Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment: A Comprehensive FAQ Guide

This equipment refers to an electromechanical appliance designed to make several types of chewing gum products.

It comes in different sizes, production capacity and features different elements for specific functions.

You will get all answers concerning different aspects of typical chewing gum making equipment.

Whether you are looking for information about its features, how it works, components, price, where to buy, etc., you’ll find it all here.

Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment Is Available In How Many Types?

 chewing gum manufacturing equipment

chewing gum manufacturering equipment

In general, this equipment is available in two main designs, which include the following;

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Semi-Automatic Unit

It is a type of chewing gum making equipment you can operate either manually or automatically depending on the specific parameter.

Ideally, it means this equipment supports both manual and automatic functions common in manufacturing process of chewing gum products.

semi automatic unit

semi automatic unit

It is comparatively slower but more affordable than a fully automatic unit.

Fully-Automatic Unit

As the name suggests, this chewing gum making device is wholly computerized.

It means all of its operating functions in chewing gum king process are integrated with computer software programs.

Hence, this machine hardly requires human intervention during manufacturing process as long as all configuration settings are well aligned.

 fully automatic unit

fully automatic unit

Besides, this unit is super fast, thus ideal for industrial or commercial chewing gum making where mass production is a concern.

However, it is quite costly and often requires in-depth maintenance knowledge.

Which Parts Encompasses Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

Time and again, classic chewing gum making equipment comprises numerous parts and components.

All the parts and components in this machine play a specific role in fulfilling efficient production process.

However, some particular parts within this equipment may vary based on the specific model and any customization therein.

Nevertheless, understanding the basic parts of this machine is fundamental in establishing its performance and other related needs.

Thus, the main components of this machine you are likely to interact with often include the following;

  • Control panel – This unit comprises an LED screen monitor, which displays, monitors, and regulates various production parameters of the machine.

In different instances, it is available in various major languages, which you can easily switch to your most preferred for efficiency.

  • Hopper – It is a form of container for holding loose raw chewing gum ingredients.

It is available in different sizes and construction styles depending on the specific model.

  • Sensors – These are subsystems or modules detecting various changes taking place within the equipment during production process.

Ordinarily, the main role of sensors in this machine is to relay information or signals to main electric control unit and computer processor.

  • Electronic module unit – It is a part containing numerous electrical units registered within the equipment.

Various components in this unit turn electric power of optimum capacity ideal for operating the machine.

  • Electric Motor – This apparatus turns electrical energy into mechanical energy.

You can find it in varied capacities based on the specific demands or design of the equipment.

  • Roller conveyor unit – It transports different chewing gum raw materials to various stations within the production line.

This unit features conveyor belts, rails, and tubes.

  • Heating system – This vessel is where mixing of all chewing gum ingredients takes place to form a homogenous solution.

It also has a heating unit for heating and melting the raw materials to the required temperature.

  • Pneumatic unit – The essence of this component is to control air pressure within the machine in various respective stations.
  • Cooling system – It eliminates excess heat from an already processed chewing gum product for faster hardening.
  • Molding unit – The design of this component is for shaping the chewing gum product into desired configuration.
  • Discharge chute – It is the part where heated, mixed, and processed chewing gum raw materials are released to other subsequent processing stations.

Does Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment Adds Value To Your Trade?

Most definitely!

If you are running a confectionery-making business, investing in this machine is quite a worthwhile idea.

This instrument adds substantial value to your business in several ways, such as the following;

Improves Manufacturing Process

Ordinarily, many operating parameters of this equipment are computerized.

Of course, this is essential since it hastens the production process, which in return increases your business’ revenue.

Assured Safety

The automation of various aspects of this machine renders it safe for the operator.

It features several sensors, which detect any mishap or safety lapse and trigger the machine into safe mode.

Ideally, this also prevents the machine from further damage, which in some instances may need expensive repair or replacement.

Increases Efficiency

Chewing gum making process using this machine guarantees increased efficiency from all operation aspects.

The machine has several settings for different parameters, which you merely need to set accordingly and get the work done.

Of course, increased efficiency is fundamental since it also improves production reliability.


Notably, the general running cost of modern chewing gum manufacturing equipment is relatively low.

First, you will hardly require intense labor since most machine functions are automated.

What’s more, using this appliance reduces wastage significantly since you can set it based on your preferred production volume.

And this is imperative for a business since it guarantees sustainability and profitability.


The materials used for making this machine are quite durable since they exhibit immense resistance to various unfavorable factors.

In essence, this gives you an extended service lifespan, which is fundamental to your business regarding return on investment.

Raises Production Turnaround

Since most operations of this equipment are automated, it becomes easy to set its production speed.

