Chocolate Packing Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Chocolate packing machine plays an integral role in chocolate production line.

It’s through proper packaging that you will keep your chocolates safe, while reaching out to targeted market.

This guide will show you what to look for when buying chocolate packing machine.

Let’s get started.

What Is A Chocolate Packing Machine?

Chocolate packing machine is a unique device that you will use to package different types of chocolates efficiently and quickly.

You will be able to package voluminous quantity of chocolate conveniently and at a very high speed thus saving time.

chocolate packing machine

chocolate packing machine

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Why Should You Opt For A Chocolate Packing Machine?

As a chocolate manufacturer, you will need a chocolate packaging machine for quite a number of reasons.

In other words, there are numerous uses and benefits that you will experience when using the chocolate packing machine.

Here are the main reasons that should compel you to opt for a chocolate packing machine.

Increase Rate Of Chocolate Production

You will increase the rate of producing chocolate with the integration of the chocolate packing machine in the chocolate production line.

It is capable of packaging chocolate at a very high rate in special types of packages with minimal error.

High Hygiene Levels

Since you will be working with an automatic machine, you will have very little interaction with the chocolate you produce.

You will be in a position to produce highly hygienic chocolates using a very clean and stainless chocolate packing machine.

Accurate Packaging

With the help of the PLC control panel, you will program the quantity and mode of packaging on the machine.

After that, all you have to do is monitor the packing process which will proceed in a more accurate manner.

Easy To Maintain

You will also spend less time and money in the cleaning and maintenance process of the chocolate packing machine.

It has stainless steel parts that do not stain easily and a clean in place system that automatically cleans the system.

High Safety Levels

All the aspects of the machine are automatic thus boosting safety of both the machine and the operators.

It comes complete with sensors that can detect problems on the machine and shut down in case of imminent danger.

Easy To Operate

In addition to the above benefits, you should opt for the chocolate packing machine because it is simple to use.

All you have to do is understand the control panel and you are set to go ahead with the packaging process.

What Are The Most Suitable Materials For Packing Chocolates?

When it comes to packing chocolate, you have to be very careful when choosing the packing materials.

One of the most important factors in packing materials is the hygiene of the packing materials.

The packing materials must have the capability of maintaining the integrity of chocolate for a long period.

Among the best packing materials, you should opt for aluminum and tin materials to pack chocolate.

Aluminum and tin are great chocolate packing materials because they are flexible to meet packing material specifications.

Apart from that, tin and aluminum have the capability of maintaining chocolate freshness thus preventing decay.

On top of that, you have to be environmentally conscious when choosing the packing materials.

You can easily recycle the tin and aluminum package more than once without losing the value of the materials.

Aluminum and Tin are the best materials that meets the health, safety and environmental regulations.

How Does The Package Shape Relate To Sustainability Of Chocolate?

You should understand that the shape of the chocolate packing materials relates closely to chocolate sustainability.

It is a very critical aspect that will contribute to the sustainability image of the chocolate.

You can package liquid, and powder chocolate in different ways in comparison to the solid chocolate.

You have to package the solid chocolate in a particular way to ensure chocolate protection.

To a great extent, the package shape also plays a huge role in reducing wastage.

It helps in maintaining the integrity of chocolate while reducing wastage on the production of packaging materials.

What Are The Main Safety Concerns In Chocolate Packing Machines?

In packaging of chocolate, you have to make sure that the chocolate is safe and does not spoil within the package.

You should consider using tin and aluminum because if the stainless nature of the materials.

Apart from that, tin and aluminum are also very easy to clean thus boosting the safety of the materials.

Aluminum and tinplate should be your material of choice because they will prevent chocolate from spoiling.

In many cases, tin and aluminum adhere better to the food grade varnish which protects the integrity of chocolate.

How Much Does Chocolate Packing Machine Cost?

The amount of money that you will pay for the chocolate packing machine will vary depending on different factors.

Here are the main factors that will determine the cost of the chocolate packing machine.

Type Of Chocolate Packing Machine

One of the factors that you will have to look at is the type of the chocolate packing machine.

For instance, fully-automatic chocolate packing machines will cost a lot more than semi-automatic or manual chocolate packing machines.

Size Of Chocolate Packing Machine

In this case, it is obvious that the bigger the size of the machine, the higher the amount of money you will pay.

You can also look at size aspect of chocolate packing machine in terms of quantity which definitely increases the price.

