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SaintyCo Chocolate Panning Machine

Chocolate panning machines are tools for coating nuts, fruits, and other edibles with chocolate. You can use chocolate panning equipment as chocolate to obtain a beautiful coat center with the perfect chocolate-to-center ratio.

Besides, the chocolate panning machine is small, which makes it easier to transport or move from one location to another. System for mounting spheres that is unique. A cooling fan that can be washed. Product processing in the tray is made easier with a movable and detachable silicon cooling air-nozzle.

SaintyCo provides a high-quality chocolate panning machine with detailed documentation. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of high-tech chocolate panning machines. Our machine products are developed in accordance with WHO, cGMP, GMP, 21CFR part II, and CE standards.

So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy manufacturer of chocolate panning machines, SaintyCo is the best option. The chocolate panning machine is available with a variety of features. Send us a message right now for more details!

Chocolate Panning Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Let me introduce you to yet another important machine in the chocolate production line.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about chocolate panning machine.

Whether you want to learn about the features, working principle, components or any information about chocolate panning machine – you will find all you need here.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is Chocolate Panning Machine?

Chocolate panning machines are equipment that you will use to coat nuts, fruits, or any other center with chocolate.

As a chocolatier, you can use the chocolate panning equipment to achieve a perfect coat center with ideal chocolate-to-center ratio.

Chocolate panning machine

Chocolate Panning Machine

How Does Chocolate Panning Machine Differ From Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

You might confuse the process of chocolate panning with the process of chocolate enrobing hence the machines.

While both machines cover different inclusions with chocolate, there are quite a number of differences between the machines.

Small chocolate panning machine

Small Chocolate Panning Machine

In other words, how chocolate coats the different inclusions distinguish between the chocolate panning and enrobing machines.

Chocolate enrobing machines usually showers the inclusions with coatings over the sides and the top.

You may also have a chocolate enrobing machine that allows application of chocolate to the bottom of the inclusions.

You can identify the whole process of chocolate enrobing as the commercial process of hand-dipping candy.

On the other hand, chocolate panning machines evenly cover the inclusions with chocolate coatings.

The machine has a pan that is in constant rotation thus leading to even turning and covering of the inclusions.

It is the best machine that you can use to get the signature coating that most of the candy you like have.

Chocolate enrobing machine

Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Why Do You Need Chocolate Panning Machine?

One of the greatest reasons that would compel you to use a chocolate panning machine is to improve outlook and sales.

Apart from that, in case you want to venture into production of sweet chocolate-oriented confectionaries, you will need the machine.

Here are some of the reasons why you will need to use the chocolate panning machines.

Masking Odor And Taste

You will use the chocolate panning machine to mask the taste and odor of some types of foods.

There are essential foods in the market that have terrible odor and taste thus the need to mask them well.

Addition Of Flavor

You may also have bland types of foods that do not have an original tasty and attractive flavor.

Here, you will use the chocolate panning machine to provide it with the chocolate flavor.

Increase Production

You will also need a chocolate panning machine to increase the level of production and the volume of production.

In other words, you will be able to produce more chocolate coated foods at a higher level or speed.

Save On Production Cost

Due to its automatic nature, you will not require a lot of human labor to help with the production process.

In the long run, you will spend less in producing accurately a higher quantity of chocolate coated foods.

Ensures Proper Product Completion

With a chocolate panning machine, you can rest easy knowing that the products are complete.

You will have minimal error during the manufacturing process of the foods as the process is very accurate.

What Are The Key Features Of The Best Chocolate Panner Machine?

Whenever you are shopping for the best chocolate panner machine, it is important to consider the features.

The features of the machine will determine how the machine works and the outcome or final products.

Here are the main features of the chocolate panner machine that you ought to know more about.

Variable Speed

You should look for a machine that has variable speed and allows you to control the speed of production.

Removable Agitator

Here, you will look at having a chocolate panner machine with an agitator that you can remove for cleaning and maintenance.

Usually, this type of chocolate panner machine has three inner ribs that allows you to remove the agitator at will.

Reversible Direction

In addition to the above features, you should have a chocolate panning machine that you can control in reversible directions.

Implying that, you can either rotate it in the clockwise or anticlockwise directions during the chocolate coating process,

Stainless Steel Construction

The main material for making the chocolate panning machine is stainless steel.

It is a very strong type of material that is easy to clean thus maintaining very high sanitary conditions.

Is There Standard Production Capacity Of Chocolate Panning Machines?

No, there is no standard production capacity of chocolate panning machines.

Implying that, there are varying capacities of chocolate panning machines that you can opt for.

For instance, you can opt for a chocolate panning machine that can handle 5 kgs of inclusions.

