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What Are The Top 10 CBD Brands In The Market?

CBD isn’t just taking the world by storm – it’s done that already. At this point, it’s almost like anyone who isn’t on the CBD train has missed it. And even though the regulations surrounding its consumption remain murky, there’s a general sense that the market is truly ready for this product. 

For anyone looking to hop on the CBD train and buy CBD, find the right brands to work with and provide products. However, considering how popular the market has become, there are just so many brands these days that it’s almost impossible to know who to work with.

In this article, we’ll be breaking things down for you, making it easier to understand CBD brands and how to make a choice. 

The Top 10 CBD Brands In The Market

So,  let’s get straight into it- what CBD brands stand out from the pack? 

The Overall Best CBD Brand: Cornbread Hemp 

While there are several brands selling CBD products in the world, Cornbread Hemp undoubtedly stands out. Based out of Kentucky, Cornbread Hemp is a family-owned full-spectrum CBD brand that sells a broad range of products. From organic products to varying formulations, Cornbread Hemp is a brand you want to work with regardless of what you want. 

As an added differentiator, consider that this brand was one of the first to get an organic seal from the Department of Agriculture. With its transparency, efficiency in product development, and varying offerings, Cornbread Hemp easily sits head and shoulders above the rest.

Cornbread’s products are a bit on the expensive side, but you can rest assured of health, safety, and potency. And, if you’re dissatisfied with what you get, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. What more could you ask for? 

The Best Wellness Brand: Aspen Green 

Another family-owned, full-spectrum brand, Aspen Green is a CBD company with roots in Colorado. The company provides some of the best organic CBD products, all of which are focused on solving health issues and promoting the wellness of their consumers. 

One of the major differentiators for Aspen Green is the fact that the company places a premium on transparency – especially when it comes to the products and ingredients it uses to formulate CBD oil drops and other products. 

If you need the best CBD oil for pain or are looking to treat other conditions, then Aspen Green is one brand you want to do business with. It might not have the broadest selection of products in the market, and its products are also a bit on the expensive side. But, they are properly certified and are among the best in the business. That combination of efficiency and availability can’t be beaten. 

The Best Pure CBD Brand: Social CBD 

Based out of California, Social CBD is a broad-spectrum, CBD isolate brand that sells products specifically targeted at people who don’t want any CBD THC oil options. 

The company might not sell organic products, but Social CBD has already built a reputation for selling products that address issues like chronic pain and anxiety. The company grows its hemp out in Oregon, and it provides products in different formats – oils, tinctures, you name it. 

Besides all of this, Social CBD also provides an interesting discount service that caters to students, veterans, and other classes of customers. And, customers also  get to enjoy access to a loyalty program where they will be able to earn points and get even more pride deductions. So, if you’re looking to save some money on your CBD purchase, this might be the company for you.

The Best Brand For Flexibility: cbdMD 

If you’re looking for optimal variety in product selection, then cbdMD is one company you want to work with. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, this company provides a simple, reliable online portal where you can buy CBD products seamlessly. It is both broad- and full-spectrum, and it offers just about everything you could ever want – Charlotte web gummies, CBD oils, bath products, the list goes on. 

With a bevy of positive reviews and a flexible price range, cbdMD definitely ranks up there as one of the best when it comes to CBD brands. 

The Best Brand For Rookies: FAB CBD

Every beginner to the CBD space needs a bit of a buffer as they enter the market. And, FAB CBD could be that for you. The brand is a subsidiary of Fab Nutrition LLC., and it only began operating in 2017. However, despite its relative newness, FAB CBD has managed to set itself apart in the industry, 

FAB CBD is a full-spectrum brand that caters to people looking for different products. The company’s objective has been to serve everyone, regardless of their CBD needs. And, the company’s materials specifically claim that it caters more to newbies in the market.

While FAB CBD doesn’t have any isolates or broad-spectrum products, the company’s impressive variety should be more than ideal for beginners. And, if you’re looking for a price reduction, you can always check its subscription service and discount club for offers.

