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SaintyCo Candy Making Equipment

Here in Saintyco, we design and manufacture candy making machines to offer efficient candy production. If you need new technologies for your candy business, Saintyco is your best partner. We have an extensive range of innovative candy making machinery for you. Saintyco can help you select the right equipment for your production.

Saintyco candy making machine is constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel. But some parts can be made from PVC material. With its robust structure, you can be sure of reliable equipment.


Whether you have a large company or a small candy business, we have the candy making machine suits you. The candy making machine comes with user manual/ instruction on how to utilize it. Let go of costly machinery as Saintyco candy making machines are very cost-effective.

Additionally, Saintyco offers high-performance and efficient candy making machines that can be custom-made. Our expert team has gain industry expertise and knowledge allowing us to assist your challenges with ease. Let Saintyco improve your production of candies. From the storage of raw ingredients to the production process follows, we have a range of machines covers all aspects.

The candy making machine can produce precise and perfectly formed round, rectangles, and oblong candies. Candy making machines we offer include cotton candy making machine, chocolate candy making machine, gummy candy making machine, and more.

In Saintyco, we offer the most advanced and authentic candy making machinery.


Saintyco manufacture candy making machines conforming to international industry standards. We consider various safety standards like CE and SGS.  Saintyco is a certified ISO 9001 company. You can ensure the highest level of management system. Quality level of candy making machine is exceptional.

With over 20 years of experience in helping clients, Saintyco is a specialist in manufacturing candy making machines. Take the opportunity to skyrocket your business with Saintyco. We will 100% support your business without hesitation.

Combining latest technology and production intelligence, we are proud to offer smart machinery solutions. Saintyco engineers bring unmatched expertise to develop your candy making machine. Never settle for less. Look for the best. Saintyco is your one-stop solution.

For any special requirements, we can accommodate various types of auxiliary equipment and optional features. When designing, Saintyco follows your marketing objectives in terms of development. We make sure what we do would meet your principle.


For the past 2 decades, Saintyco had constructed huge and advanced confectionery machinery. Behind successful operations are our modern production facility and qualified technical team. Aside from candy making machine, Saintyco also produces capsule fillers, film coating machines, ampoule/vial production lines, etc.

Saintyco is recognized internationally as a professional candy making machine offering innovative and fast turnaround.

If you have any questions about Saintyco candy making machine, please feel free to contact us today. For you to get an instant quote.

Candy Making Machine: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Candy making machine is a device that you can use in the making of different types of candy.

Well, as a candy manufacturer, you will need this machine to assist in the production of candy.

In this guide, you will learn about all there is to know about the candy making equipment.

Why Invest in Candy Making Equipment

You should consider investing in

candy making equipment because of the following reasons.

Candy making machine

 Candy making machine

· Automatic Nature

Candy making machines are automatic in nature thus increasing the speed of production.

Apart from that, you will not hire a lot of labor to assist you in the candy making process.

You can configure and monitor the candy making process from the automatic control panel.

· Improved Reliability

You should invest in a candy making machine because it is very accurate and reliable in candy making process.

It adheres to and strictly follows the candy making configuration manual in the process of making the candy.

· Improved Safety

Candy making machines have special in-built safety features that will protect you and the machine from damage.

It will automatically warn you and shut down in case of any malfunctions that may lead to imminent destructions.

Additionally, the main material for making the machine is stainless steel which is sterile and reduces chances of contamination.

· Easy to Clean and Maintain

As much as it is easy to control, you will also enjoy cleaning and maintaining the machine accordingly.

The candy making machine has parts that you can easily remove and replace while cleaning the machine.

Apart from that, the amount of money you will spend in cleaning and maintain the machine is low.

Know the Limitations of Investing in Candy Production Line

Despite the numerous advantages of the candy making machine, you will also experience some drawbacks in using the machine.

Here are some of the limitations that you might experience with the candy making machine:

· High Initial Cost

You will have to dig deeper into your pockets in order to purchase and install the machine at your production plant.

Apart from that, you will have to spend money to train or higher experienced personnel in candy manufacturing process.

· Limits Mobility

Due to the huge size and weight of the machine, you will find a lot of difficulty in moving it from place to place.

· Pollution

Candy making machines pollute the environment by releasing the waste products into the environment.

The waste products can be toxic and lead to numerous damages on the environment as a whole.

· Unemployment

Since the machine is fully automatic, you will have to hire very few individuals thus leading to high unemployment cases.

Evaluate Types of Candy Making Machines in the Market

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to candy making machines as there are numerous machines to choose from.