Specialized Features Of Machine

In this case, you will also look at the features available on the chocolate packing machine.

In case of special types of features on the machine, you will have to pay higher for such inclusions.

How Does Chocolate Wrapping Machine Compare to Chocolate Packing Machine?

Well, you will use both chocolate wrapping machine and packing machines to cover and protect the chocolate integrity.

Despite the covering aspect of the chocolate, you should expect to identify different aspects on the machine.

chocolate wrapping machine

chocolate wrapping machine

In chocolate wrapping machines, you will place the chocolate in the primary package in contact with the package.

On the other hand, you can use the chocolate packing machine to package the chocolate in primary, secondary and tertiary packages.

Implying that, you will use the machine to package chocolate in two or three different types of packages.

chocolate wrapping machine

chocolate wrapping machine

Which Techniques Do You Use In Chocolate Packing Machines?

You can use different packaging techniques to help in packing of different types of chocolate.

Here are the main techniques that you can use with the chocolate packing machines.

Pleat Wrapping Technique

You can opt for pleat wrapping which involves creation of pleats on the chocolate package.

After pleat packing, you will add a seal on top of the package and label it for proper identification.

Foil Wrapping Technique

Just from the name, you can note that packaging technique uses foil or aluminum materials to package chocolate.

In this case, foil and aluminum packaging does not require heat to seal the package as foil is self-sealing.

Banding Packing Technique

Here, you will wrap bands around the package of the chocolate and then use heat or glue for sealing purposes.

Implying that, you must have a packing material to cover the chocolate and then wrap it with bands.

Twist Packing Technique

You will also use twist packing which uses special types of materials such as aluminum to secure the chocolate accordingly.

In this case, your chocolate packing machine will twist the packing materials at the end to seal the chocolate.

Sleeve Wrapping Packing Technique

It is a packing technique where you will place a web around the chocolate and then apply film reels on them.

In this case, the best sealing technique that you will use is by application of heat for the materials to bond.

Band and Foil Wrapping Technique

You will use foil materials as the primary package that will seal itself thus no need for heat and glue.

After that, you will place a paper with the chocolate decorations around the foil materials.

What Is The Difference Between Manual And Fully Automated Chocolate Packing Machine?

Among the types of chocolate packing machines, you can either opt for manual or fully-automatic packing machines.

Manual chocolate packing machines do not have the automatic aspect and requires human labor for full operations.

Fully-automatic chocolate packing machines do not require human labor and performs all functions automatically.

How Do the Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic Chocolate Packing Machine Compare?

You can also use the semi-automatic chocolate packing machine which has both manual and automatic nature.

On the flip side, you can opt for the fully automatic chocolate packing machines that do not require human labor assistance.

Fully automatic and semi-automatic chocolate machines package chocolate at higher speeds.

What Are The Main Components Of Chocolate Packing Machines?

In chocolate packing processes, you will use the chocolate packing machine to complete the process.

Despite that, you should also understand that there are different types of chocolate packing machines.

Due to that, there are different types of parts on different types of chocolate packing machines.

Here are the main parts that you will find on most chocolate packing machines.

Dancers Arm

This is a free moving roller that you can position according to the position of the packing materials.

It is capable of controlling the tension on the chocolate packing machine thus increasing the packing efficiency.

Control System Or Panel

You will also have a control panel on the chocolate packing machine for monitoring, controlling and programming the machine.

Here, you will place the main packing parameters and allow the machine to proceed with the packing process.

Transport System

Within the chocolate packing machine is the transport system which moves the chocolate and the packing materials.

It is a system with conveyor belts and gears among others to control movement and of the packing components.

Sensory Unit

The chocolate packing machine also comes complete with a sensory unit which detects malfunctions within the system.

It also helps in determining the right quantities of raw materials and sending signals to the machine operator.

Sealing Jaws

You should also have the sealing jaws within the chocolate packing machine that will seal the packages.

The sealing jaws must have different sealing techniques to enable you to meet different sealing requirements.

Feeding System

You will depend on the feeding system to provide or feed the packing machine with the right materials.

It will provide the sealing materials as well as the chocolate that you would like to seal within the machine.

Electric Unit

You will also use the electric unit of the machine to provide the necessary power requirements.

The electric system is also connected to the control panel where you can adjust it according to processing specifications.

Discharge Unit

As soon as the packing and sealing of chocolate complete, you will collect them from the machine at the discharge unit.

You can integrate the machine with another machine at the discharge unit to allow a continuous manufacturing process.