Best Topical CBD Brand: PlusCBD

With a history dating back to 2014, PlusCBD is one of the most trusted names in the CBD space. The company is a full-spectrum brand, focusing on people looking for topicals that are of different potencies.  

Considering that it sells topicals, you’d want to think that PlusCBD would want to focus on high-quality products. And, this is exactly what the company does. It takes a science-forward strategy towards product development, with extensive tests and results to show for its products.

The company’s prices are relatively higher than others, but you also get high-quality in your products as well as a money-back guarantee that stretches to 90 days. 

Top Brand for Spectrum Flexibility: CBDfx

What are you looking for? Isolates? A full-spectrum brand?A broad-spectrum brand? It really doesn’t matter – CBDfx has you covered easily! 

For people exploring the length and breadth of CBD, CBDfx is one company you want to work with. It is one of the largest private CBD companies in the world, offering just about any product variation you could want. Its products are organic, and you can easily access them through its website. 

Prices here are comparatively high, and there seem to be no discount programs. Regardless, CBDfx is definitely a highly-rated company, and it has the reviews to show for it.  

Best Organic CBD Brand: Joy Organics

If you’re in the mood for natural, organic products and would like a safe place to source them, then Joy Organics is easily a solid contender. For organic CBD oil, tinctures, and more, rest assured that they’ve got you covered. 

The company is a broad-spectrum service, sourcing products that have gone through multiple rounds of tests and reviews. And, with its commitment to transparency, Joy Organics also readily shared the results of its tests with customers. 

While most of the company’s products don’t have THC content, you still get a healthy dose of flavonoids and other ingredients – even cannabinoids like cannabinol and cannabigerol. And, with its moderate price range, Joy Organics definitely has a lot to offer. 

Best CBD Brand For Pricing: Medterra

Hey, look; everyone wants to save money. And, if you’re in the market for products with affordable pricing, then you want to go with Medterra. 

Based in Irvine, California, Medterra is a popular company that sells a broad range of CBD products. It focuses on customers who would like to get a good deal, offering different products at very affordable prices. 

Despite their affordability, Medterra’s products are approved by the United States Hemp Authority. So, you know you’re getting the real deal here.

Best Brand For Isolate CBD Products: Soul CBD

For customers who would like to isolate CBD products, Soul CBD is here to satisfy your cravings. The company’s products have no THC content at all, and you also get access to a broad range of products available in delicious flavors. 

Soul CBD’s products are made from American-made hemp, with the company claiming that they focus on optimizing efficiency as much as possible. The products are also quite affordable, so you get the best of both worlds here.

Best Online CBD Brand: Lazarus Naturals 

Lazaru Naturals rounds out our list of the best CBD brands. The company is especially prominent for its seamless website, which makes it easy to get online CBD regardless of where you are. 

A full-spectrum platform, this CBD online store offers just about everything you could need. The company is highly rated, with solid reviews across the board. And, customers looking to get their hands on products have a broad variety to choose from, as well as a flexible price range to work with. 

How We Chose The Best CBD Brands

Now that you understand the brands and the different approaches to taking CBD, let’s look into how to go about selecting a CBD dispensary or brand to make sure you don’t end up committing some blunders. 

So, how do you know that this brand is the real deal? 

The Source And Cultivate the Right

When searching CBD brands, you want to look for companies that source only organically grown hemp. You might not be able to prove where they source their material from, but at least they should be transparent enough to let you know. 

Just as well, the CBD dispensary or brand should ensure that they cultivate their hemp without any chemicals, pesticides, or additives that could cause harmful side effects. 

Their CBD Extraction Methods

For CBD to be used, it needs to be extracted from the cannabis plant. There are different CBD extraction methods, so it is important that the brands use the right ones to ensure a clean, high-quality extract. 

Any brands that use potentially harmful products and processes are immediately disqualified. 

