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Capsule Filling Machine-MagnaFill CF-210

SaintyCo MagnaFill CF-210 capsule filling machine features a high production capacity with innovative technologies that guarantee efficiency and consistency.

A high production output of 15,000 to 150,000 pcs/hr. for pallet and 48,000 to 210,000 pcs/hr. for powder. This makes the SaintyCo automatic capsule filler suitable for dynamic and mass production in pharmaceutical industries.

Comparing the SaintyCo MagnaFill CF-210 automatic capsule filler to other machines, it is the only equipment with 12 stations and 25 segments. It can fill a wide range of capsule sizes – #0 to #4 or #00 to #5.

For a low maintenance operation, SaintyCo capsule filler has an enclosed main turntable, enclosed dosing system, dust suction and vacuum cleaning mechanism.

Also, the fully automated system with a SIEMENS PLC has an easy to use touchscreen HMI. Users can configure, monitor and change parameters of the automatic encapsulator.

Advantages of SaintyCo MagnaFill CF-210 Automatic Encapsulator

  • Designed to high quality standards – CE and cGMP
  • Easy to use and configure via the HMI
  • Cost competitive
  • Safe and reliable
  • Guarantee high production
Capsule Filling MachineMagnaFill CF-210
Number of stations12
Number of segment bores25
Application rangeCapsule sizes: #0, #1, #2, #3, #4 (option #00, #5)
Each size requires a set of capsule tooling.
Max. output (pellet filling)24,000-150,000 pcs / h
(actual speed depends on formulation characteristics, filled weight, capsule size .. etc)
Max. Output48,000-210,000 pcs / h (powder filling)
Power source380/220V , 3 phase 4 wire , 60/50 HZ
Power consumption10.5 KW
Machine dimensions1150(L) x1560(W) x2100(H) mm
Machine Weight2200 Kg ( approx )
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