Hence, you can be sure of making different chewing gum products in large volumes within the shortest time possible for each cycle.

Technically, investing in this machine is worth every penny since it adds immense value to your business and its sustainability.

Is There Difference Between Candy Making Machine And Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment Compare?

Notably, the main difference between these two confectionery making units lies in the working principle.

Chewing gum manufacturing device primarily produces fairly soft, squishy, and easy-to-chew candy.

Besides, you can use it to produce different chewing gum products as far as shape and size based on the specific molding unit you are using.

 candy making machine

candy making machine

Also, this equipment is often available in relatively large sizes since it is designed mostly for commercial production purposes.

On the other hand, the design of candy forming equipment is to produce hard candy products, which you cannot necessarily chew.

Of course, you can also use it to make candy products of different shapes and sizes depending on the type of mold you are using.

chewing gum manufacturing equipment

chewing gum manufacturing equipment

However, most of these units available are usually smaller since they can be for commercial or domestic production.

Moreover, you can find these two sets of confectionery making machines in both semi and fully automated options.

The bottom line is they both play critical roles in the production process of confectionery manufacturing process.

Is Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment Affordable?

The affordability of this equipment depends on various factors.

You can find chewing gum making equipment with various customization elements integrated into it.

Such units are quite expensive compared to the ordinary ones, which come with standard components.

Thus, it means user preference plays a great determinant role as far as cost of this equipment is concerned.

Secondly, this machine is usually available in two main types in terms of mode of operation; semi-automatic and full-automatic options.

However, a semi-automatic unit is usually a bit cheaper than a fully automatic one.

This is expected since the latter is more computerized than the former, making it a bit pricier.

Thirdly, the specific brand of this chewing gum making appliance you are buying also informs the actual price.

Some brands with a reputable reputation regarding quality and proven reliability are usually a bit costlier than less popular brands.

However, this doesn’t imply that the less-known brands do not guarantee quality and reliability.

It’s only that they have somewhat low-penetration into the market yet.

Fourth, the salient specifications of this device also determine whether it will be expensive or otherwise.

A unit with superior features will definitely be more expensive than one with comparatively inferior specifications.

In simple words, the cost of this equipment varies based on several factors.

However, in many instances, the starting price for a reasonable one often ranges from $20,000.

Also, most high-end chewing gum making units range from about $100,000, based on a wide range of elements.

Thus, whether it is affordable depends on several aspects, such as the few mentioned herein.

What Entails Chewing Gum Making Process?

The basic manufacturing process of chewing gum products is relatively similar irrespective of type of machine you are using.

Some critical steps involved in this process include the following;

Ingredients Preparation

This process generally involves mixing different raw materials for manufacturing chewing gum products.

Of course, the specific ingredients depend on the final product you are making.

You can choose to mix these ingredients either by using batch or continuous mixing methods, depending on machine you are using.

The essence is to attain a homogenous solution from the different raw materials.


Here, the use of numerous extruders like multiple, single or double-counter rotating ones comes in effect.

The extruders simplify materialization process of a rope-like formulation appropriate for manufacturing chewing gum chunks.

To attain a more effectual molding process, always consider using a pre-extruder to feed the main extruder.

This is essential since it enhances consistent gum flow from main extruder.

Freezing And Decorating

Once shaping process is over, the now rope-like gum passes through a cooling unit for cooling at about 5-10° C.

The essence of this process is to ensure the gum hardens relatively fast for easy cutting and wrapping

During cooling, ensure air circulation within the tunnel is optimum.

Coating And Sorting

Once the chewing gum attains the required shape according to your demands, it moves to coating and sorting.

Layering process allows the products to attain a consistent and smooth surface.

Technically, this final phase of chewing gum production process involves removing broken or improper chewing gums from the rest.

In essence, the machine ensures all the chewing gum products are sorted accordingly based on shape and size.

Where Is Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment Assembled?

The determinant factor of the ideal assembling point for this equipment is the exact size you are purchasing.

Some designs are pretty bulky thus require onsite assembling.

And this is fundamental since it also enhances shipping convenience from the manufacturer to your plant’s premises.

However, comparatively compact chewing gum manufacturing equipment is usually assembled at the factory.

Which Ways Can You Use To Boost Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment Performance?

Some best practices you can integrate into this machine to increase its efficiency include the following;

  • Integrating vacuum powder absorber to improve the general performance of the equipment
  • Adopting PLC screen for controlling different parameters of the machine to enhance automated functions precision.
  • Incorporating a clean-in-place feature for auto-cleaning the equipment during production process without stopping it.
  • Using a double-extruding method to allow better and consistent arrangement of chewing gum product base and excellent taste.

How Safe Is Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

Typical modern chewing gum making equipment comes with different safety features for protecting the operator and the machine itself.

