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Candy Wrapper Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What Are The Features Of The Best Candy Wrapper Machine?

Since there are several types of candy wrapper machines, they also come with different features.

candy wrapper machine

candy wrapper machine

Here are some of the best features that these machines have:

  • Stainless steel body construction that offers high hygienic levels
  • “No Candy, No Wrapping” capabilities that will minimize loss
  • PLC with an HMI for ease of operation and wrapping parameters
  • Automatic feeding system that has a high packing efficiency
  • Flexible bag length cutting capabilities
  • A self-diagnostic feature and machine will display the error
  • Highly sensitive optical photocell that tracks eye marks and the digital input for various cutting positions
  • CE, ISO, and cGMP certification
  • Separate PID controllers for temperature that make them suitable for various wrapping materials
  • A position stop functionality which prevents wastage when there is no adhesive and protects cutting jaws
  • Stable roll film for smooth rolling of the film material

Which Are The Wrapping Materials Used In Candy Wrapper Machine?

There are several wrapping materials you can use with this machine.

The type of wrapping material you choose to use depends on several factors like the type of candy, storage, etc.

Examples of these materials are:

  • Aluminum film
  • Polyester [PE] film
  • Polyvinyl Chloride [PVC] films
  • Paper film
  • Composite film
  • Wax paper
  • Poly Lacti Acid [PLA]
  • Cellophane
  • Cast Polypropylene [CPE]

What Are The Key Considerations During Selection Candy Packaging Film Material To Use In Candy Wrapper Machine?

These include:

  • Cost of the material
  • The feel of the material
  • Twist tightness
  • Release properties
  • The inability of the film not to stick to candy
  • Noise or crinkle that the material produces
  • The product you are wrapping
  • Shape of the product
  • Type of candy wrapper machine you are using

Why Is Cast Polyethylene (CPE) Film To Use In Candy Wrapper Machine?

Here are reasons why candy wrapper machines use CPE film:

  • CPE has all the benefits that cellophane has but does not have any of cellophane’s drawbacks such as high cost.
  • Also, CPE is recyclable and has the best twist properties.
  • It has a high level of clarity and gloss
  • CPE is stronger and stiff
  • It has better resistance to puncture and tears
  • Besides, it offers high seal strength
  • It has low static properties
  • Also, you can find it in several colors and patterns
  • Moderate Water Vapor Transmission Rate [WVTR] barrier

What Are The Benefits Of Candy Wrapper Machine To Your Candy Manufacturing Business?

These include:

  • Time-savingThis machine will help you save a lot of time when wrapping your products.For instance, manual candy wrappers take more time meaning you will achieve less per unit time.
  • Increase the attractiveness of candyThis machine will make your products have an attractive appearance.Also, this will make your products unique and grab the attention of clients when on the shelf.
  • Protects candy from contaminationA candy wrapper machine will enclose your products and shield them from harmful environmental elements.These elements include moisture, sunlight, dust, or dirt.
  • Efficient candy wrappingUsing this machine will make the wrapping process uniform and efficient than when wrapping by hand.For instance, manual candy wrapping is not consistent and that efficient.Therefore, candy wrapper machines guarantee better wrapping of your products.
  • Faster wrappingAutomatic candy wrappers will enable you to wrap several candies per unit of time.Also, fully automatic versions are faster than semi-automatic, and manual versions.This will allow you to meet client needs, increase sales, and profits.
  • High productivityThis machine will help you accomplish more work in less time as it can wrap more candies than manual operations.Also, you do not have to wait for start and stop cycles since they operate automatically.Once you place candy on the conveyor or pull a specific cord, the candy wrapping process happens automatically.

Can Candy Wrapper Machine Package Candies Of All Shapes, Sizes And Designs?

Yes, this machine can wrap different kinds of candies.

For instance, it can wrap rectangular, square, cylindrical, ellipse, button shape, spherical, or other custom shapes.

What Are The Various Types Of Candy Wrapper Machine Available In The Market?

The market has several kinds of candy wrapper machines that come in different designs and with various features.

Here are some candy wrapper machines you can find:

Candy Flow Wrapper Machine

This is a horizontal candy wrapper machine whereby products enter the machine, wrapping takes place with clear or printed film.

