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This guide covers all information you’re looking for about chocolate coin machine.

Whether you want to learn about features, specification, benefits, parts or working principle, you will find all information right here.

So, keep reading to learn more about this chocolate machine.

What Is Chocolate Coin Machine used for?

Chocolate coin machine

Chocolate Coin Machine

This is a type of machine whose function is to produce chocolate products in the form of coins.

Different molds for these machines help in fabricating different chocolate coins.

What Are The Features Of The Best Chocolate Coin Machine?

Features to look out for in an effective chocolate coin machine are:

Quality Standards

This feature assures you of a reliable and working chocolate coin machine.

The easiest way of purchasing this machine with all the quality standards is by engaging a reliable manufacturer.

Such a manufacturer usually has all the accreditations to manufacture quality chocolate coin machines.

Power Output

Chocolate coin machines are available in different power output capacities.

However, the common one ranges between 220/50Hz and 300/75Hz.

The choice of which one to use depends on the total power capacity of your company.

You need to ensure the machine power usage does not exceed your total power output or it won’t function properly.

Production Capacity

This feature helps in determining your production.

There are different capacities for these machines which gives you options to select depending on your requirements.

You can also get a customized production capacity when you engage a reliable manufacturer.

Why Should You Invest in A Chocolate Coin Machine?

Investing in a chocolate coin making machine not only increases your profit margin but offers a variety of chocolate products.

This is due to the ability of the machine to produce different products which meets the customers’ demands.

Other reasons why you need to incest in this machine are:

Reducing Production Cost

The accuracy in terms of production of this machine guarantees you quality while reducing waste.

This allows you to maximize on the raw material to increase your profit margins.

You also reduce the labor for operating the machine.

This is because the machine requires less human power to operate compared to other conventional chocolate coin making mechanisms.

Easy Operation

These machines are available in different types which facilitates their operation.

For instance, you have a fully automatic type which requires less knowledge to operate.

The easy and friendly interface facilitates easy handling of the machine.


Given the production processes of different machines, you need a reliable machine that guarantees you unlimited production.

This is one of those machines which even the manufacturers have an assurance with its capability.

You get a warranty which assures you of continuous functionality and in case of malfunctioning you manufacturer can assist.

Warranty covers different aspect of your machine and differs in term of validity from one manufacturer to another.

What Are The Different Types Of Chocolate Coin Machines?

The different types of chocolate coin machines available in the market are:

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

Single Hopper Chocolate Coin Making Machine

This type of machine features a single feeding point from where you introduce your raw materials.

It has a relatively lower production capacity than a double hopper.

The limitation with this type of this machine is when there is a breakdown with the hopper.

When such occurs, you have to stop production and sort it out.

Double Hopper Chocolate Making Machine

A double hopper chocolate making machine features two feeders from where you introduce your raw materials.

The double feeder allows you to interchange from one feeder in case the other one is malfunctioning.

A double feeder has a higher production capacity compared to a single hopper.

Automatic Chocolate Making Machine

The use of an automatic chocolate making machine is common due to its efficiency.

Its operation does not require any human intervention.

Automatic chocolate making machine is relatively expensive compared to the other types in terms of purchasing and maintaining.

It however has a lower operating cost.

Semi-automatic Chocolate Making Machine

A semi-automatic chocolate making machine combines both manual and automation features.

Its efficiency is higher than that of a manual chocolate making machine but lower than an automatic machine.

Its price is lower than an automatic chocolate making machine but higher than that of a manual one.

Manual Chocolate Making Machine

Manual chocolate making machine relies on human aspect for its productivity.

The limitation of this machine is its low productivity.

A malfunctioning on this machine is hard to detect hence leads to a high downtime affecting its production.

Does Chocolate Coin Molding Machine Come With The Chocolate Molds?


A reliable manufacturer should offer you chocolate molding machine together with a variety of chocolate molds.

You can also get customized molds depending on the chocolate coins that you want to produce.

Can You Make Different Sizes Of Chocolate Using One Chocolate Coin Machine?

No. it is impossible to manufacture different sizes of chocolate coins using one machine.
This means you need different machines to manufacture different sizes.

However, you can vary the thickness of the sizes using different molds.

