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Case Study on the Upgraded SaintyCo Tableting Machines (Focusing on Safety & Optimizing Compression)

After over 7 years of R&D, this year we decided to upgrade our tableting machines.

Our main goal was to improve performance and ensure precise control of the entire tablet making process.

saintyco tablet press machine

The new machines feature SaintyCo’s patented technologies and innovations, as you will see later in this tablet press machine case study.

Of course, this is alongside the existing technologies that are relevant and improve production.

In this article, I am going to focus on the vital aspects of every machine.

This will make it easier for you to compare the various types of SaintyCo tablet press machines.

But first, if you’re new to tablet compression machines, I would advise you to read this article:

What is a Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine (An Ultimate Guide for Beginners & Professionals)

Honestly, it is impractical to compare what you don’t know.

That article has all the vital aspects you need to know about tablet press machines.

tablet press manufacturing

Now, let’s go straight to the main agenda of this article:

SaintyCo AdvantaTab

SaintyCo AdvantaTab is a high speed rotary tablet press machine designed to guarantee high production output while reducing downtime.

It is a perfect choice for pharmaceutical or drug making industries.

This is AdvantaTab Tableting Machine
This is SaintyCo AdvantaTab tablet making machine.

This tablet machine has a production capacity of 170,000 to 280,000 tablets per hour, depending on the model.

The various models of SaintyCo AdvantaTab tableting machines are uniquely identified by:

  • EU punch and die tooling system that includes D, B, BB and BBS
  • Varying tablet sizes such as 25, 18, 16 and 13 mm.
  • A range of press stations depending on production needs. For the 4 models, we have 26, 32, 40 and 45 press stations.

The AdvantaTab machine guarantees a quiet operation and high accuracy.

High level of production we have experienced in the SaintyCo AdvantaTab tablet press is due to its unique design.

AdvantaTab Design

From our clients’ feedback, we thought it was necessary to improve on the overall design of this tableting machine.

Even though the tablet compression machine principle of operation is still the same, SaintyCo made adjustments on various components to boost the production process.

A Technical Drawing of AdvantaTab Showing Various Dimensions.
An image showing various dimensions of AdvantaTab tablet press machine.

This machine features a robust structure and it is one of SaintyCo’s most preferred single sided tablet presses.

Throughout the design process, the series of our AdvantaTab machines meet the desired overall equipment efficiency (OEE), besides the low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Every component of the newly designed SaintyCo AdvantaTab improves seamless movement of products to the die cavity, compression to the tablet ejection stage.

Furthermore, the tablet compression machine parts are easy to configure depending on the unique production requirements.

Designed to have few product contact parts with a stainless steel structure, the AdvantaTab series of tableting machines meet strict requirements outlined by the cGMP standards.

Also, it features a closed punch bellow. This is a patented technology that prevents any possible contaminations.

Currently, the SaintyCo AdvantaTab is uniquely identified by its optimal hygienic design.

Being a high speed rotary tablet press, we felt upgrading the control systems could further boost tableting process.

Remember, producing 140,000tablets/hour requires a machine with an efficient control system.

SaintyCo AdvantaTab Control System

This machine features a SIEMENS control system that coordinates every process to ensure high speed tablet production and precision.

We have conducted several production tests over the years and I can assure you, the performance of this machine is incredible.

A section of tooling system of tableting machine
This is a section of the tablet press tooling systems that is automatically controlled by the SIEMENS system.

From the touch screen human machine interface (HMI), you can both monitor and control tableting speed of any AdvantaTab machines.

An accurate control of the pre-pressure and main pressure reduces chances of a tablet rejection rate.

In short, the SaintyCo AdvantaTab is a tableting machine designed and equipped with features to improve every day needs in the tablet production industry.

Critically examining the SaintyCo AdvantaTab tableting machine, you’ll realize how much we’ve invested in safety.

That is, to protect the table press turret, tooling systems, electrical and moving system, besides the machine operator.

All these aim to guarantee maximum and accurate production output.

AdvantaTab Plus

AdvantaTab Plus is basically an improvement of the AdvantaTab.

However, its design is slightly unique and larger than the AdvantaTab.