You should note that, you can either have a soft candy making machine or a hard candy making machine.

Here are the main types of machines that you can choose from.

· Manual Candy Making Machine

This is a small type of candy making machine that you can use in small scale production of candy.

You will use the manual candy making machines in such operations of making candy from home settings.

It requires you to perform most of the functions since it does not have any automatic systems.

Additionally, it is smaller in size allowing you to move it from one place to another.

 Manual candy making machine

Manual candy making machine

· Semi-Automatic Candy Making Machine

Semi-automatic candy making machines are the types of machines that have both manual and automatic systems.

Implying that you will need a few employees to assist in some of the operations while other operations are automatic.

You will produce on a slightly larger scale than that of the manual candy making machine but lower than automatic machine.

It is easy to operate, clean and maintain thus increasing the reliability of candy making process.

emi automatic candy making machine

Semi-automatic candy making machine

· Fully Automatic Candy Making Machine

Automatic candy making machines are fully automatic candy making devices with all systems under proper automation.

You will need very few personnel if any to assist in the production process of candy.

You will use the fully automatic candy making machine in large scale production of candy at a higher rate.

This will save you a lot of time and money in the process of making candy.

Fully automatic cand making machine

Fully automatic candy making machine

Estimate the Cost of Candy Making Machine

You will have to budget for between 20,000 and 150,000 US dollars when you are looking for a candy-making machine.

The cost of candy making machines vary in terms of a number of factors.

Here are some of the factors that will determine the cist of candy making machines.

· Type of Candy making Machine

Automatic candy making machines will cost you more than the semi-automatic or manual candy making machine.

· Quality of the Machine

High quality machines with very high-quality materials will also cost more than the low-quality machines.

This is point where you will consider the brand of the machine since different brands vary in terms of quality.

· Quantity of Machines

The more candy making machines you need, the more money you will pay for them.

Know-How Candy Making Machine and Gummy Making Machine Compare

You will use bot candy making machine and gummy making machines in the process of making confectionaries.

Gummy making machine

 Gummy making machine

Depending on your personal requirements, you can either choose between semi-automatic or automatic machines.

Implying that you can find both the candy making machine and gummy making machines in the above levels of automation.

On the same note, you can have manual candy making machines which you will not have for gummy making machines.

Apart from that, the ingredients that you will use in both machines vary.

The working principles of the gummy making machine and candy making machines also vary considerably.

You will use the candy making machine to make the soft candy or the hard candy.

On the other hand, gummy making machines make spongy and bouncy gummy bear candy.

Gummy making machines also come in different moulds that produce different animal shapes unlike candy making machines.

You will also note that the candy making machine is smaller in size in comparison to candy making machines.

Consider Importing Candy Production Line from China

You should consider importing candy production line from China due to a number of reasons.

Here are the main reasons why you should consider importing from china.

· High Quality Candy Making Machines

Importing from China guarantees you very high-quality candy making machines as they use very high-quality materials.

· Low Cost of Importation

China produces very high-quality candy making machines and sell them at low costs.

In other words, you will meet the value for your money by importing candy making machines from China.

· Quick Turnaround Time

You can make your order and receive the order within a short period of making your purchase.

China has numerous transportation mechanisms in place that ensures delivery of goods within record time.

· Free Customization

You will receive free information and guidance on how you can customize a personal candy making machine.

You will also have the freedom of ordering a custom candy making machine at no extra cost.

Avoid Used Candy Making Machine if you can

 Loly pop candy making machine

Lollipop candy making machine

You may opt for a used candy making machine due to different reasons such as low budget constraints.

In such cases, you have to be very careful with the kind of machine that you purchase.

First, you have to conduct thorough inspections of the machine and ensure it is in good working condition.

Apart from that, you have to make sure that it meets all your quality standards.

Implying that, it must pass through all the quality tests and certifications before you consider purchasing it.

Despite the low cost, you have to make sure that the machine has all the parts in good working condition.

The level of hygiene of the used candy making machine should also be very high to avoid contamination.

You must also consider the safety features of the machine and establish that they are working perfectly.

Taking all the above precautions will ensure that you have a good used candy making machine.

You should, however, consider buying a brand-new candy making machine because it meets all quality standards.

Besides, you have the freedom of getting a custom candy making machine that meets your production specifications.

Specify Candy Making Equipment According to you Production Needs

When you purchase a candy making machine, there are certain features and specifications to look at.

You will also look at the technical specifications and features when you are looking at a custom candy making machine.

