Chocolate Wrapping Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Chocolate wrapping machines are equipment you can use in packaging different types of chocolates and candies.

With the dynamism in chocolate packaging, you need an efficient, reliable and high quality chocolate wrapping equipment.

Today’s guide takes you through some fundamental aspects of chocolate wrapping process.

From their effectiveness, different designs to working principle, among other important details.

Let’s get started.

Why You Need Chocolate Wrapping Machine

You need a chocolate wrapping machine to assist you in the following functions.

Wrapping chocolate

Wrapping chocolate

i. Increase the production output of the chocolate production

ii. Increasing the accuracy and efficiency of wrapping chocolates

iii. Reducing the time that you spend in wrapping the chocolates using a manual wrapping machine.

iv. Improve the hygiene of the chocolate wrapping as the machine parts cause minimal contaminations.

v. Decorating the chocolate wrappers and improving the aesthetic value for better sales

vi. Reducing the number of employees in the production line as most functions are automatic.

In the long run, the machine will boost chocolate production and maximize profits.

You will save on the cost of production thus making it a must have equipment in the chocolate production line.

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Benefits of Chocolate Packaging

The main benefits that you will realize while using the chocolate wrapping machine are:

Wrapping chocolate in different packages

 Wrapping chocolate in different packages

i. Low cost of purchasing the machine in consideration to the wide range of applications.

ii. The machine is extremely versatile and has the capability of wrapping products of different shapes and sizes.

It comes complete with two or more sets of part changes.

iii. The machine is user friendly thus making it very easy to operate and maintain.

The controls are easily accessible via the HMI unit and the mechanisms are quite simple to understand.

iv. It has a very low overall running cost with an overload clutch and different sensors at various locations.

The sensors will stop the machine immediately whenever there is a problem thus protecting the integrity of the machine from damage.

v. It is healthy and safe for use due to the presence of safety features such as sensors.

The sensors will detect and stop the machine whenever it detects a problem thus protecting the operator.

vi. It has a very high wrapping capacity, unlike the manual wrapping machines.

vii. It is highly efficient and reliable with a very high precision of wrapping chocolates.

Ways of Packaging Chocolate

There are different ways you can use to wrap and package chocolate.

Some of the most common ways of wrapping chocolate include:

· Banding

This involves wrapping a band of wrapping materials around the chocolate.

Also, the sealing process can either be in the form of heat or glue.

The banding paper or film has to be relatively thick or stiff such as high density polythene.

· Sleeve Wrapping

This involves the use of one or two reels of film to form or enrobe a web around the chocolate.

You may use a loose piece of film and then shrink it tight by applying heat.

The wrapping material in use can be low density polypropylene material with a thickness of about 30 to 120 microns.

· Fold Wrapping

In this case, the machine wraps an aluminum or paper around the chocolate without a heat seal.

It is a wrapping method you can employ when you think there is a danger of heat destroying the chocolate.

· Twist Wrapping

It involves twisting the ends of the chocolate wrapper to seal it.

You will use stiff film and cellophane that can produce a crackling sound whenever you unwrap the chocolate.

· Fold Wrapping

It involves wrapping cylindrical chocolate and heat sealing the ends of the seal.

In such a case, you will use a heat sealable film such as polypropylene.

· Foil and Band Wrapping

Normally, it involves wrapping chocolate around an aluminum foil first before wrapping a piece of paper around the aluminum foil.

· Pleat Wrapping

This process involves the formation of pleats around the chocolate and then using a label to seal the wrap.

You can use it to wrap non- rectangular or circular chocolate products.

Apart from the above techniques, you can refer to some of the chocolate wrapping styles to improve the look.

The chocolate wrapping style of choice will depend on the type of chocolate you intend to pack.

Stages in Chocolate Machine Wrapping Process

The chocolate wrapping process undergoes different wrapping stages depending on the type of chocolate.

The main stages in chocolate machine wrapping processes include:

· Single Stage Primary Wrapping

It involves wrapping the chocolate in one or two packaging materials in one operation.

You can also identify it as a mono pack.

Also, you can either use a fold wrapping machine or a horizontal flow wrapping machine.

· Two Stage Primary Wrapping

The two stage primary wrapping involves the use of two packaging materials.