This is an example of a pharmaceutical tablet press machine
This is an AdvantaTab Plus machine.

Upgrading this machine is also another breakthrough in the tablet making industry.

This is because SaintyCo improved on several factors ranging from production capacity, design and a bit of the controlled system.

Production Capacity of SaintyCo AdvantaTab Plus

First, AdvantaTab Plus comes in 4 different models with the production capacity varying from 390,000 to 630,000 tablets per hour.

As you can see, this is quite higher than AdvantaTab.

The truth is, considering the design and structure of AdvantaTab, there is no way we could modify or adjust its system to achieve this maximum output.

Second, depending on the model of AdvantaTab Plus, you can choose one with 45, 55, 69 or 75 press stations.

Remember, it is the press station that determines maximum production output.

Again, our AdvantaTab Plus uses the EU punches and dies.

Another notable feature in this machine is the design.

Design of AdvantaTab Plus Tableting Machines

At SaintyCo, we believe design is an integral aspect that affects the performance of the machine.

This is quite evident in this tablet compression machine.

A technical drawing of AdvantaTab Plus tableting machine
An AdvantaTab Plus tablet making machine

Let’s review some of these design aspects:

With AdvantaTab Plus, you can produce a range of tablet designs such as annular, round, irregular or engraved tablets.

Basically, it guarantees unlimited opportunities in the industry due to its unique high pressure, high yield, accurate and easy to maintain design.

Whether you need to switch from bi or mono layer tablet modes, AdvantaTab Plus will still provide an efficient and reliable tablet making platform.

Again, these tableting machines adopt arm pressure function and modular design with an independent lubrication system.

Furthermore, the double transmission and big torsional movement guarantee a high loading capacity.

The stable and consistent feeding system, besides the precise controlled tablet press tooling system, ensures consistency in the overall tableting process.

Like the AdvantaTab, this machine features a punch bellow, hermetical separation between service and compaction area.

The entire structure is made of stainless steel as per the cGMP standards.

The control system of this new tablet machine is similar to the AdvantaTab.

It uses a SIEMENS control system with a touch screen HMI.

In short, you can conveniently and safely operate AdvantaTab Plus to achieve high production needs.

Note: You should only buy AdvantaTab Plus for very high production needs.

SaintyCo MagnaTab

Our new MagnaTab tableting machines feature a revolutionary technology that aims to optimize the tableting process.

While redesigning this machine, our technicians factored in the ability to achieve optimum tableting process with minimal wear.

MagnaTab tebleting machines
This is MagnaTab tablet press machine.

I am quite certain that we managed to achieve this after several years of research and innovation.

Now, let’s review some critical aspects about the MagnaTab tablet compression machine.

Production Capacity of MagnaTab Tableting Machines

To begin with, MagnaTab is a high speed tableting machine. Depending on the model, this machine produces between 430,000 and 680,000 tablets/hour.

For now, we have only four models that feature the EU punch and die tooling systems.

Depending on the model, you can choose one with 49, 61, 73 or 79 press stations.

Also, the tablet diameter size varies from 25, 16, 13 and 11 mm depending on the model.

Still, the tablet compression process is the same as the other two machines.

Comparing the MagnaTab to AdvantaTab Plus, its production capacity is slightly higher.

That is, when you compare the smallest machine with tooling system type D in each case.

Furthermore, the MagnaTab is also a mono-layer and bi-layer machine.

Design of MagnaTab

From the technical drawings below, it is quite clear that the design of this tablet making machine is quite different from the other two I have mentioned above.

Dimensions of a MagnaTab machine
A technical drawing of MagnaTab tablet compression machine.

First, you can see that the control panel for the MagnaTab tablet making machine is separate from the main machine.

Besides, it has wheels, making it easy for maximum maneuverability.

Basically, separating the two was an important safety measure.

Moreover, it also allowed for a bigger space and free installation of a larger tooling system within the main machine.

Second, this tableting machine features three slurry impellers for efficient feeding and a non-hand wheel operation system.

Third, all parts that are in contact with the product are made from stainless steel (316L).

Finally, it has the punch bellow to reduce contamination and hermetical separation, with easy to change or adjust components.