Here are the main technical specifications that you need to pay attention to:

 Hard candy making machine

Hard candy making machine

i. Capacity of the Candy Making Machine

Candy making machines are available in different capacities depending on the types of machine you purchase.

Automatic candy making machines have higher production capacities than manual and semi-automatic candy making machines.

It can also accommodate more ingredients in comparison to other types of candy making machines.

ii. Dimensions of the Candy Making Machine

You will look at the dimensions of the candy making machines in terms of weight, height, length and width.

In this case, you will look at different factors such as the size of the room where you will place the machine.

Your production specifications will also have a hand in the dimensions of the candy making machine.

iii. Power Specifications of the Candy Making Machine

Candy making machines require enough power to operate and the power requirements vary accordingly.

You will rate the amount of power that the machine requires according to the amount of work the machine will perform.

iv. Operational Conditions or Requirements of the Candy Making Machine

Humidity and temperature are some of the operational conditions that you need to have in mind before making a purchase.

You will determine the highest humidity and temperature in degrees centigrade and percentage for the humidity.

v. Pressure Specifications of the Candy Making Machine

You need to understand the right pressure conditions that the machine will work under.

In that case, you will look at the candy making machine pneumatic specifications in terms of:

i. Compressed air consumption in cubic meters per minute

ii. Steam consumption specifications in kilograms per hour

  • Range of steam pressure in mpa.

iv. Rated Depositing Time

You must specify the amount of time it will take for your machine to deposit a certain amount of candy.

This will determine the speed as well as the rate of production of the candy making machine.

Buy Candy Making Equipment allowing for Future Production Expansion

Demand is a factor that changes from time to time.

Implying that, the demand you use today in candy production might not be valid tomorrow.

You have to make sure that the candy making machine you are purchasing has an allowance for future production expansion.

Demand changes as time goes by and you have to have a flexible machine that can change with changes in demand.

Apart from that, you must also consider the possibility of the change in the type of candy that people want.

In that case, you will have a candy making machine that is flexible to make different types of candy.

Finally, you should consider a machine that will be flexible to changes in technology.

Technology is a factor that changes every single day and todays technical knowhow maybe obsolete tomorrow.

In that case, you should think about the technical integration of the machine in the near future.

Buy Candy Making Equipment from Reputable Manufacturer

You should consider purchasing candy making equipment from manufacturers who have good reputation.

In this case you will look at the manufacturer who receives a lot of recommendations from different spheres.

SaintyCo is the leading Candy machine manufacturer with a very high reputation.

You should consider purchasing you candy making machine from SaintyCo because of the following:

· Offers Product Testing

SaintyCo will make sure that you witness the testing of your candy making machine before you leave with it.

It makes sure that the machine meets your specifications and works perfectly before transporting it to your warehouse.

· Validation

You will also witness the validation of your candy making machine by SaintyCo.

This involves validation process that includes:

i. Factory Assessment Tests

ii. Site Acceptance Test

· Installation

You will also receive after sales services such as proper installation of the machine at your production plant.

SaintyCo will send a team of qualified technicians who will install the candy making machine at your site.

After that they will issue you with a valid installation certificate to signify that the installation was a success.

· Commissioning

As soon as the installation is complete, SaintyCo will commission the machine and make sure it is operating well.

After a successful commissioning, you will receive a certificate as proof that the machine is in proper working condition.

· Future Repairs

In case of any faults with the machine, SaintyCo will send a team to repair the machine and leave it in proper working condition.

·  Warranty

You will also receive a warranty after purchasing the machine that will guarantee you repairs and replacements just in case.

It has 24 months warranty where the company will take responsibility for any damages or faults of the machine.

· Training Services

SaintyCo also provides proper training services for your personnel so that they can know how to operate the machine.

Check the Design and Parts of Candy Making Machine

 Parts of candy making machine

Candy making machine

As you are purchasing a candy making machine, you have to make sure that it has all the parts.

Credible manufacturers will ensure that your machine comes complete with all the functional parts.

You must also make sure that the design of the machine is in accordance to your structural design specifications.

Here are the main parts of the candy making machine that you have to check:

· Hopper

You will place all the ingredients that you need in the products hopper of the candy making machine.

· Control Panel

A candy making machine must have a control panel that allows you to control the machine remotely.

You will be able to configure and monitor all the machine operations from the control panel of the machine.

· Mixing Tank

This is the part of candy making machine where you will mix all the ingredients that you need for making candy.

You will heat, melt, and homogeneously mix all the ingredients in the candy making machine.