Apart from that, you will pass the chocolate through two consecutive wrapping steps either as multipacks or mono packs.

To achieve this, you can use a fold wrapping machine to wrap the chocolate.

· Secondary Wrapping

Secondary wrapping is the wrapping of chocolate materials that already have a primary wrapper around them.

The main secondary wrapping materials that you can use include:

i. OPP or PP film wrapping material

ii. Cellophane wrapping materials

iii. Paper wrap or a cardboard label

In this case, you can either create a multipack or a mono pack.

The main machines in use are the fold wrapping machines and the horizontal flow wrapping machines.

· Tertiary Wrapping

The wrapping process involves placing the wrapped chocolates in open or closed carton trays or display cartons.

You can then seal the cartons with cellophane for extra security of the chocolate.

In this case, you will use a cartoning machine.

· Final Wrapping

This is the final stage of packaging before releasing the chocolate for dispatch to different locations.

It involves the use of downstream equipment in the production chain such as shipping pallets or cartons.

Types of Chocolate Wrapping Machines

You have the freedom of choosing the type of chocolate wrapping machine of interest.

The details on the main types of chocolate wrapping machines are as follows.

Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

This is a type of device that you can use in wrapping chocolate that assumes the shape of a coin.

You can opt for the modern type of machine which substitutes packing with single chromo paper for colored bristol paper.

Advantages of the Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

The main advantages of using the chocolate coin wrapping machine include:

i. It has a servo intelligence control system that operates the machine with a lot of ease.

ii. It produces very low noise thus making the working environment more comfortable for the operators.

iii. It also fully automatic with a direct connection to the chocolate coin production line.

The processes of forming, feeding, filling and sealing of the chocolate coins are all automatic.

iv. The machine has an industrial touch screen that acts as an interface between you and the machine.

The touch screen displays all the parameters and the menu making it easy for you to operate the machine.

v. The machine has sensors that will automatically stop the machine in case of any issues thus enhancing safety.

Disadvantages of the Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Some of the disadvantages of using the chocolate wrapping machine include:

i. The initial cost of purchasing and setting up the machine in the production line is high.

ii. It covers a wide floor range thus requiring a bigger room to set up the operations.

Key features of the Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Whenever you are purchasing a chocolate coin wrapping machine, you have to consider the following features.

i. Production capacity and the wrapping arrangements.

ii. Total power requirements

iii. Machine dimensions including the weight and size.

iv. Touch screen and PLC control system

v. Sensors that can automatically detect the presence of chocolate and paper.

vi. Flexible die mould system which you can change to different sizes.

vii. Proper certification such as CE and ISO that ensures the machine is of high quality.

Main Parts of the Chocolate Coin Wrapping machine

The main parts of the chocolate coin wrapping machine include:

i. Chocolate foil cutting unit

ii. Chocolate coin wrapping unit that simultaneously wraps the chocolate coins from the top and the bottom.

iii. Distribution system consisting of a conveyor belt and the feeders.

iv. Coining units that double the printing time and guarantee perfect coining.

v. Power unit that will provide the power the machine needs for normal operations.

vi. Intelligent temperature controller

vii. PLC control system complete with a touch screen for easy operations.

How to Optimize Chocolate Packaging in the Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

To optimize chocolate packaging in the chocolate coin wrapping machine, you should ensure it is in the right working condition.

Ensure that the moving parts of the machine have enough grease to reduce friction and enable better movement.

Apart from that, you should be able to clean and do thorough maintenance of the machine from time to time.

Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

This machine automatically wraps chocolates in the form of tablets and parlances of different sizes in the envelope style.

It can wrap the chocolates with one or two films at the same time.

It uses single or backed aluminum to wrap the chocolate with a special outlet group that guarantees a perfect seal.

Advantages of the Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

The advantages of using the chocolate fold wrapping machine include:

i. It can be set up for horizontal and random outlets reaching a good number of outlets in a minute.

ii. It is flexible and can easily wrap chocolates of any size using different wrapping materials.

iii. It also has a color mark tracing system that improves the efficiency of the wrapping system.

iv. It is fully automated and therefore more accurate and saves time.

