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Why Should You Invest In Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

Candy roll wrapping machine

Candy roll wrapping machine

They Reduce Overhead Expenses

One of the biggest things a candy roll wrapping machine can do for your process is reduce overhead expenses.

Not only can it cut your labor costs, but you will see reductions in energy consumption.

Of course, if you prefer to have some human oversight, semi-automatic candy roll wrapping machines are also available.

These give you the best of both worlds: the efficiency of a machine and the problem-solving abilities of a human.

Another expense you should see cut when you automate is waste production.

Waste disposal costs way less while being simultaneously eco-friendly.

Candy Roll Wrapping Machines Can Increase Production

Automating your processes make sense because machines offer benefits that humans cannot. For instance:

  • Machines do not require benefits or sick leave.
  • A machine can work faster and make fewer errors than a human. Fewer errors mean less waste.

They Are Energy-saving And Provide Environmental Protection

A fully automatic candy roll wrapping machine with good service has the function of automatic detection.

Therefore, for those unqualified products, the machine can intelligently automatically screen and repackage again.

This improves the qualification rate while not wasting materials.

At the same time, it is convenient for maintenance and operation, which significantly reduces the production cost.

They Ensure Safety And Health

With manual wrapping, it is difficult to avoid contact between people and the production products.

Contact may contaminate the products and make the production quality challenging to guarantee.

The candy roll wrapping machine has little human involvement in the entire process, from feeding to finished products.

Meaning bacterial contamination of the packaging process is minimized.

Thus providing a good guarantee for the reputation of your company.

They Enhance Product Quality

Candy roll wrapping machines will provide your products with an attractive feel and look.

This will make them stand out over other candy products.

What Are The Key Features Of The Best Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

Small size, compact structure, high packaging speed, stable operation, convenient operation.

It also provides the beautiful appearance of the packaged product with neat and clear sealing lines.

Here are some of the best features that these machines have:

  • Stainless steel body construction that offers high hygienic levels
  • “No Candy, No Wrapping” capabilities that will minimize loss
  • PLC with an HMI for ease of operation and wrapping parameters
  • Automatic feeding system that has a high packing efficiency
  • Flexible bag length cutting capabilities
  • A self-diagnostic feature and machine will display the error
  • Highly sensitive optical photocell that tracks eye marks and the digital input for various cutting positions
  • CE, ISO, and cGMP certification
  • Separate PID controllers for temperature that make them suitable for various wrapping materials
  • A position stop functionality which prevents wastage when there is no adhesive and protects cutting jaws
  • Stable roll film for smooth rolling of the film material

The candy roll wrapping machine is widely used in food, chemical, daily necessities, medicine, and other industries.

Which Types Of Candy Can You Package Using Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

Our family of candy roll wrapping machines is engineering to package candy bars, hard candies, gummies, and tablets.

They are, however, best suited for packaging cylindrical candy products and other fragile confectionery products.

What Is the Difference Between Candy Roll Wrapping Machine Vs. Candy Overwrapping Machine?

The product will pass across sheets of wrapping film in both these machines and form a horizontal seal in both.

Candy wrapping machine

Candy wrapping machine

Candy roll wrapping machines are suitable for wrapping cylindrical candy products such as biscuits.

Systems of folding processes will form the ends seals for both of these machines.

However, they differ in terms of how they handle products.

Candy roll wrapping machines are suitable for packing fragile confectionery products.

This means it will not allow two separate packs to get into contact.

The machine, therefore, guides individual packs to the packing machinery without making contact with the others.

However, the candy overwrapping machine has products getting into contact, thus not suitable to handle fragile products.

Candy overwrapping machine

candy overwrapping machine

Are There Multifunctional Candy Roll Wrapping Machines?

Yes, there are multifunctional candy roll wrapping machines, and you can use them in industries such as:

  • Food and beverage industries
  • Wrapping industrial components such as bearings
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Stationery industries
  • Cosmetic industries

Multi functiona cndy wrapping machine

Multi-functional candy wrapping machine

Which Are The Candy Packaging Materials Used In Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

There are several wrapping materials you can use with this machine.

The material ensures that candy is free from external contaminants such as moisture and dust, making it safe for consumption.

Additionally, the material must be capable of keeping candy in fresh conditions and increase its shelf life.

It should also be strong enough to prevent wear and tear and withstand frequent pressure from different handling systems.

The type of wrapping material you choose to use depends on several factors like type of candy, storage, etc.

