Chocolate Grinding Machine

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What Is A Chocolate Grinding Machine?

Choclate Grinding Machine

Chocolate Grinding Machine

This is a machine that you will use to grind nibs, which are chunks of roasted cocoa beans.

The machine will grind and convert the nibs to thick liquid also known as chocolate liquor.

This chocolate liquor is the substance that you will use to produce chocolate products such as chocolate bars.

Is There Difference Between Chocolate Grinder And Chocolate Melanger?

Choclate Melanger

Chocolate Melanger

A chocolate grinder and a chocolate melanger are names that you can use interchangeably.

This is because these machines will perform the same function of converting roasted cocoa beans to chocolate liquor.

What Are The Features Of Chocolate Grinder Machine?

There are several kinds of chocolate grinder machines available in the market.

This means they do have varying features and specifications.

However, here are some features you can find in these machines:

  • The grinder will not operate when it notices there is an overload.
  • All the motors in these machines have a CE certification.
  • The material construction is high-quality, food-grade SS304 stainless steel.
  • Some have a tilting feature that makes it possible for you to tilt the whole unit for easy cleaning and content removal.
  • It is possible to operate the machine without covering it with a lid.
  • There are adjustable loading systems that have springs that make for efficient chocolate grinding and control.
  • It is easy to detach the cylindrical granite stone rollers thus making it easy to clean the machine.
  • The speed controller drive has both UL and CE certifications.
  • Also, you can use the machine to process other food items other than chocolate grinding, making it multipurpose.
  • It makes use of naturally occurring granite stones which eliminate thinning or chipping while providing long service.
  • The motor will not overheat even if you use it for a long duration.
  • Some come with double scrapper arms which will enhance the efficiency of grinding than single scrapper arms.
  • The machine can come with a belt or a chain drive to provide a long and smooth operation.
  • Also, the motors are on the sides allowing for better stability, easy tilting, and a low center of gravity.

Which Are The Available Sizes Of Chocolate Grinding Machine?

There are several chocolate grinding machines to choose from in the market.

They also come in various sizes to fit various applications.

These sizes are as follows:

Benchtop Chocolate Grinders

This is a machine that is suitable for home use or small-batch preparations.

If you are new to chocolate-making or even a professional, you can grind chocolates using this machine.

All it needs are the right ingredients and patience as they have a small production capacity.

Besides, they are readily accessible and affordable.

They are also easy to use, durable, and reliable making users at any skill level achieve a suitable result.

Also, they are lightweight, easy to install and move.

Mini Chocolate Grinders

These machines are larger than benchtop chocolate grinders thus suitable for small-scale industries.

They offer more production capacity than benchtop versions and you can use them in small hotels and confectioneries.

Besides, they are also larger and more costly than benchtop chocolate grinders.

It takes more time and skill to install and use this machine since it occupies more space.

Large Capacity Chocolate Grinders

These are the most expensive of all these three as they have a large production capacity.

They are suitable for commercial use since they can grind more chocolate per unit of time.

It needs special skills and expertise to install the machine as they are the largest of all these three.

They also consume more power and contain more parts.

Also, you can integrate these machines with other chocolate-making machines in the chocolate production line.

What Are The Applications Of Chocolate Grinding Machine?

This machine will combine several machines like homogenizer, three-roll machine, mixer, ball mill, and shearing machine, etc.

The chocolate grinding machine is good for grinding some nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

For instance, you can use it in the production of the following items:

  • Cocoa paste or liquor
  • Sesame butter
  • Nut milk
  • Onion paste
  • Soybean paste
  • Peanut butter
  • Almond butter
  • Fruit jam
  • Ginger garlic paste
  • Cocoa

Also, you can produce cocoa oil and cocoa powder, among others, using a combination of this machine and others like:

  • Pealing machine
  • Crusher
  • Cocoa bean roasting machine

Are There Multipurpose Chocolate Grinding Machine?

Yes, you can find multipurpose machines that you can apply for various applications.

For instance, multipurpose chocolate grinding machine can perform the following functions:

  • Cocoa grinding
  • Nut butter processing

What Are The Major Parts Of Chocolate Grinding Machine?

Parts Of Chocolate Grinding Machine

Parts Of Chocolate Grinding Machine

There are several parts in a chocolate grinding machine.

