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CBD Oil: The Definitive Guide 2018

Nowadays, many people are resorting to marijuana-related products for treating a wide range of health and nutritional issues.

CBD oil is one of these cannabis-related products that is becoming quite a hit in the recent times.

Scientists have found out that it contains some of the essential ingredients for treating various types of conditions.

For that matter, I’m preparing this guide to demonstrate to you reasons several pharmaceutical manufacturers are considering CBD oil.

And if you’ve been looking for information pertaining to legalization, benefits, and how CBD oil works in the body, then you’re in the right place.

CBD Oil – Photo courtesy: Health Line

CBD Oil – Photo courtesy: Health Line

Additionally, you’ll also find out potential side effects this products, how to make it, where to find the best machine and ways of taking it.

But let’s first understand briefly what CBD oil essentially entails.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil primarily refers to cannabinoid which is a natural constituent of cannabis.

It is available in a hemp plant and is often non-psychoactive.

Incidentally, it is one of the several cannabinoids ingredients and has the characteristic of acting on the receptors that are all over the body.


CBD ingredient also displays pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

And so you’ll see later, this particular compound is vital in promoting healthy regulation of body’s central nervous, endocannabinoid and immune systems.

People begun to try CBD Oil in 1940, and the researchers thought it was never pharmaceutically active.

And as of the year 2018, the CBD oil remains a prescription drug in the US following its approval by the Food and Drug Administration.

Legalization of CBD Oil

What happens is that for a very long time, the regulators of food and drug components thought cannabinoid was a psychoactive ingredient.

You see, the fact that you derive it from cannabis would make one think that it creates a “high” effect or causes intoxication.

However, with time, there has been growing research and awareness regarding the nutritional and health benefits.

And that’s one of the reasons legalization of this compound by various authorities in different countries has been a success.

Indeed, CBD oil is not fully legal in all states or regions. In most instances, it’s only legal for medicinal and recreational purposes especially in a number of American states.

It also happens that some states require users of this compound to seek special licensing before purchasing it.

Again, some of the states, as well as federal laws, are different, which makes the current state of CBD legalization in the US quite confusing.

The US Government patented cannabinoid and other cannabinoids in 2003.

This, of course, was after a back and forth on whether to legalize it or not.

Legalization of CBD in USA

Legalization of CBD in USA – Photo courtesy: CALIBER BIO

Presently, the approval of CBD oil as a medicinal compound is valid in many states.

It is also estimated that the use of this element will be widespread in many other nations in the near future.

Of course, this results from the benefits that it brings on board as far as improving health and nutrition are concerned.

Well, talking of health and nutrition, let’s now look at the specific benefits of CBD oil in albeit briefly.

Benefits of CBD Oil to Your Body

This is the thing, the legalization of CBD oil undoubtedly was as a result of the possible health and nutritional benefits it has.

And the fact this compound is non-psychoactive also makes it one of the best if you’re looking for a natural way of relieving pain.

Marijuana plant

Marijuana plant

What I’m trying to say here is that CBD oil is fundamental for your body systems in a wide range of ways.

Some of these ways include the following;

· CBD Oil for Pain Relief

By the way, this is one of the most significant reasons many people are using this compound quite often.

It occurs that CBD oil contains ingredients that cause an effect on the receptors of your brain.

This is helpful as it makes it possible for you to manage the pain.

A number of studies also clearly show that when you take this compound especially after chemotherapy treatments, it relieves pain.

And for that reason, it has become one of the most considered elements that are up for pain management in various ailments.

· CBD Oil for Cancer

You see, cancer and related illnesses are becoming quite widespread especially in this era.

And to make it worse, the pain that cancerous treatments and other ways of managing it cause are also beyond the ordinary.

But research clearly shows that CBD oil can be effective in preventing cancer cell growth.

I mean, this oil reduces the ability of a number of types of tumor cells from reproducing.

At the same time, this compound also contains ingredients which help to alleviate symptoms and treatment side-effects of cancer.

· CBD Oil for Seizures

If you’ve been keen enough, you must have heard before in the news that CBD oil can treat epilepsy.


This is what happens. According to researchers, the argument is that CBD is capable of reducing the quantity of seizures in a person with epilepsy.

So in other words, this particular element is an effective anti-seizure compound which is ideally beneficial particularly in handling epilepsy.