Convenience & Proximity 

These days, it’s easy to get anything you want. And, the best CBD stores should definitely be able to provide that convenience too. 

From having multiple locations to making it easy to buy CBD online, convenience is one factor you shouldn’t joke about generally. If you’re looking for the best CBD for anxiety, then you should be able to lay your hands on it pretty quickly. 

Efficiency & Transparency In Testing 

Before you buy CBD, it’s important to know the safety of what you’re getting. Each of these brands has been transparent about the fact that they test their products by reputable third parties in labs. This is a major selling point for any CBD brand, and we recommend that you only work with CBD brands that can share lab results to back up their claims.

From the cannabidiol content to the absence of dangerous chemicals, these results will be critical. 

Product Potency & CBD Concentration 

We also checked the amount of CBD that these brands give per serving of their product. As an added recommendation, see to it that these concentrations match the dosage you need and that you can see information about product potency on every label. 

Different Products For Different Users

Of course, we also looked into the different CBD products that these brands have to ensure that consumers can easily get their fix. Whether you’re looking for an edible, a capsule, CBD drops, etc., ensure that you have a brand that offers the right variety of products you’re looking for. 

What Do Their Customers Have To Say?

There won’t be a ranking without reviews. At the end of the day, seeing what the existing and former customers of these CBD brands have had to say definitely informed our decision. With their feedback and reviews, we were able to determine the trustworthy brands and separate them from those yet to prove themselves. 

Legal Compliance & THC Regulation 

CBD might be the “good cannabis,” but it’s not the only cannabis variant out there. There’s also tetrahydrocannabinol or THC – the component in cannabis that gives that “high.” Generally, CBD products can contain THC – but, the law restricts this to just 0.3% of the entire product’s profile. 

Regulations can vary, but we went with brands that generally keep to this limit and continue to maintain regulatory compliance. 

Customer Service – The Key Differentiator

Every company worth its name needs to have solid customer support. And, in the CBD business, this is no different. Of course, we had to add this as one of our major requirements for choosing a CBD shop

They Should Fit Your Budget

Thanks to the commercialization of CBD, the price points for the product have become pretty accessible. So, you should be able to get affordable CBD products across the board. 

That said, you should note that price shouldn’t be the top determining factor. You would most likely pay more for high-quality CBD products. So, the best CBD oil will be more expensive than the regular oils you see around. But, remember that these products tend to be worth their price tag at the end of the day. Finding that perfect balance between affordability and value should be your goal. 

They Should Be Experts

The last thing you want to do is to buy products from brands that aren’t experts at what they do. So, look for brands that provide educational resources and information about what you’re taking. 

From guidelines to beginner content and more, the brand should be willing to teach you about safety procedures and protocols. Just as well, you should be able to learn more about possible side effects when you work with them.

Notable Types Of CBD Products

If you ever go into a CBD store and say you’re just looking for CBD, you might not necessarily get what you’re looking for. Ever since it was found and commercialized, CBD has grown considerably, being used in different products and iterations.

Today, some notable variants where you can find the product include: 

Oils & Tinctures: 

Just like you have cooking oil, you have CBD oil. In most cases, you take these pure CBD oils sublingually, placing them under your tongue based on the dosage given by a professional. In fact, most people who look to purchase CBD actually go on to buy CBD oil.

Pills & Capsules: 

If you take a pill or a capsule, you have the benefit of taking CBD directly and quickly. These products are convenient, and they allow you to get a clear amount of CBD you’d be taking – instead of just using an arbitrary dosage that might affect you.

If you’re looking to get CBD for anxiety or to treat a specific issue, then this is probably the product you might want to take. 

Topical Products

Manufacturers have been able to weave CBD into balms, creams, and more. This way, you can apply the product directly to your skin. Most of these topicals help to deliver skincare and pain relief benefits, and they’re a great way to take CBD without actually ingesting it orally.