The result is a firm yet flexible wrap with a horizontal seal on the top and bottom and a vertical back seal.

candy flow wrapping machine

candy flow wrapping machine

Here is how a candy flow wrapper machine operates

  1. First, a bagging machine will transfer the film material by forming collars from the cylindrical rolls.
  2. The machine then folds the film material once it passes through the forming collars.
  3. Vertical seal bars then outstretch and finally seal the rear portion of the pouch.
  4. The machine will then fill the pouch with the products once the pouch achieves the right length for wrapping.
  5. Horizontal seal bars proceed to secure, seal then cut the pouch.
  6. This forms a pouch that has a vertical back seal, and a horizontal seal at the top and bottom.

Candy Fold Wrapper Machine

This is a machine that will enclose the products with aluminum foil or a paper film without using a heat seal.

It is suitable when wrapping heat-sensitive products.

Besides, they still maintain a firm and tight grip on the products.

Candy fold wrapper machines are suitable to wrap small pieces of products at speeds averaging 300 packets per minute.

candy fold wrapper machine

candy fold wrapper machine

Here is how a candy fold wrapper machine operates:

  1. The product will pass across single sheets of wrapping materials.
  2. Then, folding and tucking operations will assist in wrapping these products.
  3. Also, turrets are suitable for high-speed wrapping as they can conduct several folds concurrently.

Candy Twist Wrapper Machine

This is a machine that will twist both ends of the wrapping material on the products to form an enclosure.

Also, cellophane is the best material for this process since it has a stiff structure.

Besides, the cellophane material will produce crackling sounds when you unwrap the product.

Confectionery industries mainly use candy twist wrapper machines for high-speed wrapping of individual products.

This machine can also produce a throughput speed of over 300 products every minute.

A reel within the machine will supply rolls of film as the products pass through it.

candy twist wrapper machine

candy twist wrapper machine

Candy Foil And Band Wrapper Machine

This is a machine that conducts two processes to achieve the best wrapping.

It begins by wrapping a product in an aluminum film then proceeds to wrap it in paper bands.

Candy foil and band wrappers are suitable for wrapping confectionery and chocolate bars.

To achieve high wrapping speeds above 300 products per minute, this machine will use turrets.

Candy Overwrapping Machine

This is a machine that will wrap a single product or a group of products with wrapping material.

After that, it will apply folding and sealing sequence procedures to form a pack having a complete wrap.

The materials you can use in a candy overwrapping machine include polypropylene, cellophane, paper, or polyethylene.

Also, this machine will produce quality wrapping solutions.

Besides, the appearance of the product has the feel as if it was wrapped by hand.

This means you will use this machine when you need to present high-quality products.

candy overwrapping machine

candy overwrapping machine

For instance, this may be a confectionery box wrapping.

Also, candy overwrapping machines use heat to form a hermetic seal on the product.

Other wrapping materials are usually costly, for example, polyolefin, than what this machine uses.

This makes a candy overwrapping machine cost-effective for single packs or distribution packs.

The downside of this machine is the pack you need for the wrapping process needs to be rectilinear.

Which Are The Different Types Of Candy Twist Wrapper Machine?

The available types are:

Single Twist Candy Wrapper Machine

This machine forms a single twist on the product you are wrapping, which is a twist on one side of a product.

It can wrap products that have different shapes and sizes.

single twist candy wrapper machine

single twist candy wrapper machine

Here are the parts of a single twist candy wrapper machine:

Control Panel

This is a PLC and an HMI that offers an interactive interface for easy control of the machine.

It allows you to input and monitors the wrapping parameters from a single station.

Distribution Unit

It assists in moving the products from one part of the machine to another.

Parts that make this system are the motors, gears, and conveyor belts.

Printing Unit

This is an automatic unit that places decorations and information on the wrapping film.

Such information includes name, manufacture, and expiry date.

Feeder Unit

This component feeds the machine with the product and wrapping material.

It has a product hopper containing candy and wrappers thereby offering a suitable wrapping system.

Lubrication Unit

It assists in oiling candy and the wrapping film thereby offering smooth wrapping conditions.

Wrapping Unit

This part will wrap the products and relies on other parts like disks and wrapping pistons.


