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Chocolate Filling Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for any information about chocolate filling machine, you will find it right here.

Because this guide covers everything you need to know about chocolate filling equipment – from specification, parts to working principle.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Chocolate Filling Machine Used For?

A chocolate filling machine is an electromechanical device that fills chocolate syrup.

Also, it can fill the following:

  • Chocolate liquor
  • Chocolate cream
  • Chocolate edible oils
  • Chocolate paste

This machine can also mix various chocolate ingredients that you will use to fill shells and other items.

Chocolate Filling Machine

Chocolate Filling Machine

What Are The Features Of The Best Chocolate Filling Machine?

There are various types of chocolate filling machines in the market making selecting one a daunting task. However, despite the various types, some features will make the best chocolate filling machines.

Some of the best features that are suitable for a chocolate filling machine to have include:

Energy Efficiency

As the world moves towards embracing green energy, the energy efficiency of a chocolate filling machine is vital. The amount of energy the machine uses determines how it operates.

Ensure the chocolate filling machine is highly energy-efficient since this will lower your recurring production costs. Also, it is good for the environment.

Level Of Automation

How automatic a chocolate filling machine is will determine if you can integrate it into a chocolate production line. Also, it will influence the production capacity of the machine.

For instance, fully automatic chocolate filling machines have a high production capacity and efficiency than semi-automatic or manual versions.

Ease Of Use

The best chocolate filling machine should be easy to use during the chocolate filling process. This feature means you will not spend a lot of time and money to train your staff before they can operate the machine.


The chocolate filling machine should be compact enough to allow ease of installation and operation in the factory. Available space will determine ease of use and maintenance during the production process.

Besides, independent control units in a single drive technology will allow you to integrate individual parts in various applications.


Ensure the chocolate filling machine has an accurate filling capability. This feature will lower production loss and enhance the efficiency of the filling process.

Chocolate filling machines should contain large channels in various arrangement patterns to accommodate different chocolate viscosities.

Material Construction

There are several types of materials that you can use to make a chocolate filling machine. Stainless steel is by far the best material for making this machine.

This material is easy to clean, maintain, is resistant to environmental elements, and does not promote bacterial growth.

Besides, it has good hygienic properties which are suitable for food industries.

Service Life

When selecting a chocolate filling machine, pay attention to how durable the machine will be once you install it. Also, ensure it can operate for long hours without breaking down, which will cost you a lot.

Ensure the construction material is the best so that the components of the machine will be durable.

Can You Fill All Types Of Chocolate Using Chocolate Filling Machine?

A chocolate filling machine can fill different types of chocolates in the production process.

Some of the chocolate types you can fill with this machine include:

Chocolate Containing Mixed Materials

This machine can fill chocolate that contains materials such as nuts, fruits, crisps, wafers, and biscuits. These additional materials will enhance the taste of the chocolate or the product you are manufacturing.

Chocolate Liquor

Chocolate filling machines can fill this chocolate type as it is in a liquid state. Also, you can mix chocolate liquor with additional ingredients to make various chocolates.

Soft Chocolate Filling

Chocolate filling machines can fill the soft chocolate mixture in thin shells. This feature makes the shells of the product to be crispy and chocolatey.

Also, it makes the product soft, sweet, and creamy.

Decorated Chocolate

A chocolate filling machine can perform various chocolate decorations. For instance, you can have wavy or zigzag patterns on the chocolates.

Also, you can fill other decorations like fruit ingredients that contain varying colors, tastes, and flavors.

Chocolate Containing Floatable Brittle Rice

This type of chocolate has a mixture of brittle rice and other materials. For instance, you can fill a chocolate mixture that has a floatable rice mixture and blueberry sauce.

How Does CNC Chocolate Filling Machine And Horizontal Chocolate Filling Machine Compare?

Here is how these two compare:

CNC Chocolate Filling Machine

This machine can fill and produce some of the best chocolate designs.

Also, it is suitable for large-scale chocolate filling industries where it produces unique and custom chocolate designs.

CNC chocolate filling machines are suitable for use in confectionery industries among other applications.

Horizontal Chocolate Filling Machine

This machine will conduct the entire chocolate filling process in a horizontal layout thereby enhancing efficiency.

Also, this machine lowers production costs as it minimizes the risk of materials dropping in the production process.

This machine is also suitable for use in confectionery industries among other industries.

Horizontal Chocolate Filling Machine

Horizontal Chocolate Filling Machine

Are There Double-Color Chocolate Filling Machine?