As a company that strictly follows the cGMP regulations, the overall design of this machine guarantees maximum hygiene.

Automation System of the MagnaTab

Like other SaintyCo tablet press machines in the market, MagnaTab features SIEMENS PLC and human machine interface (HMI).

With these, machine operators can control and monitor all parameters, hence better quality control.

Automation section of the tablet making machine
As section of MagnaTab control system.

Furthermore, the MagnaTab features an advanced power control center (PCC). This ensures efficient distribution and control of power within the machine.

It is a robust feature that protects the tableting machine from overload, under voltage, earth faults, etc.

Also available is the motor control feeding system.

With our new MagnaTab, you can adjust the feeder separately using control servo motor.

The aim of all these adjustments is to ensure an accurate and consistent feeding, alongside the compression process.

SaintyCo MiniPress

Another machine that plays a pivotal role in the tablet making industry is our MiniPress.

We have redesigned this machine specifically for clinical trials, R&D and small scale production.

Even if you opt for our AdvantaTab or MagnaTab, you must produce some few samples of tablets.

Thus, the best machine for you in this case is MiniPress.

MiniPress Tableting Machines
This is a MiniPress tablet making machine.

Let’s see what’s unique to this machine:

Production Capacity of MiniPress Tableting Machines

With our updated tablet press machine, you can produce both round and irregular tablets.

Even if you need to include logos or symbols on the tablets, MiniPress offers a perfect solution.

Our MiniPress can produce 14,400 to 43,200tablets/hour, depending on the machine model.

Again, the press stations include 8, 10, 16 and 24 depending on the MiniPress model.

Unlike other machines, this tablet press features TSM punch and dies systems.

Structural Design of MiniPress Tablet Press

This tablet compression machine exists only in mono-layer.

Its unique design allows for adjustable filling depth, customized pressure configurations, adjustable upper plunger depth and tablet thickness.

Tooling system of a MiniPress Tableting machine
Punch and die system of a MiniPress tablet compression machine.

It uses a gravity feeder system with an inbuilt pre compression system.

Again, being a cGMP compliant tableting machine, its design features better dust handling capability with all product contact parts being stainless steel (316L).

Control System of MiniPress Tablet Making Machine

This is a machine with a robust control system that precisely controls turret speed and tablet thickness.

It has a control panel that is located on the main machine, with the tablet compression tooling system fully enclosed.

A control section of a MiniPress
A control panel for a MiniPress machine

You can observe various process parameters from the digital display besides printing the batch data of the process.

Furthermore, to protect the MiniPress punches and dies, its control system automatically stops the entire machine in case of any overload.

Be it the pressure or feeder systems, you can configure them depending on the specific requirements of your applications.

In short, the performance of SaintyCo’s R&D tablet press machine surpasses all the other machines in the same category.

SaintyCo Mpress Tablet Press Machine

To bridge the gap that exists in the R&D, clinical batches or small scale production of tablets, SaintyCo introduced Mpress tablet press machine.

This is one of those tableting machines that feature our patented and foreign technologies.

Every design and upgrade in these tablet compression machines aim to improve performance, while ensuring safety and reliability.

An Mpress tableting machine
This is an Mpress tablet compression machine

Below are critical aspects we upgraded in Mpress tableting machines:

Production Capacity of Mpress Tablet Compression Machines

The production capacity of Mpress machine is slightly higher than MiniPress tableting machines.

That is, we have 4 different models of Mpress machines whose production capacity varies from 24,000 to 48,000tablets/hour.

These machines have tool type B and D, which meet the specific production requirements in many laboratories and research facilities.

Mpress Tablet Press Machine Design

This machine features a robust, sturdy and durable design that meets the specific needs of all small scale tablet production requirements.

Generally, we use stainless steel for all parts that are in contact with the product.

Lubrication system for an Mpress tableting machine
A section of the lubrication for Mpress tablet press

Furthermore, in Mpress, we have connected the main axle with the die disc and this reduces possible energy loss while ensuring efficiency.

From feeder section, pressure system, tooling to tablet ejection devices, we precisely design every component to ensure reliability and efficiency of the tablet production process.

Control System of the Mpress Tableting Machines

First, the control system of our Mpress machine guarantees safety of the machine and operators.

