Closed Granulation Line
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Closed Granulation Line

This granulation line is suitable for small, medium and large batches, no material exposure, high pressure. With explosion-proof device, can be used for organic solvents.

  • Advanced technology
  • High pressure resistance
  • Closed transfer
  • Processing control

High Shear Mixer

High Shear Mixer

The high speed Mixer&Granulator is ideal for mixing and granulating wet powder. Machine is applicable widely in pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, etc.


Two options: Vacuum loading or gravity loading.

  • Vacuum loading:

Including deusting system, vacuum pump, soft connections, pipe, bag filter and valves. Pulse purge automatically. Suitable for horizontal mode.

  • Gravity loading:

Powder is charged from up floor or IBC on lifting machine. Suitable for vertical model.

Comply with following regulations:

  • FDA standard compliance
  • CE compliance
  • cGMP compliance
  • 21 CFR Part 11 software

  • Vessel design: Enlarged diameter, shorten height design, bottom R60mm and longer chopper can ensure material even cutting and get better granulation result.
  • Agitator lifting automatically for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Main shaft is specially designed, easily to assemble/ disassemble for maintenance/ replacement or horizontal air seal and vertical air seal.
  • Torque measurement and running time to determine end point.
Liquid supply system:

  • PLC control.
  • Peristaltic pump with built-in controller.
  • Different size of nozzles suitable for different liquid viscosity
High Shear Mixer

Agitator Lifting:

  • Agitator with haevy duty motor and VFD-soft start, soft stop.
  • Agitator lifting automatically for cleaning and maintenance.

Online wet mill:

  • Built-in at discharge of HMG, speed variable by VFD.
  • Integrated control with SMG-H.
  • Driving system inside the machine body.

WIP (washing in place):

  • Spray nozzles located on the lid and discharge port. supply and discharge water automatically viz control system.
  • 12bar or 16bar pressure resistance solution is available for organic material. Closed transfer to fluid bed dryer granulator and lifting dry mill.

Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator

fluid bed dryer granulator


Multifunction: Drying, granulation and pellet coating withincline cutting, (45°) bottom plate.

Granulation of fine powders: tangential spray of top spray. Coating fine particles and pellets: tangential spray.


  • Multifunction: drying, granulation and pellet coating. Tangential spray can save processing time significantly.
  • Even air distribution, quick drying and no damage on granule.
  • Closed transfer.
  • WIP system.
  • Closed 12 bar pressure resistance.
fluid bed dryer granulator

Filter housing:

For single chamber: Bag filter, auto dedusting by pulse jet. Interval operation. For double chamber: Bag filter or SS filter, auto dedusting by pulse jet. Continue operation

Bottom plate (Incline cutting 45°)45° incline cutting output spiral air flow and have benefits of:

  • Even distribution of air;Quick Drying;
  • No material remain after discharging;
  • No spray loss.
fluid bed dryer granulator
spray nozzle
Tangential spray gun
Tangential spaying:

  • Spray gun is fixed on the bottom plate in 45°, which ensure the even coating. This solution significantly saves time than traditional processing.
  • Near in frared spectrometer can be used for monitoring and determing the humidity, ingredient uniformity and running time. Particle counter can chek the particle distribution.

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