Yes. Double-color chocolate filling machines can fill the products with two chocolate colors.

For instance, the machine. This feature can produce attractive designs that are eye-catching and can boost sales.

What Are The Factors To Consider During Selection Of Chocolate Filler Machine?

These machines are custom built depending on the project or product you are handling. There are several factors to consider that differ depending on the project at hand.

Here are some factors that are worth considering when selecting a chocolate filler machine:

Viscosity Of Chocolate Product

There are chocolate fillers that can better handle thick or thin products, while others can handle both. Ensure you consider the viscosity of the chocolate product as this determines if the filler can handle the filling process.

For example, overflow chocolate fillers are suitable for free-flowing chocolate products. Besides, this machine cannot handle thick chocolate products.

When filling thick chocolate products, a piston or pump chocolate filler machine is suitable for your application.

Filling Principle

The viscosity of the product should make you decide the filling principle suitable for your operations. You may select overflow chocolate fillers to fill every product repeatedly to the same levels.

These chocolate fillers are suitable when you are using clear, see-through containers. There are other products that you will fill by volume thereby requiring you to use gravity or piston chocolate fillers.

These products may have varying levels from one container to another, but the volume will be the same.


If you require high production speeds to meet high demands, you need to select fully automatic chocolate filler machines.

For instance, if you plan to have a small production capacity, a semi-automatic or tabletop chocolate filler machine is suitable for your application.

Besides, these two versions allow you to upgrade in the future if the need arises. Also, when you plan to upgrade your small production in the future, you are better off with automatic chocolate filler machines.

When choosing the machine, consider your expected growth, and not only your current demand.

Cleaning And Changeover

There are chocolate filling machines that you can easily clean and changeover over other machines. Cleaning and changeover speeds are vital when you are filling different products and conduct short runs.

Some machines require you to disassemble them completely before cleaning or changing over.

Some machines come with a clean-in-place feature that allows you to set the parameter via the control panel. This feature makes the cleaning process to be easy and requires no disassembly or a lot of manual labor.

Is It Necessary To Connect The Chocolate Filling Machine With A Chocolate Cooling Tunnel?

Yes, this is necessary since you need to solidify the chocolate once you complete the filling process. Cooling tunnels will eliminate surplus hear from the chocolate product thereby maintaining a liquid or solid state.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In a Chocolate Filling Machine?

There are numerous benefits to investing in a chocolate filling machine for your chocolate production process.

Some of these benefits include:


This machine has several safety features that ensure both you and the filling process are safe from any potential danger.

For instance, sensors will detect faults with the machine and relay the information to computers for action. In extreme cases, the sensors will shut down the machine completely allowing you to monitor and solve the issue.

Accuracy And Efficiency

Chocolate filling machines will offer you the highest filling accuracy of various shells. This feature ensures that there is no wastage of chocolate mixtures thereby enhancing efficiency.

Low Production Cost

The initial price of a chocolate filling machine may be high. However, once you install and start using the machine, it requires less manual labor.

For instance, fully automatic versions can perform the filling process independently once you set the filling parameters on the control panel. This feature saves you money in the long run.

Less Contamination

The stainless steel material construction prevents any elements from contaminating the chocolate products.

High Production Rate

Chocolate filling machines can accomplish high filling rates within a short time. This allows you to increase your production level and the amount of chocolate you can fill per unit time.

Fully automatic chocolate filling machines have the highest production levels.

Ease Of Use

These machines come with a programmable logic controller and human-machine interface allowing for easy operation.

Increase Sales

These machines can fill various types of chocolates thus enhancing the taste and appeal of the product. Also, it can fill chocolate in various designs.

This feature allows consumers to purchase the products more thereby increasing your sales and profit margins.

What Are The Main Parts Of Chocolate Filling Machine?

Several parts work together in a chocolate filling machine which ensures an efficient filling process.

The main parts that make up the chocolate filling machine include the following:


This part will receive all chocolate products that the machine will fill with various shells.

Also, hoppers have features that maintain the temperature of the chocolate products thereby maintaining them in a molten state.


The chocolate will deposit on the chocolate moulds as it moves via the depositing heads. These moulds will receive the molten chocolate from depositing heads of the chocolate filling machines.

Depositing Head

Molten chocolate will move to the depositing head via the filling nozzles from the hopper within the machine.

Depositing heads hold the filling nozzles which fill chocolate and control the chocolate filling process.