· CBD Oil for Relieving Inflammations

Statistics hardly lie, don’t they?

The truth is that currently, chronic inflammation is becoming a growing concern in the society.

And as a result, it contributes to various non-infectious ailments including autoimmune, heart diseases and cancer among others.

In most occasions, your diet and lifestyle play a considerable role in chronic inflammation.

But if you are already checking on your diet, and optimizing your lifestyle by exercising, CBD oil becomes handy.

This ingredient primarily reduces inflammation that would subsequently lead to a particular illness.

· CBD Oil for Treating Acne and Improving Skin Care

Generally, CBD effects on immune system receptors are essential in reducing inflammation in your body.

And in turn, it allows your body to manage a wide range of skin conditions including acne, which is seemingly common.

It happens that the CBD Oil is effective in preventing activity in sebaceous glands, which ideally are fond of producing sebum.

Remember it’s sebum that hydrates the skin given that it’s a naturally occurring oily substance.

And by the way, overproduction of this oily substance is what also leads to acne.

In a nutshell, CBD oil contains the ingredient, nutrients and other properties which are fundamental in improving as well as protecting your skin.

· CBD Oil for Preventing Anxiety Disorders

Research shows that quite a significant percentage of the world’s population is affected by depression and anxiety disorders.

The good thing, however, is that CBD oil can help in managing this particular condition.

So listen to how this happens! CBD oil contains elements which reduce stress and anxiety levels.

This is often particularly in patients who have PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder and social anxiety disorder among others.

And if you’re probably suffering from anxiety and discomfort arising from public speaking, then CBD oil can of great help.

· CBD Oil for Managing Obesity

Ideally, Cannabidiol helps in regulating and maintaining healthy blood sugar.

Furthermore, this compound also stimulates proteins and genes which helps in breaking down fat and also increasing mitochondria.

Subsequently, this results to burn of calories which in turn allows you to manage the necessary body weight.

Moreover, this Cannabidiol oil also helps the body in converting white fat to what is often known as brown fat.

The latter is helpful in enhancing your health by improving the ability of your body to burn fat, create heat and normalize blood glucose.

· CBD Oil for Improving Heart Health

Today, heart illnesses are on the rise. Incidentally, it is one of the leading causes of death, especially in the US.

Of course, a healthy diet and proper lifestyle are key determinants of a healthy heart.

However, CBD oil is also helpful since it reduces blockage of an artery.

It also helps to suppress the stress-induced a cardiovascular response as well as the blood pressure levels.

While still on the same subject, CBD oil also helps to prevent oxidative stress and inflammation which are common signs of heart diseases.

Well, these are just among the many documented benefits of CBD oil.

But in a real sense, this particular Cannabidiol has several other advantages for both your health and nutrition needs which you might know about.

The bottom line nonetheless, is that you need to ensure that you take this particular product in moderation.

In fact, you need to get prescription from a qualified medical practitioner before you start using CBD oil for whatever purpose.

And talking of using this product, let’s now find out how it functions in the body to the point it offers its effectiveness.

How CBD Oil Works in the Body System

Well, since the approval of marijuana for medical use, there have been questions and concerns regarding how they affect the human body.

Don’t worry; we’ll discuss these and more of the same in a bit.

But you should nonetheless realize that the CBD oil is somewhat different from other marijuana-derived compounds.

The major difference, which also plays a great role in determining how CBD oil works is the part of the plant it’s derived from.

So in general, the CBD oil produce an effect in the body by attaching to particular endocannabinoid system receptors. In most occasions, they are known as ECS receptors

Have you ever heard of it?

If not, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

I know it’s not as familiar to many people like the immune or cardiovascular system.

So let’s break down how this particular Cannabidiol by-product works on your body;

Ordinarily, your body or human body for that matter is a rather somewhat complex device.

So the manner it interacts with different compounds including CBD oil can as well be more complicated.

When you take CBD oil, the ingredient gets into your body and specifically the ECS receptors, all over your body and brain.

Let me tell you this; the ECS is apparently the most significant physiologic system for establishing and enhancing human health.

Necessarily, this ECS system plays a crucial role in the body which is quite interesting but varied.

Basically, this system involves a huge network of cannabinoid that is released and then interacts with receptors present in all the body tissues.

