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Chocolate Bean Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers all information you’re looking for about chocolate bean machine.

From specifications, components, working principle to uses; you will find everything about chocolate bean machine right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Chocolate Bean Machine?

A chocolate bean machine is a piece of equipment you will use to cold roll a paste of pure chocolate into a variety of chocolate beans.

The chocolate bean shapes include:

  • Egg-shaped chocolate
  • Spherical chocolate
  • MM bean-shaped chocolate, etc.

Chocolate bean machines come with cold rollers, a bean rim separation system, a cooling tunnel, and cooling systems.

MM Shaped Chocolate Bean Making Machine

MM Bean Shaped Chocolate machine

What Are The Benefits Of A Chocolate Bean Machine?

A chocolate bean machine has several advantages including the following:

  • Ease of operation

Operating a chocolate bean machine is easy no matter the level of automation.

This feature allows you to make various types of chocolate bean products.

The parts that make this machine enables you to conduct and monitor the processes from a central station.

  • Efficient

A chocolate bean machine allows you to have several chocolate beans during production while minimizing waste.

Besides, this machine will cut down the labor costs in terms of wages.

Also, you can closely monitor the production process from a central station hence assisting in minimizing waste.

Chocolate bean machines allow you to enhance your production while maintaining the costs.

  • Time-saving

Since this machine can make many chocolate beans per unit of time, you maximize your production output.

Besides, this proves beneficial in the automatic versions of chocolate bean machines.

  • More accuracy

The automatic versions of a chocolate bean machine ensure you produce accurate chocolate beans for your customers.

It ensures you achieve consistency and good quality chocolate products.

Besides, you can conduct several productions using this machine yet produce consistent products at all times.

  • More output

This machine increases the production volume as it can make several chocolate beans per unit of time.

Besides, this feature allows you to meet various client needs within a short time.

 Chocolate Bean Machine Has Numerous Benefits

Chocolate Bean Machine Has Numerous Benefits

What Are The Features Of A Chocolate Bean Machine?

A chocolate bean machine has several beneficial features such as:

  • Electronic parts from renowned brands
  • Ease of installation due to its simple and linear structure
  • High level of efficiency and accuracy
  • Standard bean size, taste, and weight
  • Stainless steel body construction
  • Automation unit with a programmable logic controller
  • Average machine weight of 820 kg
  • 3 layers of cooling tunnels
  • Quality compliance
  • A voltage of 220 or 380 at 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • One year machine warranty
  • Average machine capacity of between 150 kg and 22 kg/hr.

What Are The Types Of Chocolate Bean Machine?

There are several versions of chocolate bean machines for you to choose from in the market today.

These versions have their specific advantages and limitations.

Here are the main types of chocolate bean machines:

Manual Chocolate Bean Machine

These machines are small in size and can come in various configurations such as table-top versions.

The production capacity of manual chocolate bean machines depends on the availability of manual labor.

This machine is labor-intensive hence requires several operators to meet a specific production limit.

Manual chocolate bean machines are suitable for small-scale production units such as startup confectionaries, bakeries, etc.

They are simple to clean, service, and maintain since they have minimal components.

Manual Bean Machine

Manual Chocolate Bean Machine

Semi-automatic Chocolate Bean Machine

This machine allows you to conduct certain processes manually as it handles other processes automatically.

Besides, it will assist you in handling complex processes involved in chocolate bean manufacturing.

Semi-automatic chocolate bean machines allow you to achieve a higher production output than the manual version.

Also, semi-automatic versions allow you to integrate with other machines in the chocolate production line.

Besides, you can upgrade some semi-automatic chocolate bean machines to fully automatic chocolate bean machines.

These machines are suitable for mid-size to large industries that are planning to scale in the future.

Fully Automatic Chocolate Bean Machine

These are the most expensive types of chocolate bean machines.

Besides, they require minimal to no human intervention when conducting the chocolate bean formation.

Fully automatic chocolate bean machines operate independently once you input the production parameters.

They have the highest production capacity, level of technology, and will cost you more.

