SaintyCo Capsule Polishers and Sorters are multifunctional machines that polish, sort and eliminate static charges. By rejecting loose pieces, fragments, ultra-lightweight or empty capsules, each capsule polisher and sorter machine guarantee seamless production process.

SaintyCo capsule polishing machines come in different designs such as C&C100 Capsule Polisher, C&C100A Capsule Polishing Machine, C&C100C Uphill Capsule Polisher and C&C100CS Capsule Polishing Machine, alongside CS Capsule Sorter.

With an ergonomic and compact design, SaintyCo capsule polishers require a small installation space, while maintaining the integrity of capsules.

The choice of parts and accessories in every capsule polisher ensures continuous long hours of operation. Besides, SaintyCo Capsule Polishers and Sorters can be coupled easily with other pharmaceutical equipment such as capsule filling machines or metal detector.

An easy to assemble, disassemble, detach brush and the fast-joint systems, eliminate possible downtime during any capsule filling cycle. This is alongside the capsule polishing machine’s up-to-date technology.

SaintyCo Capsule Polishers and Sorters are energy efficient pharmaceutical equipment, with the CS Capsule Sorter using an air compressor.

Features of  SaintyCo  Capsule Polishers

  • cGMP compliant design with stainless steel structure
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Adjustable to any height and angle (360°)
  • Simple design and structure
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to operate and maintain

C&C100CS Vertical Capsule Polisher with Sorter

Capsule Polishing Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

After capsule filling process, you should improve the overall outer surface.

It may involve removing powder particles before sorting, printing and packaging.

For this process, you need high quality capsule polishing machine.

Here is what you should know about capsule polishers:

What is Capsule Polishing Machine?

Capsule polishing machine

 Capsule polishing machine

This is multi-purposes equipment that is used to polish, sort, and removes static charges.

They are mainly used in cleaning capsules off dust.

The machines de-dust, clean, and polish the capsules.

It ensures a seamless production process since it rejects loose pieces and ultra-lightweight or empty capsules.

This machine enhances efficient production in pharmaceutical industries and can handle up to 300,000 capsules in an hour.

The machine requires only a little installation space, and it can work for relatively long hours.

It is one of the most updated technologies.

The machine is easy to assemble, disassemble, and energy-efficient.

Can you Integrate Capsule Polisher and Capsule Sorter in a Single Machine?

Yes, it is possible.

A capsule polisher with an in-built capsule sorter is available in the market.

The capsule polisher helps you in removing loose powder particles from the capsules.

On the other hand, the sorter separates the good capsules from those with defects.

This happens in one set of processing as the polisher churns the capsules.

What are the Features of Capsule Polisher and Sorting Equipment?

There are many features of this machine, and among them are outlined below.

  • It has been made in compliance with CGMP design, which are structures made from stainless steel metal.
  • This machine is one of the most up-to-date technologies being used by industries.
  • The equipment can be adjusted to any height and angle of between 1 and 360 degrees.
  • Capsule polisher and sorter have been made in a very simple design and structure.
  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • It’s one of the machines that are user-friendly, easy to operate, assemble, disassemble, clean, and maintain.

What are the advantages of Capsule Polisher and Sorter?

The use of these machines has brought a lot of benefits to pharmaceutical companies.

Among them include:

Capsule polishing machine

 Capsule polishing machine

· Low Production Cost

Adapting the use of these machines helps pharmaceutical industries to get good returns.

With these machines, the industry can process up to 300,000 capsules per hour, and this is very cost-effective.

This output is not possible manually because it is very expensive.

· The Machines have an Improved Accuracy

The processing of pharmaceutical products requires high accuracy.

Any slight misappropriation may cause serious fatalities to the end-users.

The use of this machine guarantees accuracy since it can detect flaws.

This is achieved very fast and at a cheaper cost, and the capsules produced are of very high quality.

· The Machine is Flexible

The machine can handle capsules of varied sizes and shapes.

This flexibility makes it cost-effective since you don’t have to source for another machine for different capsule sizes and shapes.

Are there Disadvantages of Capsule Polishing Machine?

Yes, this machine has some demerits.

One of them is that it can only clean the dust off the capsules.

Unfortunately, it cannot perform the task of detecting any foreign materials on the capsules.