What Are The Key Parts Of A Chocolate Coin Machine?

A functioning chocolate coin machine has the following essential parts:

Power Unit

This is the part of the machine that powers it up for proper functioning.

It consists of cables and switches from where you connect to the main power source.

Control Unit

This part consists of various knobs and controls which allows you to control the functioning of your chocolate coin machine.

It is from here that you set the parameters of the machine before operation.

The control unit also allows you to monitor where there is an error on the machine for easy maintenance.

Feeding Unit

The feeding unit is the top part of your machine from where you introduce your raw materials.

It can have different shapes depending on the design of your machine.

Melting Part

The melting section is in the shape of a tank.

It is here that all the raw materials melt to a uniform thick paste.

The paste is ideal for forming the perfect chocolate coin shape.

The purpose of melting these ingredients is to mix them and have a uniform paste.

Molding Part

The function of this part is to give your chocolate the coin shape.

Fabrication of the coin dimensions such as the thickness and size take place here.

Cooling Section

This is the last part of your chocolate coin making machine.

The purpose of this section is to harden your chocolate coin forming a perfect product.

You can regulate the degree of cooling using the control unit.

How Does A Chocolate Coin Machine Work?

Chocolate molding machine

Chocolate Coin Machine

Understanding the functionality of a chocolate involves knowing how its different parts work.

The initial point is feeding all the ingredients on to the machine through the feeder.

Besides, the feeding should be in such proportion for better chocolate mixture.

You can regulate the feeding rate by checking on the control panel.

The materials flow through the hoper and into the mixing section of your machine.

It is here that the ingredients form a homogeneous mixture.

The presence of the melting section helps in ensuring there is a uniform mixture of all the ingredients. Melting is also essential in ensuring you have a thick paste for forming your chocolate coin products.

The next step is the molding of the thick paste to form the perfect chocolate coin.

There are few parameters that you have to consider in this step, that is, the shape, thickness and size.

You can control these parameters using the control panel.

The next step after the molding is cooling.

Cooling helps in solidifying the chocolate coin into the perfect shape that you want.

You can determine the degree of cooling using the control panel.

The last step in your chocolate coin making machine is the packaging process.

There are different materials available for packaging your chocolate coins.

However, an ideal packaging material should maintain the quality of your chocolate coins.

What Is The Production Capacity Of Chocolate Coin Making Machine?

Large capacity chocolate coin machine

Large capacity Chocolate Coin Machine

The production capacity of a chocolate coin making machine varies depending on your specifications.

It is possible to get a customized capacity that fits your production requirements.

How Do You Pack The Chocolate Coins From Chocolate Coin Machine?

Automatic chocolate coin machine

Automatic Chocolate Coin Machine.

An effective machine in packing chocolate coins is the use of a chocolate coin embossing or stamping machine.

This machine usually packs the machine in such a way that it leaves the coin pattern visible.

It also covers the outer part of the coin using an aluminum foil.

What Is The Recommended Tolerance For Chocolate Coin Making Machine?

There are two recommended aspects of tolerance that you have to check on your chocolate coin making machine.

That is the thickness tolerance and diameter tolerance.

The recommended diameter tolerance for these machines is 0.05mm while that of thickness is 0.5mm.

What Are The Chocolate Wrapping Materials Used In Chocolate Coin Foil Wrapping Machine?

Aluminum foil for wrapping chocolate coins

Aluminum Foil for Wrapping Chocolate Coins

The main material for chocolate coin foil wrapping machine is mainly an aluminum foil on the inside.

The outer part is usually a piece of paper which is normally decorated.

Can You Integrate A Chocolate Coin Making Machine In A Chocolate Production Line?

Yes. it is possible to integrate a chocolate coin making machine in a chocolate production line.

However, you have to ensure that your chocolate coin making machine is compatible with your production line.

This is in terms of the size and production capacity.

The machine should also fit into the production line.

How Can You Enhance The Efficiency Of Chocolate Coin Maker Machine?

Enhancing efficiency results in quality and an increase in the production.

Among the different ways you can enhance this efficiency include:


Lubricating reduces friction between movable parts.

This facilitates smooth production of your machine and durability.
It is important that you use a recommended lubricant for effective results.

