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What Is The Use Of Chocolate Conching Machine?

Chocolate Conching Machine

Chocolate Conching  Machine

This type of machine whose function is to mix, grind, agitate and aerate liquid chocolate.

The machine comprises a container containing grinding materials that ground the chocolate beads into tiny particles.

The particles are so smooth that you cannot feel them in your mouth.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Chocolate Conche To Your Chocolate Production Line?

Adding a chocolate conching machine to your chocolate production line offers the following benefits:

Adds Flavor

A chocolate conching machine helps in adding flavor to the chocolate product. This is through grinding the different ingredients, including fat and sugar.

The result is a unique chocolate product that is attractive and tasty to potential customers.

Reduces Particles’ Size

The conching process depends on friction. Therefore, as the grinding takes place, there is a reduction in the particle size of your chocolate mass.

Reducing particle size helps in refining the smoothness and taste of your chocolate products.

Enhances Product Lifespan

Conching helps in extending the lifespan of your chocolate product. It is through removing excess fats from the cocoa mass.

The excess fat distributes evenly on the cocoa mass as it mixes with other ingredients.

The result is an entirely new product with an extended lifespan.

Reduces Processing Time

A conche machine reduces the overall processing time for your chocolate product.

This is by exerting energy on the dry phase of production.

The energy is vital at this stage since it facilitates the evaporation process of both volatile compounds and water.

Which Are The Various Modern Mechanisms And Designs Of Chocolate Conching Machine?

The following are the various modern mechanisms and designs that you can expect in a chocolate conching machine:

Batch Rotary Conching Machine

The batch rotary conching machine features an inlet and an outlet, both of which are stationary.

In between the inlet and the outlet is a drum that keeps rotating.

The rotating drum is responsible for the conching of the chocolate mass to form fine particles. The advantage of this is it allows you to add flavor and other ingredients in the process.

For instance, free space between the particles allows for spraying liquids such as fats, flavors, and colors during the process.

Batch Rotary Conching Machine

Batch Rotary Conching Machine

Small And Large-Scale Continuous Conching Machine

This time of machine allows you to introduce ingredients while it is still operating continuously.

The advantage of this machine is it ensures continuous production of your chocolate product.

This maximizes production while reducing machine downtime.

The advantage of this machine is it is available for small-scale and large-scale chocolate production.

This allows you to select one depending on your production capacity. However, its main limitation is its relatively high cost.

Small And Large-Scale Continuous Conching Machine

Small And Large-Scale Continuous Conching Machine

Short Dwell-Time Continuous Chocolate Conche Machine

The advantage of this machine is its relatively more straightforward production process compared to the other machines.

Therefore, it allows for faster production, which is essential in increasing the volume of production.

Cocoa Liquor Treatment Conching Machine

Cocoa liquor treatment is ideal for use in the beer beverage brewing industry.

It allows you to mix various ingredients to produce a perfect flavor for your drink.

You can integrate this machine into your production, which reduces the overall cost of purchasing machines.

Cocoa Liquor Treatment Conching Machine

Cocoa Liquor Treatment Conching Machine


The use of liquefies is to produce liquid chocolate products.

Its design is in such a way that it grinds the chocolate till it forms a thick paste.

Through additional other ingredients, you can get liquid chocolate products.

In-line High-shear Conching Equipment

In-line high shear conching machine works well when you integrate it with other machines. In addition, it features a low production time and high-volume production.

Its price is, however, pricey due to its compatibility with various machines. Therefore, when purchasing this machine, you have to consider the specifications of your machine and the installation space.

What Is The Principle Of Operation Of Chocolate Conching Machine?

There are three principles that a chocolate conching machine depends on fr operation. That is:


Temperature is critical in ensuring the chocolate crystals form and melt. This takes place at different temperatures.

Continuous heating allows for the conversion of the lactose crystals into amorphous lactose. It also provides for various chemical reactions to take place.

Such chemical reactions include the conversion of hydrolysis, polyphenols, and alkaloids. You, therefore, have to be keen on the temperature points to avoid losing the chocolate flavor.

Heating also allows for evaporation of water and any volatile compound which is unwanted in the final product.