Also, it cannot sort out the substandard capsules from the good quality ones.

You have to get a capsule sorting machine to perform the sorting task.

This machine cannot work without a source of power like electricity, unlike the sorter, which can work without power.

Is there a Difference between Capsule De-duster and Capsule Polishing Machine?

Yes, these two play different roles in the pharmaceutical production of capsules.

The capsule duster helps in removing any foreign material that may have attached itself to the capsules.

This is very important because foreign materials compromise capsule quality and safety.

On the other hand, capsule polisher just brushes the capsules, and this gives them a glossy look.

Are there Separate Capsule Polishing and Capsule Sorting Machine?

Yes. Capsule polishing machine, which is not integrated with capsule sorter, is available in the market.

· Capsule Polisher Machine

Capsule polisher machine

Capsule polisher machine

This machine polishes and elevates the capsules.

It can be connected to the outlet of other machines like capsule filler.

Its outlet can also be connected to capsule sorter or metal detector machines.

When these connections are made, the entire machine realizes the capsule production line of filling, polishing, elevating, sorting, and detecting.

Without all these connections, it does perform the task of polishing and elevating only.

There is an automated capsule polisher that has been made to adapt to advanced technology.

It has the following characteristics:

  • The equipment performs both capsule polishing and elevating. This helps in making it flexible in terms of equipment line follow-up.
  • The factory room is safe, and the process is more convenient. This is because the inlet and outlet circles can be adjusted within 360 degrees.
  • The machine automatically sorts less dosage, empty, broken, and cap-body separated capsules and polishes and elevates only the good ones.
  • It can easily and quickly be assembled and be disassembled.
  • The product contact parts are all made of 316L stainless steel. They are also made of other materials that have conformity to modern medicine safety standards.
  • This machine meets the CGMP demands, and its detachable brush located on the main shaft can be properly cleaned. This is so because it has no blind spots that can be experienced during machine cleaning.

·  Capsule Sorting Machine

Capsule sorter machine

Capsule sorter machine

The machine helps in sorting of capsules with defects from those that are good.

It works well with all types of capsules.

For example, it can sort capsules from powder, granules, pellets, and micro-tablets.

Because this machine is also automatic, lightweight, loose pieces, chipped cracked, and empty capsules are sorted out automatically.

This machine angle and height are adjustable to allow it to fit in any automatic capsule filler.

It is an excellent equipment that can work together with capsule polisher if they are integrated.

The machine can operate without power supply using an air compressor.

All the rejected capsules are collected by the sorter segment, clean compressor air into the collector.

The qualified ones are discharged through the outlet.

What are the Components of the Capsule Polishing Machine?

Capsule polisher has many parts.

These parts include:

· Inlet Chute

Capsules that are ready for polishing and sorting are fed into the machine through this component.

· Calibrated Holes

These holes are useful in introducing the capsules into the capsule polisher.

They also help the machine user in seeing the capsules through different states while in the machine.

· Driveshaft

The selected disc is moved according to the user interface set up by this component.

It aids in pushing the capsules into the openings and other parts of the polisher machine.

· Overflow Container

More than recommended capsules can get into the machine.

These excess capsules are not wasted but channeled to be kept in overflow container.

· Scraper

When the capsules reach the upward movement stage, the selected disc is fed with capsules through the scraper.

· Retaining Plate

When the capsules are inside the capsule polishing machine, they have to be in a vertical position.

The retaining plate positioned under the sieve helps in keeping the capsules in a vertical position.

It also aids in obstructing the outlet openings.

How do Capsule Polisher and Sorter Work?

The capsule sorter automatically analyzes the weight and diameter of capsules and sorts them out.

This helps ensure that the capsules selected have no deformity.

When using an automated capsule polisher and sorter machine, a rimmed selection disc is used.

The disc rotates on a horizontal direction of an inclined plane at 20 degrees.

Keep observing the 20-degree inclination since this will help keep the capsules in the lower disc segment.

This disc circumference has two holes, which help in getting hold of the capsules with defects.

It happens before they are pushed out by the blast nozzle.

While this is happening, the correctly filled capsules pass through the sized holes.

Thereafter, the system discharges the good quality capsules through the outlet chute.

