Cream Tube Filling Machine: The Ultimate Guide

If you are starting or operating cream manufacturing business, definitely, cream tube filling machine is a must-have equipment. It helps in safe and efficient packaging. This guide has all information about cream tube filler machine – take a look:

1. What Is Cream Tube Filling And Sealing Machine?

A cream tube filling and sealing machine is used for packaging cream products into assorted types of tube containers.

cream tube filling machine

cream tube filling machine

You can use this machine for either plastic, tube, or aluminum cream tubes.

2. Applications Of Cream Tube Filling Machine

You can use a cream tube filling machine for diverse applications in different industries. The following are examples of where you can use the machine.

Cosmetic Industry

This industry offers the highest demand for cream tube filling machines. You can use this equipment to fill a wide range of cream products used for beautification purposes.

You can also use the machine for filling and sealing cleansers, sunscreens, and medicated creams.

Pharmaceutical Industry

You can use a cream tube filling machine to package assorted cream medical products.

Among the most common products that you can package using this machine include healing and skin ointment creams, anti-inflammatory creams, analgesic creams, etc.

Hygiene Industry

This machine is also a vital component in the packaging of products used for human oral and body hygiene.

You can use it to fill and seal products such as shaving creams, aftershave creams, hair treatment creams, body wash creams, etc.

Food Industry

You can use the machine for packaging and sealing different food and confectionery products.

You can use it to package ice creams, mustard, etc. Some machines can even fill and seal pastes and sauce-based products.


You can use this machine to fill and seal assorted cream-based glitters and paints in assorted tubing.

Veterinary Industry

You can use the machine for filling cream products for use in the treatment of pets, livestock, and wildlife.

You can use it for packaging animal allergy creams, skin ointment, and medical creams for use in the treatment of pests and diseases.

3. Advantages Of Cream Tube Filling Machine

A cream tube filling machine is a vital piece of equipment in many industries that manufacture creamy products.

Investing in this machine will improve your yield output and business performance by according you the following benefits.

Improved Production Efficiency

A cream tube filling machine will optimize the product filling and sealing speed of your production process, thus increasing the overall production efficiency of your system.

A Faster rate of production is a prerequisite for a competitive business strategy and will increase your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Lower Cost Of Labor

Integrating a cream tube filling and sealing machine in your production line considerably frees up a lot of human labor that can redirect to other more human-centered operations.

You will need either only a single operator to oversee the operation of your machine or a significantly limited number of operators compared to manual packaging.

Overall, this machine will lower the labor required for packaging your products, thus also lowering the expenditure on salaries and wage bills.

Improved Packaging Dependability And Consistency

A cream tube filling and sealing machine guarantees the production of highly homogeneous and reliable products that cannot be delivered following manual hand packaging.

It outperforms all other alternative cream packaging options when speed and precision are critical for maintaining undisturbed production flow.

Ideal For Multi-tasking

Cream tube filling and sealing machines are highly versatile equipment that you can use for the production of a wide range of products.

You can use a single machine to package multiple products alongside a wide range of tubing sizes and shapes.

Depending on the model, you can also configure the machine to package similar products of divergent viscosity.

Improved Working Conditions

Integration of a cream tube filler in the production system significantly improves the productivity of your employees and the process as a whole.

The operator of your filler machine only needs to configure the ideal setting for the corresponding operation and then sit back and monitor the operation.

Reduce Product Wastage

The high level of precision associated with cream tube filling machines eliminates giveaways associated with manual filling procedures.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance

A tube filling and sealing machine possess an easy-to-use graphical user interface that does not require any exceptional engineering skills to operate.

You can easily key in the desired production parameters and set the machine to operate at your convenience.

4. Cream Tube Filling Machine Sealing Options

Understanding the principles behind different types of sealing for cream tube filling machines is critical in aligning the correct type of tube sealing with the squeeze tube.

Hot-air Sealing Mechanism

This is the most widely used tube sealing option for cream tube filling machines. It seals the plastic tubes by passing heated air.

The air softens the tubing walls and makes it pliable for crimping by the tube sealing jaws.

This sealing technique is faster and can accommodate a very wide range of plastic tube materials.