Motion helps in evenly distributing the chocolate particles on the machine. It also minimizes premature grinding of the particles.


Time is essential in producing quality chocolate particles during the process.

The griding and particle formation occur at different times; hence you should give your conching a considerable time.

The time rages between 6 and 7 hours for an effective chocolate conching process.

How Do You Determine Successful Conching While Operating A Chocolate Conche Machine?

The following factors are critical in determining a successful coaching process when using a chocolate conche machine:

Plastic Viscosity And Yield Stress Test

The main aim of this test is to measure the rheological properties of your chocolate. Therefore, you need to use a Casson scale when carrying out this test.

The successful Casson scale for a successful coaching process should range between 4 and 32 Pa of dark chocolate. In addition, the viscosity values on the Casson scale should vary between 2.1-3.9 Pa.


This property analyzes the sheer force, which decreases continuously at a given rate as the viscosity reduces.

However, the viscosity recovers when there is an interruption in the flow.

Plotting this observation indicates a hysteresis loop which helps in quantifying the rate of thixotropy.

Therefore, for a successful coaching process of your chocolate, the value of your thixotropy should be less than one.

Particle Size Measurement

Conching is critical in refining the diameter and thickness of chocolate ingredients.

You, therefore, have to ensure there is a maximum reduction of the size of your chocolate during this process.

The particle size of a successful coaching process should be challenging to feel in the mouth. The ideal size for this is less than 20 microns.


The flavor is a critical part of your coaching process since it determines the quality of your chocolate.

A poor-quality conching process usually has an acidic flat and flavorless chocolate.

A successful coaching process has a smooth-tasting caramelized flavor.

It should also feature a ’rounded” flavor which consists of an evenly distributed flavor compound.

What Happens In The Dry Phase During Chocolate Conching Machine Operation?

In the dry phase of the chocolate conching machine, the cocoa mass flows into the conche. Mixing of the cocoa mass follows inside the conche while covering with fats takes place.

During this phase, you have to maintain the temperature at 50°C for best results.

A noticeable feature is the low moisture contents of your cocoa mass in this phase.

Why Should Milk Chocolate Temperature Not Go Beyond 55 Degrees Celsius During The Pasty Phase Of Chocolate Conche Machine Operation?

Unsaturated fatty acids present in the milkfats make it unsuitable for the temperature to pass 55 degrees Celsius.

Which Are The Different Methods Of Conching Applied In Chocolate Conching Machine?

The main methods of coaching available for a chocolate conching machine are:

Standard Conching

Standard conching uses the traditional processes for producing your chocolate products. Unfortunately, it is relatively time-consuming, which makes it unsuitable for large-scale production.

Rapid Conching

This is the best method to use when conching white chocolates. You can also use it if you are adding extra ingredients like nuts to your chocolate mass.

The advantage of this method is its efficiency and the less time it takes to conch your chocolates. It reduces the conching process by around 20 minutes.

Continuous Conching

The advantage of continuous coaching is you don’t need to add flavors or use refined milk powder.

In addition, a constant process means that most of the parts of your machine are automated.

This reduces the overall operational cost and enhances efficiency. It also means that there is a continuous production of your chocolate.

Is It Mandatory To Add Fat During Operation Of Chocolate Conche Machine?

It is not mandatory to add fat during the operation of your chocolate conche machine. However, if you choose to do so, you need to add at the initial stages of the coaching process.

As conching occurs, the chocolate mass becomes fluid which creates an even spread of fat. The fat is due to high force, which breaks down the cocoa mass, thereby creating fat.

How Does The Fat Content Influence The Efficiency Of Chocolate Conching Machine?

Fat content dictates the chocolate flow, which affects the efficiency of your chocolate conching machine.

On the other hand, too much fat increases the liquidity of your chocolate mass.

Liquidity affects the mixer arms, which reduces the efficiency of the machine to the conch.

As a result, the chocolate mass slides to the sides and over each other, minimizing the breaking up process.

The absence of fat or the presence of little makes the mass appear too dry. This makes the chocolate mass have a powder appearance.

During the conching process, the powder flow to the side, which affects chocolate production.

What Is The Purpose Of Agitation, Aeration, Heating, And Shearing Action In Chocolate Conche Machine?