Granted, the best material that you can use in the process of wrapping candy is aluminum foil material.

Examples of other materials are:

  • Polyester [PE] film
  • Polyvinyl Chloride [PVC] films
  • Paper film
  • Composite film
  • Wax paper
  • Poly Lactic Acid [PLA]
  • Cellophane
  • Cast Polypropylene [CPE]

What Are The Main Parts Of the Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

Parts of candy wrapping machine

Parts of candy wrapping machine

The main parts of a candy roll wrapping machine include:

  • Control panel with a PLC and an HMI that allows interactive control and monitoring.
  • Feeder units relay products such as wrapping film and candy to the machine.
  • Distribution units, consisting of motors, conveyor systems, and gears. These parts move products from one area to another.
  • Printing systems that imprint information on the wrapping film.
  • Sensors that detect and assist in stopping malfunctions, thereby enhancing the safety of operation.
  • Wrapping systems that will promote flexibility of the wrapping process by using pistons and wrapping disks.
  • Lubrication system that prevents tear and wear by minimizing friction.

How Does A Candy Roll Wrapping Machine Work?

This can be broken down into four crucial stages, i.e., preparation, feeding, wrapping, and discharge.

Preparation Stage

Here, make sure the machine is in good operating condition, then integrate it with the candy processing machine.

This automatically supplies candy products to the candy roll wrapping machine.

Feeding Stage

At this stage, you will add candy to the machine. Ensure all raw materials like the wrapping film and candy products are ample, then start the machine.

Wrapping Stage

This is perhaps the most critical step. The hopper feeds candy and the wrapping material to the wrapping area concurrently.

Candy moves with the help of the distribution system from one area to the next.

The machine wraps the candy as the machine supplies and cuts the wrapping film accurately.

Before cutting, it bonds the film material together to get rid of any gaps.

The sealing process can be heat sealing, glue sealing, or friction sealing.

If the machine has an automatic printer, this information will be imprinted on wrapping film in this stage.


Once wrapping and sealing are complete, the products leave the system for storage or further processing.

What Are The Factors To Consider During Selection Of Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

Before you select a specific candy roll wrapping machine, consider operation parameters to your process requirements.

These parameters include:-

  • Technical features of the candy roll wrapping machine.

Consider the technical parameters such as dimensions, weight, and size of the machine.

  • Safety for the workers working around and providing oversight to the apparatus.
  • Labor needs.

You need to make it clear if you will need to hire human labor in your process to perform functions like oversight and maintenance.

If not, you may consider getting an automatic candy roll wrapping machine.

  • Throughput and productivity levels are required for your process.
  • Size and ergonomics of the candy roll wrapping machine
  • Ease and costs of maintenance, cleaning, and servicing procedures.
  • Requisite conditions for power and energy supply.

You should have proper power outlines that will dictate the amount of power the machine needs for operation.

  • Integration with other machines in the production line
  • Return on investment
  • Quality of the wrappings
  • Quality certifications. You must consider machine compliance to quality standards to ensure consumer safety.
  • Operational flexibility
  • Capital cost and returns. Purchase a machine that is well within your budget.

How Does Candy Roll Wrapping Machines Seal Candy Packages?

Candy roll wrapping machines fulfill this purpose in different ways.

These ways include:-

Glue Sealing

This method involves the use of glue. Glue is an adhesive substance that binds two surfaces together to form a complete seal.

They are also food-safe as they will not emit volatile organic compounds.

Heat Sealing

This is also known as thermal bonding and is the most common sealing method as it gives excellent results.

It uses heat to weld one side of the wrapping material to the other at a specific temperature and pressure.

This is possible since it uses hot plates or bars that will apply heat to a specific package area.

When forming pouches, heat sealing will weld the ends or perimeter of the pouch.

Heat will melt these two surfaces to form a bond between them.

Different heat sealing methods include:

  • Induction sealing
  • Hot-bar sealing
  • Continuous heat sealing
  • Hot-wire welding
  • Impulse welding

Friction Sealing

This is a form of ultrasonic sealing technique which many manufacturers are adopting.

The cold sealing will rely on the friction an oscillating tool will create to produce heat between two film layers.

Vibrations that produce friction come from ultrasonic energy at frequencies ranging between 20 and 40 kHz.

This method will use less energy than heat sealing and saves more film since the seals are narrower.

What Is The Right Packing Speed Of Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

The speed of the candy roll wrapping machine depends on a variety of factors, the most common being:-

How fast the feed is added into the machine. The typical packing speed is clocked at 500 pieces per minute.

