Commercial Popcorn Machine

Commercial popcorn machine is an electric appliance designed for high volume production of popcorns.

It is available in several styles and sizes, which is imperative because it broadens your choice options.

This guide looks into an array of elements about commercial popcorn machine.

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Which Components Make Commercial Popcorn Machine?

A Commercial Popcorn Machine

A Commercial Popcorn Machine

Like any machine, a commercial popcorn unit is made of different parts designed and integrated to perform seamlessly.

In essence, each part of this machine performs a specific function in the general production of popcorns.

Nonetheless, the main components, which make up this unit include the following;

  • Switches – These are small devices used for controlling different parameters of the machine. The main operating buttons include heat switches for controlling turner, motor switch, and merchandizing light switch.
  • Door – Allows easy access to the kettle and inside cabinet to enhance convenient cleaning.
  • Kettle – Makes the popcorn by heating the oil and kernel.
  • Warming deck – Maintains the warmth and freshness of the popcorn
  • Roller bar – Turns the kettle as a way of emptying pot contents and helps to enhance operator’s safety.
  • Drop door – Enables you to scoop popcorn the entire door of the machine
  • Kernel tray – Enables you to remove unpopped kernels that have fallen through a perforated warming deck.
  • Feet – These are non-slip rubber parts on which the unit rests. Majorly, it provides stability for countertop commercial popcorn machine models.

How Does Commercial Pop Corn Machine Work?

Technically, the working principle of a commercial popcorn maker is quite straightforward.

This machine contains a metal canister that has a heating element inside it.

The canister has an oil layer and numerous popcorn kernels.

So when you turn the machine on, the heating element heats the oil to about 400-460° F.

As the heating continues, the seeds begin to pop out of the metal canister into the box as it fills it up.

The Working Principle Of A Commercial Popcorn Machine Is Very Straighfoward

The Working Principle Of A Commercial Pop Corn Machine Is Very Straightforward

Which Features Should You Consider In Commercial Popcorn Machine?

When buying commercial popcorn machine, it is advisable to look into various features.

Such specifications make it possible for you to attain the right unit guaranteeing efficiency, performance, and high-profit margins.

Some of the important features to consider include the following;

Power Wattage

Wattage is an integral commercial popcorn machine feature.

Ideally, it determines the percentage of kernels the unit can pop at a particular time.

Mostly, the ideal wattage, depending on machine size, often varies between 1300-8000 watts.

But you can always find some with a slightly lower or higher wattage than the given range.

Nonetheless, higher wattage allows faster pressure expansion and steam build-up within kernel.

Design Construction And Material

Commercial popcorn machines are available in a wide range of designs.

Some come with tampered glass, whereas others feature aluminium or stainless steel bases.

While at it, you should look at the styles of cabinets, carts, and serving containers of the machine.

Essentially, it is important to look into the overall design construction and ensure it meets your needs and is worth the price.

Kettle Size

Kettle is where the popcorn in this machine is made.

Thus, you need to go for a unit allowing you to maximize number of kernels popping up.

It guarantees efficiency, reliability, and desired performance.


Ordinarily, most commercial popcorn makers come with a wide range of accessories depending on the manufacturer.

It is vital to check all the accessories available and determine whether they are worth the unit’s price tag.

Is There Ideal Size Of Commercial Popcorn Machine?

It varies based on your different needs.

Mostly, you can find this machine in small, medium, and large sizes, and in many instances, they are grouped by size in ounces.

Your production needs ordinarily determine the actual size of commercial popcorn maker you will require.

In this aspect, it means you need to determine the ideal size based on your preferred ounce.

Thus, there is no definite size of this unit. It depends on your actual production demands.

Even so, for commercial popcorn making, an ideal size to go for would be 12-ounce or larger.

Notably, you can get this equipment size of 40-ounce or more, making it easy to select the specific size that fits your demands.

Your production Need Will Influence The Size Of Commercial Popcorn Machine You Choose

Your Production Need Will Influence The Size Of Commercial Popcorn Machine You Choose

Which Are The Safety Features Of Commercial Popcorn Machine?

A typical commercial popcorn maker features different safety elements.