Disadvantages of the Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

the main disadvantages of the chocolate foil wrapping machine include:

i. It is expensive to purchase and install the machine in the production line.

ii. It is also big in size thus requiring a considerable floor space for easy installation.

Key features of the Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

The machine features different holders with gears that can control the speed of transfer of the folders.

It also features a special adhesive group to reinforce the scale, especially on the horizontal outlet.

Apart from that, most of the machines are fully automatic thus increasing the wrapping efficiency and accuracy.

The automatic system also features an automatic malfunction alarm system to stop the machine in case of a malfunction.

Additionally, the machine allows for customization giving you the chance to determine:

i. The wrapping capacity of the machine

ii. Dimensions in terms of gross weight, size, film width and shape of the products to wrap.

iii. Electrical power unit and the compressed air or pneumatic system.

Main Parts of the Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

The main parts of the chocolate fold wrapping machine are:

i. Folder wrapping equipment for convenient wrapping

ii. Adjustable moulds enabling a flexible wrapping system of different chocolate sizes.

iii. Distribution system with a feeder tubes and conveyer belt, motors and gears to control the speed.

iv. Electric sensor system and machine stopping devices that can detect the presence of wrapping materials.

v. Roll holders

vi. Pneumatic system that assists in the pumping of chocolate through the delivery system

vii. Electrical power system

viii. Automatic PLC control system complete with a touch screen

How to Optimize Chocolate Packaging in the Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

To optimize the functions of chocolate packaging in the chocolate fold wrapping machine you should take care of the following.

i. Ensure that the raw materials are in plenty of supply to ensure that the machine does not stop.

ii. Ensure that you enter the right wrapping parameters in the PLC control system to allow for smooth operations.

iii. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the machine will keep the machine in perfect working conditions at all time.

iv. Fitting the chocolate fold wrapping machine in the production line will also save on transportation time.

Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

It is a machine that you can use in wrapping ellipse chocolate or ball chocolate using different types of foils.

Advantages of the Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

The main advantages of the chocolate foil wrapping machine include:

i. It adopts a frequency converter technique that converts the wrapping dimensions of the machine frequently.

ii. It is user friendly with a complete PLC control system making it easy to operate.

iii. The machine wraps the chocolate with high speed and gives it a wonderful appearance.

iv. Very low operational costs since it is automatic and you do not need a lot of man power.

Disadvantages of the Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

The disadvantages of the chocolate foil wrapping machine include:

i. Any small malfunction of the machine can lead to the stoppage of the machine for a long period.

ii. The initial cost of purchase and installation is also high.

Key features of the Chocolate Foil Wrapping machine

The machine features a noxious material for the parts that are in direct contact with the chocolate.

It also has a cam mechanism system that depends on a 3-phase synchronous motor to drive the operations.

The wrapping disk of the machine has a number of pistons depending on the machine that can move intermittently.

It also features rapid replacements of the supply wheel of the wrapping papers or foils.

Apart from that, it also has an automatic shower lubrication system.

The main lubricant is oil which you can find in a removable pallet.

As a buyer, you will have to consider the following technical specifications featured in all chocolate foil wrapping machines.

i. Wrapping capacity of the machine

ii. Power supply system

iii. Dimensions in terms of weight, packing size, packing paper size including thickness and width.

Main Parts of the Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

The major parts of the chocolate wrapping machine are:

i. PLC control system complete with a touch screen for easy display of the control parameters.

ii. Shower lubricant distribution system

iii. Removable oil pallets

iv. Distribution system with conveyor belts, gears, and motors to drive the machine operations.

v. Wrapping system with wrapping disks and pistons for better flexibility.

vi. Feeder system that feeds the machine with the chocolate and the wrapping papers.

vii. Automatic printing system

viii. Automatic sensors and alarming system that improves the safety of the machine.

How to Optimize Chocolate Packaging in the Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

To optimize the operations of chocolate packaging in the chocolate foil wrapping machine you have to:

i. Maintain the machine in good working condition by greasing and cleaning the parts regularly.

ii. Refilling and changing the oil in the oil pallets after some time.

iii. Having the optimum production data in place at all time for easier reference.

iv. Reducing the downtime of the machine where the machine stays idle by replenishing the supply of raw materials.

Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

Chocolate bar wrapping machine

Chocolate bar wrapping machine

It is a machine that you can use in packaging chocolate bars in paper aluminum or cardboard wrappers.

The machine also hermetically seals the wrappers for the ultimate convenience in storage and use.

Some of the chocolate bar wrapping machines include:

  • Chocolate bar fold wrapping machine
  • Chocolate bar horizontal flow wrapping machine
  • Chocolate bar cartoning machine

Advantages of a Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

Some of the major advantages of using the chocolate wrapping machines include:

i. It guarantees the highest quality of wrapping with the best designs.

ii. It also offers different wrapping solutions in the form of bands, envelopes, and cubes among others.

iii. The machine has special features that increase the ease with which you can operate the machine.

iv. It is fully automatic thus speeding the process of wrapping the chocolate bars.

v. It has an extremely gentle chocolate bar handling procedure thus avoiding breakages and saving on cost.

Disadvantages of a Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

The main demerits of using the chocolate bar wrapping machine include:

i. As easy as it is to operate, you might need to train on the key wrapping specifications which is an additional cost.

ii. Just like any other machine, the initial cost of purchasing and fixing the machine is often high.

Key features of a Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

The machine features DC driving motors with inverters under the control of a PLC system.

You can also set the length of the bar and the wrapping speed on a touch screen display system.

The machine features other flexible parameters allowing you to customize accordingly such as:

i. Bag width adjustments according to the specifications of the products.

ii. Dimensions in terms of size, and weight of the machine.

The machine materials such as stainless steel ensure easy flow and no contamination of the chocolate.

Apart from that, you will also find a double transducer control system with a flexible bag length cutting system.

The machine has self-diagnostic abilities in case of a malfunction with a clear display of the malfunction.

A highly sensitive registered photo mark tracking and a digital input cutting position.

Main Parts of a Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

The main parts of the machine include:

i. A distribution system complete with conveyors, motors, and gears for easy transportation.

ii. Self-diagnostic system to detect any issues with the machine.

iii. PID temperature control system that regulates the temperature of the machine.

iv. Sensors that can detect the presence of raw materials and wrapping papers.

v. A wrapping system that will accurately wrap and cut the wrapping material around the chocolate bars.

How to Optimize Chocolate Packaging in a Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

To optimize chocolate packaging in a chocolate bar wrapping machine, consider the following:

i. Consider switching to smart packaging solutions which will reduce the cost of packaging and maximize marketability.

ii. Ensure that you adhere to the packaging specifications of the chocolate bar wrapping machine.

iii. Cleaning and maintain the machine in perfect working conditions maximizes the packaging ability of the machine.

The different types of chocolate wrapping machines are available in two main modes.

This includes the automatic and manual chocolate wrapping machines.

Let us compare the two modes.

Manual Chocolate Wrapping MachineFully Automatic Chocolate Wrapping Machine
You can use it for small scale wrapping of chocolate.You can use it for wrapping chocolate on a larger scale.
The machine is slow and takes a lot of time to wrap one chocolate.It works on high speed basis with the capability of wrapping a lot of chocolate in a minute.
It is cheaper to acquire and operateIt is costly to acquire and but more economical in its operations.
Requires a lot of manpower assistance to operateRequires very little if any manpower to assist in the operations.
Can wrap chocolate products of up to a particular range in size.It is more flexible and can handle different sizes of chocolate.
The machine is generally small in size and you can easily move it from one place to another.The machine is big and heavy covering a wider floor space.This limits the ability to move it from one place to another easily.
Depends on an electric and pneumatic system to perform some of the functions.It also depends on the pneumatic and electric system for some of the major functions.
Integrating the machine into the automatic chocolate production line is not possibleYou can easily integrate the machine into the chocolate production line
Less accurate thus affecting the level of efficiency of wrapping chocolates.Very accurate and therefore very efficient in wrapping chocolates
Has very few parts as most of the work requires human supportHas many different parts that eliminate the need for too much human support.

How Chocolate Wrapping Machine Works

The working principles of a chocolate wrapping machine follow the following steps.

Step One: Preparing the Main Ingredients

In this case, the main ingredients are the chocolate and the wrappers.

In a complete production line, you will find different types of machines performing different functions.

In this case, the chocolate wrapping machine receives complete chocolate from the production line.