For instance, you cannot open the tooling system when the machine is ON – it will automatically turn OFF.

Second, it automatically protects the punches and dies in case of an overload.

Again, whenever an overload occurs, the machine automatically stops.

Third, we have introduced a frequency converter. This system precisely maintains continuous control of production speed and motor system.

Our Mpress has a small control panel/display on the main machine.

It is from here that you can monitor all the essential parameters of the process.

SaintyCo OneTab Tablet Press Machine

In addition to the MiniPress and Mpress, we have a new machine called the OneTab tableting machine.

This tablet compression machine is suitable for clinical trials, small scale production and research.

OneTab Tablet Press Machine
A OneTab tablet press machine with a column structure

Below are critical aspects about these new tableting machines.

Production Capacity of OneTab Tablet Press Machine

With SaintyCo OneTab, you can produce round, annular, irregular or engraved tablets.

The type of tablet will depend on the punch and die systems.

Here, we have two models called OneTab-A and OneTab-B, both with a maximum production capacity of 60tablets/minute.

One distinguishing factor between these two machines is the tablet diameter (OneTab –A compresses 25mm while OneTab – B compresses 30mm tablets).

Design of OneTab Tableting Machines

This is a portable tablet press machine whose design is completely different from the others.

In case you’re looking for a modern single punch pharmaceutical machine, then SaintyCo OneTab is a perfect alternative.

OneTab Tablet Press machine
A section of OneTab machine

All parts that are in direct contact with the product are made from stainless steel (316L).

Again, its column structure saves more space.

Moreover, the tooling system is fully enclosed with transparent solid polycarbonate sheet.

This guarantees the safety of OneTab tableting machines’ operator.

Control System of the OneTab

Our control system ensures the safety of the machine and operators.

For instance, OneTab features upper and lower guards that interlock to protect machine and operators from any form of hazard.

OneTab control panel
This is OneTab Panasonic control panel.

Also, the machine features a PLC control panel with an LCD Panasonic touch screen.

You can monitor all operations and make adjustments where necessary via this HMI.

SaintyCo PrimaTab Tablet Press Machine

For the medium pharmaceutical industries, our new PrimaTab tablet press machine will meet all your production needs.

As you will learn later in this section, this is a high speed tableting machine.

However, its production capacity is quite low compared to AdvantaTab, AdvantaTab Plus or MagnaTab.

PrimaTab is one of the newly upgraded SaintyCoTableting Machines
This is PrimaTab tablet making machine.

Some of the key aspects of SaintyCo PrimaTab include:

Production Capacity & Tool Design of PrimaTab Machine

Generally, we have 4 models of PrimaTab machines with EU punch and die tool systems.

The 4 models of these tableting machines have 15, 17, 20 and 25 press stations.

This implies you will expect a maximum production to vary from 70,000, 80,000, 95,000 and 118,000 tablets/hour depending on the number of press stations.

Also, the maximum sizes of tablet diameters are 25, 16, 13 and 11 mm.

As you can see, PrimaTab is a machine you can count on in any tablet making process for an average pharmaceutical industry.

Structural Design of PrimaTab Tablet Machine

PrimaTab tableting machines are perfect examples of machines whose designs guarantee overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Besides, they guarantee optimal production with their versatility and single-sided designs.

Below is a technical drawing of the PrimaTab tablet compression machine.

Tecnical drawing of PrimaTab machine
This is a technical drawing of PrimaTab machine

In addition to these design features, this machine is made of stainless steel for all its parts that are in contact with the product.

It’s unique and modular design ensures fast part changeover thereby reducing possible downtime.

Control & Automating PrimaTab Tablet Machine

SaintyCo invests a lot of its resources in developing robust and reliable control system.

Like most of high speed tablet press machines, PrimaTab features a SIEMENS PLC.

From the human machine interface (HMI), you can monitor and control various operations of the tableting process.

SaintyCo SmartPlus Tablet Making Machine

If you want a tableting machine that can revolutionize your production needs, then SmartPlus is a perfect choice for the task.

This machine can compress an output of 700,000tablets/hour.

It is a machine that handles mass tablet production.

