Chocolate Depositor Machine

A chocolate depositor machine is a special type of equipment that you can use in pouring and forming chocolates.

In today’s guide, you are going to learn about the most significant information about the chocolate depositor machine.

This includes the features, types, uses, classifications, and working principles among other things.

One shot depositing production line

One shot depositing production line

Uses of Chocolate Depositor Machines

You can use the chocolate depositor machine for:

Decorated chocolate products

Decorated chocolate products

i. Discharging chocolate fillings and shells

ii. Depositing the chocolate fillings directly to the cooling belts

iii. Depositing the chocolate into moulds

iv. Making chips, pralines, tablets, drops, and chocolate chunks

v. Decorating the chocolate moulds with different patterns and designs

vi. Refining your chocolate so that it will taste better

vii. Heating the chocolate to maintain a particular temperature.

viii. Cooling the chocolate to a solid form after direct deposition.

Generally, the machine will save you time and money in large scale production of different types of chocolates.

You will also be able to guarantee a clean and hygienic process of depositing chocolate.

Features of Chocolate Depositing Machine

Whenever you are shopping for a good chocolate depositing machine, here are the features you need to look at.

· Accurate in Chocolate Depositing

The precision and accuracy of the chocolate depositor machine will enhance the speed and time of chocolate deposition.

Most of them have single piston depositing system that allows for accurate deposition of smaller volumes.

With a flow through the system, the machine is capable of accurately depositing smaller chocolate volumes.

· Flexibility in Chocolate Depositing

Have mass channels in nozzle plate arrangements for different applications of maximum range viscosities.

It is able to cover a whole range of products such as smooth chocolate masses to fluid fillings of liquor.

Apart from that, the machine has an optional vertical piston system with sideways hoppers.

It allows for processing and depositing of different masses such as small-size ingredients.

· Fully Automated System with PLC

It is a fully automatic system with a PLC touch panel that allows you convenient and easy control of machine parameters.

It saves the optimum basic settings in the recipe memory to ensure absolute reproducibility in the process of production.

PLC System

 PLC System

· Compact and Modular Design

It has a compact design that allows you to integrate the machine and save space in the factory.

It also has separate control in a single drive technology allowing independent integration in different types of systems.

· Quality Compliance

The machine also has to comply with the different quality standards in different countries such as CGMP and CE.

Quality compliance will guarantee you that the machine is durable and safe for use.

· Construction Material

The main construction material of the chocolate depositor machine is stainless steel among others.

Stainless steel is durable and hygienic thus assuring you of very low to absolute zero contamination levels.

Classification of Chocolate Depositor Machines

You can easily identify and choose a good chocolate depositor machine through the following classifications:

Modular chocolate depositor machine

Modular chocolate depositor machine

1. CNC Chocolate Depositing Machine

Chocolate depositing machines in this range can produce intricate chocolate designs with or without biscuit or fillings among other things.

You can use the machine in this category to come up with different decorations for the chocolate.

This category of machines is modular.

Implying that it allows for custom development of machines that will fit your production requirements.

For instance, you can opt for a chocolate depositing machine with diverse trajectories of chocolate shapes, speed, and volumes.

The machines are fully automatic and have a complete PLC touch screen system for convenient and easy monitoring and controlling.

It comes complete with a decorating nozzle, depositing nozzle, and a filling nozzle among other key features.

Apart from that, the CNC category of chocolate depositor machines have:

i. Bilateral multi-plunger push injection system for maximum production

ii. Omni-directional casting system for a maximum casting range

iii. Motor control system for maximum accuracy

2. One Shot Chocolate Depositor

One shot depositor

One shot depositor

One shot technology depends on a synchronized discharge of shell and filling mass into different moulds.

You can also get a one shot chocolate depositor machine with a complete 2D piping function.

The one shot chocolate depositor machine employs the 2D piping function and deposits directly into the cooling belt.

Apart from the 2D piping system, you can also opt for a machine with a 3D or 2D programmable belt.

It also has a touch screen PLC command system offering different capacities of deposits in a minute.

You can opt for the one shot chocolate depositor because of the following advantages:

i. Presence of a 2D moving head

ii. It has nozzles of different sizes such as 2 by 10 nozzles

iii. It has the capacity of producing different sizes in a minute.

iv. It is an automatic system with a touch screen PLC command system.