· Electrical System

This is the main source of power that the machine depends on in the process of making candy.

It has various ratings that the candy making machine depends on as it makes candy.

· Pneumatic or Pressure Units

The pressure systems of the candy making machine is responsible for driving all the pressure systems of the machine.

· Refrigeration System

You will depend on the refrigeration system of the machine to cool down the hot candy making ingredients.

It will get rid of the excess heat in a bid to solidify and leave the candy at different textures.

· Transport System

You will depend on the transport system with conveyor belts and guide rails to move substances from one part to another.

· Discharge Unit

After a complete process of making candy, the machine will discharge the candy from the machine through the discharge unit.

Understand How Candy Making Machine Works

You need to have a clear understanding on how a candy making machine works for proper operations.

The kind of machine you will use will determine whether you will produce hard or soft candy.

Here is a step by step guide on how a candy making machine works.

Step One: Mixing of Ingredients

First you will need to prepare all the ingredients that you need to make the candy.

Some of the ingredients that you will need include sugar, water, milk and some flavor among others.

You will mix all the ingredients and dissolve them in water or milk to form a syrup in the mixing tank.

After that, you will boil the syrup in a heating ad melting tank till it reaches a particular concentration and caramelize.

You will also consider the time it takes to boil the ingredients as it will determine the type of candy you are making.

The final texture of the candy you will make will depend on the concentration of sugar available in the candy.

As soon as it forms a homogenous mixture, you will transfer the syrup ack to the candy making machine.

Step Two: Cooling and Rolling Stage

The syrup will flow through the refrigeration system of the machine in a bid to eliminate excess heat from the system.

As it cools down, the syrup will solidify and the machine will make it into a soft ribbon.

Through the pressure system, the machine will move the ribbon through subsequent stages for further treatment.

Step Three: Cutting and Shaping

The ribbon moves to the moulding stage where the machine will cut and mould the ribbon into different shapes and sizes.

It has blades that will cut the ribbon into the right sizes that you specify from the control panel.

After that, the machine will place the smaller pieces of cut ribbon into moulds for proper shaping.

Kit can roll them to make round candy or compress them to into different shapes as you desire.

It will cool it down further to form the right texture and level of hardness that you need.

Step Four: Inspection Stage

Finally, the machine, through the discharge chute will eliminate the candy from the system to the inspection stage.

At the inspection stage, the machine will test and detect the candy according to the right specifications.

Lastly, the candy that meets the right specifications will move on to the packaging and branding stages.

Buy Support Equipment alongside Candy Making Machine

As you make candy using the candy making machine, you will need the help of other machines.

You will integrate these machines to form a complete candy making production line.

Here are some of the support equipment that you will need to make candy.

 Candy making machine support equipment

Candy making machine support equipment

· Melting and Mixing Tank

You will need a melting and mixing tank to assist in heating, melting and boiling of candy making ingredients.

Apart from that, the machine will also mix and stir the ingredients to form a homogenous mixture.

· Thermometer

You will need a thermometer to measure the right temperatures for boiling and heating the candy making ingredients.

· Candy Packaging Machine

After a successful candy making process, you will pack the candy into different packages using candy packaging machine.

· Candy Inspection Machine

You need to inspect the candy you make using the candy making machine to ensure it meets the right specifications.

It will get rid of the candy that does not meet the right specifications and allow the rest of them to pass through.

· Candy Sorting Machine

You will need a candy sorting machine to sort candy into various shapes and sizes before you package them.

It is also capable of sorting candy according to different weights before packaging.

· Candy Branding Machine

After packaging, you will use a candy package branding machine to brand the candy according to the right specifications.

You might as well use the candy branding machine to brad candy before packaging.

Learn how to Troubleshoot Candy Making Equipment

It is important to have knowledge on how you will troubleshoot a candy making machine.

You will use this knowledge to detect any problems that might arise during the candy making process.

Here is how you can detect and solve of the problems that might affect the operations of your candy making machine.

Improper Flow of Candy Making Ingredients

You might realize that the candy making ingredients is not reaching the right point where you need it to.

You can detect this through proper observation where you will realize that:

i. The speed of the machine is too slow and does not allow the ingredients to flow at the right rate.

ii. You may also note that the outlet of the ingredients is blocked and does not allow the ingredients to flow.

iii. In case the syrup is too thick, you will realize that the weight of the thick syrup will hinder the flow.

You can sort this by increasing the speed of the machine for proper flow of the ingredients.

You also need to unclog the outlets through which the syrup will leave the machine to other stages.