The design is suitable for busy and large industries.

This is SmartPlus tablet press
This is SmartPlus tablet press machine.

Let me take you through some interesting features of this machine:

Production Capacity of SmartPlus Tablet Press

SmartPlus is uniquely known for its outstanding, stable and precise tablet compression.

It doesn’t matter whether you need maximum production output of 432,000, 528,000, 643,000 or 700,000tablets/hour, SmartPlus will meet your production needs.

This tablet press has EU punch and die tooling types with the number of press station being 45, 55, 67 and 73. It depends on the model of SmartPlus machines (there are 4 models).

SmartPlus Structural Design

If you compare the 3D view and technical drawing of SmartPlus tableting machine with the others, the difference is quite clear.

A technical drawing of smartplus machine
This is a technical drawing for a SmartPlus tablet press machine.

This design offer unlimited possibilities, a reason for its acronym “Smart”. It means:

  • S = Simple handling
  • M = Modular packages
  • A = Automated operation
  • R = Robust & compact design
  • T = Turret change

Clearly, you can see that SaintyCo has actually developed this machine to meet the dynamic demands of the modern tableting application in the pharmaceutical industries.

Our SmartPlus are mono-layer or bi-layer tableting machines with interchangeable turrets.

They have a perfect lubrication system, separated chute design upon request, high compression force and large space for expansion.

Also, the control cabinet is separated from the main machine.

Clearly, SaintyCo SmartPlus is a tableting machine of its own kind due to the superior design features.

Automation and Control of SmartPlus

You cannot achieve such a high level of production without developing robust and dedicated control systems.

With SmartPlus industry PC control systems, this machine can perform a wide range of functions accurately.

Part of modern tablet pres machine
Automation interface of SmartPlus tablet press.

Some of these automated functions include:

  • Displaying and quick pre-pressure and main pressure setup
  • Online sampling
  • Automatic weight control
  • Remote system operation and inspection
  • 9 password levels for security
  • Fully integrated HMI

In short, there are no tableting machines in the market today that you can compare to SaintyCo SmartPlus.

It is the only machine we precisely design to guarantee the highest tablet production, safety and reliability.

SaintyCo Smart S Tablet Compression Machine

Our Smart S is a rotary tablet press machine with interchangeable turrets.

We did quite a number of improvements to ensure it has simple handling, automated operation, robust and compact design.

3D image of Smart S machine
This is a Smart S tablet press

Below are a few facts you need to know about our Smart S tableting machines:

Production Capacity of SaintyCo Smart S Tablet Press

This is a mono-layer table compression machine with a maximum production capacity of 175,000, 220,000, 270,000 and 300,000tablets/hour.

The production capacity depends on the model of Smart S machine.

We have 4 models with EU punch and die tooling systems.

Depending on the desired production capacity, you can choose from 26, 32, 40 or 44 number of press stations.

Design Structure of Smart S Machine

The control system is separate from the main machine, with reinforced structural design.

The design ensures fast response and high speed to meet demands in most tablet compression processes.

Sections of Smart S tableting machine
Various dimensions of Smart S tablet compression machine

With all electrical components at the back of the panel, you have enough space to operate the machine safely.

To optimize all operations in the Smart S machine, we opted for a short transmission distance on the feed structure.

Furthermore, it features better safety procedures such as gas spring lock besides double mechanical lock.

Smart S Tablet Press Automation

It has an advanced and robust automated system that guarantees flexibility, optimal production and safety.

The machine comes with a fully integrated HMI that display all essential parameters such as compression pressure, diagnostic error messages, batch production process, lubrication, tablet ejection and motor overload among other factors.

Smart S with a control panel
A control panel for Smart S tablet compression machine

Clearly, this is a machine you can count on in nearly all pharmaceutical tablet making processes.

With these machines, you will definitely get value for your money.


So far, these are the new tableting machines SaintyCo has updated to meet the dynamic tablet compression requirements.

You can use them for mass production, clinical trials or R&D.

All these will depend on your tablet compression needs.

Although we have standard designs, we can customize all the tablet compression machines to the specific needs of our clients.

Feel free to contact us in case you need more information about SaintyCo tableting machines.

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