3.  Manual Chocolate Depositing Machine

This category of machines does not have an automatic chocolate depositing system as most operations depend on human assistance.

Some of the activities that you will perform while using the manual chocolate depositing machine include:

i. Setting the mould bottom of the chocolate nozzle plate

ii. Filling using the pedaling or push button technique

iii. Weight setting using the screw system for a pneumatic system.

It is a suitable machine for startup confectionaries, cake shops, and bakeries for small scale production.

It consists of:

i. A vibrator that will remove the air bubbles.

ii. A power system to provide the machine with enough power with a power rating of 2kw

iii. Pneumatically or servo control system

iv. Hot water circulation system for Al head and hopper

v. PLC human interface operations

vi. Main frame consists of stainless steel materials.

vii. Center filling system.

4. Table Top Chocolate Depositor

This category consists of chocolate depositor machines that are portable and you can easily mount them on a table.

It consists of a special design for removing the burden of filling different cavity chocolate molds by hand.

At the same time, it improves the uniformity and accuracy of filling every mold.

The table top chocolate depositor consists of:

i. A heated hopper and an adjustable shot size controlling system.

ii. Removable nozzles with adjustable centerlines that can accommodate different mold configurations.

iii. Removable heaters that provide enough heat to maintain the flow ability of the chocolate.

You can easily disassemble the machine into different parts to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Due to the small size, you can only use it for small scale production of chocolate.

Most of the operations are manual, therefore, it does not have a PLC control system for controlling and monitoring.

5. Horizontal Chocolate Depositor Machine

This category of machines has a horizontal layout of production where all the operations are in a horizontal line.

Most of the machines are automatic with a touch screen PLC control system for easy monitoring.

You can also opt for a manual horizontal chocolate depositor machine depending on your requirements.

It is safer to use this machine because it reduces the risk of dropping material during the production process.

Apart from that, the horizontal orientation increases the stability of the machine.

You will, however, require a lot of space for mounting the horizontal chocolate depositor machine.

The main features of the machines in this category include:

i. A horizontal running conveyor belt for easy transportation.

ii. A heating and a cooling system to maintain the temperature of the chocolate at different stages.

iii. Adjustable filling, and decorating nozzles.

iv. Power system that provides enough power for the operations of the machine.

6. Decorative Chocolate Depositor Machine

The chocolate depositor machines in this category allow you to come up with different decorations for your chocolate.

You can decorate your chocolate to assume different shapes and sizes while adding more additives such as candy and biscuits.

Apart from that, you can draw different patterns of chocolate using this machine.

The main features of these machines include:

i. Automatic correction devices on the conveyor belt

ii. PLC control system for controlling the automatic operations.

iii. Servo motor that enables the movement of the conveyor belts and other mobile systems.

iv. An automatic cleaning system that will clean the machine in about 20 minutes.

The dimensions vary according to your specifications thus determining the size and weight of the machine.

The main material is stainless steel to reduce harm and also improve the efficiency of decorating chocolate.

Types of Chocolates in the Market

You can use a chocolate depositor machine to perform various functions on different types of chocolates.

Some of the chocolates include:

i. Soft filling chocolate with thin shell

This type of chocolate has a thin, crispy, chocolatey shell enclosing sweet creamy and soft fillings.

ii. One shot chocolate liqueur

This is a type of chocolate that you can easily sip as it is in a molten state.

It comes complete with a combination of other ingredients of your choice.

iii. Decorated one-shot chocolate

The chocolate has a series of decorations such as wavy and zigzag lines drawn on the chocolate.

It may also have other decorations such as fruit ingredients of different colors to enhance the look and taste.

iv. Chocolate with a variety of mixed material

You can also opt for a chocolate that has other materials such as wafers, biscuits, nuts, fruits, and crisps.

The additional material often improves the taste of the chocolate.

v. Floatable brittle rice mixed chocolate

It consists of a chocolate brittle in a mixture of crispy rice and other ingredients such as blue berry sauce.