How Does Chocolate Packing Machine Work?

Basically, the chocolate packing machine uses the enrobing and sealing principle to package chocolate.

In other words, the machine will enrobe chocolate in primary packing materials and the seal it.

Here are the main steps that the machines go through during the chocolate packing process.

Step One: Preparation Stage

Basically, you have to prepare the machine first before you begin or proceed with the packing process.

In addition to that, you must make sure that you have a constant supply of packing materials and chocolate.

The best way to make sure all this is in place is integrating the machine within the chocolate production line.

As soon as every aspect is complete and ready, you will proceed with the packing process by powering the machine.

Step Two: Chocolate Packing

The chocolate production line will deliver enough chocolate to the hopper of the chocolate packing machine.

With the help of the conveyor belt, the chocolate will move from the hopper to the packing unit.

While at the packing unit, the packing materials such as foil will meet the chocolate.

The machine will cut the packing materials in the right size of piece and then wrap it around the chocolate.

Depending on the packaging specifications, the machine will use the most appropriate packaging technique.

Step Three: Sealing Of The Package

After packing the chocolate in packing materials, you will proceed with the sealing process.

The machine will cur the package and then push it to the sealing stage.

In this case, you will choose among the numerous sealing methods such as heat sealing or glue sealing.

Heat sealing uses heat to secure the chocolate package while glue sealing involves sticking the package with glue.

As soon as the sealing is complete, the machine will inspect the integrity of the package and seal.

Finally, it will discharge the package to the next machine such as the labeling machine.

How Does Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine Compare To Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine?

Just from the name of the machines, you can note the difference in their operations.

You will use the chocolate foil wrapping machine to successfully wrap different types of chocolate.

chocolate foil wrapping machine

chocolate foil wrapping machine

This machine uses aluminum foil to wrap chocolates such as chocolate balls without heat of glue sealing.

On the other hand, you will use the chocolate fold wrapping machine to fold the package around the chocolate.

In this case, you can use any type of convenient package and fold it around the chocolate.

Apart from that the machine will also seal the package using glue or heat-sealing methods.

How Does Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine Compare To Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

Well, both machines are suitable for packing different types of chocolates.

Despite having similar working principles, the machines have different capabilities.

You will use the chocolate bar wrapping machine to package chocolate bars within different packaging materials.

It employs the wrapping technique to successfully wrap chocolate wrapping materials around chocolate bars.

On the flip side, chocolate coin wrapping machine is suitable for packaging and labeling chocolate coins.

chocolate bar wrapping machine

chocolate bar  wrapping machine

The machine has the capability of packing different types of chocolate coins using different packing techniques.

In most case, both machines have the glue-sealing or the heat-sealing capabilities.

chocolate coin wrapping machine

chocolate coin wrapping machine

Can You Adjust Packaging Speed Of Chocolate Packing Machine?

Yes, you can adjust the packaging speed of the chocolate packing machines to suit the production needs.

You can either slow it down or increase the packing speed of the chocolate confectionaries.

Most of the machines have a control panel which controls all the packing specifications including speed.

What Is The Main Construction Material For Chocolate Packing Machine?

Stainless steel is the main construction material that you will use on chocolate packing machines.

You should consider using stainless steel because it is very strong and highly durable.

Apart from that, stainless steel does not stain very easily thus increasing the packing hygiene levels.

On top of that, stainless steel is easy to clean thus increasing the ease of maintaining the packing machine.

Which Sealing Methods Do You Use In Chocolate Packing Machines?

After packing chocolate with different packing materials, you may need to seal the package.

In the chocolate packing machine, there are two main sealing processes that you should use.

Here are the two main sealing techniques that you can use with the chocolate packing machines.

Heat Sealing

You can employ heat sealing which involves the use of heat in the sealing process of the chocolate packages.

The heat that you will apply will help in melting and bonding the package thus creating a seal.

Cold Sealing

In cold sealing, you will use other sealing techniques other than using heat.

In most chocolate packing machines, you will use glue as the main chocolate sealing material in cold sealing.

How Do You Troubleshoot A Chocolate Packing Machine?

You should, definitely, expect to experience a few challenges when it comes to using the chocolate packing machine.

The best mode of identifying the problems with the machine is by troubleshooting the machine.

Here are some of the problems that you might experience with the machine.

Misaligned Films

You may have misaligned films on the machine thus affecting the chocolate packing process.

In such a case, you have to align the belts on the machine which will align the films to the center.