On the other hand, you can also opt for a chocolate panning machine that can handle 100 kgs of inclusions.

You will choose the right capacity of chocolate panning machines according to the production specifications.

What Are The Main Parts Of Chocolate Panning Machine?

Chocolate panning machines are very essential in coating different inclusions with chocolate.

The whole process is possible only with the help of the different parts of the machine.

Here are the main parts of the chocolate panning machine that helps in the coating of chocolate inclusions.

Dishwasher Safe Bowl

This is the main part of the machine that is responsible for turning the inclusions in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

Agitating Ribs

The machine has different sets of agitating ribs within the dishwasher safe bowl that helps in turning the inclusions.

Tanks, Pumps And Piping

The machine also has a couple of tanks that will hole the chocolate or the coating materials.

Using the power from the pump, the machine is capable of moving the coating to the spray section.

Control Panel

Since the chocolate panning machine is fully automated, it comes complete with a control panel.

You will use the control panel to control the speed of rotation as well as the direction of rotation.

Electrical Unit

You will also have the electrical unit which will supply the power that the chocolate panning machine needs to operate.

The electrical unit will provide power at different voltages depending on the power rating of the machine.

Transport System

Here, you will have a pipe or tap that will automatically deliver the chocolate onto the inclusions while the bowl rotates.

You can also control the mode of delivery as well as the quality of chocolate you deliver into the bowl.

Ambient Air Blower

You can also opt to have ambient air blower within the machine that will blow air during the chocolate coating process.

It is an optional part that comes with some machines and can be included upon the customer’s request.

How Does Chocolate Panning Machine Work?

Chocolate panning machines work by taking the inclusions through four main stages.

Properly developed chocolate panning machines can provide you with the fastest and most efficient coating mode.

The machine will take the inclusions through a process of layering, dusting, and finally polishing.

Here are the main steps that you can follow to completely coat inclusions with chocolate panning machines.

Step One: Pre-Sealing Of Inclusions

First, you will have to prepare the machine and leave it in the best working or operating conditions.

After that, you will load the machine with the right capacity of inclusions and then set the control panel.

After setting the control speed, the machine will begin to rotate the dishwasher safe bowl in different directions.

As that happens, the inclusions within the dishwasher safe bowl will also tumble and turn with the help of agitating ribs.

The chocolate delivery system will then pour the preparation gel on top of the inclusions thus creating a pre-seal.

Step Two: Engrossing Of Inclusions

As soon as the inclusions are ready for coating, you will release the chocolate coat or any other suitable coating.

As the coating pours on top of the inclusions, the dishwasher safe bowl proceeds with the rotation process.

It flips the inclusions and exposes different sides to the chocolate coating thus ensuring all the parts are coated.

After completing the whole coating process, the machine can deliver the coated inclusion to a polisher.

Step Three: Finishing Process

Usually, after successful coating, the inclusions often remain dull and unattractive.

The machine will polish the coated inclusions to make them more attractive and appealing to the eye.

At this point the inclusions will not only be tasty but will have a very pleasant look.

As soon as the coating process is complete, you can proceed with the glazing process.

Here, you will provide an extra coat with different ingredients such as sugar syrup and shellac coverings.

Which Are The Main Chocolate Panning Steps Involved In Chocolate Panning Machine?

There are three basic steps in the chocolate coating process that explains how inclusion adhere differently to the coatings.

You should, however, hire the services of an expert to comfortably handle the panning process.

Here are the three main chocolate panning steps that the inclusions must go through.


This is the process of coating the inclusions that are already prepared with different coatings such as chocolate.


Usually, as soon as the coating is complete, you will notice a dull coating and unpleasant look on the inclusions.

In this case, the best way to make it look batter is polishing the coating in order to improve the dull appearance.


This is the final stage of coating which involves application of different sugar syrup coatings and shellac coverings.

What Products Can Use Coat Using Chocolate Panning Machine?

You can coat different products or inclusions using your chocolate panning machines.

Roundish and evenly sized food products are often at the center of the chocolate coating using chocolate panning machines.

You can also coat irregular nuts using the chocolate panning machine by applying the right skill sets.

Here are the most popular types of inclusions that you can coat using the chocolate panning machine.

  • Nuts
  • Dried fruits
  • Candies
  • Plant Based Protein center
  • Legumes

Which is The Best Method Of Applying Coating In Chocolate Panning Machine?

You can apply coating using the chocolate panning machine using the spray system or the drip system.

In case you settle down on the spray system, you will have to use a device known as a spray head.

It depends on compressed air that will force chocolate through an orifice thus providing chocolate flow in circular patterns.