These include:

Drum Lid

It is the part that covers the stainless steel drum during the chocolate grinding process.

Besides, it assists in containing the nibs and chocolate liquor from splashing off the stainless steel drum.

Top Lock Knob

This part will firmly secure the deflector blades, stone holder, and roller stones to the spindle of the drum.

It ensures the grinding operation happens smoothly by applying the correct pressure to these parts.

It also has a spring to ensure that these pieces securely lock before operation.

Stone Holder

It is the part on which you will attach the roller stones.

It ensures the roller stones are intact during the entire grinding process.

Roller Stones

These parts are responsible for the grinding of the nibs.

They are sturdy and provide pressure to the nibs as they rotate to grind them.

Bowl Heaters

These parts will increase the temperature of the stone rollers.

It does this to lower the time it takes to express fat from nibs.

Also, they decrease the time you need to process a batch of nibs and will also assist in rapidly evaporating unwanted volatiles.

Deflector Blades

These parts will prevent the chocolate items from sticking to the stainless steel drum.

It does this by scraping the chocolate thus enhancing the grinding of the nibs.

Stainless Steel Drum

This is the part at which the grinding process takes place.

Also, it assists in containing the chocolate liquor as the grinding proceeds from splattering.

Besides, it revolves as the grinding action takes place thus ensuring all nibs pass through the roller stones.


This is the part at which you will power on or off the machine.

Motor Unit

This component will provide convert the electrical power into mechanical power which drives the roller stones.

The motor unit can have a direct or indirect drive mechanism.

For a direct drive mechanism, you will connect the motor’s shaft directly to the drum spindle.

However, the indirect drive mechanism involves connecting the motor to the drum spindle by using a chain or belt.

Rubber Feet

This is a part that makes sure the machine does not move during operation.

Also, it offers sturdy support when the chocolate grinding machine lacks stands.


This is a part that the entire chocolate grinding machine rests on.

It gives the chocolate grinding machine sturdy support during the chocolate grinding process.

How Does Chocolate Grinder Machine Work?

The working process of this machine is straightforward.

Here are the steps on how this machine operates:

Preparation Stage

Begin the operation by assembling the machine and ensuring all parts are in good working condition.

Make sure the deflector blades are in the right alignment and the roller stones have the correct pressure.

Also, make sure all the ingredients you are using in the grinding process are in ample quantity.

For instance, when grinding chocolate, ensure you have the cocoa nibs ready.

Other ingredients include sugar and cocoa butter.

Applying The Ingredients

Before placing the ingredients in the machine, ensure that the machine is warm enough.

Load the ingredients gradually in the machine as this ensures that the stones do not stop.

If the stones stop, this will inhibit the chocolate grinding machine from spinning.

Also, you can add more nibs once you notice that the paste has a chunky peanut butter consistency.

Besides, loading the drum quickly will lower the speed of the production or cause the machine to struggle.

If you notice the machine is struggling, do not add more ingredients but let it refine the ones in the drum for a while.

Grinding Process

The machine will now grind the nibs and thereby changing the consistency of the nibs.

As the roller stones apply pressure and heat, the nibs will start to turn into a paste.

Also, you can add cocoa butter during the grinding process to glisten the chocolate liquor.

This happens as the mixture is refining and warming up.

Also, you can add other ingredients such as sugar and milk powder.

Besides, always add flavors when the refining process is almost ending.

This is to prevent some flavor from disappearing during the conching process.

Emptying The Drum

Once the chocolate has the right consistency, texture, and flavor, you will shut off the machine.

Remove the chocolate liquor and then you can begin a new process, or clean the machine and store it.

Besides, you should not store the chocolate or other items in the stainless steel drum.

Why Is Heat Necessary During The Operation Of Chocolate Grinding Machine?

Applying heat as you are conducting the chocolate grinding process is a vital factor.

Heat will lower the time you need to express fat from the chocolate nibs.

It will also melt the cocoa butter and convert nibs into a paste then to a thick chocolate liquor quickly.

Besides, it will also speed up the chocolate grinding process and vaporize all unwanted volatile substances.

In other applications, you can apply heat by using a heat gun or a hairdryer.