How Do You Control The Speed Of Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

One of the most overlooked components of the candy roll wrapping machines is the inverters. The inverters are vital because they provide a mechanism for monitoring and controlling packaging speed.

How Do You Feed Products Into Candy Roll Wrap Machine?

You feed products into the machine by adding them manually into the hopper.

The machine’s vibrating system will send the feed into track automatically for wrapping preparation.

In the rare case of overfeeding, the machine will stop automatically.

Can You Integrate Candy Roll Wrapping Machine Into Candy Production Line?

Yes, you can integrate our candy roll wrapping machine into a candy production line.

They come with parts that you can use to attach to the production line.

Thus ensuring candy moves from the production line to the candy roll wrapper machines for packaging.

Also, from the control panel, you can easily control and monitor the entire process.

The integration will assist in enhancing productivity and lower the cost of wrapping films.

Candy production Line

Candy production line

Which Industries Use Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

You can use the candy wrapping machine in different industries such as:

Food And Beverage Industry

You can use this machine to wrap different types of candy in the food and beverage industry. It assists in the maintenance of high standards of hygiene in the wrapping of candy.

Apart from that, it increases the safety of the consumer and the people working in the production plant.

Medical And Pharmaceutical Industry

You can use it in the medical and pharmaceutical industries in wrapping different types of medical bills.

Apart from that, it helps in the wrapping of operational gloves in air-tight packs.

It helps in maintaining high levels of hygiene in the process of wrapping the different types and sizes of tablets.

Cosmetics Industry

You can use the candy wrapping machine in the cosmetics industry to wrap a broad scope of cosmetic products.

It improves the overall appearance of the cosmetic products, thus making them more attractive to the customers.

Stationery Industry

You can apply a candy roll wrapping machine in this industry to wrap different shapes and sizes of stationary.

It makes it simple to make changes and easy to adjust the package to reveal the content.

It helps in wrapping these products in air-tight conditions, thus making them safer and durable.

You can use the candy wrapping machine to wrap stationery, including pencils, ballpoint pens, and sketches, among others.

Industrial Components

You can use it in other mechanical industries to wrap industrial components such as locks and hollow pin chains, among others.

What Are The Cleaning And Maintenance Guidelines For Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

Some of the key processes you should adopt are:

Cleaning Guidelines

The first thing you must do before all else is to turn off the power.

This will ensure the safety of both the cleaner and the candy roll wrapping machine.

Next, use a clean wet cloth to wipe the machine’s outer surface and working table.

Using a soft cloth ensures no scratches or markings are left on the machine afterward. You should do this as frequently as you can.

If there is product debris or other materials stuck in the feeding mechanism, compressed air will do.

Other parts that you might want to use compressed air to clean are the end and middle seals.

Use a steel wire brush coated with lubricating oil to remove film fragments adhering to the end sealing knife.

Insufficient packaging is often a result of packaging material from previous rounds remaining on the sealing knife.

Maintenance Guidelines

Perform regular inspection of the temperature meter and solid-state circuit breaker.

If you notice any problems, consider replacing or repairing the temperature control meter and the thermocouple as they may be damaged.

Replacing The Parts

After completing the cleaning process, you should replace the parts of the candy wrapping machine accordingly.

You should replace the parts carefully and grease the moving parts to reduce friction.

Apart from the above method of maintenance, you can also have the CIP cleaning method.

CIP is clean in place method for the candy wrapping machine, which cleans parts of the inaccessible machine.

It is an efficient method that will:

  • Increase the efficiency of utilization of the cleaning equipment such as water, chemicals, and cleaning time.
  • Ultimately, it will boost or improve the productivity of your production line.
  • It will allow you to clean the piping systems and other parts without going through the dismantling process.

You can either decide on the following methods of CIP cleaning including:

  • Recovery CIP will recycle most of the liquid you use in cleaning
  • One-shot, which will eliminate all the liquid you use in the cleaning process.

How Do You Troubleshoot Candy Roll Wrapper Machine?

The third-level maintenance focus is to detect, adjust, eliminate the hidden troubles and balance the wear level of each component.

It is necessary to troubleshoot the parts that affect the performance of the equipment and the parts with fault signs.

Completing the replacement and adjustment needed afterward.

Below are some common issues.

The Wrapping Material Running Off The Machine’s Center.