The different processes have different results on your chocolate production. These processes are:


Proper agitation is critical in ensuring there is even distribution of chocolate mass is throughout the machine.

Another function of agitation is to prevent premature grinding of chocolate mass.

The time for agitation differs depending on the quality of chocolate you are producing.


Heating serves various purposes to the production of your chocolate, depending on the temperature.

During the initial stages of heating, it helps in melting the individual chocolate particles.

Melting converts chocolate particles to a thick paste which is essential for further processing.  Increasing the temperature allows for chemical reactions to take place.

For instance, lactose crystals convert to amorphous lactose. It also concerts alkaloids, hydrolysis, and polyphenols.

Heating also facilitates the evaporation of water present in your cocoa mass.


Shearing is critical in ensuring there is proper grinding of the chocolate mass into tiny particles.

The shearing process usually takes place under considerable force to allow for maximum grinding of the particles.

Shearing also allows for the proper mixing and coating of the various particles.

Does The Power Capability Of The Chocolate Conching Machine Affect The Product Viscosity?

Yes. The power capability of a particular chocolate conching machine affects the product viscosity.

Power is essential in the proper functioning of the machine. For instance, it facilitates the grinding process.

This is critical in breaking up the particles into chocolate powder. It is through agitation that all the ingredients coat for high-quality productions.

Agitation takes place when there is enough motion which requires a source of power to work. In addition, agitation creates enough friction, which creates heat for the melting of the chocolate mass.

Melting determines the viscosity of your chocolate product. It is therefore critical that you are using enough power on your machine for adequate viscosity.

Lack of power affects the product quality in terms of particle sizes and viscosity.

What Is The Mechanism Of Removing Unwanted Volatiles During Chocolate Conching Machine Operation?

Various mechanisms facilitate the removal of unwanted volatiles during chocolate conching operation.

For instance, mechanical energy, which occurs from external heating and mixing element, evaporates available moisture.

As the moisture evaporates, so do elements like acetic acids, which are unnecessary in the machine.

This leaves your conche free of contamination which is essential in maintaining the quality of your chocolate products.

Another mechanism is proper aeration of the conche machine. Aeration is through ensuring there is maximum ventilation of your machine.

Proper ventilation allows for unnecessary volatiles and moisture escapes from the machine. This ensures your device remains hygienic for further production of quality chocolate.

How Does Chocolate Conche Machine Create New Flavors?

The chocolate conche machine creates new flavors through various mechanisms.

For instance, agitation of the chocolate mass creates friction.

Friction introduces a variety of flavors to your product depending on the initial ingredients that you are using.

Maintaining the temperature of your conche machine helps in maximizing the flavor introduction.

Various chemical reactions taking place at different temperatures help in creating a unique flavor in your products. Such reactions break down the complex substances present in your cocoa mass which removes unwanted particles.

Which Are The Main Parameters That Influence The Chocolate Conching Machine Efficiency?

There are different parameters that you should consider for the efficient functioning of your conche machine. These parameters include:

Dry Conching Duration

Dry conching facilitates the mixing coating of your cocoa mass.

However, friction arises at this point which is critical in breaking down the mass into fine powder particles.

You, therefore, have to give maximum duration on this to ensure there is uniformity on the final product.

However, it would help if you avoided a long time, affecting the quality of your chocolate particles.


Your machine needs to be clean both when you are using it and when in-store.

Given the sensitivity of your products, maximum hygiene is a critical aspect of the machine.

Ventilation helps in removing unwanted volatile and moisture from the machine. This prevents contamination of your machine and further production.

You, therefore, have an assurance of high-quality chocolate products.


Temperature is essential for flavoring your chocolate. Flavoring takes place through various mechanisms.

The individual chemical compounds present break down, releasing unwanted volatiles at a high temperature.

Temperature also helps in the evaporation of water and unwanted particles from the process.

Temperature, therefore, maximizes the quality production of your chocolate.

Fat Content

Fat content is essential in the proper grinding of your cocoa mass. However, while cocoa grinding produces some fat levels, this cannot be sufficient for the whole process.

Lack of enough fat results in having dry cocoa mass, which does not quickly grind on the machine. It instead moves to the sides affecting the final chocolate particle size.