However, make sure the drum does not get too hot as it may burn the chocolate or cause the machine to damage.

Make sure the bowl has a warm and not hot temperature.

What Is The Production Capacity Of Chocolate Grinder Machine?

Since there are various kinds of chocolate grinding machines, the production capacity will also vary.

For instance, large machines will have a high production capacity than small machines.

Taking these into account, the chocolate grinding machines can produce between 3.5 and 2000 kg/h.

How Many Hours Can You Run Chocolate Grinding Machine?

These machines are durable and you can operate them continuously for 24 hours, or more.

Why Is Stainless Steel The Best Material Of Construction For Chocolate Grinding Machine?

There are several advantages to using stainless steel to construct a chocolate grinding machine.

Some of the benefits of using this material include:


Stainless steel is a robust material and will maintain its form.

This is suitable as it will not deform when you expose it to extremely high pressure and temperatures.

Besides, this proves beneficial as you will apply heat when using a chocolate grinding machine.


This material will not encourage the growth of bacteria as it has high hygienic qualities.

Besides, since it is also a low-maintenance material, you can easily maintain and clean it.

This makes it suitable s the chocolate product will not have contaminations.


Stainless steel material has an appealing yet functional appearance.

This makes them suitable to construct chocolate grinding machines.

Corrosion Resistance

This material can withstand moisture, corrosion, and rust.

These qualities make them suitable for high-temperature applications.

Therefore, you can use this material with food materials as it will not contaminate them.


It is easy to recycle stainless steel meaning it can last for long and is also good for the environment.

This means you can repurpose old chocolate grinding machines to manufacture new machines.


You can have varying finishes on the chocolate grinding machine.

For instance, the inside of the drum that gets in contact with the chocolate could have a smooth finish.

This prevents the chocolate from sticking on the surface thus enhancing the grinding process.

Ease Of Fabrication

It is easy to cut, bend, weld, or assemble stainless steel.

This capability makes it suitable for the construction of this machine as manufacturers can have various designs.


Stainless steel is a tough material and will not bend even under great weight.

This will make it suitable for use in varying temperatures and environmental conditions.

What Parameters Determine The Procedure And Timing Of Chocolate Grinding Machine?

The various parameters that determine procedure and timing include:

  • Type of ingredients you are using in the machine
  • The quantity of the ingredients
  • Speed of the machine
  • The size of the nibs that you are using
  • Room temperature
  • The conching and flavor you desire

How Long Should You Run A Chocolate Grinder Machine To Get Fine Chocolate?

A lot of customers will run this machine for at least 8 hours.

In instances where you need to develop the texture and flavor, you can run the machine for a longer duration.

This allows the conching process to happen after you remove the tension.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying New Chocolate Grinding Machine Over Use Chocolate Grinding Machine?

New Chocolate Grinding Machine

New Chocolate Grinding Machine

These include:


Since new chocolate grinding machines are straight from the factory, you are sure they are reliable.

This is because another person may sell a machine because it is not reliable.


This is one of the best benefits of buying a new chocolate grinding machine.

The warranty may span for 12 months or more thus covering you for quite a while.

For used machines, you may buy those that are out of warranty.

This means if the machine is faulty, you have to pay for repairs to happen.

Spare Parts

When you buy new chocolate grinding machines, the manufacturer may include some spare parts for free.

For used machines, the machines may be old that there are no existing spare parts.


New chocolate grinding machines make use of new technological advancements that used items lack.

Efficiency And Productivity

Using a new machine gives your business the best chances for increasing revenue and productivity.


Using a new chocolate grinding machine ensures the machine will not cause problems during the production process.

It also prevents injuries as it may cause massive losses for your business.

Is Chocolate Grinding Machine Used For Making Chocolate Only?

You can use this machine to grind items such as:

  • Rice
  • Coconuts
  • Sesame
  • Lentils, etc.

What Are The Technical Features To Look For When Selecting Chocolate Grinding Machine?

These include:

Drive Mechanism

These machines can have direct or indirect drive mechanisms.

Direct drive mechanisms have the motor directly connecting to the drum spindle.

For indirect drive mechanisms, the motor connects to the drum spindle by use of a chain or belt.

Direct drive mechanisms are better despite being more expensive than indirect drive mechanisms.