However, this type of tube sealing is only economical for production runs exceeding 1000 tubes.

The need for specifying sizes for hot air nozzles according to the diameter of each tube to be filled makes the process very expensive for small-scale operations.

Ultrasonic Sealing Mechanism

This option of tube sealing is ideal for small-scale operations.

This technique employs the use of ultrasonic sealing horns to generate high-frequency vibration for the sealing of cream tubes.

The open end of the tube is welded by subjecting it to pressure when enclosed and matching it to the anvil.

This technique is preferred for its ease of use, versatility for use with a wide variability of size parts, and sealing of tubes whose sealing parts have been contaminated with the filling product.

However, it also has a lower sealing speed when compared to the hot-air sealing technique.

Impulse Sealing Mechanism

Impulse sealing machines use the heat generated from an electric current to seal the tubes.

The tubes are held in place under pressure and then fastened while hot to seal them.

This cream tube sealing technique is ideal for sealing tubing made from varied materials and is relatively faster.

5. Dosing Options In Cream Tube Filling Machine

Some of the most common dosing options include:

Vacuum Filling Mechanism

Vacuum fillers have vane cell feeds and vacuum pumps.

The vacuum pump will slowly transfer the cream from the hopper into the cell, which must first release its contents before translocating beneath the hopper.

Using this mechanism enables you to maintain continuous cream flow.

Piston Filler Mechanism

You can use a piston filler to package creams with high viscosity. Accordingly, you have to pour the product inside a cylinder before pushing it into the tubes using a piston.

Gravity Filling Mechanism

This is a type of volumetric filler that relies on gravity to facilitate the flow of cream into the tubes.

6. Types Of Cream Tube Filling Machine

You can choose any of the following options:

Manual Cream Tube Filling Machine

A manual cream tube filling machine is suited for small-scale production facilities or laboratory work. You can incorporate this type of cream tube filling machine into your production line for consistency and reproducibility which is unattainable for hand filling.

manual cream tube filling machine

manual cream tube filling machine

They are ideal for highly viscous cream and do not need an electric supply to operate.

Semi-automatic Tube Filling Machine

You can use a semi-automatic cream filling machine in different industries to package assorted cream-related products.

It is ideal for a relatively small-scale operation that desires a production speed of approximately 30 to 35 tubes per minute.

This type of machine requires the full attendance of an operator.

semi automatic tube filling machine

semi automatic tube filling machine

The process only needs to be initiated by the operator. All other production processes will automatically follow in place.

Fully Automatic Tube Filling Machine

A fully automatic cream tube filling and sealing machine is ideal for large-scale applications.

It can perform all the operations without the intervention of an operator once it has been programmed.

automatic tube filling machine

automatic tube filling machine

This machine is ideal for use in large-scale filling and sealing of cream products.  They have outstanding packaging speed, accuracy, and reliability.

7. Cream Tube Filling Machine Parts

The cream tube filling machine constitutes an assemblage of assorted parts and components that are specifically designed for specialized roles.

A basic cream tube filling machine must have the following essential parts:

  • Frame: The frame of a cream tube filling machine offers the structural support that holds other parts and components of the machine in place.
  • Tanks: The tanks of the cream tube filling machine are used for the temporary storage of the cream product to be filled in the containers.
  • Filling Nozzles: This component is responsible for directing your product into the container as it exits the filling machine.
  • Coding jaws: Coding jaws are adjustable components that are vital for the readjustment of the machine to enable the filling and sealing of diversified cream tubing.
  • Dosing pump: The dosing pump supplies your products at the desired flow rate for efficient displacement into assorted cream tubing.
  • Control units: The control unit houses all the components required for regulating the operation of the cream filling and sealing machine.
  • Discharge unit: The discharge unit is an adjustable component that facilitates the ejection of your product from the tank into packaging tubes.

It is responsible for determining the precise product quantity to be discharged and the speed of discharge.

  • Tube holders: This component is responsible for holding tubes firmly in place in the course of product injection.
  • Hopper: The hopper of a cream filling machine is a specialized component located on the top parts of the cream tube filling machine.

It crafts the products into the machine and moves them laterally into the tank.

