Coffee Pod Packaging Machine

Coffee Pod Packaging Machine: The Complete Guide

A coffee pod packaging machine is the device that packs coffee powder in round pod shape packages.

And, today’s guide will take you through all the vital aspects of coffee pods packaging.

So, before you import coffee pod packing equipment, read this guide to understand machine specifications, working principle, parts and classification among other vital aspects.

Let’s dive right in.

Coffee pods

Coffee pods

Uses of Coffee Pod Packing Machine

Coffee is often very sensitive because it might lose its taste in exposure to light and air.

For this reason, you need to use a coffee pod packaging machine in packaging the coffee into coffee pods.

Other than packaging coffee, you may need to use the coffee pod packaging machine for other applications.

Here are some of the other applications of the coffee pod packaging machine.

i. You can use it for packaging other substances such as food powder, medicine, chemicals, and tea powder.

ii. The machine can assist you in forming the shape of the coffee pod packages.

iii. At the same time, it measures the amount of coffee or other substances before filling it to the pods.

iv. Additionally, you can use it for power sealing the pods after filling them.

v. It can also cut the pods into smaller parts and heat print codes on them.

vi. You can also use it to clean the filling material ensuring that it has fine texture before packaging.

With that in mind, let us look at the benefits of using the coffee pod packaging machine.

Advantages of Coffee Pod Packing Machine

Why should you opt for a coffee pod packaging machine?

Packaging coffer pods

Packaging coffee pods

You can use the coffee pod packaging machine because of the following benefits.

i. Easy to operate

You can easily operate a coffee pod packaging machine since most of them are automatic.

All you need to do is provide the necessary ingredients and let it proceed.

ii. Easy to maintain

The maintenance of a coffee pod packaging machine is simple and less costly.

Just make sure that you clean and lubricate the moving parts regularly.

iii. Time saving

The process of manual packaging of coffee is time consuming and very tedious.

The automatic coffee pod packaging machine will save on time and save excess human effort.

iv. Multipurpose

Apart from packaging the coffee, the machine does numerous other functions.

You can also use it in other applications such as cleaning and packaging other products.

v. Flexible

You can easily adjust the machine to produce different types of packages.

These packages vary in terms of size and packaging abilities.

vi. Consistency of taste

Just as much as it reduces the brewing time, the machine ensures consistent coffee taste.

The coffee taste is not lost to agents such as light and air.

Let us find out in the next section.

Disadvantages of Coffee Pod Packing Machines

Obviously! You will never find a product that does not have limitations.

Coffee pod packaging machine has a few disadvantages that should never discourage you.

Some of the disadvantages include:

i. Higher initial cost

The initial cost of purchasing and installing the machine is high.

You need to have enough capital to avoid any installation issues.

ii. Coffee pods are controversial

Some varieties of coffee pods are difficult to recycle or non-recyclable.

This causes a lot of environmental pollution.

iii. Coffee pods are not as fresh

You may receive complaints that coffee pods may not be as fresh as other forms of coffee.

This limits the use of coffee pod packaging machines to make coffee pods.

iv. Has a single brew setting

The brew setting of the coffee pod packaging machine does not have different brew settings to choose from.

You have to depend on the brew setting from the manufacturer.

v. Limits the level of experience that coffee makers have in making good coffee.

Most of the coffee makers rely on the machine thus reducing the real work experience.

vi. Bulky and requires a wider floor space

You need to prepare a very wide floor space for fitting the bulky coffee pod packaging machine.

Moving it may also present a challenge because it is very heavy.

With that in mind, why don’t you walk with me on to the next section of this guide.

I guarantee to walk you through the different types of the coffee pod packaging machines.

Types of Coffee Pod Packing Machine

There are two main types of coffee packaging machines that you can choose from.

In this section, you will take a brief tour on each type of coffee pod packaging machine.

Coffee pods packing equipment

Coffee pod packing equipment

·         Automatic Coffee Pod Packaging Machine

This type of coffee pod packaging machine is fully automatic limiting your chances of working.

Most of the operations are automatic limiting you to controlling the machine from the touch screen control panel.

The automatic coffee pod packaging machine can perform other functions such as:

i. Forming the coffee pod packages

ii. Measuring the right quantity of coffee to fill the coffee pods

iii. Filling the coffee pods with coffee

iv. Sealing the coffee pods

v. Cutting the coffee pods into smaller packages

Apart from machine controlling, you can also collect the full packages of coffee pads after successful packaging.