Also, chains are better than belts, and when using belts, make sure they are stretch-free.

Bowl Geometry

When using large wet grinder bowls, you will notice that they wobble out of true.

This may change how chocolate flows within the bowl causing the processing characteristics to differ.

Bowl Heaters

These will increase the temperature of roller stones and assist in extracting fat from nibs.

Also, they increase the speed of the grinding process and vaporize unwanted volatiles.

Pressure Mechanism

This is a spring-loaded tension that applies pressure on vertical shafts that hold the axles for the roller stones.

New mechanisms, like pneumatic cylinders, assist in operating individual roller stones.

Variable Speed

You can control the temperature in the drum if you can change the drum’s rotational speed.

Also, using the same electrics, you can reverse how the drum rotates and this is beneficial when items in the drum stick.

How Do You Operate Chocolate Grinding Machine?

Ensure that you operate the machine only when it is in an upright and vertical position.

Never operate the machine when it is in a tilted position.

What Is The Recommended Chocolate Quantity To Add When Using Chocolate Grinding Machine?

The recommendation is:

  • 20% of cocoa liquor
  • 10% of cocoa butter
  • 35% of sugar
  • 35% of powdered milk
  • 60% of sugar

Do You Supply Spare Parts For Chocolate Grinding Machine?

Parts of spare parts of chocolate grinding machine

Spate Parts Of Chocolate Grinding Machine

Yes, we have high-quality and original spare parts ready for shipping within a day once you make the order.

Also, we include instructions on how to replace the parts.

What Type Of Stones Is Used To Make The Wheels Of Chocolate Grinding Machine?

The stones that make the wheels are natural granite.

It is also normal when you notice the stones having a variation in color.

Is There Specific Temperature For Operating Chocolate Grinding Machine?

The suitable temperature we recommend is a temperature above 25°C and not exceeding 40°C.

What Is The Difference Between Chocolate Grinding Machine And Chocolate Refiner Machine?

Chocolate Refiner Machie

chocolate refiner machine

A chocolate grinding machine helps you to grind nibs and convert them into chocolate liquor.

Also, these machines can operate for only a few hours every week.

Chocolate refiner machines have more features and gears that can run for long hours.

These assist in producing silky smooth chocolate, one batch after the other.

How Do You Clean Chocolate Grinding Machine?

By using hot water and a mild dishwashing liquid, you can easily wash this machine.

Always hand wash all the parts of a chocolate grinding machine.

Are Chocolate Grinding Machine Parts Dishwasher Safe?

No, they are not dishwasher safe and the warranty will be void if you dish wash these parts.

Besides, plastic components and the epoxy binding the bowl cannot withstand heat from dishwashers.

Also, you can wipe the bowl and the roller stones with a piece of clean cloth.

What Are The Safety Precautions When Operating Chocolate Grinding Machine?

These include:

  • Always place the machine on a hard, stable, and flat surface.
  • Lock the drum when before using tilting chocolate grinding machine.
  • Use the machine indoors, for the intended use, and away from direct sunlight.
  • Operate the machine when in an upright position.
  • Closely supervise when in use.
  • Never touch rotating drums when operating the machine.
  • Secure loose clothing or long hair before operating.
  • Always leave the motor ventilation holes open.
  • Switch off the machine in case you notice unusual sounds, overheating, or blockages.
  • Always ground the electrical outlet.
  • Never dry run the machine for more than a few seconds.
  • Disconnect electrical components before cleaning.
  • Make sure no water enters the motor unit.
  • Switch off and unplug the machine when not in use.
  • Do not operate the machine if the power cord is faulty, but rather replace it.
  • Make sure the power cords are secure before operating the machine.
  • Reach out and call technicians when the machine malfunctions.

What Is Chocolate Grinder Machine Price?

The price may range anywhere between 250 USD and 14000 USD.

What Are The Ways Of Troubleshooting Chocolate Grinder Machine?

Switch off the machine when there is a sudden power failure.

Immediately repair or replace faulty power cables by hiring qualified personnel.

Gradually add more ingredients to avoid overloading the machine.

When you already have a grind paste, do not add un-grind materials.

If the drum has problems rotating, remove some materials, then add them back slowly.

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