Depositing Head of Chocolate Filling Machine

Depositing Head of Chocolate Filling Machine

Mass Tanks

This part will contain and store the chocolate that you will fill with the chocolate filling machine. The mass tank will hold the chocolate before you transfer it to the hopper.

Filling Nozzles

These parts will increase and enhance the chocolate filling accuracy in the machine.

Filling nozzles will also increase the filling precision thereby minimizing wastage of chocolate.

Servo Motor Units

The moving parts of the machine depend on the servomotor units to initiate and control the movement.

Servo motor units will regulate the speed of the moving components such as gears, conveyor belts, etc.

Electrical Unit

This part will provide the chocolate filling machine with electrical power which drives all the parts.

Also, it will regulate and control the electrical energy flowing to the chocolate filling machine.

Cooling Units

Once you fill the molten chocolate, you need to cool and solidify the chocolate.

Chocolate filling machines contain cooling tunnels that remove excess heat from the molten chocolate.

This feature assists in maintaining the chocolate in either a solid or molten form.

Control Panel

These parts assist you in monitoring, controlling, and programming the chocolate filling machine.

It contains a PLC and interactive HMI that allows you to control the machine from a single station.

Transport Unit

This part assists in moving different ingredients and products from one part of the machine to another.

Heating Unit

This unit operates by maintaining the chocolate in a molten state thereby simplifying the chocolate filling process.

Also, it will increase the temperature of the parts containing the chocolate that needs to be in a molten state.

Pneumatic Unit

This part will use air to build a pressure system that pushes agents for fluids in the chocolate filling machine.

Pneumatic systems are vital as they assist in delivering liquid chocolate to various parts.


Chocolate filling machines are safe to operate since they come with sensors that enhance the safety of you and the chocolate filling process.

The sensors also increase the filling accuracy thereby minimizing wastage and excess use of the chocolate.

Which Are The Main Steps Involved In The Operation Of Chocolate Filling Machine?

A chocolate filling machine operates using various principles to ensure that the filling of various products happens efficiently.

The main operational steps of a chocolate filling machine are as follows:


This step involves making sure all ingredients and materials you require for the chocolate filling process are available.

Also, ensure you have the shells that you will fill with the chocolate. Power up the machine once you ensure all parts are in good working condition.

Moving Ingredients

Once the machine is on, the chocolate ingredients will move to the hopper from the mass storage tanks. Also, shell moldings will move with the assistance of the conveyor systems from the storage area.

Make sure the hopper has the correct temperature to heat and maintain the chocolate in a molten state.

Filling Shells

Once the shells reach the filling area, the chocolate filling machine will perform the filling process. The filling nozzles will position themselves and direct the molten chocolate into the shells.

Also, the filling nozzles will control the chocolate quantity it fills in the shells. These nozzles are accurate enough to fill the shells while minimizing chocolate wastage.

Besides, the chocolate filling process happens not only on the shells but also on other products. The filling nozzles will use similar techniques to fill both the shells and other products with molten chocolate.


Once the machine completes the filling process, the products or filled shells move to the cooling tunnels via the conveyor system.

Besides, the control panel allows you to control the speed of the conveyor belt and the cooling temperature.

Also, the control panel allows you to remotely monitor the chocolate filling machine from a safe area.

Depending on how you want the product to be, you can cool the products to a semi-solid or solid state.

After the cooling process, monitor the quality of the final products and make sure they are as per the set specifications.

Make sure the final product has the correct quality when inspecting the quality. Once it passes this test, package, and store the products in the best conditions before transportation.

What Are The Modes Of Chocolate Filling Applied In Chocolate Filler Machine?

The available modes for chocolate filling include the following:

One Shot Chocolate Filling Mode

This system has A-B flowing axis and X-Y-Z moving axis within one shot operating unit. Also, it contains 14 pistons enabling it makes 24 products on one go.

Besides, you can also upgrade this filling mode to decoration filling mode. One shot chocolate filing mode is best for products requiring rich fillings like:

  1. Liquor
  2. Color strip filling
  3. Soft filling

One shot filling mode can fill products having varying shapes such as:

  1. Single-side
  2. Curve
  3. 3D
  4. Board

Servo Chocolate Filling Mode

This filling mode has an A-B flowing axis and lifting units within a servo filling operating unit. Also, it contains 48 pistons that can fill 48 products concurrently.

This mode is suitable for general and servo filling. Besides, you can upgrade it to a one shot or decoration filling mode.

Decoration Chocolate Filling Mode

This system contains operating units with A-B flowing axis and X-Y-Z moving axis. It also has 48 pistons that you can operate in double patterns to conduct double color decoration.