·         Semi-automatic Coffee Pod Packaging Machine

This type of coffee pod packaging machine will involve your man power in part of the packaging operations.

Apart from controlling the packaging process, you may have to do other operations apart from:

i. Forming the coffee pods

ii. Filling the coffee pods with coffee

iii. Sealing the coffee pods.

Your involvement will also vary according to the type of semi-automatic machine you are using.

In comparison to the automatic coffee pod packaging machine, it is slower and less expensive.

You might, however, need to spend more on hiring more man power to assist in the operations.

Parts of Coffee Pod Packaging Equipment

To use the coffee pod packaging machine, you need to understand the parts of the machine.

In this section, you will learn more about the functions of the different parts of the coffee pod packaging machine.

Here are the main parts:

SaintyCo coffee pod packing machine

SaintyCo coffee pod packing machine

i. PLC

Programmable logic controller for controlling the machine.

The PLC is a component part of the automatic coffee pod packaging machine complete with a display screen.

You can key in the specifications and allow it to proceed with the pod packaging process.

Additionally, you can view the self-diagnostic results of the machine from the display screen.

ii. Relay

These are switches that electronically or electromechanically opens and closes circuits.

It is the part of the coffee pod packaging machine that will control the electrical circuit.

iii. Temperature Controller

Successful packaging of the coffee pods occurs at various temperatures.

The machine has a temperature controlling system that will control the temperatures as it makes the coffee pods.

iv. Eye mark Sensor or an Eye Spot

It is a small, rectangular print area next to the edge of print coffee pod packaging material.

The sensor reads the eye mark and then:

  • Identifies the packaging materials
  • Control the position of the material
  • Coordinate separation and cutting of the packaging materials.


v. Servo Motor

This is a liner actuator or rotary actuator that allows for the control of angular or linear position.

You can also use it to control the acceleration and velocity of the coffee pod packaging machine.

It has a sensor that gives a feedback of the operations of the coffee pod packaging machine.

vi. Funnels and Nozzles

The funnels and nozzles guide the coffee into the pods to avoid excess spillage.

vii. Oscillating Tray Dispenser

In case you are filling coffee granules or very conveyable coffee powders.

You will need an oscillating tray dispenser for dispensing the coffee into pods.

viii. Multitrack Auger Dispenser

The dispenser allows the coffee powder out of the machine and into the coffee pods.

It has a valve that will open and close allowing the filling process to proceed.

ix. Cylinder

It contains the coffee that you need to package into the pods.

Has special sealing materials that assist in preventing leakages from the cylinder.

Surface treatment from inside the walls of the cylinder prevents corrosion, wear and tear.

x. Load Cell

The load cell weighs the coffee pods after filling is complete.

It will ensure that every coffee pod is of the right quantity.

xi. Pod Denesting Station

This is the part of the machine that forms the pods that will contain the coffee.

xii. Conveyor Belt

To assist in delivery of the coffee pods after completing the packaging process.

xiii. Tear Notch Sealer

After packaging the pods, the machine will seal the pods using a tear notch sealer.

The seal is often tight but easy to open.

xiv. Power Control

This is the part of the coffee pod packaging machine that controls the power.

You can use it to either switch the power on or off.

These are some of the main parts of the coffee pod packaging machine.

Knowing the parts will assist you to understand the process of servicing and part replacements.

Let us proceed and look at how the coffee pod packaging machine works.

Working Principle of Coffee Pod Packing Machine

Do you know how the coffee pod packaging machine works?

I guess you don’t.

That should not worry you.

In this section, you are going to go through a step by step process of the automatic coffee pod packaging.

Let us begin with the preparation stage.

Step One: Preparation of all the Ingredients

First, you need to prepare all the relevant ingredients that you require to pack.

This includes preparing the coffee, decaf and adding all the relevant flavors.

Apart from that, you have to do a thorough inspection of the machine and ensure it is perfect working condition.

You have to ensure that the packaging materials is also in place.

Step Two: Putting Coffee in Mixing Cylinders

Secondly, you will fill the coffee into the receiving cylinders after doing a thorough mix of all the ingredients.

Power the machine on and key in the packaging specifications from the programmable logic controller (PLC).

The packaging specifications can be:

  1. Quantity of the coffee you need in every pod
  2. The size of the pod the machine needs to make
  • The packaging speed of the coffee pod packaging machine among others.

Step Three: Pod Formation Process

As that continues, the machine will be forming the coffee pods according to the right sizes.