Such features include the following;

Immobilizer that sends the equipment into safe mode upon detecting any form of malfunction or safety issue.

Emergency control switches for bringing the machine under control to prevent further damage or hazardous situation.

Safety regulator that monitors various safety and non-safety input components by allowing safe stop and start functions.

Interconnected switches monitoring motorized guard-rails, separate the operator from likely hazard during chewing gum manufacturing process.

Indicator lights in different colors triggered by various mishaps within the machine to alert the operator depending on gravity of safety issues.

Light curtains to protect the machine from damage and you from imminent injuries. They form a detecting screen guarding the machine’s access perimeters.

Can You Integrate Supplementary Machines With Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?


A typical chewing gum making equipment can use a number of auxiliary machines to fulfil an effective manufacturing process.

In general, the specific devices you can incorporate are dependent on the ultimate final chewing gum product you are manufacturing.

Some commonly used machines include the following;

  • Agitator
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Sugar crusher/pulverizer
  • Packaging machine
  • Sealing machine
  • Quality evaluation machine
  • Auto-dust cleaner
  • Gum base oven
  • Dehumidifier
  • Powder sprinkler
  • Cutting machine for chewing gum products
  • Glazing pan

Which Techniques Do You Use To Maintain Efficiency And Performance Of Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

Intrinsically, it is quite expensive to procure a chewing gum making equipment.

As such, maintaining the machine to enhance its efficiency and reliability at all times is always recommended.

Some maintenance techniques you may consider include the following;

  • Lubricate all the moving parts and components to reduce friction, which can easily compromise the efficiency and performance of the machine.
  • Use the correct error-identification device and software program to analyze and fix all the programming issues accordingly.
  • Always replace worn-out or damaged parts with genuine products according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Ensure you clean the machine thoroughly using recommended washing detergents and clean water.

It allows you to remove stuck debris of chewing gum raw materials that could easily corrode different parts.

Which Aspects Determine Warranty Of Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

In an ideal world, a warranty is a legal requirement upon purchasing chewing gum manufacturing equipment.

However, several factors determine the specific application of warranty terms on this machine.

One way to determine a warranty is by inquiring from the manufacturer to establish the actual terms and conditions.

Some companies often offer a warranty on selected parts and components of the machine.

On the other hand, you can find some manufacturers offering comprehensive warranty, which covers the entire machine.

Thus, you need to read and understand the finer details of warranty terms to determine what it covers specifically.

Another essential factor in determining warranty is establishing the precise duration.

Some warranties are for a shorter period, whereas others tend to be reasonably long.

Hence, ensure you figure out the exact period your machine is under warranty.

How Do Choose Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

It is vital to understand the specific technical specifications of chewing gum manufacturing equipment to select the most suitable one.

Ideally, most of these features tend to vary from one machine model to another.

But the common ones you need to look into include the following;

  • Production volume and speed
  • Hydraulic or manual operation
  • Adopt power rating
  • Surface material finish made of stainless steel
  • Heating jacket
  • On-screen PLC control system
  • Adequate cooling tunnel length
  • Blades cooling arrangement
  • Weight to volume ratio
  • Approved food-grade material shaft sealing
  • Programmed valve discharge system
  • Desired blade shapes for homogenous mixing of raw material

How Many Chewing Gum Products Can You Make With Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

A normal chewing gum making device can produce various chewing gum products.

Popular varieties you can always manufacture using this component include the following;

Dragee chewing gum – It more or less takes the shape of a pillow and is usually packed in blister packs.

Ball gum – This chewing gum is quite common in a vending machine and looks like a small ball coated in different colors.

Pounded chewing gum – It is a chewing gum design usually manufactured from a free-flowing powdered formulation compacted in different shapes.

Tube gum – In some instances, it is referred to as spaghetti gum, quite soft, and you can easily squeeze it from a tubing package.

Pharmaceutical chewing gum – It is a chewing gum type that incorporates curative substances for treatment or curing a particular condition.

Candy and gum combinations – These refer to type of chewing gum product coated with hard candy.

The other varieties of chewing gum products you can also make using this machine include the following;

  • Sugar-free chewing gum
  • Ribbon chewing gum
  • Stick chewing gum
  • Wrap gum
  • Bubble gum
  • Nicotine chewing gum

Which Adjustments Can You Incorporate In Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

Different customers always have unique preferences as far as design construction and additional details of this equipment is concerned.

Therefore, in numerous instances, these machines are personalized to meet specific customer demands.

Depending on the manufacturer, various modification techniques are used on this instrument, and one method is extending the cooling tunnel.

Of course, it is an essential adaptation feature because it creates adequate space for heated and mixed chewing gum formulation to cool.

