Chocolate Dipping Machine

A chocolate dipping machine is one of those indispensable machines in the confectionery industry.

It takes away the manual labor necessary for dipping candies and other sweets into chocolates for a finished look.

This guide provides satisfactory answers to all your burning questions about chocolate dipping machines.

Chocolate dipping machine

Chocolate dipping machine

What Is The Use of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

The chocolate dipping machine is an equipment that helps you to dip confectionery in chocolate without excessive manual labor.

With this machine you do not need to dip candies, fruits or any other snack into chocolate by yourself.

Is There Difference Between Chocolate Dipping Machine and Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Although some people seem to think these two machines are one and the same, there are slight differences in function. The chocolate dipping machine allows you to coat other products while varying the temperature of the chocolate.

The chocolate tempering machine helps to give your chocolate coating a glossy touch to complete the finished look.

What Is The Capacity Of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

Chocolate dipping equipment come in different sizes with varying capacities. The capacity of this machine can range from 3 kilograms of chocolate to 24 kilograms of chocolate.

How Does Water-Heated Chocolate Dipping Machine Vs Air-Heated Chocolate Dipping Machine Compare?

Chocolate dipping machines can either be heated by a water system or air system. In the water-heated machine, you control the temperature of the chocolate by varying the water temperature.

For air-heated chocolate dipping machine, the method of regulating the chocolate temperature is through electromagnetic induction.

What Are The Common Features Of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

Some of the common features of chocolate dipping machine include:

  • The size of the machine: chocolate dipping machines come in different sizes. The sizes range from small to large sizes depending on your preference.
  • Construction material: manufacturers make use of materials that are durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. The stainless steel materials are easy to clean and very hygienic for production.
  • Power rating: the power consumption of the machines differs according to their sizes. Chocolate dipping machines with different power intakes also have different production outputs.
  • Safety features: user safety is a serious issue when it comes to handling machinery. There are different safety mechanisms put in place to ensure that the operator is safe throughout the production process.
  • Production capacity: the production capacity of the chocolate dipping machine also varies. Different factors like size, power intake and even brand might determine the output of the machine.

Which Is The Best Material For Making Chocolate Dipping Machine Container?

The best material for making the insides of chocolate dipping machine is stainless steel, for so many reasons.

Some of the reasons include:

  • Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion. This is a very important feature because the machine will come in contact with water frequently in the production process.
    The fact that moisture does not affect stainless steel material is a huge plus.
  • Another feature of stainless steel that is worthy to note, is its malleability. You can mold this material into any shape you desire.
    This feature makes it easy for you to get creative with the chocolate designs.
  • Stainless steel materials are durable and very strong.
  • Being resistant to increase or decrease in temperature, makes stainless steel the best material for food production machines
  • It is also difficult to overlook the aesthetic appeal that stainless steel provides. The different surface finishes that are possible for this material, makes it really beautiful to look at.
  • Stainless steel does not provide good breeding ground for bacteria. This makes it a very hygienic choice for food production machines.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain stainless steel. This feature may be mostly due to the fact that stainless is unaffected by moisture.
  • Atmospheric conditions like humidity and temperature do not affect the qualities or appearance of stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel materials are available at really affordable prices and high end prices as well.
  • Safety is also another important feature that makes stainless steel the best material, as it is flame resistant.

What Is The Power Rating Of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

The power rating of a chocolate dipping machine depends largely on the size of the machine and production output.

Also, the greater the production output of the machine, the more power it requires and vice versa.

How Does Chocolate Dipping Machine Work?

The operating mechanism of the chocolate dipping machine occurs in four different stages.

These stages are; the preparatory stage, the melting, the cooling and the tempering stage.

  • Preparatory stage: this stage is completely in the hands of the user. You need to place the chocolate dipping machine on a flat surface then connect to a power outlet.After connecting to electricity, make sure you put the container into the tank.
  • Melting stage: this is the stage where the machine begins to actually operate. The first thing you need to do here is to fill the right amount of chocolate into the tank.The next thing is to turn on the machine and set the temperature to the required degree for melting chocolate. The machine usually has an indicator light that tells you if the temperature is too low or too high for the process.The right temperature for the melting stage is around 45oc to 50oc and once the temperature is set right, the indicator light signifies.For the melting stage to proceed fast, you need to keep stirring the chocolate as it turns to liquid.
  • Cooling stage: after the chocolate has gone through the melting stage, you need to remove the container from the tank. Check the thermostat to make sure that the temperature is set right for the type of chocolate.For example, 32oc is the correct temperature for dark chocolate. The next thing you need to do is to place the container on a flat slab then wait for it to cool to about 26oc.After the chocolate has cooled to a suitable temperature, you place the container back inside the water tank.
  • Tempering stage: this stage involves ensuring the chocolate stays warm inside the tank by stirring it continuously. You need to keep checking the temperature to ensure that it stays constant during this process.This is when you proceed to dipping the confectioneries into your chocolate as desired.
  • Shutting down stage: this stage is perhaps most important for safety reasons. After production you need to turn off the machine, disconnect from the power source and remove the container from the tank.