Despite its high initial cost, you will spend less on recurring production costs such as labor.

Fully automatic chocolate bean machines are suitable for large industries that need to meet large customer requirements.

A Fully Automatic Chocolate Bean Machine

A Fully Automatic Chocolate Bean Machine

What Are The Parts Of A Chocolate Bean Machine?

A chocolate bean machine has several components that help it work efficiently.

These parts entail the following:

  • Control unit

This is a central station that allows you to input the production parameters and monitor the machine.

It has a programmable logic controller and human-machine interface allowing for easy operation.

  • Cooling tunnel

This part will cool the chocolate beans after they leave the cold rollers.

They assist in maintaining the shape of the chocolate beans.

  • Electrical unit

This part houses all parts that provide the chocolate bean machine with electrical energy.

  • Exit tunnel

This is the area the products leave the chocolate bean machine after they fully form.

Upon exiting, they move to the next production stage such as the packaging phase.

  • Sensors

These parts allow you to maintain a secure chocolate bean production process by detecting flaws and hazards.

It relays the information to the control panel allowing you to take appropriate measures.

In extreme cases, it will automatically shut down the machine.

  • Cold rollers

These parts assist in forming the chocolate beans from the chocolate paste.

They have the molds on them where the chocolate paste fills then cools before leaving the machine.

The rollers can come in various molds allowing you to make different chocolate bean shapes.

  • Bean rim separation system

This part enables you to separate the chocolate beans from sticking to the machine during the production process.

  • Transportation systems

This part has motors, gears, and conveyor belts that allow products to move from one part of the machine to another.

  • Hopper

This part will hold the chocolate paste before entering the cold rollers.

  • Cooling systems

This area provides a cold atmosphere where the hot chocolate will cool into a solid shape before moving to the next phase.

How Does A Chocolate Bean Machine Operate?

Here is how a chocolate bean machine functions:

Preparation Phase

In this stage, you will ensure that all the chocolate paste is available for you to use within the chocolate bean machine.

Ensure the chocolate paste is at the right temperature and that the machine is fully operational.

Input the production parameters via the control panel as you start the production process.

Chocolate Movement

Here, the chocolate paste moves from the hopper to the cold rollers where they will take the shape.

Chocolate paste moves from mass tanks to the hopper.

Filling Process

The chocolate paste moves into the cold rollers that contain molds.

Here, the chocolate paste fills the molds that determine the shape of the final product.

Cooling Phase

Since the chocolate paste is in a semi-liquid state, the cooling tunnel will assist in lowering its temperature.

This allows the chocolate to take and maintain its shape before moving to the next production phase.

Quality Assessment

After leaving the cooling tunnel, the chocolate beans undergo an inspection to ensure they meet the set quality standards.

The machine performs this task through sensors that will accept the good-quality chocolate beans and reject bad ones.

What Quality Standards Should A Chocolate Bean Machine Conform To?

A chocolate bean machine should conform to a set of quality standards to ensure safe and accurate operation.

These quality standards ensure proper manufacturing and operation of the chocolate bean machine.

The safety standards make sure the chocolate bean machine poses no danger to any human.

Besides, these standards ensure the final product is safe for human consumption.

Some of these quality standards include the following:

  • FDA
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • CGMP
  • CCC

Can You Perform A Risk Assessment On A Chocolate Bean Machine?

Yes, you can conduct a risk assessment to determine any potential danger you may encounter while operating the machine.

Risk assessments are continuous processes you conduct on the chocolate bean machine throughout its functional life.

There are five essential steps in conducting a risk assessment for a chocolate bean machine.

These include the following:

Identifying The Risk

Engineers and designers will identify any potential risk when developing a chocolate bean machine.

The installation manual has these concerns listed, and also highlights the potential risk and harm it can cause.

Identification of these risks answers questions related to what, who, how, and when.

First Risk Assessment

This risk assessment tries to quantify these risks by highlighting various qualities.

The first risk assessment checks how serious an injury can be, how to avoid it, and how frequently it occurs.