Techniques in Chocolate Depositor Machine

Some of the techniques that you can use in the chocolate depositor machine include:

Chocolate machine

Chocolate machine

· Numerical Control Technique in Chocolate Depositor Machine

It ensures dynamic and accurate depositing.

It has a one-time fixed position with a series of continuous deposits.

It also has different divisions of nozzle lifting functions.

· Precise Depositing Technique in Chocolate Depositor Machine

It has precise and accurate control of flow at a minimum of 0.01g.

The variable depositing is also accurate.

The piston system has a design that cannot leak.

· Modular Technique in Chocolate Depositor Machine

This technique has a perfect configuration of the production line without limits.

It can easily shift the machine functions due to its flexibility.

The production line is adjustable according to the length of the workshop.

You can achieve this by turning the production line.

Modes of Chocolate Depositing

You can also choose from the list of chocolate depositing modes such as:

· One Shot Chocolate Depositor

One shot chocolate depositor

One shot chocolate depositor

It consists of an A, B, flowing axis and an X, Y, Z moving axis in a one shot operating system.

It also has 24 pistons with the capability of making 24 products at a time.

It is suitable for products that require rich filling such as soft filling, color strip filling, or liqueur.

You can also use this mode in filling products of different shapes including single-side, 3D, curve and board.

If need be, you can upgrade it to the decoration depositor.

· Servo Depositor for Chocolate

It consists of a lifting system and an A, B, flowing axis in a servo depositing operating system.

It also has 48 pistons with a capability of making 48 products at every instance.

You can use it for general and servo depositing with the option of upgrading to a decoration or one-shot depositor.

Servo depositor for chocolate

Servo depositor for chocolate

· Decoration Chocolate Depositor

It has a decorating operation system with an A, B, flowing axis and X, Y, Z, moving axis.

It has 48 pistons that you can use in double division to perform a double color decoration.

You can use it in different decorations with or without molds.

It has the capability of producing different decorations using a single line of production at one particular time.

You can also use it to produce one shot products just by including a distributing plate.

Decorations chocolate depositor

Decorations chocolate depositor

· Mixing Chocolate Depositor

It consists of a liquid level control system, mixing system, and an A, B, flowing axis.

The operation system of the machine is the mixing depositing operation system.

It also has about 16 to 18 pistons which can easily make 16 to 18 products at the same time.

You can use it to deposit mix chocolate materials including brittle rice, dried fruits, and different nuts.

You can replace it with a one shot depositor and come up with a one shot line of production.

Mixing chocolate depositor

 Mixing chocolate depositor

Parts of Chocolate Depositing Machine

In your search for a good chocolate depositing machine, you have to make sure that it has the following parts.

· Heating System

It assists in maintaining the liquid chocolate in a molten state at specific temperatures.

· Cooling System

After depositing chocolate, pass it through the cooling tunnels to cool it down to the right solid or liquid state.

· Conveying System

This is the main part that is responsible for the transport of chocolate and other ingredients in the machine.

· Filling Nozzles

The nozzles accurately and precisely fill or deposit the chocolate into various moulds.

· Servo Motor System

This is the mechanical part of the machine that initiates and controls moving parts such as gears and conveyor systems.

· Pneumatic System

This is the pressure system that uses air to push the chocolate and other fluids through the delivery system.

· PLC Control System

The PLC system allows you to configure and control all the operations in an automatic chocolate depositor machine.

It comes complete with a touch screen that allows you to key in and monitor all the operations of the machine.

· Power System

This is the main source of electric energy that the machine requires for continuous operations.

· Mass Tank

It is the first location for storage of chocolate from the chocolate manufacturing machine before it flows to the hopper.

· Hopper

The hopper receives the liquid chocolate and maintains it at a specific temperature before releasing it for depositing purposes.

· Depositing Head

It is the main area that holds all the nozzles and controls the amount of chocolate the flows through the nozzles

· Moulds

The moulds act as the main containers of the shells that will receive the chocolate from the filling nozzles.

· Sensors

Sensors enhance the safety of the machine and will alert you whenever anything is not going according to plan.

Working Principle of Chocolate Depositor Machine

The working principles of a chocolate depositor machine follows the following steps.

Step One: Preparation of all the Ingredients

At this stage you have to prepare all the ingredients that you need.

Make sure that the chocolate is in the mass tank and the temperatures are right.