Finally, you have to make sure that the mixture is proper and not too thick to restrict proper flow.

Damages on the Candy

Through observation and with the help of a candy inspection machine, you will note a lot of damages on the candy.

You will automatically know that the machine might have incorrect alignments of some of the key parameters.

You can sort this out by properly aligning the machine parameters to avoid the damages and loss.

Jelly-like Candy

You will also note that the candy you are making is too soft to a form that is too jelly-like.

This might be as a result of improper mixing of the candy ingredients.

You will solve this problem by ensuring that you mix all the ingredients using the right measurements.

Conduct Quality Validation Tests and Request for Relevant Documents

As you purchase your candy making machine, you need to conduct validation tests on the machine.

You will perform the validation test with the help of the candy making machine manufacturer.

Here are the main validation tests that you will perform after which you will get a validation certificate.

1) Factory Assessment Test (FAT)

You will conduct a factory assessment test at the factory level before the candy making machine leaves the factory.

With the help of the manufacturer, you will ensure that the machine is in proper working condition.

You will also confirm that the machine is in proper specifications as that of the custom machine you requested.

After that, the manufacturer will issue you with a factory assessment test (FAT) certificate or document as proof.

2) Operational Qualification (OQ)

You will perform the operational qualification test both at the factory and after successful installation.

At the factory level, the operation qualification test will assure you that the machine is indeed working well.

In case of a problem, the machine will not leave the factory until it is in good working condition.

After the installation process, the manufacturer has to assure you that everything is in order.

You will all perform an OQ test on the machine and fix any problem on the expense of the manufacturer.

Finally, your manufacturer will issue you with a valid operational qualification document as proof.

3) Installation Qualification (IQ)

You need to do a through inspection of the machine after a successful installation process.

This test will ensure that you have all the parts of the candy making machine in place and nothing is left out.

After that, you will also check for damages on the parts and in case of any, the manufacturer will replace them.

As soon as everything is in order, you will receive an installation qualification certificate as enough proof.

Make Candy Making Machine User Requirement Specification

As you order for your custom candy making machine, you need to specify all that you need with the machine.

Implying that you will fill a user requirement specification document with all that you need on the machine.

User requirement specification documents is a form of communication between you and your manufacturer.

Here are some of the key information that you will fill within a user requirement specification document.

Candy making machine

Candy making machine

  • Dimensions of the machine in terms of size of the machine
  • Quality of the machine you need
  • Quantity of machines that you need
  • Type of materials that you need on the candy making machines
  • Operational speed in terms of minimum and maximum speed allowable
  • Time specifications
  • Level of technology you want for the candy making machine
  • Level of automation that you need for the machine

It will act as a guide that will allow you to plan properly on the costs, milestones and testing among others.

Evaluate the Future Prospects of Candy Manufacturing Process

Well, in any form of direction you intend to take, you must think about the future of the candy making process.

You will have to include all the aspects of the machine and think of how they might be in the near future.

This include the level of technology of the machine as well as the factors of production of the machine.

Implying that, you should consider having a more flexible machine that can adopt to the future changes.

Identify Target Market for the Candy

You must also have proper knowledge of the market where you will sell the candy.

This includes the cost at which you will sell candy as well as the target population.

You should also think of market fluctuations and how you will modify your products to meet demand.

Consider Candy Making Machine Safety and Quality Standards Compliance

You must also have proper knowledge on the right safety and quality standards of candy making machine.

This include proper adherence to the international safety and quality standards of the candy making machine.

Here are the main international quality and safety standards the candy making machine should adhere to.

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Certification Standards
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Standards
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Standards
  • CE Electrical Standards

Know How to Maintain and Clean Candy Making Machine

You must maintain and clean your candy making machine on a regular basis.

This will allow you to have the machine in good working condition for a longer period.

Cleaning and maintenance of a candy making machine includes having knowledge on the following:

  • Time intervals when you need to clean and maintain the machine
  • Right material that you need for cleaning and maintenance of the candy making machine
  • Removing and replacing the parts accordingly
  • Detection of worn out parts in a bid to replace them when necessary

Train you Personnel how use Candy Making Equipment

You should train personnel with enough experience on how to operate a candy making machine.

Apart from that, you may as well train other personnel on the best modes of operating the candy making machine.

With the help of your manufacturer you can organize for proper training of the personnel.


With the above information, you are in a proper position to make the right choices for the candy making machine.

Why don’t you contact SaintyCo and negotiate the best deal for a candy making machine!

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