You can adjust the concentration of the chocolate by adjusting the air pressure depending on the requirements.

The main disadvantage here is the fact that the spray nozzle can spray the chocolate away from the target.

On the other hand, you can opt for the drip system which uses stainless steel that has holes at the bottom.

The jacketed stainless steel will allow for continuous drip of the chocolate which you can control by adjusting the valves.

The best part of this process is that it does not have an overspray problem thus maintaining high hygiene levels.

The main problem that you might experience is the issue of too much chocolate settling within the tubes.

What Is The Recommended Speed Of Chocolate Panning Machine?

Well, the speed that you will use on a chocolate panning machine will vary considerably.

Technically, you will begin by rotating the chocolate panning machine at a very slow rate.

You should also note that the speed will depend on the quantity of products that you are handling.

As you proceed with the coating process, you can increase the speed to ensure that the products are well coated.

In other words, there are no specific speed attenuations that you need to adhere to when using chocolate panning machines.

Make sure that you have all the variable right depending on the production specifications.

Which Are The Important Parameters To Control When Using Chocolate Panning Machine Performance?

When using the chocolate panning machine, you have to control different parameters on the machine.

It is important to control these parameters to ensure that you have the right coating on the products.

Here are the main parameters that you should look at when using the chocolate panning machines.


You should also be very careful with the heating conditions during the coating process using the chocolate panning machine.

In the gross up room, you need the room air temperatures between 55-65 air temperature between 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the polish room, the temperature should range between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit for both room and pan air temperature.


One of the most important elements to consider is humidity as it will affect the overall outcome of the coating process.

You must look at the environment, size of polish room and gross up, air conditioning equipment, and the physical properties.

You have to target between 40 and 60 percent relative humidity when coating the materials using the chocolate panning machine.

Air Pressure

Air pressure also relates to the kind of temperature that you are using during the coating process.

In this case, you have to look at the room air temperature and that within the pans thus affecting air pressure.

An increase in both room air temperature and air temperature within the pans increases the overall air pressure.

How Do You Regulate The Temperature Of Chocolate Panning Machine?

You should opt for an automatic chocolate panning machine that has a thermoregulator on the control panel.

With the thermoregulator at your fingertips, you are in a better position to control heat within the system.

You can determine the right temperatures that will fit the required process just from the control panel.

What Factors Affect The Choice Of Chocolate To Use In Chocolate Panning Machine?

When choosing the right type of chocolate, you have to look at how it sets up on the inclusions.

In the case of chocolate panning, you have to settle down for the type of chocolate with a quick setting.

Implying that you should always go for chocolate that has hard cocoa butter to set up and gross-up faster.

Can You Use Other Coatings Apart From Chocolate With Chocolate Panning Machine?

Yes, you can also use other types of coatings other than the chocolate in the chocolate panning machine.

Here are the main coatings that you can use in a chocolate panning machine other than chocolate.

  • Yoghurt
  • High Protein Coating
  • Nut Butters
  • Fudge
  • Caramel
  • Peanut Butter

What Factors Influence The Quality Of Finished Product From Chocolate Panning Machine?

One of the most important factors that determine the quality of the finished products are different finishing options.

You should note that the finishing options play a huge role in marketing of the chocolate coated inclusions.

Here are some of the finishes that you can have on the inclusions using chocolate panning machines.

  • Dusted Finish
  • Colored Finish
  • Metallicized Finish
  • Marbled Finish
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Flat Finish

Can You Integrate Chocolate Panning Machine With Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Absolutely, you can also integrate the chocolate panning machine with the chocolate tempering machine for a complete production line.

These machines work hand in hand to improve or add efficacy to chocolate manufacturing process.

As one of the machines coats the inclusions, the other will improve the hardness by tampering the products.

Chocolate temperaing machine

Chocolate Tempering Machine

Chocolate panning machine

Chocolate Panning Machine

Why Is It Necessary To Add Ambient Air Blower To The Chocolate Panner Machine?

In some case, having the ambient air blower is an optional aspect that you can consider.

On the other hand, you should consider having it because it helps in regulating the air within the panning system.

It has a sensor that will detect the air condition within the chocolate panning machine during operation period.

As soon as it detects an anomaly, it will initiate air blowing through the system thus maintain proper working conditions.

Can You Disassemble The Bowl Of Chocolate Panning Machine For Cleaning And Maintenance?

Absolutely, you can simply disassemble some of the parts of the chocolate panning machine during cleaning and maintenance.

There are various parts of the chocolate panning machine that cannot be reached easily.

In that case, the best option is to disassemble the parts, clean the hidden parts and then assemble it.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying Used Chocolate Panning Machine?