They will detect the presence of candy and wrapping film within the machine thus enhancing the wrapping process.

Alarm systems will send warnings to you in scenarios that may pose a danger to the operation.

A single twist candy wrapping machine works as follows:


First, ensure the machine is in the right condition to perform the wrapping process.

Load all the raw materials you will use then program the machine as per the production parameters.

Also, you can connect this machine to the candy producing machine to facilitate the process.


Here, you will monitor how the machine is wrapping the products from the control panel.

The candy moves to the single twist candy wrapper machine from the candy producing machine.

This machine will then release the wrapping film from the wrapping film hopper.

After that, both the candy and the wrapping film move to the wrapping area concurrently.

Here, the machine will enclose the candy with the wrapping film and form a single twist at the tip.

The single twist seals one end of the wrapping film forming a complete seal.


Here, the machine transports the candy to a printing area where it imprints names and dates.

Thereafter, it discharges the candy.

The benefits of using a single twist candy wrapper machine are:

  1. The machine has a high production capacity that can surpass 300 candies per minute.
  2. It is easy to operate the machine as it comes with an interactive interface.
  3. Besides, the single twist gives the product an elegant appeal
  4. Also, it offers ample protection on the products against external elements like moisture, dust, etc.

Some of the limitations of a single twist candy wrapper machine are:

  1. The installation and the price are high.
  2. It needs trained personnel to successfully operate the machine.

Double Twist Candy Wrapper Machine

This machine will twist both sides of the wrapping film to seal the candies.

double twist candy wrapper machine

double twist candy wrapper machine

The parts that make up a double twist candy wrapper machine are:

Paper Feeding Unit

It makes use of air to supply the wrapping film that the machine requires.

Double Brush Feeding Plate Unit

It has the purpose of feeding candy to the wrapping area.


It comes with optical eye sensors that can detect if a wrapping film or candies are available for wrapping.

Also, they will detect anomalies with the machine thereby sending information to you, or stop the machine.

Double Paper Feeding Reel Holders

It will hold the wrapping film that the machine uses to enclose the candy.

Also, it contains an inner and outer wrapper holding unit.


This part offers infinite control of speed, high precision, and energy-saving capabilities to increase durability.

Clear Guards

This component shield the operator from any accident or incident that may happen during the operation of the machine.

A double twist candy wrapper machine operates as follows:


The first step entails making sure the machine is in good working condition.

After that, load all the raw materials in the feed holders.

Besides, make sure you load two types of wrapping film that will act as the inner and outer layers.

Candy Wrapping

Start the machine after inputting the correct production parameters on the control panel.

This machine then receives the candy from the candy making machine.

Also, the paper feed system releases the wrapping film at a rate that matches the production capacity.

Candy and wrapping film concurrently meet at the wrapping area for wrapping to take place.

Also, the double twist candy wrapper machine slices the wrapping films before enclosing the candy.

Thereafter, this machine twists and seals both ends of the wrapping film concurrently.


Here, the machine imprints information on the products before discharging.

The benefits of a double twist candy wrapper are:

  1. It operates at a high production speed of over 500 pieces per minute.
  2. The wrapping style it produces is familiar and has been with us since long ago.
  3. It comes with food-grade stainless steel construction on parts that come into contact with food items.
  4. Besides, the machine is simple and easy to maintain and clean thus you will save a lot of money.
  5. It has a smooth operation and produces minimal sound thus provides a suitable working condition.
  6. A touch screen makes it user-friendly and easy to operate.

Some limitations of a double twist candy wrapper machine are:

  1. It is expensive to purchase and install.
  2. Also, hiring qualified personnel to operate the machine is costly.

What Is The Comparison Between Cross-Twister And Length-Twister?

Length-twisters are less common than cross-twisters since many manufacturers are supplying cross-twisters.

A length-twister will form a long tube with the film material.

Once the candy is inside the tube, a knife will cut the tube and the machine will twist the film with the candy at the center.

After this first phase, the machine then twists both ends of the tube to form a superior seal.

Cross-twisters will cut a piece of film from the main film material then wrap candy in that piece.

For instance, sachet wrappers are all cross-twisters.

Also, you need to take into consideration the orientation of the cross-twisters and length-twisters if the film has prints.

