Automatic Capsule Filling Machine-AdvantaFill CF 75

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer

SaintyCo AdvantaFill CF 75 automatic capsule filling machine has a maximum output of 75,000 pcs/hr. for pellets and 36,000 to 55,000 pcs/hr. for powder. This is a high production capacity machine that meets the growing and dynamic demand for capsules in the pharmaceutical industry. Unlike most automatic capsule fillers in the same category, the AdvantaFill CF75 machines have 10 stations and 9 bores, with the ability to fill a wide range of capsule sizes. The sizes range from #0 to #4 or #00 to #5. To reduce downtime and guarantee low maintenance operation, SaintyCo automatic capsule filling machine has an enclosed turn table, vacuum cleaning system and an enclosed dosing system. All these do not come at the cost of efficiency. SaintyCo AdvantaFill CF-75 automatic capsule filling machine, powder dosing has a 5 stage tamping technology to improve accuracy. All Saintyco automatic capsule filling machines are integrated with a SIEMENS PLC with an easy to use HMI interface. It is easier to monitor and configure the machine to meet specific performance requirements. As a leading automatic capsule filling machine manufacturer , Saintyco will supply you best cost competitive auto capsule filling machines.