Below is How this Machine Works

First, define the height of the rim on the user interface.

When capsules are loaded in the inlet chute, they move directly to the lower part of the selected disc.

Immediately, the drive shaft begins to rotate.

This rotation, when the disc is tilted, pushes the capsules into the drill holes in the circumference of the disc.

It is the scraper gadget that presents the capsules into the holes.

When there is an extra supply of capsules, excess ones will flow into the overflow container.

The selection holes have conical inlets through which the capsules can go through.

They also have larger diameters than that of the capsules and a length that could carry many fleets of capsules.

The retaining plate forces the capsules to move to the upper section by blocking them from moving downwards.

The calibrated passage hole opens for the capsules with the recommended diameter to be removed.

The expansion blowing pushes the rejected ones away into the reject container.

Those with assembly problems remain trapped in the calibrated holes.

After this, the selection disc turns quarter way, and they are then blown away by the blowing nozzle.

They are later deposited into the reject container too.

What is the Function of Capsule Polishing and Sorting Machine?

Fully assembled capsule polisher machine

Fully assembled capsule polisher

There are many functions of this machine.

The following are some of them.

  • The machine helps in polishing the capsules. It dusts them off from powder and leaves them with a glossy look.
  • It also aids in eliminating static electricity.
  • This machine rejects fractured capsules and empty ones. It also rejects the loose pieces and those with low weight.

What is Capsule Polishing Machine Specification?

There are several specifications for capsule polishing machine.

Among them include the following:

  • It can be connected with other machines like capsule fillers and metal detectors. This will promote the achievement of many processes like capsule filling, polishing, elevating, sorting, and detecting of metals.
  • Both inlet and outlet can be 360 degrees adjusted to make the entire process convenient and save the manufacturing space.
  • The machine automatically sorts cracked, less dosage, empty or separate cap-body.
  • It is user –friendly, can easily and quickly be assembled and disassembled.
  • Product contact parts are made from 316Lstainless steel and other materials like nylon nets that conform to FDA.
  • It is possible to clean the detachable brush located on the main shaft thoroughly. There is no blind spot experienced during the cleaning process. This machine meets the CGMP standard.
  • It has perfect polishing performance, very efficient, and can easily be moved.

What are the Most Common Capsule Defects?

During the manufacturing process of capsules, many defects may occur.

The capsule polisher and sorter aids in detecting and sorting out these defects before it’s too late.

This allows for corrections to be made so that wastage can be minimized.

These defects can be classified as follows:

Capsules defects

 Capsules defects

· Shape Defects

When you apply too much pressure onto the capsules, it develops shape defects.

This may also happen because of improper machine set up or when the capsules are overfilled.

The shape defects are many.

For example, some may develop dents, and others may appear mashed.

In addition to these, there could be short and long cap bodies, double cap, or bent capsules.

· Defects from Color

The color of capsules is very significant since it helps determine its content.

When polishing the capsules, its color should be indicated on the user interface.

The capsule polisher and sorter machine will automatically reject the capsules that you have not indicated on the interface.

Discolor and different color other than the one indicated in the machine interface are examples of color defects.

· Appearance Defects

The production of capsules may take a relatively long period.

This may create capsules with some appearance defects.

Fortunately, the capsule polisher and sorter reject capsules with such defects.

The defects could be dirt or foreign particles on the capsules, cracks, spill, and sometimes, telescoped capsules.

· Printed Mark Defects

The capsules are normally printed to indicate their content and for ease of identification.

Those with printing faults are automatically rejected by the machine.

Improper mark and complete absence of mark are some of the examples of printed mark defects.

Which Role does Capsule Polishing Machine play in Quality Control?

This machine plays a very important role in the quality control of capsules.

They help in cleaning off all the powder on the capsules.

Therefore, it helps in ensuring that all capsules that pass through it are free from dust and other impurities.

By so doing, this machine plays a big role in the quality control of capsules in pharmaceutical industries.

How do you Integrate Capsule Polishing Machine with Capsule Filler?

Connect to the discharge chute of the capsule filling machine.

Capsule separating and polishing machine is composed of five components.

These components include capsule hopper, a polisher, frame, powder suction, and a separating device.

The capsule hopper has space which contains finished capsules.