Length-twisters have an advantage in that they can use extremely thin pieces of film material.

However, they have a limitation in that they cannot position the print at the center over the candy’s body.

Besides, a majority of cut-and-wrap machines come as cross-twisters.

How Does Jelly Candy Wrapper Machine Vs. Hard Candy Wrapper Machine Compare?

They are both suitable for use in confectionery industries.

A jelly candy wrapper machine will pack the product by either pouch packing or using single pillow bags.

jelly candy wrapping machine

jelly candy wrapping machine

It involves primary packing where you will place the jelly candy directly on plain or printed pouches.

On the other hand, hard candy wrapper machines can pack products using more wrapping techniques.

They pack hard candy products like lollipops.

hard candy wrappin machine

hard candy wrapping machine

What Are The Possible Bag Types When Packaging With VFFS Candy Wrapper Machine?

Vertical form fill seal candy wrapper machines can pack different products in a wide array of bags.

This is because they also offer high-quality packing and can handle bags of varying shapes, lengths, and widths.

Here are some bags that you can use with a VFFS candy wrapper machinery:

Pillow Bag

This is the most popular, simple, and economical bag.

It can contain a wide array of products such as candy, cereals, hardware, vegetables, coffee, and fresh fruits.

Also, since they are simple, they are suitable for high-speed wrapping usages with low film cost.

Quad Seal Bag

This is a versatile bag that can hold a wide range of items.

It can hold items such as candy, coffee, pet foods, or snacks.

Unlike the other bag types, quad seal bags maintain their shape when you place them on shelves.

Also, it can support a heavy amount of the products.

Tetrahedron Bag

These bags are suitable for small single-serve items.

The intention is to make the product stand out while remaining compact.

Items you can pack on this bag include candy, tea, coffee, nuts, and spices.

Doy Pack

This is a pouch that will stand in an upright position.

Also, you can use it to pack premium items such as candy, pet foods, snacks, pasta, or coffee.

Besides, they come with zippers at the top of the bag.

Stand-up Bag That Has A Carry Handle

This bag has a similar design to that of the quad seal bag however, it is suitable for heavier items.

It holds dense items and allows you to carry them easily.

Gusseted Bag

This bag has a box-like design and is similar to a stand-up bag.

Also, it has collapsible gusseted sides and can rest on its sides or stand upright.

It is suitable to handle items like candies, nuts, coffee, powders, cereals, pet foods, etc.

The design of this bag makes it suitable for stacking on pallets or case packing.

It may come with additional features like sippers, carry handles, degassing valves, punch holes, etc.

Stick Pack Bag

These bags are suitable for single-serve items, much like tetrahedron bags.

They have a thin and accessible design making them suitable for granular items, powders, or liquids.


These are small bags that contain single-serve items.

Three-side Seal Bags

This is a bag in which there are three seals on three sides and one side has a fold.

Mostly the bottom part has the fold allowing it to flex thus the items can settle properly at this part.

Can You Wrap All Bag Sizes With A Single Vertical Form, Fill And Seal (VFFS) Candy Wrapper Machine?

No, the size of the bag is an important factor to consider when choosing this machine.

A single VFFS candy wrapper machine comes with one former and the former size determines the size of the bags.

If you need to alter the width of the bag, you have to change to another former size.

For instance, a 150mm width bag former cannot work with a 200mm width bag.

This means you need to change to a 200mm bag former for it to handle a 200mm width bag.

Also, the machine has a certain range at which you can change the length of a bag.

How Do You Achieve Sealing During Packaging With Candy Wrapper Machine?

The methods you can use include:

Glue Sealing

This is an adhesive substance that binds two surfaces together forming a complete seal.

They are also food-safe as they will not emit volatile organic compounds.

Heat Sealing

This is also known as thermal bonding and is the most common sealing method as it gives excellent results.

It makes use of heat to weld one side of wrapping material to the other side at a specific temperature and pressure.

This is possible since it uses hot plates or bars that will apply heat to a specific area of the package.

When forming pouches, heat sealing will weld the ends or perimeter of the pouch.

Heat will melt these two surfaces to form a bond between them.