What Is The Working Temperature Range Of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

The temperature of the chocolate dipping machine ranges from 5oc to 65oc.

Which Are The Main Components Of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

The main parts of the chocolate dipping machine are;

  • The thermostat: this is the part from which you can set and adjust the temperature as you proceed.
  • Dipping pumps: the dipping of the food products into chocolate Is made easier by these pumps.
  • Touch screen control panel: this screen displays all the information you need concerning the dipping process. From the screen you can monitor all operations as they proceed.
  • Conveyor belt: your products move from one part of the machine to the other through these belts.
  • The feed tank: this is the part of the chocolate dipping machine where you put in your chocolate in the first stage. This tank is also the part where the melting stage of the dipping process occurs.
  • Housing frame: the housing frame is the part that encloses all other parts of the dipping machine. It also serves as a protective casing for the machine’s parts against weather elements.
  • Electronic speed regulator: this part of the machine adjusts the speed of the dipping process to each product’s specifics.

What Is The Function Of Thermostat In Chocolate Dipping Machine?

The thermostat is the part of the chocolate dipping machine that regulates the temperature of your operation. Using the thermostat, you can set, adjust and readjust the temperature of the process accordingly.

Does The Chocolate Dipping Machine Come With Chocolate Dispenser?

The chocolate dipping machine does not come with a chocolate dispenser.

What Is The Role Of Needle Or Probe Of Chocolate Dipping Machines?

The needle probe is an optional component of the chocolate dipping machine. This part allows you to know the exact temperature of the chocolate and not the temperature of the water.

Since you place the needle probe directly into the container, it shows you the temperature of the chocolate.

Can You Use Two Types Of Chocolates In A Single Chocolate Dipping Machine?

Yes! you can. Some chocolate dipping machines come with more than one tank so you can fit in two containers with different types of chocolate.

What Is The Advantage Of Round Shaped Chocolate Dipping Machine?

Round-shaped chocolate dipping machine makes it easier for you to mix and stir your chocolate in the tank.

Round chocolate dipping machine

Round chocolate dipping machine

Do you Manufacture Tabletop Chocolate Dipping Machines?


We manufacture tabletop chocolate dipping machines as well as the industrial ones.

What Are The Important Considerations When Selecting A Chocolate Dipping Machine?

When choosing a chocolate dipping machine, you need to put the following into consideration:

  • The size of the machine: choosing a chocolate dipping machine that fits into the available space you have is very important. The machines are available in varying sizes, so there is something for everyone.
  • Power consumption: just as the machines vary in sizes, they also vary in the amount of energy they consume. The bigger the machine, the more power supply it requires to function.
  • Material: you need to ensure that you choose a machine that is hygienic and easy to clean as well. The material used in making the machine needs to be easy to clean and hygienic for food production.
  • Durability: choosing a machine that will serve you for a long time is also important. You need to choose a machine that gives you value for your money.
  • Quality standards: there are various international bodies responsible for maintaining a certain standard for the machines. Chocolate dipping machines go through different vetting stages to ensure their efficiency and quality.
    You need to make sure that you choose a machine that meets the quality standards of all the international organizations.
  • Safety features: endeavor to choose a machine that has adequate provisions for safety during production. Your chocolate dipping machine needs to have protection against fire outbreak and other accidents that might occur during production.
  • Production capacity: choose a machine whose production output matches your business. For example, if your business is small scale, you can choose a small machine with low production output.
  • The type of machine: depending on your scale of production, you need to decide which type of chocolate dipping machine best suits you. If you intend to produce on a large scale, you might need an automatic or semi-automatic machine.
    There are also manual chocolate dipping machines available for small to medium scale production.
  • Price of the machine: this is perhaps the most important factor you need to consider. If you have a budget, you need to pick a machine within your budget, which satisfies your production needs.

Does Chocolate Dipping Machine Come With Spare Accessories?

Yes! The chocolate dipping machine comes with some spare accessories like:

  • The needle probe
  • Chocolate molds
  • Dipping forks
  • Dipping spoons

Some chocolate dipping machines come with a tempering machine to speed up the process of melting the chocolate.

Chocolate dipping machine

Chocolate dipping machine

What Is Covered By Your Chocolate Dipping Machine Warranty?

The chocolate dipping machine has a warranty of 12 months at least. This means that within the first 12 months of purchase, you can return the machine if you notice any manufacturing defect.

This warranty only holds if you use the product normally without any damage on your part.

What Is Commercial Chocolate Dipping Machine Price?

The price of chocolate dipping machine ranges from as low as $50 to as high as $50000. These prices are subject to various factors such as, the capacity of the machine, the size etc.

Some manufacturers offer a discount depending on the number of machines you buy at once.

At SaintyCo, we have a range of chocolate dipping machines that come in different configurations.

It all depends on your specifications are requirements.

Contact us now for all your chocolate dipping machines.

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