You should also avoid adding excess fat to the product. Excess fat has the effect of making the mass stick on the grinders, thus affecting the grinding process.

Power Input

You need to ensure there is enough power input to your machine for accurate production. Such power input should provide the machine’s energy to ensure there is enough agitation and mixing.

What Is The Recommended Conching Temperature For Chocolate Conche Machine?

The recommended conching temperature is 55 degrees Celsius.

This is the ideal temperature for a chemical reaction to take place within your machine.

It also allows for evaporation of excess moisture and unwanted volatiles.

Does The Type Of Chocolate Being Produced Affect The Speed And Time Of Mixing In Chocolate Conching Machine?

Yes. The type of chocolate you are producing affects the speed and time of mixing in the conche machine.

Mixing affects the particle size and viscosity of the chocolate mass. This affects the type of chocolate you are producing.

What Are Some Of The Problems Experienced When Operating Chocolate Conching Machine?

The following are the significant problems that you may experience when using a chocolate conching machine:

Physical Defects

This is a problem that you experience when there is a sudden release of moisture. Unfortunately, such moisture does not escape into the atmosphere resulting in the grittiness of the chocolate particles.

The solution to this is to slowly heat the chocolate mass while ensuring sufficient venting of the machine. Another solution is to add small quantities of lecithin each time you start operation.

You also need to ensure you don’t overload the conche machine with chocolate mass. This ensures there is maximum ventilation of the process.

The physical defect is also present when low-fat content on the machine causes “boiling up.” Again, you can detect this on the product, which features hard spheres.

Sensory Defects

Sensory defects can arise from different sources. For instance, if you have undeodorized cocoa buttermilk.

The solution for this is to ensure there is proper ventilation from one cycle to another.

Can You Integrate Chocolate Conching Machine With Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Yes. You can integrate a chocolate conching machine with a chocolate tempering machine. However, you need to ensure the machines are of the exact specifications for compatibility.

Do You Supply Large-Scale Chocolate Conching Machines?

Yes. You can supply large-scale chocolate conching machines.

The vital factor to consider is submitting the specifications you want for your machine and letting us supply them.

Such specification includes the capacity and the size you want.

Large-Scale Chocolate Conching Machine

Large-Scale Chocolate Conching Machine

What Is The Chocolate Conching Machine Cost In China?

To get the exact price of a chocolate conching machine in China, you have to consider the following:


The capacity differs depending on your production. The difference reflects on the purchasing price.

You, therefore, have to be precise on the capacity of this machine that you want to purchase before considering the price.


We have different manufacturers in the market who price their machines differently.

Of course, this depends on various factors, such as market demand and government regulations.

Understanding the right manufacturer is essential in getting the right price for your machine. Such a manufacturer should have all the necessary certifications before you engage them.


A chocolate conching machine is available in different designs depending on the applicational method.

That is if a particular machine is can either be of rapid, continuous, or standard design.

The choice of which design you select affects its price. You, therefore, need to specify the design you require to get the purchasing price.

Are There Alternatives To Chocolate Conching Machine?

Yes. There are alternatives to the use of a chocolate conching machine.

Chocolate Ball Mill

The advantage of a chocolate ball mill machine is its compatibility with various chocolate machines. This enhances chocolate production while reducing the overall production cost.

It produces smooth chocolate powder, which you can use for other processes.


The use of this type of machine is mainly in grinding small quantities of chocolates into chocolate liquor. Its other use is to refine chocolate mass into fine chocolate powder.

The advantage of this machine is its relatively straightforward operation and maintenance procedure. It is also cheaper compared to a chocolate conching machine.

Its main limitation is the small quantity that it can process in a given time. This minimizes its use in large-scale chocolate production.

It is not easily compatible with other machines, which reduces its efficiency.

Stone Grinder

This is a traditional way of refining your chocolate. Stone grinder is relatively cheap compared to the other alternatives.

However, there are various limitations to the use of this method. For instance, the particle size remains large enough for consumption.

It is also a human-intensive process which makes it unsuitable for large-scale manufacturing. In addition, the production quality is low due to compromising the various process such as flavor and particle size.

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