Different heat sealing methods include:

  1. Induction sealing
  2. Hot-bar sealing
  3. Continuous heat sealing
  4. Hot-wire welding
  5. Impulse welding

Friction Sealing

This is a form of ultrasonic sealing technique which many manufacturers are adopting.

The cold sealing will rely on the friction that an oscillating tool will create to produce heat between two layers of film.

Vibrations that produce friction come from ultrasonic energy at frequencies ranging between 20 and 40 kHz.

This method will use less energy than heat sealing and saves more film since the seals are narrower.

What Is The Comparison Between Candy Flow Wrapper Machine Vs. Candy Fold Wrapper Machine?

A candy fold wrapper machine will wrap one or several film materials concurrently.

It will also seal the film material around the product without the application of heat.

This assists in maintaining the form of products that may damage when you apply heat.

Candy fold wrapper machines are suitable to pack small candy pieces with speeds of over 300 pieces per minute.

This machine operates by folding and tucking the wrapping film around the product to form a seal.

With turrets, it operates at high speeds while able to conduct more than one fold concurrently.

A candy flow wrapper machine will form a horizontal back seal and vertical seals at the top and bottom of the product.

Besides, it is also a horizontal wrapping machine where the product enters the film and the machine wraps it.

In this machine, the wrapping film passes through collars forming tubes which products fill and the machine seals it.

Does The Candy Wrapper Machine Come With Automatic Printer?

They do come with printers that can imprint information on the wrapper.

For instance, standard printers will print information such as:

  • Date of manufacture
  • Batch number
  • Date of expiry

Complex printing needs need require additional equipment like thermal transfer coding machines.

What Is The Difference Between Premade Bags And Roll Film In Candy Wrapper Machine?

Here is how these two compare:

Premade Bags

These are bags that have already been designed and the machine will do the job of wrapping products in them.

They are suitable for brands that want to package products on their own, or by a co-packer.

With these premade bags, you do not need to use a form fill seal machine since the bags are fully formed.

Also, they are suitable for projects requiring short run times as they are flexible and have easy changeovers.

Premade bags are suitable if you are planning to use different premade bags and need to change them throughout the day.

The machine will open the bag, fill it with the product, and then seal it.

Roll Film

These are ideal for the formation of pillows, pouches, sachets, packets, lay flat pouches, etc.

They are a long and flat sheet of wrapping film that wounds around hollow cores.

The machine will make the kind of wrapping design depending on the production parameters.

This means you need some kind of form fill seal candy wrapper machine to use them.

Besides, they are suitable for your machine if you need high outputs, high speeds, and long run times.

Also, candy wrapper machines can wrap more products with roll film per unit time than when using premade bags.

How Does Candy Overwrapping Machine And Roll Wrapper Machine Compare?

In both these machines, the product will pass across sheets of wrapping film then forms a horizontal seal.

Candy roll wrapper machines are suitable for wrapping cylindrical candy products such as biscuits.

Systems of folding processes will form the ends seals for both of these machines.

However, they differ in terms of how they handle products.

Candy roll wrapper machines are suitable for packing fragile confectionery products.

This means it will not allow two separate packs to get into contact.

The machine, therefore, guides individual packs to the packing machinery without making contact with the others.

roll wrapper machine

roll wrapper machine

However, the candy overwrapping machine has products getting into contact thus not suitable to handle fragile products.

What Are The Main Components Of Candy Wrapper Machine?

These include:

  • Control panel with a PLC and an HMI that allows interactive control and monitoring.
  • Feeder units relay products such as wrapping film and candy to the machine.
  • Distribution units, consisting of motors, conveyor systems, and gears, move products from one area to another.
  • Printing systems that imprint information on the wrapping film.
  • Sensors that detect and assist in stopping malfunctions thereby enhancing the safety of operation.
  • Wrapping systems that will promote flexibility of the wrapping process by using pistons and wrapping disks.
  • Lubrication system that prevents tear and wear by minimizing friction.

How Does Candy Wrapper Machine Work?

Here is how this machine works:

Preparation Stage

Here, make sure the machine is in good operating condition then integrate it with the candy processing machine.

This automatically supplies candy products to the candy wrapper machine.

Feeding Raw Material

Ensure all raw materials like the wrapping film and candy products are in ample amount then start the machine.