At the same time, you will load the chocolate wrappers onto the wrappers hopper.

Ensure that the machine is in proper working condition before switching it on.

Step Two: Wrapping the Chocolates

There are different types of wrappers that you can use in the wrapping process.

The wrapping process also varies and follows different wrapping stages.

In this case, we are going to look at the single stage primary wrapping of chocolates.

As soon as the chocolate reaches the wrapping stage, the machine automatically wraps it into a wrapper.

The wrapper may be in the form of a foil, polythene, or a fold piece of paper.

Step Three: Cutting the Chocolates Wrappers

After wrapping the chocolate, it moves it to the next stage where the machine will cut the wrappers to size.

After that it moves the wrapped chocolates on to the sealing stage.

The wrapping process may be in the form of:

Step Four: Sealing the Chocolate Wrappers

At this point, the machine will automatically seal the loose ends of the chocolate wrappers.

The sealing may be in form of laser heating, or the use of glue.

Step Five: Printing the Chocolate Wrappers

The wrapping process comes to an end with the decoration of the wrappers.

The printers make different impressions and designs on the wrappers.

It also includes the manufacturing and expiry dates on the wrappers.

Step Six: Packaging the Chocolate

As soon as the wrapping is complete, it is important to inspect the integrity of the wrapper.

The wrappers should have complete seals that are easy to open.

You should also confirm the prints on the wrappers making sure they meet your requirements.

After that, the machine can automatically package them into different cartons.

Other Support Machine in Chocolate Production Line

To optimize the production of chocolates, you will need to have other types of support machines in the production line.

Some of the support machines that you will need include:

i.  Tempering Machine

You can use the machine in heating, cooling, and mixing the chocolate to enable it to achieve a smooth and crispy crystallization.

The machine heats the chocolate more than once to achieve a certain temperature.

ii. Automatic Chocolate Depositor

This machine automatically deposits chocolate into various cavity molds.

The level of accuracy and uniformity eliminate the need of using your hands to fill the cavity molds.

iii. Chocolate Enrobers

You can use this machine to make a thin medium of chocolate coating on different products such as nuts and cookies.

iv. Automatic Demoulder

The automatic demoulding machine removes or demoulds bars or pralines from the chocolate moulds.

v. Automatic Moulding Machine

The machine automatically moulds and shapes the chocolate into various forms according to your requirements.

After setting the parameters, you can use it to make various chocolate assorted products.

vi. Biscuit Feeding Unit

In case you are including biscuits in your chocolate, you will need a biscuit feeding equipment.

The equipment automatically controls and feeds the biscuits into the different moulds.

vii. Granule Dosing Equipment

The machine combines the use of lapel spreader and the pneumatic system to dose different granules into moulds.

viii. Chocolate Granule Mixer

It mixes granules and pure chocolates volumetrically and homogenously.

After that, it channels and allows the mixture to flow to the automatic chocolate depositor.

ix. Feeder Mixer

Varies and regulates the different inclusions such as raisins, groundnuts, fruit pieces, and rice crisps.

It ensures that the number of inclusions is in proportion to the amount of chocolate.

x. Nut Feeder

In case you decide to use nuts in the production of chocolate, you will need to use a nut feeder.

The machine feeds nuts into the moulds during the production process.

xi. Chocolate Analysis Equipment

You can use this machine in the quality assessment of the chocolate before proceeding to fill and weighing.

It will signal you in case the chocolate does not meet the right quality requirements.

xii. Filling and Weighing Equipment

The equipment assists in the faster, easier and more accurate mode of filling and weighing chocolate.

All you have to do is set the parameters and allow the machine to proceed.

xiii. Chocolate Pumps

The pumps assist in pushing the chocolate through the pipes in the production line.

This is regardless of the physical properties of the chocolate.

Troubleshooting Chocolate Wrapping Machine

Whenever you are operating a chocolate wrapping machine, there is a high possibility of encountering problems.

Some of the problems you may encounter and their solutions include:

Wrapping Film Runs Off the Center of the Machine

You can troubleshoot and find the problem by observation:

  • Roll of the film is not at the center of the film spindle or carriage
  • Film roll is not properly wound
  • Film roll may be loose on the spindle
  • Belts are not well aligned to the tube


You can solve this by replacing the wrapping film with another as you fix the problematic film.