When buying a used chocolate panning machine, you have to look at the conditions of the machine.

The machine must be in a good condition to help in completing the job that you intend for it.

Here are some of the factors to consider before purchasing used chocolate panning machines.

Crack Detection

First, you have to consider the condition of the machine and check whether it has cracks on it.

Machine History

You must also look at the history of the machine in terms of where it was used and how it was handled.

Machine Dealer

It is very important to look at the reputation of the machine seller and how he handles different machine.


You should also conduct thorough inspection on the chocolate panning machine to ensure good working conditions.

How Do You Maintain Chocolate Panning Machine?

You need to conduct proper maintenance on the chocolate panning machines to improve working conditions.

In other words, you have to ensure that the chocolate panning machines are in the best working conditions.

Here are some of the factors to consider when maintain the chocolate panning machines.

Regular Replacement of Lubricating Oil

You must consider regular replacement of the lubrication oil as well as grease in the inner cavities of rolling bearings.

Cleaning and Oiling

You must also clean and oil the coating pan to prevent oxidation especially when the machine is not in use.

Maintaining Temperature Conditions

It is important to maintain the temperatures within the gear system to not more than 50 degrees during operation.

Regular Inspection and Replacement

You should also conduct regular inspection of different parts and do replacements of the worn-out parts.

Keep Parts Separately

When not in use, you will have to keep the main parts of the machine separately to keep them from damages.

What Are The Heat Sources For Chocolate Panning Machine?

In a chocolate panning machine, you will need enough heat to help in the whole chocolate coating process.

The main source of heat that you will use during the chocolate coating process in chocolate panning machines are:

Electric Heating System

You can opt for the electric heating system which will provide proper heat but will consume quite a lot of energy.

Due to high levels of energy consumption, it is not the most cost-efficient method.

Despite that, it is quick, reliable, and very easy to control over specific temperatures.

Natural Gas/Water Boilers/Steam

The best option that you can have is natural gas such as low-pressure gas fired steam boilers with heat exchangers.

It is easy to control the temperatures especially when you are using it over a wide range of pipes.

It is also the most cost-effective mode of heating that you can opt for in small and medium scale plants.

Do You Supply Chocolate Panning Machine For Home Use?

Absolutely, we also supply chocolate panning machines that you can use at home.

These are smaller types of chocolate panning machines for smaller scale of production.

This machine can be manually controlled or semi-automated for convenience within the home.

In addition to that, it is cheaper in comparison to the chocolate panning machines for industrial purposes.

How Do You Troubleshoot Chocolate Panning Machine?

Well, you are bound to experience a few hitches when operating the chocolate panning machine.

In such a case, the most convenient mode of identifying the source of problem is by troubleshooting the machine.

The most common problems that you might come across after troubleshooting include:

Bumpy Coating

You might have bumpy coats after completing the panning process due to thick chocolate and excess air.

Apart from that, bumpy coating can be as a result of lack of friction during the coating process and spray nozzle.

You can sort the thick chocolate problem by checking the viscosity against the machine specifications.

Excess air can be sorted by controlling the air provision and you can make the pan smooth to create proper friction.

You can also adjust the nozzle accordingly to produce finer spray in case the problem is with the spray nozzle.

Build Up on Pan

The problem might be with the spray nozzle which you can sort by checking the air pressure to 40/50 psi.

Apart from that, the spray might be directed incorrectly which you can sort through proper directions of the spray nozzles.

In case you apply too much chocolate, you can adjust the spray time to produce less chocolate and more air.

Fat Bloom

You may have fat bloom as a result of non-compatible fats that you can sort by having the right precoat formula.

The problem can also be as a result of poor agitation and you can sort it by looking for fat separation.

In addition to that, exposure to high temperatures can be a problem that you will sort through checking storage conditions.

Chocolate Too Thick

The chocolate coating can also be too thick due to high viscosity and also due to high levels of humidity.

All you have to do is check the levels of viscosity and control them to optimum conditions.

What The Chocolate Panning Machine Price In China?

The price of the chocolate coating machine will vary depending on the type and size of the machine.

Obviously, higher quality machine with greater dimensions will cost you more than the low-quality smaller machines.

Implying that, the higher the quality of the chocolate panning machine, the higher the price you will pay.

On other instances, you can provide the details about the type of machine you need and you will get the quote.

Remember that the prices will also vary depending on the manufacture you are dealing with.

On a stand-alone chocolate panning machine, you will pay between 3000 to 6000 pounds.

Now, we would like to hear from you.

For any questions or inquiries about the chocolate panning machine, you can contact SaintyCo team right now.

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