Apart from that, you can adjust the length settings of the belt for proper tension on the system.

Do You Have Optional Equipment For Chocolate Packing Machine Line?

Yes, you can also have the optional equipment on the chocolate packing machine line.

You will order for the equipment you need according to the chocolate packing requirements.

Here are the main types of equipment that you may opt for alongside the chocolate packing machines.

  • Tempering machine
  • Automatic chocolate depositor
  • Chocolate enrober
  • Automatic moulding machine
  • Automatic Demoulder
  • Chocolate granule mixer
  • Biscuit feeding machine
  • Feeder mixer
  • Granule dosing machine
  • Chocolate pumps
  • Nut feeder
  • Chocolate analysis machine
  • Filling and weighing equipment

Which Types Of Chocolate Can You Pack Using Chocolate Packing Machines?

You should never worry when it comes to the type of chocolate that you will package.

Implying that, you can package any type of chocolate using the chocolate packing machine.

Here are the different types of chocolate that you can pack using the machine.

  • Chocolate bars
  • Chocolate tablets
  • Napolitanas
  • Chocolate blocks
  • Chocolate candies
  • Chocolate coated wafers

What Is Single-stage Primary Packing In Chocolate Packing Machines?

Single stage primary packing of chocolate involves packing chocolate using one primary package such as aluminum foil.

It involves packing chocolate using a single technique in practically a single packing process.

Does The Chocolate Packing Machine Perform The Two Stage Primary Chocolate Packing?

Yes, you can use the chocolate packing machine to perform a two-stage primary chocolate packing.

In this case, you will use the machine to pack chocolate in two different stages.

First, you will pack the chocolate using primary packages such as aluminum foils.

After that, you will proceed to wrap it up with another material or a secondary package such as paper.

Usually, the secondary package has the main decorations and details about the chocolate inside.

What Is Secondary Packing In Chocolate Packing Machines?

Secondary packing is the second type of package that you will place on different types of chocolate.

Here, you will have two packing materials that you will place on the chocolate in two different stages.

What Are The Main Types Of Secondary Packages Used In Chocolate Packing Machines?

Well, there are different types of secondary chocolate packages that you can use in packaging.

Some of the secondary packing materials that you can use include:

  • Boxes
  • Paddings
  • Separators
  • Reinforcements
  • Bags
  • Paper
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Plastic crates
  • Trays
  • Shrink wraps

What Is The Significance Of Tertiary Packing Using Chocolate Packing Machines?

As soon as you complete the primary or the secondary packing processes, you can proceed to the tertiary packing.

Even though it is not obligatory, you should consider the third packing stage of chocolate packing concept.
It will help in creating a chocolate stock-keeping unit that will for ease in keeping stock and transportation.

It helps in proper distribution of the chocolate to different destinations without causing damages.

What Is The Significance Of Using Chocolate Vertical Form Fill Seal Packing Machine?

You can opt for the chocolate vertical form fill packing machine to help in packing chocolate.

It is a special type of machine that will help in the packing process of different types of chocolate.

Here are the main benefits of using the machine.


You can use the machine to produce different shapes of chocolate packages that will fit different chocolate types.

Apart from that, it incorporates a wide variety of packing materials to package chocolate.

Air Tight Packaging

You will also have air-tight packages that do not allow entry of pathogen that would affect integrity of chocolate.

It ensures that the sealing is proper thus keeping the chocolate inside the package fresh and safe for consumption.

What Is Horizontal Form Fill Seal Chocolate Packing Machine?

Horizontal form fill seal chocolate packing machines are special machines for packing chocolate and granola bars.

It comes complete with a sealing system that can either seal through cold or heat sealing.

Do You Supply Folding Box Chocolate Packing Machine?

Yes, we also supply the folding box chocolate packing machine.

You will use the folding box chocolate packing machine for smaller and multi-pack products.

It is suitable for packing chocolate in boxes that you can simply fold and seal for convenience.

What Are Some Of The Styles For Chocolate Packing Using Chocolate Packing Machines?

In a bid to improve the image of the chocolate, and increase sales, you will integrate different packing styles.

Some of the chocolate packing styles you can use include:

  • Special pack styles
  • Chocolate pieces
  • Flow pack Style
  • Bars and napolitanas
  • Chocolate pieces
  • Chocolate tables
  • Mixed packs
  • Carton multipack
  • Multipack Style
  • Display carton
  • Special pack styles

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