You should also confirm that the shells are ready and the machine is in a perfect working condition.

Power on the machine and key in all the parameters that will control the machine operations.

Step Two: Movement of the chocolate and the Shells

At this point, you will start the operations at the click of a button.

The chocolate will move from the mass tank and flow through pipes onto the heating hopper.

At the same time the shell molding will also occur and move strategically on the conveyor system.

Step Three: Filling Process

Once the mould shells reach a strategic point under the filling nozzles, the machine initiates the filling process.

It triggers the hopper to release the chocolate in a liquid state and through the control of the depositing head.

The filling head then releases specific amounts of chocolate through the filling nozzles and into the mould shells.

The filling process may also involve decorations on the chocolate with the addition of other ingredients.

Step Four: Cooling Process

After filling the shells, the conveyor moves them through the cooling tunnels where the chocolate will cool down.

It may solidify or remain in a semi-molten state according to the parameters that you require.

Step Five: Quality Assessment

Pass it through the quality assessment stage to ensure that the formation is in accordance with the specific parameters.

As soon as it is ready, the complete chocolate will proceed to the packing and storage as it awaits transportation.

Other Support Machines in Chocolate Manufacturing Process

Chocolate depositor machine requires the assistance of other support machines to complete the chocolate making process.

Some of the main support machines you may need include:

· Chocolate Molding Machine/Plant

The machine has an electrical and mechanical control responsible for chocolate molding.

It in involves an automatic molding process which includes:

i. Mould Heating

ii. Mould Pouring

iii. Mould vibration

iv. Mould cooling

v. Demoulding

It also has a conveyor system that transports the moulds through the stages and on to the next stage.

The machine is capable of producing different types of chocolates such as:

i. Nice and smooth chocolate

ii. Strip chocolates with center fillings

iii. Chocolates with left and right double colors

iv. Chocolates with diverse spraying decorations

It also features a servo system with a more accurate pouring ration.

· Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

The machine uses the frequency converter technique for easy operations of wrapping ellipse or ball chocolates among other types.

The parts that are in contact with the chocolate have noxious materials.

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

 Chocolate foil wrapping machine

It packages the chocolates at a very high speed with great appearances.

It also features a cam mechanism with different gears driven by 3 phase synchronous motor.

Apart from that, it also features an automatic shower lubrication distribution system.

The paper supply wheel also ensures a continuous supply of paper through the wrapping process.

All the operations are under the control of a PLC control system.

· Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

The machine is responsible for packing and wrapping chocolates with one or two films at the same time.

The machine can either fold, heat seal or glue the wrapping film over the chocolate.

It features an inverter that can adjust the wrapping speed according to the size of the chocolate.

It comes complete with an alarm system that will warn of a malfunction and shut down the machine for safety reasons.

The automatic high-precision optoelectronic print ensures the right positioning of wrappers for accurate printing and cutting.

In case the wrappers run out, the machine sensor will automatically stop the machine operations.

· Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

You can use the machine to pack chocolate coins on a single chromo paper and colored bristol papers.

It has automatic functions that will cease in case the machine runs out of paper.

It embosses different types of decorative wrappers with different artistic impressions, bright color designs, and stereoscopic effects.

It also has a hypothesis photo electricity track on the trademark of the design.

It runs with very low noise with a full servo intelligent control system to increase comfort of the working conditions.

It is highly automatic with a complete PLC touch screen system for easy monitoring and control.

· Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate coating machine

Chocolate coating machine

This is a specific equipment that you can use to enrobe different chocolate products with different unique flavors.

It is a fully automatic system that depends on the PLC control system for all the operations within the machine.

The main parameters of the machine include:

i. Mesh belt of a particular width operating at a particular speed

ii. Conveyor belt that operates at a particular speed

iii. Heating tunnel with an adjustable working temperature.

iv. Cooling system with a varying refrigeration capacity.

v. Power system and an evaporating area

The above parameters are of different sizes depending on the size of the machine.


Well, to complement your chocolate production line, you need to have a good chocolate depositor machine.

The information in this guide will assist you in looking for a good chocolate depositor machine with the right parameters.

You can get in touch with your supplier and request a custom chocolate depositor machine using the right terms.

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