Using The Right Raw Materials

When sorting out your raw material, you have to ensure they are of the right size and type.

Most chocolate coin machines tend to use raw material that are in semi-solid state.

The use of other non-recommended raw materials can result in malfunctioning of your machine.

It can also produce chocolate coins which are of low quality.

General Maintenance

After every production process it is important to carry out a general maintenance procedure on your machine.

This helps in identifying areas that need repairs and parts that you have to replace.

A machine that is in good condition facilitates its efficient operation.

General maintenance also includes cleaning your machine which helps in preventing contamination of your chocolate coins.

Professional Handling

You need to hire professional to handle your chocolate coin machine.

This helps in a smooth setting of the parameters for your machine.

Professionals are in a position to understand any errors that affects the performance of your machine. This helps in quick diagnosis which reduces the overall downtime for your machine.

What Are The Factors To Consider During Selection Of Chocolate Coin Machine?

It is critical that you consider the following factors before selecting an ideal chocolate coin machine for your use.


You need to afford the chocolate coin that you want to purchase hence the need to factor cost.

Different factors influence the price of these machines.

For instance, the manufacturer, the type and capacity of the different machines.

However, you need to be careful not to compromise the quality of your machine for a lower cost.

The cost should check on the quality standards and the reputability of a particular machine.


Capacity maximizes your production and ensures you meet your customers’ demands.

You therefore have to select a machine that has the right capacity.

Checking on future production can help in ascertaining the capacity you want for your machine.

That is, if you anticipate an increase in production in the future, you have to select a machine with a higher capacity.


An ideal chocolate coin machine should be compatible with different machines which facilitates the production process.

Such machine includes packaging and sorting machines.

Compatibility reduces the overall cost of hiring different machines and facilitates the production process.

The higher the compatibility of your machine, the better it is for your production.

Spare Parts Availability

There is a high chance that your machine will break down in the future.

When such happens, you need to have quality spare parts to replace the worn-out parts.

The best place to get original spare parts is by contacting your manufacturer.

A reliable manufacturer should be in a position to offer you these parts at an affordable price.

You therefore need to avoid chocolate coin machines which do not have quality spare parts.

Which Parts Of Chocolate Coin Production Machine Require Frequent Maintenance And Replacement?

Every part of the machine requires frequent maintenance and replacement for an effective functioning. Always ensure you carry out this maintenance procedures frequently.

What Are The Essential Cleaning And Maintenance Guidelines For Chocolate Coin Making Machine?

When cleaning and maintaining your chocolate coin making machine, you need to adhere to the following guidelines:

Using The Right Cleaning Detergent

Cleaning removes dirt which can potentially contaminate your products.

There are different ways for cleaning your chocolate coin machine.

However, when cleaning, you need to use a detergent recommended by your manufacturer.

The use of plenty of water also removes dirt from hard-to-reach areas.


Lubrication helps in reducing friction among the movable parts of your machine which is essential in the production process.

It is vital that you use a lubricant recommended by your manufacturer.

Repairing Worn Out Parts

At one-point different parts of your machines wear out.

When this happens, you have to replace the parts with original spares.

You should always ensure that you purchase the parts from a reliable manufacturer to ensure your machine functions effectively.

What Are The Advantages Of Clean-In-Place (CIP) System In Chocolate Coin Machine?

Employing clean-in-place system on your chocolate coin machine saves you time and resources.

This includes the time for disassembling and assembling your machine

The cost of clean-in-lace is relatively lower compared to other cleaning methods.

This cost excludes the need for carrying different parts of your machine for cleaning elsewhere.

You also reduce the machine downtime which ensures you have maximum production.

This is because you clean the machine onsite thereby reducing the need for removing the various parts for cleaning.

How Do You Troubleshoot A Chocolate Coin Machine?

Various troubleshooting mechanisms exist depending on the source of the problem.

Such procedures include:

Power Failure

The major cause of power failure is poor connection of the cable during installation.

This lead to the machine not powering on hence no production taking place.

You can solve this by ensuring there is good connection of the cable.

If you are not sure of the connection procedure, you need to hire a professional to handle it for you.

Another cause of power failure is disconnection of the cables.

This is common when you don’t take proper maintenance of your machine.