However, the specific features often vary from one model to another.

The basic safety features of this machine, however, include the following;

  • Roller bar that allows the operator to safely turn the kettle when emptying popcorn, thus preventing burns.
  • A centralized operating system allows you to regulate various functions and parameters of the unit within a touch of a switch.
  • Solid tempered glass and metallic frames protect the operator and the machine from loose flying objects.
  • Auto start/stop functions for regulating the machine in emergencies.

How Much Power Do Commercial Popcorn Machine Use?

The wattage of commercial popcorn makers often varies based on different models, capacity, and kettle size.

Ordinarily, you can find a small popcorn makes with a power wattage of about 600 watts.

Also, some medium commercial popcorn machines have a wattage of about 3000-5000 watts.

However, relatively large units specially designed for large-scale popcorn production can use up to 10 000 watts.

Thus, there is no definite power consumption that a commercial popcorn maker uses.

It depends on various factors, such but more specifically, the size and capacity of the machine.

The Wattage Of A Commercial Popcorn machine Depends on Size And Capacity Of A Machine

The Wattage Of A Commercial Popcorn machine Depends on Size And Capacity Of A Machine

How Do You Start And Shut Down Commercial Popcorn Machine?

It is a straightforward procedure since the operations require use of switches.

However, it is important to ensure the equipment is properly connected to a power source.

To turn it on, here is a step-by-step process to follow;

  • Turn on the switches located in the framing component above the door
  • Let the kettle warm for about 4-5 minutes
  • Add 2/3 cup of oil in kettle and immediately add one cup of raw popcorn and seasoning salt.
  • Close the lid to prevent stray kernels
  • As the corn pops, ensure the front operator doors are slightly ajar to prevent fogging. While at it, ensure the hopper door remains at “out” position to catch stray popcorn.
  • Let the corn pop until popping stops, often takes about 3-4 seconds lapse between pops. Afterward, pour the popped corn remaining in the kettle by rotating the handle clockwise and pulling it down.
  • For additional batches, repeat the steps 1-5

Shutting down the commercial popcorn machine is equally straightforward and involves the following steps;

  • Start with turning off the kettle switch after finishing preparing the popcorn.
  • In many instances, power or light may stay on to display heat and popcorn
  • The kettle is often hot; thus, you should never touch it during the popping process.
  • If there is a malfunction, shut off the motor and heat switches instantly, then rectify the issue before proceeding.

Which Material Do You Use For Commercial Popcorn Machine?

Ordinarily, different manufacturers use various materials to make other components of commercial popcorn machines.

But the common material you’ll often find in most units include the following;

  • Tampered glass – It is a toughened glass material manufactured by controlled thermal or chemical compounds to enhance its overall strength.

Mostly, tempered glass is used for making the surface of warming deck and the door.

  • Polycarbonate – This is a thermoplastic material also normally used for making the warming deck surface and door.
  • Aluminum/ Stainless steel – It is used for making the kettle and chassis component, including the framing materials.
  • Rubber – It is used for making the feet of the equipment to enhance stability and making it non-slippery, especially for countertop machines.

Machine Made From Tampered Glass And Stainless Steel

Machine Made From Tempered Glass And Stainless Steel

How Do You Determine Production Capacity Of Commercial Popcorn Machine?

The main production capacity determinant element of commercial popcorn maker is its kettle size.

Ordinarily, the kettle sizes are measured in ounces, which implies that the more ounces, the higher the production capacity and vice versa.

For instance, a 4-20 ounce popper would most likely be enough for relatively small to medium capacity production.

On the other hand, in production demands for areas such as stadium and movie theatres, a 28-46 ounce would suffice.

But for relatively large production demands, it is advisable to go for the bigger models with a capacity of more than 46-ounce.

Ideally, such bigger models are quite fast and can attain up to about 75 pounds of popcorn per hour.

Power wattage is another determinant of production capacity in commercial popcorn machine.

Often, an equipment, which uses more power is quite powerful and faster and vice versa.

It could be having a smaller kettle size but relatively faster, thus higher production capacity.

In a nutshell, the production capacity of this machine is dependent on various factors, including the few ones mentioned above.