To integrate capsule polisher with capsule filler, connect capsule hopper with the discharge port of the capsule filling machine.

The opening of the capsule hopper is connected to the lower parts of the polishing device.

With this connection, filled capsules will be discharged through the discharge chute of the filling machine.

They will then move to the feed hopper of the polishing machine for polishing.

Why the Inclined Design of Capsule Polishing and Sorting Machine?

The Capsule polisher and sorter inclination design is a very critical thing.

This helps in ensuring the capsules stay in different segments when they are polished and sorted at different stages.

Can Capsule Polishing Machine Detect Metals?

No. It has to be connected to a metal detector.

This can be installed at the outlet port of the capsule sorter.

Metals that might have contaminated the capsules at the production stage are detected here.

This is very important because metals can be carcinogenic and can cause death to medicine users.

Inclined capsule polisher

 Inclined capsule polishing machine

Which one comes first; Capsule Polishing Machine or Capsule Sorting Machine?

The two machines may be integrated to work as one machine.

However, sometimes they may be installed separately.

Whichever the case may be, capsule polisher comes first before capsule sorter.

The dusting of powder or any impurities from the capsules must be done first.

After this process, the capsules can now move to the sorting chamber.

It’s here that the recommended ones will be sorted out from those with defects.

What are Capsule Polishing Machine Quality Standards?

There are four quality standards a manufacturer must comply with when manufacturing this machine.

These must be considered to be sure you get the best machine that will give you good returns.

They include the following.

· cGMP

This means that the capsule polishing machine must be made with a good manufacturing practice.

The machine must be made from materials that have been approved by the FDA like 316L stainless steel.

· CE

This is also a certification mark in the European Economic Areas.

This quality standard shows that the machine has been made in conformity to health standards.

In addition to this, it also indicates that the equipment is safe to use and also adheres to environmental protection.

· RoHS

This quality standard restricts the use of dangerous substances from either electrical or electronics on the capsule polishing machine.

This certification was first used in the European Union.

The pharmaceutical industry using this machine acquires RoHS certification, and it remains valid for the next five years.

It restricts the use of substances like mercury, led, chromium, and cadmium.


This is a certification mark provided by Chinese companies.

They use this to quality control products that they import, those that they sell, or generally use in China.

Therefore, if the machine has CCC Certification, China will approve of the accessibility and utilization of its products thereof.

What is the Best Material for making Capsule Polishing Machine?

It is important to stick to hygiene when processing pharmaceutical products.

For this reason, this machine has been made using 316L stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain.

The machine is also made in compliance with the current medicine safety standard.

The various openings in the machine are covered using a nylon net.

This helps in keeping the machine from contamination.

How are Capsules Inserted in Capsule Polishing Machine Chamber?

Through the feed hopper or inlet chute, capsules are inserted into the polishing machine chamber.

The capsules inside the feed chamber are rubbed so that dust particles that have settled on them can be removed.

Capsule polisher

 Capsule polisher

Does Capsule Polishers and Sorters have Limitations on Capsule Sizes?

No, they don’t have any limitations on the capsule size.

They have been designed to work well even if the shapes and sizes of the capsules are different.

The process of polishing and sorting capsules is accurate and efficient.

What is Automatic Capsule Polishing Machine?

This is a machine made of 316L stainless steel and is used for cleaning capsules.

Capsules are charged into the machine through the feed hopper, where they are rubbed to remove the dust.

Its polishing chamber is connected to a dust collector where the dust on the capsule surface is collected.

It does cleaning via a nylon brush using compressed air.

It has the following features:

  • This machine is easy to assemble, dismantle, clean and maintain,
  • It has a longer brush, which helps in cleaning the dust off the surface of the capsules.
  • The shell, hopper, and surface plate are made of stainless steel.
  • The speed of the brush can easily be adjusted to facilitate ease in operation.
  • This machine is ideal for all sizes of capsules. For example, 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • It produces less noise while operating, and it has no problems related to its function.
  • The installation space for this equipment is very small.
  • Its weight can quickly and easily be adjusted.
  • It accurately does feeding, inspection, and polishing of the capsules.
  • It generally helps in making the capsules clean, bright, and in full compliance with pharmaceutical standards.

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