It also pushes the pods to the filter forming module.

The filter forming module cuts and forms small discs of filter paper.

The pods proceed to the welding station where the machine will stick the filters to the pods.

Step Four: Actual Filling Process or the Dosing Module

After a successful completion of the above steps, it is time to begin the filling process.

Allow the coffee from the cylinders to flow out of the cylinder.

The servo driven augers deposit the right amount of coffee into every pod.

During the filling process, there is an automatic changeover of the funnels and nozzles.

Step Five: Weighing the Coffee Pods

Right after filling, the machine will lift the coffee pods to the load cell.

At this point, the load cell will weigh the coffee pods and ensure it is of the right quantity.

The machine communicates the weight of every coffee pod to the PLC for your confirmation.

In case the amount of coffee in any of the pods is drifting, then you have to adjust the auger.

Step Six: Rim Cleaning

As the augers fill the pods, there might be some coffee that spills on to the lids.

The coffee on the lids might compromise the authenticity of a tight lid.

To avoid such issues, you need to clean the lid using a vacuum.

Step Seven: Lidding the Coffee Pods

At this point, the machine passes nitrogen over the head space.

After that, it automatically places the lid on top of the coffee pods before heat sealing the lids.

Step Eight: Inspection

A high speed vision system then ensures that the lid sits perfectly on the coffee pod.

In case anything is not as it was on the parameters, then the whole coffee pod becomes a reject.

The other coffee pods that meet the right parameters, move on a conveyer belt for packaging into cartons.

Well, you have all the information that relates to the working principles of the coffee pod packaging machine.

My guess is, your conviction to buy a coffee pod packaging machine is growing stronger.

Considerations when Importing Coffee Pod Packing Machine

So, do you wish to purchase a coffee pod packaging machine?

I believe you do.

Wait a minute.

Before you proceed to purchase or import a coffee pod packaging machine.

Let us look at the key considerations when importing a coffee pod packaging machine.

In such a case you will look at the technical specifications, and other key factors such as:

Coffee pod machine specification

Coffee pod machine specification

1) Condition of the Machine

You might want to start a business on a low budget thus prompting you to acquire a second hand machine.

With the right budget, you should opt for a new coffee pod packaging machine.

2) Price Comparison

You will get a wide range of prices for the coffee pod packaging machine from different suppliers.

You have to look at the technical specifications behind every machine that dictates the kind of pricing.

3) Man Power Engagement

Look at this factor in terms of either purchasing an automatic or semi-automatic coffee pod packaging machine.

Semi-automatic coffee pod packaging machine requires more man power engagement leading to additional processing cost.

4) Material Type

You need to look at the material type in terms of packaging material and the material of the parts.

In many cases, the machine has very strong materials for the parts such as stainless steel.

5) Dimensions

The dimensions will determine the size of the coffee pod packaging machine.

You will also know the weight of the machine by requesting for the dimensions.

6) Production Capacity

You need to look at the production capacity and ensure that it fits your requirements.

This includes information on the filling and packaging capacity of the coffee pod packaging machine.

7) Rate of Air Consumption

You need to understand the rate of air consumption of the machine to avoid any complication.

8) Space Requirement

You need to know the space the machine takes in installation and operation process.

It allows you to prepare the size of the room where you will place the coffee pod packaging machine.

9) Power Requirement and Consumption

You have to make sure that the power requirements fitthe domestic power phase.

If not, you will have to request for a power configuration of the coffee pod packaging machine.

10) Warranty Period

You have to check the warranty period in detail before you place an order.

You need to look at the parts that come with the warranty period and the parts that don’t.

11) Installation and Training

Some companies offer installation for free but you may need to pay for the cost of onsite training.

SaintyCo Coffee Pod Packing Machine

SaintyCo Coffee Pod Packing Machine is a cGMP,and CE, precisely driven by servo motor for consistent and reliable packaging.

It features an Omron touchscreen panel, Schneider power control and servo motor.

With a relay and temperature controller from Japan Omron, alongside Panasonic eyemark sensor, this machine offers the best coffee pod packaging solution.

Apart from SaintyCo coffee pod packing equipment, it offers Coffee capsule filling machine.


Well, now everything is clear and you are in the complete knowledge zone.

What are you waiting for?

All you have to do now is pick up your phone and call your supplier.

Remember that you can also request for a custom coffee pod packaging machine.

Negotiate a good deal and have your coffee pod packaging machine in a matter of time.

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