Besides, it is easy to personalize other parts to suit your needs such as power motor, hopper size, pneumatic unit, and mixing tank based on your production needs.

Besides, you can adjust power voltage of this equipment to suit your supply demands.

Simply put, you can always modify various aspects of a chewing gum machine to suit your preferred production demands.

What Aspects Do You Use To Establish The Ideal Production Output For Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

The main determinant of production volume of a chewing gum making machine is its technical specifications.

Ideally, an equipment with superior and advanced technical specifications will guarantee higher capacity than the reverse.

Consequently, automatic chewing gum manufacturing equipment produces higher output than semi-automatic units.

Power rating is another important production capacity determinant.

Typically, it simply implies that the higher the power rating, the more the production capacity and vice versa.

In the same way, the overall size of this equipment influences the production output of chewing gum making equipment.

Hence, the bigger the size, the higher the production capacity.

Why Is Procuring Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment From China A Better Idea?

Currently, China is the world’s leading marketplace for buying a wide range of chewing gum manufacturing appliances.

Of course, several factors inform this aspect, and the main ones include the following;

  • It is easy to find affordable chewing gum making machines in China.

Several manufacturers in China make this equipment; thus, with proper shopping techniques, you can always get them at cost-friendly rates.

  • Depending on your preference, you can find different designs or customized units modified to suit your specific requirements.
  • The quality of chewing gum manufacturing equipment in China is high and meets the required safety and health standards.

Hence, you can feel confident getting a unit conforming to all required quality standards.

  • Professionalism levels among Chinese chewing gum making equipment manufacturers is immensely high.

They handle all aspects of machine purchasing through to delivery seamlessly.

  • You are likely to get auxiliary services when buying this machine from China, such as packaging, assembling, etc.

In essence, this is important since it reduces overall cost.

Does Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment Consume Immense Power?

The energy consumption of this machine is dependent on several factors.

For instance, the general specifications of the equipment influence its ideal power consumption.

Ordinary, many chewing gum manufacturing equipment used for small-scale production would consume a power range of up to 240v.

However, commercial units used for large-scale production would have a power rating of more than 240v depending on its size and specifications.

That notwithstanding, you can always easily adjust the power rating of this machine to suit your respective production needs.

Which Benefits Do You Obtain From Conducting Factory Acceptance Test When Buying Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

Quite a lot but the main advantages are as follows;

  • Makes it easy to resolve different issues surrounding the machine before it is shipped to your site.
  • Saves time and resources since it addresses all possible mechanical problems or faults beforehand.
  • Enhances safety concerns of the equipment given it looks into all the required standards.
  • Makes it easy to establish the liable party between the manufacturer and the buyer in case there is a reported or detected issue with the machine.
  • It determines whether the equipment is efficient to withstand the specific conditions it will be operating on.

Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment Complies With Which Quality Standards?

Relatively several and in most cases, depend on the particular target market of the machine.

Nonetheless, the common globally acceptable quality standard certifications that this machine needs to comply with include the following;

  • CE certification
  • SGS Certification
  • FDA – Food and Drug Administration
  • ANSI – American National Standards Institute
  • cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices
  • RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive
  • ASTM – American Society for Testing Material

Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment Is Designed From Which Materials?

This machine comprises different parts and components made of various materials.

Hence, the most suitable material depends on a particular function and its role in the equipment.

Still, the ultimate material for making different parts that come in contact with chewing gum products is stainless steel.

Ordinarily, stainless steel is regarded as ideal since it features anti-bacterial features, critical in food handling and processing.

Besides, cleaning and maintaining this material is relatively easy in addition to its durability.

Stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion, which is quite imminent in this machine since the process entails use of different chemical substances.

Other materials such as plastic and rubber are also ideal considerations for particular parts of the machine.

What Are The Shortcomings Of Buying Used Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

Several unfavorable reasons make buying used chewing gum manufacturing equipment a risky venture, such as the following;

  • There is no guaranteed warranty, and this is risky since it means you are not covered in case the machine or its crucial component breaks down.
  • It is difficult to establish the service and maintenance history of the used equipment, making it susceptible to failure or breakdown.
  • Hardly can you get a customized unit if you buy used chewing gum manufacturing equipment, limiting your production demands.
  • The quality standards of used machines are not guaranteed since the previous user may easily doctor the documents.
  • Parts and components of used machines may frequently fail due to tear and wear, which can be costly and inconvenient to replace.

Can You Manufacture Pharmaceutical Products Using Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?


Several chewing gum products are often manufactured for medication reasons.

This machine, thus, comes in handy to ensure you produce quality medical chewing gum.

It gives you value for money since it guarantees efficiency and uniformity, especially when producing such products in bulk.

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