Besides, decoration chocolate filling modes are suitable for decorating without or with the presence of moulds.

This mode can produce varying decorations in one production line concurrently. By including distribution plates, you can make one shot products.

Mixing Chocolate Filling Mode

This system contains mixing units, A-B flowing axis, and liquid level control units. It may contain 16 to 18 pistons that can make 16 or 18 products in that sequence.

Mixing chocolate filling modes can mix different chocolate materials such as nuts, fruits, or brittle rice.

What Is The Filling Precision Of Chocolate Filling Machine?

The filling precision varies from one chocolate filling machine to another.

Chocolate filling machines can have a filling precision of between +/- 0.1% and 1%. This range minimizes wastage and excess use of the chocolate during the filling process.

Why Should You Ensure That A Chocolate Filling Machine Is Cgmp Compliant?

cGMP stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practice which the FDA regulates.

Chocolate filling machines that comply with cGMP have a pure, quality, strong, and adequate identity.

Compliance with this standard ensures you select chocolate filling machines that will perform at high levels.

Chocolate Filling Machine

Chocolate Filling Machine

Can You Use Chocolate Filling Machine In Other Industries Apart From Confectionery Industry?

Yes, you can use it in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Medical industries
  • Cosmetic industries

Do You Manufacture Benchtop Chocolate Filling Machine For Pralines?

Yes, we do. These machines have microprocessors and conduct adjustments to dosages thereby enhancing injection of filling within pralines.

Heating and thermoregulation of the injection environment also enhance efficiency and the piston pump is cleanable.

Also, you will place moulds in this system on vibrating tables to enhance the injection of filling material and eliminate bubbles that may reduce shelf life.

What Is The Chocolate Filling Machine Price In China?

Since there are different chocolate filling machines available, the prices will vary a lot.

Some factors that influence the price of this machine include:

  • Level of automation, whether fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual
  • State of the machine, whether brand new or used
  • Production capacity
  • Number of unique features
  • Number of machines you are purchasing
  • Customization, etc.

Considering these price factors, the price of these machines in China range between 1000 USD and 300000 USD.

Does Your Machine Come With Spare Parts For The Main Components Of Chocolate Filling Equipment?

Yes, we include spare parts of the main parts when you purchase our chocolate filling machine.

What Are The Possible Customization Options For Chocolate Filling Machine?

These include:

  • Size of the machine
  • Type and size of moulds
  • Filling nozzles
  • Brands of the parts within the machine

Do You Offer Configuration, Installation, And Debugging Services For Your Chocolate Filling Machine?

Yes, we do. We include an entire configuration list of the parts that make the chocolate filling machine.

Also, we send out engineers to install and debug the machine as per your request.

If you do not need us to install the machine, we can:

  • Train you in our factory
  • Include operational video for your reference
  • Also, read the user manual we include when you purchase the machine

Benchtop Chocolate Filling Machine

Benchtop Chocolate Filling Machine

How Do You Troubleshoot Chocolate Filling Machine?

Troubleshooting allows you to identify an issue and solve it quickly. One of the main problems this machine may encounter is having inconsistent fills.

Here are some solutions to inconsistent fills:

Overflow Fillers

One possible issue comes about when you are setting up the machine. These fillers may need removal or adding spacers on every nozzle when altering between bottles.

Ensure the spacers are in the right position by making the necessary corrections. A bad seal can also cause inconstant fills, as bad seals can cause fill levels to deviate.

Also, make sure the machine has the correct air pressure on the pathway of the product.

Other Fillers

Piston, gravity, and pump fillers fill chocolate to a specific volume and not a level. One possible solution is to change the bottles you are using.

A change in the chocolate viscosity might cause this problem. This means you need to control the temperature of the molten chocolate as it affects how it will flow.

You can also change the fill times, that is, delay and duration time, to solve this issue.

Can You Integrate A Clean-In-Place (CIP) System With Chocolate Filling Machine?

Yes, this is possible. A clean-in-place allows you to input the cleaning parameters via the control panel.

This feature makes the process simple and quick and needs little to no disassembly, and requires less manual labor. Choosing to include a CIP may affect the solution for the chocolate filling machine.

What Is Covered By The Warranty Of Your Chocolate Filling Machine?

The warranty covers defective components due to manufacturer error or poor workmanship.

Depending on your specific needs and requirements, SaintyCo has a range of chocolate machines.

Contact us now for all your chocolate filling machines.

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