.

The wall anchors you need will determine the number of screw.

1)      Drilling Of Holes

The size and deepness of your wall anchors and the holes should match.

Make holes carefully using a drill bit, taking the size of the wall anchors into account.

The process of drilling should be slow to contain the dust as well as protect the drill bit from damage.

Always ensure you have your face mask and safety glasses on for your safety during the process.

2)      Fixing Your Anchors Into The Holes

Feed them using hands at the tip of the holes and hammer them in to fit properly.

This is done to threadless anchors.

Screwdriver are used to fix those with threading.

The anchors edge must align with the walls.

3)      Mounting Plate Fixing

Mounting plates are made with holes where screws are to be fed in.

Into the mounting plate fix your screw and align with the set anchor in your wall.

With the help of a screwdriver drive the screw slowly until they fit in well enough.

While creating the desired grip the wall anchors expand.

The faster way is using a drill with a screwdriver bit.

For the remaining holes repeat the same procedure.

Hook is firm once all the screws are fixed and is ready for use.

Before using it for pulling off the batch for your candies clean it to minimize contamination

Where Should You Install Candy Hook?

Due to their easy to clean properties candy pulling hooks are installed on the walls of your working station.

Are also drilled into studs or on the concrete walls.

Wood frameworks done behind your walls to give support to hooks are called studs.

With the help of a drill bit make holes through the walls to mount the hook.

Plunge the wall anchors into the wall.

Then tighten the screws while fixing the hook to the wall anchor.

What Are The Main Components Of Candy Hook?

The candy hooks comprises of two parts.

Mounting Plate.

By use of screws for support the mounting plate is normally plunged into the wall.

With 20cm height and 15cm width.


Hooks cling on the batch plates and can be slipped easily in and out.

It is of 15cm diameter.

For these reasons cleaning process of this tool is easy.

Is Taffy Hook Same As Candy Hook?

Taffy hooks are purely made of stainless steel material.

The material is very strong with less prone to rust properties and very easy when it comes to cleaning.

While for normal candy hooks depending on the use, it can be made from any type of material not necessarily steel.

This is due to their diverse uses, which the steel properties won’t be such a big deal.

Taffy hooks are made of curvy shapes to create big space hence easy to work with.

Whereas normal hooks shapes are not specific, they are made in different shapes.

Taffy hooks are installed through mounting while the normal could either be mounting or sticking.

Can You Pull Hard Candy?


It is pulled to change hard candy texture which is its basic characteristic.

By hand or mechanical means, pulling incorporates air with the intention of a uniform distribution of air.

This helps in changing the appearance and the crunch when eating.

Hard candy mass literally stretches causing entrapment of air in the candy is the pulling process.

A batch of hard candy has to be pulled for it to be soft enough for chewing.

To allow pulling of hard candy or use of mechanical device operation.

First before introducing it to a pulling action, cool/temper the hard candy batch to approximately 220° to 230° F uniformly.

Which had been cooked 290° to 300° F respectively causing increase in viscosity.

If colour and flavor are incorporated pulling hard candy helps in good distribution.

When it is cool and one can handle, into a well-greased hands gather the ball of candy.

Using both hands pull the candy until you have reached as far as you can.

The pulled part is fold over and the process repeated for about 4-5 minutes.

This is done until the candy gets stiff or white beautiful colour appears.

Why Is Candy Pulling Process Important In Candy Manufacturing Process?

Candy pulling process Improve the quality of candy.

It is one of the last steps of candy manufacturing which is very crucial.

Pulling of the candy over and over the hook helps in aeration of the batch being prepared.

Air bubbles are inducted into the batch through aeration, making it good quality and lightweight.

They are less hard and brittle hence making chewing of the candy easier.

When this step is skipped, it may result to a rough texture, very rock-hard candies and hard to chew.

Fine-textured soft candies are achieved by pulling which are symbolic of good quality candies.

At this point you should be keen in ensuring pulling is done properly thus achieving the desired quality candies.

How Can You Avoid Contamination When Using Candy Hook?

Remove loose surface contamination by decontamination methods.

Loose contamination gets into the skin easily through hands and head and also by inhalation.

Wipe the area clean with damp rag before using a candy hook.

How Much Does Candy Hook Cost?

For caramel cost of a Candy Pulling Hook is 90 dollars.

The price varies from one manufacturer to another depending on the design, material type, size, etc.

Materials of good quality e.g. stainless steel will always tend to cost more as compared to those made from different materials.

Are Candy Hooks Durable?


Before considering a replacement done or repair, the hooks will have serviced the longest time possible.

Stainless steel material are the best preferable for Candy pulling hooks.

It is known for its excellent physical and mechanical properties.

Including high corrosion and heat resistivity, toughness, yield strength, hardness, tensile strength, malleability etc.

The properties guarantees you a long lifespan candy pulling hooks giving an account as to why it’s the best choice.

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