Kettle Size Is One Of The Factors That Affect Production Capacity Of Popcorns

Kettle Size is One Of The Factors Affecting production Of Popcorns

What Cause Commercial Popcorn Machine Failure?

Several issues can make popcorn makers fail or operate within limited parameters, which reduces efficiency.

One major cause of failure in this machine is a faulty thermostat or thermal cut-off.

Ordinarily, a faulty thermostat often leads to delayed popping time and scorched or unpopped corn.

In such instances, you can replace motors and other components.

However, replacing the entire unit would be economical since it prevents you from encountering such occurrences frequently.

Another cause of failure of this machine could be an electrical fault.

Mostly, you need to check whether the power socket is fixed appropriately, check the electrical cord and thermal cut off.

Ensure you text and fix all the components of the equipment related to power.

If the unit fails to heat, inspect the element, and if it is faulty, ensure you replace it.

Primarily, most component failures in a typical commercial popcorn maker are quite easy to test and replace.

You only need to ensure that you are using the right tools for the task.

How Much Does Commercial Popcorn Machine Cost?

There is no definite cost of a commercial popcorn machine.

Ideally, it means that the actual cost of this unit is dependent on a wide range of factors such as the following;

Production Capacity

Ordinarily, the faster and higher the production capacity of this unit, the costlier it is.

In essence, you are likely to spend more money to acquire a commercial popcorn machine with higher production output.


Often, the cost of this unit would also vary based on the specific material used in constructing its different components.

It implies that some materials are quite expensive than other hence the price disparity.

For instance, stainless steel and polycarbonate tend to be more expensive than others, such as aluminium and glass.

Power Wattage

A commercial popcorn machine with higher power wattage is costlier than one with relatively low wattage.


The overall dimensions of this unit is also an important price-determinant element when purchasing it.

Of course, the bigger the size, the costlier the unit, and vice versa.


Different companies manufacturing commercial popcorn makers also price these units differently based on various factors.

In many instances, relatively known brands with proven reliability and quality tend to be more expensive.

On the other hand, unpopular brands in the market are usually cheaper, but it doesn’t necessarily imply they are of low quality.

Integrated Technology

Ordinarily, a commercial popcorn maker integrated with more advanced technology is more likely to be expensive.

In a nutshell, several factors, including the above-mentioned ones, influence the actual price of this appliance.

 Above You Will Find Some Of The Factors Influencing Cost Of Popcorn Machine

Above Are SOme Of The Factors Influencing Cost Of Popcorn Machine

Are There Commercial Popcorn Machine Replacement Parts?


You can find replacement parts for almost all components of commercial popcorn machines.

The readiness availability is, however, dependent on the specific brand of the unit you are purchasing.

Some manufacturers have authorized local dealers in different locations where you can easily buy the replacement parts.

On the other hand, some manufacturers often require you to order the specific part, and it is shipped to your address within shortest time possible.

The bottom line, nonetheless, is that you can find replacement parts for your commercial popcorn maker as long as it is genuine.

Is Commercial Popcorn Machine Good For Batch Production?


Depending on the specific machine you are using, you can easily produce popcorn in different batches.

The design of typical commercial popcorn makers is to cook a kettle of kernels in about 3-5 minutes.

But the actual cycle time is dependent on having the kettle heated to a required cooking temperature before loading the kettle.

How Do You Maintain Commercial Popcorn Machine?

Cleaning Is A Way of Maintaining Commercial Popcorn Machine

Fequent Cleaning Is A Way Of Maintaing The Machine

The best way of maintaining this appliance is by ensuring it stays clean all the time.

Cleaning it is often easy since you only need to use standard window cleaner to wipe all its surface materials.

At no point when cleaning should you ever submerge the kettle into any form of liquid.

Essentially, the kettle contains different electrical components, which can easily be shot out if wet.

Therefore, just use a wet cloth and wipe out the surface materials gently immediately after every use.

If your equipment has a kettle, which gets burned-on oil stains, you can purchase a kettle cleaning kit.

This kit enables you to clean it to almost new conditions.

Also, another ideal maintenance practice is ensuring you replace worn out or faulty parts of the equipment accordingly.