In the same vein, we’ve seen CBD being added to masks, serums, and other skincare products for people who would love to enjoy the compound’s overall skincare benefits.


For the consumers who love to have their CBD on the go, edibles are more than perfect. Manufacturers understand this, and they’ve managed to add CBD into candies, gummies, chocolates, and much more. 

It’s just like having your favorite pastries or confectioneries but with the added zip of CBD. 


Well, it’ll be impossible to mention CBD without thinking about its links to traditional marijuana. So, you can also find products like vape pens, e-cigarettes and many more that are infused with CBD. 

All you have to do is inhale these products, and they immediately deliver the same benefits of CBD that you’ve become used to. 

Concentrates & Isolates

Generally, these products are more reserved for people who have experience taking CBD. Whether it’s the powder or crystal variants, these products contain concentrated amounts of the compound, making them incredibly potent. 

Plus, with concentrates, you also have the opportunity to enjoy control over what you take. So, there’s a dual benefit here. 

Pet Products

The beauty of CBD is that its benefits aren’t just for humans alone. Your pets can also enjoy these benefits, thanks to products that have been specially formulated for them. Just as we have topicals, oils, and serums for humans, pets can enjoy those too – as well as special treats infused with CBD.


Also styled for people on the go, these are ready-to-consume products like coffees, teas, and other beverages that have CBD flavor infused in them. 


They might not be the most popular products, but CBD patches have their utility for sure. With these products, you get a slow and measured dose of CBD released through your skin. 

What Types Of CBD Brands Are There?

Before going on to select a CBD brand, it is important to remember that they can be classified in different ways. These classifications usually consider several factors, including but not limited to what they sell, their place in the market, and the areas where they focus primarily. 

To that end, here is a broad overview of the different CBD brand classifications:

Full-Spectrum CBD Brands

A full-spectrum brand will provide CBD products for sale that contain different compounds that are gotten from the hemp plant directly. In most cases, these brands speak about their products offering all-encompassing benefits, essentially meaning that you get all the benefits of the ingredients in the compound at once. 

Whether you’re looking for CBD oil with THC or just a regular CBD for sale, a full-spectrum brand should be able to hook you up directly. 

Broad-Spectrum CBD Brands 

These brands do pretty much the same as the ones above, but they focus more on pure CBD. So, if you want pure CBD oil for sale, then you might want to look for a broad-spectrum brand. 

Their products don’t have any THC content, so you don’t need to worry about the psychoactive effects that come from this. 

CBD Isolate Brands:

These brands focus more on selling CBD at its purest. Essentially, there are no additives or flavors – all you get is the raw, real deal. While the broad-spectrum brands can sell products with additives and flavors, these guys take things to the extreme when it comes to purity.

Organic CBD Brands 

The focus for these people is natural ingredients. They extract the compound naturally from organically grown hemp, and everything you get in your product is as natural as they come. 

CBD Health Brands

Today, a lot of people look for CBD hemp to solve one health issue or the other. It could be dementia, it could be anxiety, etc. These health and wellness brands focus on highlighting the many health benefits of CBD and selling products that can administer these benefits. 

Skincare CBD Brands 

Just as you have brands that sell CBD for its inherent health benefits, there are also brands that focus more on the skincare routines that could include the compound. 

As you would imagine, these brands offer more topical products, creams, and serums. But, they ensure to provide high-quality products to people looking to reduce aging signs, wrinkles, and generally optimize their skincare with the compound.   

Pet-Focused Brands

If you’d like for your furry friends to get on the CBD train, then there are brands that can deliver products that they’ll love too. 

Get edibles and treats for your dogs, cats, and other pets, and let them enjoy the benefits of this compound just as well. 


So, there we have it. CBD use and consumption are growing in the world right now, and these brands are doing their part to provide safe and reliable products to customers. 

If you’d like any further clarification about these products feel free to reach out to us at Sainty Tec. we’d be more than happy to help you out.

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