Always make sure you inspect all the cables before you start operating your machine.

This guarantees you of proper functioning since you can detect any faulty cable.

Inconsistency In Chocolate Coin Sizes

Producing chocolate coins which have different sizes and dimensions is due to improper setting at the control panel.

Always ensure you have checked if all the parameters of your production are right on the control panel before you start production.

You need to test run your production before starting the actual production to guarantee you quality production.

Improper Cooling Of The Chocolate Coin

When you have chocolate coins which are still in a liquid or semi-liquid state then you have to check on the cooling section of your machine.

Ensure the cooling fan is working properly.

You also need to check with the control panel and ensure you set the right duration for the cooling process.

Product Not Moving

Lack of proper lubrication is the main problem when you have your products not moving from one section to another.

The best way to solve this is to ensure you lubricate all the moving parts of your machine.

Remember to use the recommenced lubricant when doing this for effective results.

Another way is to remove all the debris that is stuck along the machine.

Such debris usually sticks along the parts of your machine making it difficult to for the machine to move.

What Is The Service Life Of Chocolate Coin Machine?

An average service life for a chocolate coin machine is between 10-15 years.

However, several factors affect this service life.

For instance, high frequency of your machine reduces the service life of your machine.

Using the wrong raw materials also negatively affect the efficiency of your machine.

Can You Create Personalized Designs Using Chocolate Coin Machine?


We do create personalized designs using chocolate coin machine.

The choice of your personalization depends on your requirements; however, it is critical that you submit these requirements to us before the fabrication process starts.

We usually update our clients on the progress of personalization to ensure we are on track.

It also provides an opportunity for our clients to modify the specifications if they don’t match their expectations.

Do You Supply Small Coin Maker Machine For Home Use?


We do supply small chocolate coin maker machine for home use.

The choice of which one to use depends on your specifications including production capacity.

You have an advantage with us since we can customize the size you want to meet your requirements.

What Are The Terms Of Your Chocolate Coin Machine Warranty?

Our warranty conditions cover any damage or malfunctioning of the machine if the fault is ours.

This includes errors on both the software and hardware part of the machine.

When such happens, you need to inform us and we will send our technical support staff to handle the issue.

We also offer assistance if the malfunctioning happens due to the client’s fault.

However, under these circumstances, you are responsible for paying all the charges related to the repair and maintenance of your machine.

The validity of this warranty is one year from when we successfully install the machine on your premise.

Can You Use Chocolate Coin Machine in Pharmaceutical Industry?

Yes. It is possible to use a chocolate coin machine in pharmaceutical industry.

The use helps in coating drugs and designing them in a way that is friendly to patients.

What Is the Cost of a Chocolate Coin Machine?

Various factors affect the price of a particular chocolate coin machine.

It is therefore critical that you asses all these factors before deciding on how much to purchase your machine.

These factors include:


Technology facilitates the functioning of your machine and its compatibility to other machines.

The higher the technology in a particular machine the better and efficient it is at production.

Technology also helps in the compatibility aspect with different machines reducing the need for purchasing other machines.

A machine with complex technology costs higher than that with simple and fewer technology.

Production Capacity

Production capacity determines the product output for your chocolate coins.

It can have an effect on the sales and profit or loss making in your company.

You have to check for the right production capacity for your machine before purchasing.

A higher capacity than your requirement means that your machine won’t function at an optimum level.

A smaller capacity means that you either have to over work the machine or you fail to reach your market demands.

When purchasing this machine, you also have to forecast n the future production and leave room for that.

This is because you don’t have to purchase this machine frequently as they are expensive their price actually increases as the production capacity increases.

Type of Chocolate Machine

The various types of these machines have varying price as they have varying performance qualities.

For instance, a manual type is less pricey but has a lower production and is human intense.

An automatic type is expensive but is efficient in production and requires less of human power. Specifying which machine helps in understanding the cost.


Different factors influence the manufacturer’s final purchasing cost.

Such factors include the production cost, the market factors, government regulations and profit margins of a particular manufacturer.

All these factors create a varying price for the different manufacturers.

You therefore have to check on the manufacturer before deciding to buy your chocolate coin machine.

However, the manufacturer you select should have all the accreditations before engaging them.

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