The essentiality of the endocannabinoid system is to offer ideal balance to various body tissues and organs including heart, digestive and reproductive systems.

In other words, we can say that the role of ECS is to keep your body in neutral.



The CB receptors are embedded in the cell membrane are useful for regulating several functions that you experience from time to time.

Some of them include mood, emotions, pain, appetite, memories, thinking, movement and coordination among others.

The ECS receptors are majorly in two categories, which include, CB1 and CB2.

The concentration of CB1 is majorly in the central nervous system as well as the brain and also sparsely in the body.

On the other hand, the concentration of CB2 is majorly on the peripheral organs particular cells related to the immune system.

Working of CBD in the body

Working of CBD in the body

In most cases, the CB2 tend to affect the inflammation and pain.

In a nutshell, that’s how the CBD oil works in the body.

So next time when you want to take this product, do not overthink of how it functions in your body.

Possible Side Effects of CBD You Must Know

Well, from this guide, it seems quite apparent that CBD oil is more or less beneficial particularly when it comes to your health.

You realize that it contains essential ingredients which react appropriately to various systems within your body.

On the other hand, though, it’s vital also to be cognizant of the fact that this compound can cause a number of side effects.

Pure CBD oil

Pure CBD Oil – Photo courtesy: CANNABIS MD

As a matter of fact, this is not necessarily something extraordinary.

The truth is any foreign substance with some traces of chemical compounds you introduce in your body often have side effects.

The best thing nonetheless, regarding CBD oil is that its side effects are not essentially adverse.

And for that reason, you can cope with the side effects as you continue carrying out your day to day activities.

Some of them include the following;

1. Depression

Well, in as much as CBD oil is considered as one of the most effects anti-depression substance, it can as well lead to depression.

Depression, in this case, refers to the mental disorder which features a loss of interest in activities and a persistent depressed mood.

So when you take this compound, it is quite possible that you might suffer from depression in some instances.

This, however, is not a side-effect condition that every user may experience upon using this substance.

2. Hallucinations

You may not want to hear this, but here we go;

Persistent use of CBD oil can also lead to hallucinations.

Okay. This is the thing!

In some occasions, using this compound for a long time, you may start experiencing the apparent perception of something not present.

In such cases, you’ll only be thinking of many possible things which in a real sense are not existing at that particular moment.

That is what we refer to as hallucinating.

Incidentally, in a number of instances, it can get somewhat worse to the extent of becoming overzealous.

And in an ideal situation, this is an effect which can affect your mental state negatively.

3. Dizziness

Let’s get straight to the point;

Continuous use of CBD oil or over-indulgence in this substance can lead to dizziness.

This is a sort of feeling where you experience a spinning sensation of your surroundings.

In most cases, you tend to experience this during head positioning or movement.

Dizziness can be irritating because you either feel unwell given that you experience many different feelings at the same time.

It is not as common as such, but it might happen depending on how your different body systems react with this substance.

4. Loss of Appetite

CBD oil may as well cause low interest in various types of foods.

Ideally, you may realize that upon taking this substance, your interest in eating just drops down.

You may no longer feel pangs of hunger, and even when you try to take some types of food, you end up not eating.

It is a common side-effect especially to users who are somewhat addicted to this substance.

But if you can control the use of this drug you’ll notice that this side-effect will not necessarily ensue.

But in the long run, though, you must ensure that you moderate the intake or use of CBD oil regardless of the purpose.

5. Vomiting

This is not ordinarily a common type of side effect of this compound.

What I mean here is that you’ll rarely experience this condition most of the time when you consume this drug.

However, on rare occasions, it may also happen to you, which apparently makes you lose appetite and changing your mood too.

Even the feeling just before and after vomiting is often unpleasant.

And for that reason, if it’s something that you’ll always experience, it becomes awful.

6. Withdrawal Symptoms

Ordinarily, this is a feeling that most people always feel upon discontinuing usage of any particular type of drug.

What happens, however, is that the characteristics may vary depending on the properties of the substance and your body systems.

So in this case, the symptoms of this substance may vary, of course, depending on how your body systems react with the same.

Some of the common withdrawal symptoms you’re highly likely to experience include sweating, fatigue, seizures, and anxiety among others.

The truth is that the experience of withdrawal symptoms may not be as pleasant as you’d expect.

And for that reason, you may also possibly need to see a medical professional for further direction and assistance.