When this happens, you can try doing the following to figure out what the cause is:-

  • Checking whether the roll if the wrapping material is not in its carriage or spindle center.
  • Checking whether the roll is wound correctly.
  • Checking whether the wrapping material is loose on its carriage or spindle.
  • The belts and tubes aren’t properly aligned.

Solution: You can eliminate this problem by fixing the problematic wrapping material or replacing it. Additionally, properly aligning the machine’s belts can help.

The Wrapping Material Not Tracking Correctly

When this happens, you will make the following observations:-

  • The roll not being at the carriage/spindle center
  • A loose spindle
  • The wrapping material on the wrong carriage thread.

Solution: Tighten the spindle or align the wrapping material roll with the spindle properly. Also, you can use a wrapping material that has the correct threading.

The Wrapping Material Feed Belt Not Moving

To solve this, you must first figure out its causes. You can do so by:-

  • Inspecting the cables and drive of the wrapping material feed motor.
  • Inspecting the gearbox and drive couplings.
  • Inspecting belt tightness.
  • Inspecting drive shaft bearings.

Solution: Adjusting drive cables, belt bearings, and gearbox and loosening the belt.

Inconsistencies In Package Size

The potential causes for this issue are:-

  • Dirty wrapping material feed belt.
  • Improper tension adjustment between the wrapping material feed belts.
  • Incorrect wrapping material threading.

Solution: Clean the wrapping material feed belt; Replace the wrapping material with appropriately threaded material; Adjust the tension.

Creases on the wrapping material

You may begin to notice this when:-

  • The rollers on the wrapping material are contaminated or improperly adjusted.
  • The forming collar is worn out, obstructed, or improperly adjusted.
  • The setup roller is improperly adjusted.

Solution: Simply replace, properly adjust or correctly place the forming collar.

Difficulties With Wrapping Material Unwinding

This problem arises as a result of:-

  • The increased contact pressure of the belt.
  • Incorrect foaming tube alignment.
  • High friction coefficient.

Solution: Clean the forming belt, adjust it or replace it if the problem becomes persistent.

Difficulty In Pulling Down The Wrapping Material Through The Forming Tube

This problem may arise as a result of:-

  • Film coefficient friction.
  • Setup and forming collar misalignment.
  • Splice tape stuck on the collar.

Solution:  To solve this, simply clean the machine and align both setup and forming collars. This will prevent the splice tape from sticking.

What Are The Essential Quality Certification Of the Candy Roll Wrapping Machine To Consider During Selection?

Candy roll wrapping machine

Candy roll wrapping machine

One of the significant factors to consider before you purchase a candy wrapping machine is the quality standards.

You can quickly check the certification marks to ensure that the machine conforms to the correct standards.

Here are some of the certification marks of conformity and quality of the machine:

  • CE certification for all the electrical components of the candy wrapping machine.
  • CO certification mark of conformity and quality
  • MSD for machine safety derivatives
  • SGS certification of quality and conformity
  • EMC certification for electromagnetic compatibility of the machine.
  • PAD certification for physical agent directive certification
  • FDA for the food and drug administration certification of quality and conformity

Which The Best Material For Making The Candy Roll Wrapping Machine Contact Parts?

Stainless steel is the best material for making these machines. This is because they are resistant to corrosion and rust. Besides, they are easy to maintain.

What Is The Typical Roll Wrap Length Possible With Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

There isn’t a one-fits-all answer with regards to Roll Wrap lengths. However, there are a few conditions to be met. Such conditions include:-

Length of roll wrap should be equal to the sum of the length of product and height or diameter of the product +32m/m

Width of wrapper = Circumference of the candy roll summed with the + 32mm/m.

Its area should be the product of its width and length.

How Much Does Candy Roll Wrapping Machine Cost?

Unfortunately, investing in packaging equipment is not cheap.

They could be a couple hundred thousand dollars to over a million, depending on the size of your business, your products, and your needs.

What Is The Role Of The Print Registration Unit In Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

The print registration unit ensures that the printed wrapping material has a uniform length.

Any variation will cause a slip up which may become unacceptable and noticeable in the long run.

Thus, continuous detection, monitoring, and arrangement correction are required. The print registration fulfills this function.

What Are The Advantages Of A High-Speed Candy Roll Wrapping Machine?

These machines have several benefits such as:

  • They use the latest technological advancements
  • Also, they have a high production capacity
  • They assist you in boosting the value of your production chain
  • It can also wrap a wide array of products
  • They have different wrapping features such as twist wrapping

We design and manufacture a range of candy wrapper machines depending on your unique specifications and requirements.

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