Risk Reduction

This entails establishing how to minimize the risks you had identified and assessed earlier.

Here, you will find out that you can avoid the risks independent of the other risks.

As you establish how to minimize the risks, you begin by formulating a hierarchy that starts with the most likely risk.

Assessing Residual Risk

This type of risk assessment will reevaluate the risk you identified following the initial risk assessment process.

Residual risks are risks that may exist following measures to eliminate or avoid the initial risk.

Here, you will evaluate the residual risk and investigate whether you can operate around it or not.

If you cannot operate around the residual risk, you need to formulate a suitable method to minimize such a risk.

Validate Solutions

It is not enough to determine the plausible solutions to the risks but rather need to establish their effectiveness levels.

Validating the solutions enables you to determine the viability of such safety measures.

How Does A Chocolate Bean Machine And Chocolate Wrapping Machine Compare?

A chocolate bean machine performs the task of cold rolling pure chocolate paste into various chocolate bean shapes.

Besides, a chocolate wrapping machine will enclose the chocolate products within food-grade material to preserve their freshness.

You can use a chocolate bean machine and chocolate wrapping machine in the same production line within a chocolate company.

A chocolate wrapping machine can wrap the chocolate products using foil, paper, or polythene.

Chocolate wrapping machines can perform fold, coin, foil, or bar wrapping.

A Chocolate Wrapping Machine

A Chocolate Wrapping Machine

How Does A Chocolate Bean Machine And Candy Making Machine Compare?

candy-making machine is a machine you will use to make various types of candy products.

Chocolate bean machines assist you in converting pure chocolate paste into various bean shapes.

Candy making Machine

Candy Making Machine

Can You Imprint On Chocolate Beans Using A Chocolate Bean Machine?

When using a chocolate bean machine, you can place imprints on the chocolate products.

This can happen when the molds have engravings that contain specific information which will transfer on the chocolate beans.

Besides, the imprint is in reverse so that the information on the chocolate bean will remain upright.

The information you can imprint includes logos, brand names, etc.

Imprinting information on chocolate beans will increase the aesthetics and distinguish your chocolate bean from the competition.

Which Industries Use A Chocolate Bean Machine?

The various industries that use a chocolate bean machine include the following:

  • Confectionary industries
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries

Which Belts Can You Use In A Chocolate Bean Machine?

Conveyor belts assist in moving the chocolate products from one part of the machine to another.

For example, when cooling the chocolate beans, the conveyor belt passes them via cooling tunnels.

The types of belts you can use include the following:

  • Thermoplastic polyurethane belts

These belts are impermeable with a non-sticky feature enabling you to transfer and position the chocolate beans.

TPU belt construction enables you to experience a minimal build-up of chocolate underneath the product.

A Thermoplastic Belt

A Thermoplastic Belt

  • Standard polyurethane belts

These belts allow you to place various covers such as glossy, emboss, or matte.

Standard polyurethane belts offer excellent resistance to fatty or oily materials hence maintaining proper hygiene.

They are also resistant to cracks and abrasion thus suitable for sharp-edge applications.

  • Silicone belts

These belts have food-grade certifications and have high resistance against plant and animal fat and oils.

Besides, they are non-stick thus suitable for use with glutinous chocolate bean products.

They have good thermal characteristics hence suitable for use in various temperature ranges.

Silicon Belts Can Also Be Used In A Chocolate Bean Machine

Silicon Belts Can Also Be Used In A Chocolate Bean Machine

How Do You Perform A Factory Assessment Test On A Chocolate Bean Machine?

A FAT test allows you to determine the functionality of the chocolate bean machine.

This test will confirm that the chocolate bean machine can operate without any issues.