It is an imperative maintenance approach, which enhances the efficiency, reliability, and safety of the machine.

Is There Recommended Oil To Use In Commercial Popcorn Machine?

Essentially, you can use various types of oils in your commercial popcorn machine.

Of course, the ideal one varies with the specific taste of popcorn you want to attain.

But the most commonly used one is coconut oil since it is considered one with a better taste.

Even so, relatively health-conscious individuals prefer using canola oil.

It has low cholesterol, and fat content thus considered an ideal one among health-conscious people.

The other commonly used types of oil for commercial popcorn machines include soy, peanut, and sunflower among others.

Why Should You Choose Commercial Popcorn Machine With Hard-Coat Kernel?

It is easy to clean a popcorn maker with a hard-coat kernel.

Ideally, the surface material of this type of coat makes it easy to clean the component by using basic cleaning substances.

Of course, this is vital because it makes the popcorns have a fresh taste always.

Secondly, a popcorn-making machine with a hard-coat kernel is easy and safe to use.

In essence, this material hardly burns from overheating.

Besides, this material enables even heat transfer, which ensures efficiency and faster cooking of kernels.

Thirdly, choosing a popcorn maker with hard-coat kernel guarantees return on investment as far durability is concerned.

Since it is hard-wearing, it means it can last for several years, which is vital since it gives you quality and efficient service.

Hard Coat Kernel Makes The Machine To Be Easy To Clean And More Durable

Hard Coat kernel Makes The Machine Easy To Clean And  Very Durable

Does Commercial Popcorn Machine Have Warranty?

It primarily depends on the specific manufacturer or brand you are purchasing.

Some manufacturers provide limited warranties, such as on specific components of the machine like the kettle.

On the other hand, you can find manufacturers who provide comprehensive warranty to cover the entire equipment.

Nevertheless, a reputable commercial popcorn machine will always provide a warranty of this uni, albeit short.

It is important because it covers the machine, which is necessary for giving you peace of mind.

Whys Should Commercial Popcorn Machine To Have In-built Warning Deck And Heat Lamp?

Ordinarily, you find an in-built warming deck and heat lamp in premium commercial popcorn machines.

These features are integral in such machines since they enhance superior popcorn holding.

A heating element underneath the deck is critical in maintaining the popped corn crisp and reducing the issues of popcorn turning out chewy.

Combining this feature with the lamp enables your popcorn to stay fresh and warm for several hours.

In a nutshell, choosing a popcorn maker with an in-built warming deck and heat lamp allows you to have relatively durable popcorns.

Is Design And Construction Of Commercial Popcorn Machine Important?


It is important since, to a large extent, it determines the aesthetics of the machine.

Secondly, design construction also determines the amount of space you’ll need, especially if you are going for the countertop designs.

Thirdly, the overall quality of a typical commercial popcorn machine is also defined by its general design construction.

Therefore, to a great extent, this aspect is quite an important one in choosing an ideal popcorn maker.

How Do You Establish Right Quantity Of Corn To Put In Commercial Popcorn Machine Kettle?

Generally, this is dependent on the actual size of kernel in ounces.

Of course, the larger the kettle size, the more the quantity of corn you can add and the reverse.

However, most reputable manufacturers of this equipment usually indicate the amount of corn you can put in it for popping process.

Thus, you can check the user manual to find detailed information about the same.

How Do You Test Commercial Popcorn Machine?

Primarily, the working principle of a commercial popcorn machine involves heat transfer from the element to the inner shell.

The design of this equipment is that upon attaining the ideal heating temperature, the thermostat contacts open.

In other words, the ideal way of determining the functionality and efficiency of this machine is by figuring out about its heat transfer system.

Therefore, the easiest way of testing this component is finding out if the thermostat opens prematurely.

Essentially, you need to plug in the commercial popcorn machine to a power source and turn on all the switches.

While turning the heat switch, you’ll notice a particular slightly dim light inside the popper.

It indicates the machine is attaining some amperage off the system hence dimming the light.

Allow the kettle to heat and see whether the dim light is brightening gradually.

If the light brightens before popcorn pops, chances are high the thermostat is faulty hence opening prematurely.

