CW-600 Oil Coating Drum

CW-600 Oil Coating Drum

To get nice gloss on your gummies and jellies and safeguard them against enviromental factors, confectionery products can be oiled using our CW-600, available in different sizes. In a rotating drum, the polishing agent is added continuosly, while the amount of oil, as well as the dwell time of your sweets in the drum can be adjusted to your product’s needs.

CW-600 Oil Coating Drum Features:

  • The spraying system extend into the drum to spray oil consistently onto the gummy
  • Supplied with electrical control panel, to allow the operator to adjust the equipment
  • Heated oil tank to keep warm of the oil agent for flexible use
  • Variable speed drive is provided
  • Manufactured totally out of stainless steel 304
Technical DataCW-600
Material304 Stainless steel
Electrical220/380V, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase
WeightAppr. 300kg

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