The following information is relevant when conducting a FAT process:

  • The FAT enables you to determine technical specifications and the operational response of the chocolate bean machine
  • It will enable you to establish the chocolate bean machine’s troubleshooting processes
  • FAT allows you to evaluate the procedures of the machine
  • It enables you to identify a guide for operating the machine and remedying the failures
  • FAT enables you to gather information about the chocolate bean machine when operating or not
  • Also, you can know the response to programmed commands by conducting FAT

The tests you can conduct on the chocolate bean machine include:

  • Thermal insulation of the machine
  • The status of the electrical system
  • Machine response under specific conditions to determine suitability in the marketplace
  • Testing the functionality of automatic features such as sensors and PLC
  • The capacity of the components of the machine

Which Support Equipment Can You Use With A Chocolate Bean Machine?

These are machines that you can use with a chocolate bean machine in the production line.

Such support equipment includes the following:

  • Feeder mixer will regulate and vary the ingredients you will include in the chocolate substance.
  • Biscuit feeding machine will introduce biscuits within the chocolate molds.
  • Chocolate analysis system allows you to assess the quality of the chocolate before forming the chocolate beans.
  • Nut feeders allow you to feed whole nuts in chocolate molds.
  • Chocolate pumps will push the chocolate via pipes.
  • Chocolate enrobers assist in coating the chocolate bean with a thin layer of chocolate.
  • Granule dosing machine assists in dosing granules within the chocolate molds.
  • Chocolate granule mixer will homogeneously mix granules with pure chocolate.
  • Weighing unit enables you accurately and efficiently weigh the chocolate beans before packaging.

What Should You Consider When Selecting A Chocolate Bean Machine?

There are various factors worth considering when choosing a chocolate bean machine.

These include the following:

  • Cost

The amount you have will determine what kind of chocolate bean machine you can afford.

For instance, fully automatic versions cost more than semi-automatic or manual versions.

  • Production scale

This entails considering the production capacity of your industry.

Fully automatic versions are suitable for large production capacities while manual versions are suitable for small productions.

  • Technology

Ensure you select a chocolate bean machine that has the latest technological advancement.

  • Available space

The space available in your industry will dictate the chocolate bean machine you can purchase.

Ensure you have enough room for maintenance and operation after installing the chocolate bean machine.

  • Production specifications

This entails knowing the chocolate product you want to produce.

Also, consider a machine that allows you to alter the product specifications.

Why Should You Purchase New Chocolate Bean Machines?

Purchasing a brand new chocolate bean machine offers the following benefits:

  • Warranty

A new machine has the maximum warranty available than used versions whose warranty is already expired.

  • Reliability

New machines from the factory are reliable since they have undergone various tests.

  • Innovation

New machines employ the latest technological advancement.

  • Safety

New machines ensure you experience no issues during production, thus preventing injuries or damages.

  • Spare parts

Manufacturers may include spare parts when you buy new chocolate bean machines.

Do You Have Spare Parts For A Chocolate Bean Machine?

Yes, we have genuine spare parts that we can ship once you make an order, including replacement instructions.

How Do You Maintain A Chocolate Bean Machine?

Ensure you clean the machine after use.

Conduct regular inspections to ensure all parts are functional.

Lubricate all moving parts to minimize wear and tear.

Repair or replace all faulty components to prevent any hazard.

Ensure no electrical circuit is broken as it may cause fire hazards and electrocution.

Why Use Stainless Steel To Make A Chocolate Bean Machine?

Stainless steel offers the following benefits:

  • High strength and durability
  • Good aesthetics and varying finishes
  • Recyclability
  • High hygienic qualities
  • Corrosion resistance

What Safety Precautions Should You Take While Operating A Chocolate Bean Machine?

These entail:

  • Place the machine on a sturdy surface
  • Ensure no water penetrates the motors
  • Supervise closely when operating
  • Ground all electrical outlets
  • Operate the machine indoors
  • Do not operate with faulty electrical cables
  • Disconnect from the power source when cleaning

What Is The Cost Of A Chocolate Bean Machine?

Since there are different types of chocolate bean machines, the cost may start anywhere from 2000 USD.

What Factors Affect The Price Of A Chocolate Bean Machine?

These factors include:

  • Level of automation
  • Production capacity
  • Features
  • Customization

The Price Of A Chocolate bean Machine Depends On Numerous factors

The Price Of A Chocolate Bean Machine Depends On Numerous Factors

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