Wrapping Stage

The hopper feeds candy and the wrapping material to the wrapping area concurrently.

Candy moves with the help of the distribution system from one area to the next.

The machine wraps the candy as the machine supplies and cuts the wrapping film accurately.

Before cutting, it bonds the film material together to get rid of any gaps.

The sealing process can be heat sealing, glue sealing, or friction sealing.

If the machine has an automatic printer, this information will be imprinted on wrapping film in this stage.


Once wrapping and sealing are complete, the products leave the system for storage or further processing.

What Are The Key Specifications Of Candy Wrapper Machine To Consider During Purchase?

Some of these specifications include:

  • Technical features
  • Safety for the workers
  • Labor needs
  • Throughput and productivity
  • Size of the machine
  • Ergonomics
  • Maintainability and serviceability
  • Power requirements
  • Integration with other machines in the production line
  • Return on investment
  • Quality of the wrappings
  • Quality certifications
  • Operational flexibility
  • Capital cost

Are There Small-Scale Candy Wrapper Machine For Commercial Applications?

Yes, they are available for use in your application.

Also, they have a small wrapping capacity than large-scale candy wrapper machines.

Besides, they are affordable, easy to operate, ad highly portable.

Do You Supply Tabletop Candy Wrapper Machine For Home Use?

Yes, we do.

They are small portable machines that you can place on the table and are ideal replacements for hand candy wrapping.

Besides, they have a small production capacity, but are easy to use and are cost-effective.

What Is The Typical Packing Speed Of Candy Wrapper Machine?

Different factors will influence the packing speeds of these machines.

These include:

  • Material properties such as volume, viscosity, weight, density, etc.
  • The dosing speed of the machine
  • Type of machine

Considering these, the speeds may vary between 50 and 2000 packets per minute.

Can You Integrate Candy Wrapper Machine Into Candy Production Line?

Today’s candy wrapper machines will integrate perfectly into a candy production line.

They come with parts that you can use to attach to the production line.

Candy will move from the candy production line to the candy wrapper machines.

Also, from the control panel, you can easily control and monitor the entire process.

The integration will assist in enhancing productivity and lower the cost of wrapping films.

Which Are The Sealing Styles Of Candy Wrapper Machine?

These include:

Partial Sealing

This is a type of modified atmosphere packaging that maintains the freshness of the products.

It changes the gaseous atmosphere that surrounds the product.

Band Sealing

This entails sealing the pouches and it can either be vertical or horizontal.

Entire Hermetic Sealing

This is a seal that will make the entire product airtight.

How Much Does Candy Wrapper Machine Cost?

Several factors will determine the price of these machines.

Such factors include:

  • Type of machine
  • State of machine
  • Country of origin
  • Production capacity
  • Size of the machine, etc.

Taking all these into consideration, the machine may cost anywhere between 800 USD and 30000 USD.

Can You Use Candy Wrapper Machine In Other Industries Apart From Confectionery Sector?

Yes, you can use it in industries such as:

  • Food and beverage industries
  • Wrapping industrial components such as bearings
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Stationery industries
  • Cosmetic industries

Which Is The Most Ideal Materials For Making Candy Wrapper Machine?

Stainless steel is the best material for making these machines.

This is because they are resistant to corrosion and rust.

Besides, they are easy to maintain.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Manual Candy Wrapper Machine?

These include:

  • A low production capacity than automatic versions
  • These machines are not reliable and consistent
  • They also labor-intensive as they cannot operate without human intervention
  • It may lead to contamination of the products since there is the aspect of humans handling the products
  • These machines cannot operate for long durations as operators can only work for a specific period.

Are There High Speed Candy Wrapper Machines?

Yes, we have high-speed candy wrapper machines.

These machines have several benefits such as:

  • They use the latest technological advancements
  • Also, they have a high production capacity
  • They assist you in boosting the value of your production chain
  • It can also wrap a wide array of products
  • They have different wrapping features such as twist wrapping

At SaintyCo, we design and manufacture a range of candy wrapper machines depending on your unique specifications and requirements.

Among the machines we have include hard candy molds, hard candy making equipment and small scale candy making equipment, amongst others.

Contact us today for all your candy wrapper machines.

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