Which Quality Standards/Certifications Should Commercial Popcorn Machine Have?

When buying a commercial popcorn maker, it is imperative to ensure it contains specific quality standards or certifications.

It shows the machine meets the specific required safety and quality standards, thus suitable for popping popcorns.

The most commonly used quality standards and certifications you ought to look out for in this equipment include the following;

  • Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
  • CE Marking
  • American National Standards Institute
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
  • SGS Certification

Why Use Toughened Glass For The Four Sides Of Commercial Popcorn Machine?

Ordinarily, toughened glass exhibits high-quality features, making it an ideal option to consider for making the popcorn machine’s sidewalls.

Some of the notable advantages of this material include the following;

  • It can withstand a heating temperature of up to 1100° F, and this is vital in popcorn machine since such heating is a necessity.
  • Immensely strong thus can last for several years without breaking or cracking.
  • Hardly breaks, and in rare event it does, it only shatters into tiny pebble-like pieces
  • Guarantees safety of the machine and the operator since it is incredibly resilient

How Do You Choose Lighting For Commercial Popcorn Machine?

Primarily, the essence of lighting in a commercial popcorn maker is to ensure the popcorns stay fresh for as long as it takes.

Also, lighting in this equipment enhances the overall aesthetics for popcorns to appear more fresh, lively, and attractive.

Therefore, when choosing this component, it is advisable to go for a relatively bright bulb that does not necessarily consume much power.

Mostly, a 65-watt bulb would fit in most commercial popcorn machine brands hence an ideal choice to consider.

How Can You Optimize Working Of Commercial Popcorn Machines?

You can use several techniques or practices to maximize the efficiency, performance, and reliability of commercial popcorn machines.

The ideal ones include the following;

Thorough And Proper Cleaning

Ensure you always remove any popcorn leftover from the equipment.

While at it, clean all the surfaces of this machine using vinegar and water solution.

However, never submerge the kettle in any liquid while cleaning the machine.

Replace Faulty Parts

Most electrical components of commercial popcorn machines may fail due to many reasons.

Nonetheless, it is vital to replace such failed parts with new original ones to enhance the efficiency of this equipment

What Are The Benefits Of Hot Air System In Commercial Popcorn Machine?

Technically, a hot air system in commercial popcorn makers guarantees a relatively higher blaster rate of about 96%.

This system emits hot air, which circulates through different holes within the machine.

As such, it ensures proper heating of every popcorn evenly due to high heat turbine rotation.

Are There Commercial Popcorn Machine With Clean-in-place Design?


Most modern commercial popcorn machines are integrated with a clean-in-place system.

Ordinarily, the cycle of ounce servings is usually per hour.

Therefore, it can be relatively energy-draining and time-wasting to keep on cleaning this equipment manually.

As such, it features a removable single-piece kettle lid, cleans out a drawer, and lift-off door making it easy to clean.

Can You Integrate Commercial Popcorn Machine With Packaging Equipment?


It is possible to integrate this machine with a packaging equipment.

Often, modern packaging machines come with advanced technology, which are merely programmed to work with a commercial popcorn machine.

However, this requires expertise to ensure the settings of the packing equipment in property are configured to attain the ideal efficiency.

Which Commercial Popcorn Kernel Designs Are There?

You can find commercial popcorn kernel in a wide range of designs in the market.

In essence, the different designs also influence the specific type of popcorns they produce.

The common designs you will always come across include the following;

Butterfly Popcorn Kernels

In other instances, they are known as snowflake popcorn, relatively irregular shapes and feature somewhat light fragile wings bulging from all sides.

Besides, they are tender, and fluffy, and often best when served fresh.

Butterfly Popcorn Kennel

Butterfly Popcorn Kernels

Mushroom Popcorn Kernels

These designs feature a compact ball shape, denser, larger, and more fragile than butterfly popcorn kernels.

Moreover, they are round in shape with a larger surface area, which holds up well against coating and stirring processes.

They are suitable for gourmet popping applications where different coatings such as chocolate and caramel are applied.

Mushroom Popcorn kernels

Mushroom Popcorn Kernels

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