  • Electronic box: This component hosts all the electrical panels and connections such as relays, switches, connection cables, etc.
  • Motor: The motor converts electric energy into mechanical energy that will facilitate the provision of power for the effective operationalization of the machine.
  • Safety component system: This component host all elements that are primarily concerned with the safety of your cream filling machine.

It has an emergency button that when pressed cuts the power supply and shuts the machine instantly.

8. Cream Tube Filling Machine Working Principle

The working principle of a cream tube filling machine is dependent on the type of a cream tube filling machine.

First, you have to feed in the packaging parameters in the cream tube filling machine in the control unit before initiating the filling procedure.

For a manual cream tube filling machine, an operator has to perform all the tasks.

For a semi-automated cream tube filling machine, the operator has to supply the tube holder with the packaging tubes.

For either type of machine, the next step initiates product packaging by rotating the tube holders and placing them accordingly in different workstations.

The machine then automatically fills the tubes with your cream products.

This is then followed by automatic sealing, the printing of batch numbers, and cutting of the tube tails.

All the procedures follow a defined sequence.

In a fully automatic machine, the operator will only undertake process monitoring and control of packaging parameters.

The control unit offers easy and fast modification of control parameters as ideal for different production conditions.

9. Features To Look For In Cream Tube Filling Machine

The selection of a cream tube filling machine can be a daunting task because the market is flooded with numerous machines with varied features and specifications.

You should consider the following features when selecting a cream tube filling machine if you want to maintain high-quality product packaging.

Construction Material

The material used to manufacture your machine should be strong and possess a very high level of resistance to corrosion, heat, and weather.

The material must also be hardy to guarantee the stability of your machine which will be operating under intense vibration.

Stainless steel is preferred for the construction of a cream tube filling machine because it meets these conditions.

In addition, it also offers exceptional conditions for maintaining excellent hygienic conditions.


You should consider the size of the machine against its effectiveness in meeting the requirements of your packaging process and the available space for installation.

You should consider the production capabilities of your machine when settling for size.

Most modern machines have compact and relatively small sizes compared to old generation machines but with considerably higher packaging efficiency.


This is the most important feature to consider when buying a cream tube filling machine.

The capacity of your machine will depend on the production needs of your system.

The machine you settle for must concur with your production requirements.

Otherwise, you will settle for a machine with low production capacity that will lower the efficiency of your system.

Alternatively, buying an expensive machine with a higher capacity will only increase your cost of operation without yielding any significant return on investment.

Quality And Safety Compliance

Ensure that your machine meets the quality and safety standards set by regulatory authorities in your country.

Approval by regulatory authorities is mandatory before the initiation of the production process.


You must acquire a machine manufactured by a company with an established reputation for producing high-quality goods.

Even though such models may come with demanding cost implications, the efficiency and longevity of the machine deliver valuable returns on your investment.

10. Maintaining Cream Tube Machine

You have to conduct regular maintenance for your cream tube filling machine to ensure long service life and efficient productivity.

The following maintenance options will ensure that your machine operates optimally.

  • Switch off the power supply at the end of every shift.
  • Clean the working areas and nozzles using 70% ethanol to decontaminate them of microbial growth and dirt.
  • Schedule regular rescaling of the structure and lubrication of the large column. Incorporate weekly checkups to ascertain that the oil level is optimal.

Replace the scale structure once every six months.

  • Always ensure that the oil level in the speed reducer is above the halfway mark point.
  • Schedule weekly checks and lubrication of the driving system.
  • In case the machine is subjected to extensive downtime, you first have to loosen all the parts and tighten them before starting them.

Also, ensure that all the components are adjusted accordingly and the lubrication system is well maintained.

11. Types Of Tubes To Use In Cream Filling Process

Plastic Tube

There are different types of plastic tubes that you can consider for packaging your products.

You can either select mono-or multilayered plastic tubes for packaging fast-moving cream products with a short shelf life.

Laminate Tube

These tubes are made of plastic but have an extra lamination that coats the plastics.

The lamination offers additional product protection and improves the aesthetic value of your products.

Aluminum Tube

These are also referred to as collapsible tubes. You can use aluminum tubes as delicate or highly aggressive products.

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