7. Dry Mouth

Again, consistent use of this drug also leads to dry mouth.

You’ll notice that your mouth lacks saliva which in most cases is also irritating.

Furthermore, dry mouth also prevents you from developing an interest in food.

And for that reason, you may lose appetite.

8. Low Blood Pressure

Well, low blood pressure is always dangerous especially when you’re continuously taking this drug whether for the medicinal or recreational purpose.

You see, it is always crucial for your body to get enough blood supply all the time.

But then, when you start to experience low blood pressure, it means you’ll most of the time get inadequate blood flow to your organs.

And the resultant effect includes heart attack, kidney failure as well as stroke among many others.

However, this particular CBD side effect is always a rare occurrence.

What happens is that in most cases your medical practitioner will always advise you accordingly upon assessing your blood pressure condition.

9. Psychosis

Now, this is one of the most serious possible CBD oil side effects.

It merely refers to the complete disconnection from the reality.

If at all it has to happen, it is always as a result of continuous use of this drug for medication.

You may start feeling agitated, speaking incoherently, and also feel delusional.

And on a serious note is that when experiencing psychosis, it is ironical that you’ll not even have a clue of how you behave.

The best part, however, is that when it gets to this point, you’ll then need to seek further medication.

Now, these are some of the key side-effects of CBD oil that you’d probably experience from time to time.

It’s not, however, a guarantee that you’ll experience any of them. But in case you do, just be aware it is as a result of this substance.

The best thing nonetheless, is that most of these side-effects are treatable and you can manage them accordingly.

Step-by-step Process How to Make CBD Oil

So you finally decide that you want to make CBD oil and you also have all the ingredients as well as the equipment.

Where do you start from?

Well, if you’re a first timer, then it’s quite evident that this can be a shocker to you!

And even if you’ve already tried it before, chances are high that you can improve next time you think of preparing some.

For that reason, thank me later since I want to give you insights here so that next time you think of it, you’ll be perfect.

Or at least close to perfection.

The truth nonetheless is that the process can at times be intimidating to some people but trust me it’s quite straightforward.

But before we do, let me mention it here that the particular method you choose depends on the tools available and personal preference.



Now let’s find out the actual step-by-step process.

1. Assemble your ingredients

Obviously, the first thing you ought to do is preparing your ingredients.

Find a high-quality cannabis plant and choose ideal buds, leaves, and stems.

By the way, remember the quality of the final product is dependent on the type of cannabis you’re using.

Ideally, you need to decarboxylate the cannabis plant for about 100 minutes at a temperature of 220° F.

2. Mixing

In this stage, you need to mix all the ingredients.

This process needs to be relatively thorough because it also determines the quality of the end product that you’ll attain.

Also, remember that the mixing is aimed at achieving consistency regarding material formula.

3. Boil the mixture

Now that you have a consistent syrup, you need to boil it using the ideal equipment.

Incidentally, you need to be keen in this case and ensure that you maintain boiling to a specific temperature.

Failure to do this can deplete the essential compounds on this particular solution.

4. Fill the capsules

Once the syrup is ready, allow it to cool. Then you’ll fill the softgel capsules with the substance.

Now, in this case, you can either choose to use a syringe to fill the capsules.

But this particular process can be seemingly tiresome especially when handling large-scale production.

And it’s for that reason that you indeed require a softgel capsule filling machine.

If you don’t know where to get it, don’t worry, I’ll explain to you about it later on in this guide.

Ways of taking CBD Oil

Listen, it is always important to understand the manner in which you need to take CBD oil.

The fact that this is a relatively new product in the market makes it necessary to know effective ways of using it.

As you know by now, this substance is extracted from the cannabis plant either as a powder or oil.

So can decide to mix these extracts to form creams or even gels.

Generally, the manner of using this drug is mostly dependent on the precise purpose for using it.

In most cases, though, it’s taken orally for internal use through ingestion.

You should also be cognizant of the fact that this product is relatively new.

And for that reason, the establishment of precise dosing is not yet accomplished.

And in as much as there’s no established overdose of this supplement, you’ll also rarely experience side effects irrespective of the dosage.

Ideally, there are two major ways of taking CBD oil. So let’s look at them briefly;

· Vape Cannabidiol

This method refers to consuming CBD oil in the form of vapor.