Also, you should also align the belts of the machine properly.

Wrapping Film does not Track Properly

After troubleshooting you will realize that:

  • The roll is not at the center of the spindle
  • The spindle may be loose
  • The film is not on a proper thread on the carriage.


You can sort it by aligning the roll properly at the center of the spindle and tightening the spindle.

Use a wrapping film with proper threading.

Wrapping Film Feed Belt will not Move

You can troubleshoot by:

  • Checking the tightness of the belt against the tube
  • Checking the film drive couplings and gearbox.
  • Checking the drive and cables of the film feed motor.
  • Checking the bearings of the belt driveshaft


You can loosen the belt, adjusting the gearbox, and drive cables of the film feed motor.

Adjust the belt bearings of the drive shaft.

Inconsistent Bag Length

The main causes of inconsistency in the bag length can be:

  • Improper film threading
  • Improper adjustments of the tension between the film feed belts.
  • Dirty film feed belt


You should clean the film feed belt and adjust the tension or replace it with one that has proper threading.

A longer Bag Length.

The main causes include:

  • Incorrect setting of the bag length
  • Registration photo eye is not well set


You can correct the settings of the bag length and properly set the photo eye registration

Presence of Creases on the Wrapping Film

This can be as a result of:

  • Worn out forming collar
  • Improper adjustments of the forming collar
  • Improper adjustment of the setup roller
  • Stuck valve on the forming collar and rollers
  • Contamination of the roller on the path of the film
  • An obstruction of the forming collar


You can replace the forming collar and make sure that you properly place and adjust the forming collar.

Unwinding the Film Becomes Difficult

The main cause of the problem may be:

  • Dirty forming part
  • High co-efficient friction of the film
  • Zipper caught on the collar
  • Improper alignment of the foaming tube
  • High contact pressure of the belts


First, you can clean and adjust the forming belt and then replace it in case the problem persists.

Pulling the Film Down through the Forming Tube Becomes Difficult

This may be as a result of:

  • Dirty forming set
  • Splice tape sticking to the collar
  • High friction of the film coefficient
  • Improper alignment of the setup collar
  • Improper alignment of the forming collar


Make sure that you clean the forming set properly and adjust the operating parameters to reduce the high friction.

You should align the forming collar and the setup collar properly to prevent the sticking of the splice tape.

Film Jams at the Forming Tube

This can be the product of:

  • A hot vertical seal resulting in the sticking of the film
  • High friction of the film coefficient
  • Excess pressure on the vertical seal band


Use proper parameters for the wrapping machine to reduce excess heat formation and excess friction on the moving parts.

Certification of Chocolate Wrapping Machines

Before you purchase a chocolate wrapping machine, you have to ensure that it meets the right quality standards.

You can confirm the right quality standards of a chocolate wrapping machine by looking at the certification marks.

Some of the certification marks of quality and conformity include:

  • CE
  • ISO certification
  • CO
  • Machine safety directive (MSD)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility certification (EMC)
  • Physical Agents Directive Certification (PAD)
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) certification
  • SGS certification

Uses of Chocolate Wrapping Machine

You can use a chocolate wrapping machine for the following functions:

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

i. Wrapping different types of chocolates such as solids, inclusions, wafers and cookies, and other pure types of chocolates.

ii. Provides you with different options for wrapping chocolate such as using foils and folds, single or double stage wrapping.

iii. Packaging the chocolate in different materials after wrapping.

iv. Since the machine is automatic, it is capable of wrapping chocolates within a short period thus saving on time.

v. The machine is flexible and you can easily adjust it to fit different packaging sizes depending on your specifications.

vi. You can also use it to package chocolate of different dimensions in terms of chocolate sizes.

vii. With a complete printing system, you can accurately label the chocolates after wrapping.


Having a chocolate wrapping machine in the chocolate production line will ensure you get the maximum profit.

It is a machine that will add a lot of value to the product package.

The good news is that you can get you’re a custom chocolate wrapping machine at a good cost.

Do not wait any longer.

Get in touch with your supplier and order your custom chocolate wrapping machine.

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