Well, it is arguably one of the best and most comfortable means of consuming this particular supplement.

In fact, many people prefer using this particular method as it seemingly provides convenience and faster relief.

Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD – Photo courtesy: LEAFLY

Different users always describe this method as immediate effect whenever they vape this compound.

When you compare this method let’s say with edible form, you’ll notice that this one gets directly into the bloodstream faster.

The edible form option might take up to at least 30 minutes before taking effect.

And if you’re someone who wants to relieve chronic pain, waiting for all these minutes could be quite challenging.

So vaping becomes the viable option available.

This form of consuming this substance also allows you to remain discrete and consume this supplement anywhere even in public.

You can carry it everywhere you go because of the portability of the vape pen.

And speaking of vape pen, there’s a growing concern of whether the particular disposable one you go for is the best option.

Probably, it’s not!

Nowadays, many stores and dealers of this vape pens are taking advantage of the fact that many users are ignorant of this product.

So they tend to sell them exorbitantly or in worse case scenarios, they sell products that can make you sick.

And for that reason, there’s need for understanding basic principles of vaping as well as its components.

This way, you’ll undoubtedly get the best deals and best quality vape pen products.

· CBD Oil Capsules

This is the other common method of consuming this particular supplement.

Often, it is referred to as an edible form of consuming this product given that you have to swallow them for ingestion take place.

These capsules are mostly made from softgels which are important because they enable you to take them easily and conveniently.

CBD Oil capsules

CBD Oil capsules

Well, in various pharmaceutical stores, these are mostly the type of CBD oil supplements which are available for prescription.

Capsules are relatively small pills that you can either swallow directly or chew first then swallow after disintegrating.

In as much as this form of taking CBD oil is common, it is comparatively slow in regards to taking effect.

What I mean here is that since it is orally taken, it takes a number of minutes before digestion and absorption take place.

This, however, doesn’t imply that it is not an effective mode of taking this substance.

In fact, many people prefer it given that you can easily measure that dosage you require at any particular moment.

Also, it does not produce vapor or smoke which on some occasions can be irritating to non-users around you.

Moreover, CBD oil capsules are also convenient to carry given that they are relatively small.

And they have a somewhat longer shelf-life since they incorporate different types of ingredients, especially when making the gelatin shell.

But I can recommend that before taking this type of CBD oil substance, you should always seek assistance from a medical professional.

You see, this particular type of supplement is still relatively new in the market.

And so it can be somewhat tricky and deceptive to assume that you can measure the exact dosage which you need.

The bottom line, however, is that both these means of taking this compound are effective albeit different in time.

SaintyCo CBD Oil Softgel Machine

Now, this is one of the most crucial aspects which you need to understand as far as CBD oil capsules are concerned.

You see, this is something that you can actually manufacture if you happen to have all the right equipment.

SaintyCo softgel encapsulation machine for CBD Oil

SaintyCo Softgel Encapsulation machine for CBD Oil

Apparently, getting all the machines and related components for manufacturing this substance is what at times can be challenging.

But I have good news for you if you’re indeed looking for such an instrument to make CBD oil.

There is this company known as SaintyCo.

It is one of the best companies that I would highly recommend to you.

It happens that they have all different types of CBD oil softgel making machines that you would need.

The quality of machines that this manufacturer produces are beyond reproach.

Also remember when making CBD oil, efficiency, and high performance are key.

And this is precisely what you get from SaintyCo.

By the way, you can never go wrong if you choose to purchase any type of CBD oil softgel equipment from this company.

They have a vast experience, knowledge, and expertise in matters revolving around this product and the technology.

So next time you’re looking for an ideal machine for making CBD oil softgel, don’t look further than SaintyCo.


Well, I’m hopeful that at the very least, you now have more than the basic idea of what a CBD oil entails and its various aspects.

I’m also confident that you can now tell why this substance is soon becoming widespread in many nations.

Of course, the benefits are quite overwhelming.

And as you can see, I know some were quite unthinkable.

You also realize that CBD oil works relatively different from other substances, but at the same time, it can have a few side-effects.

I’m also certain that you can now make this supplement as long as you have the right equipment.

And most importantly you can also visit SaintyCo for all your CBD oil softgel needs.

Otherwise, should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding this substance, feel free to reach us.

Alternatively, you can leave a comment at the section below, and we’ll inevitably revert.

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