Die Roll Mold

Die Roll Mold

Softgel pills, vitamins, and cream are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries. And, SaintyCo is dedicated to helping you develop your soft gel capsules with our gelatin encapsulation machine die roll molds. 

We choose safe and wear-resistant hard aluminum alloys to manufacture our die roll molds. To prevent unnecessary gel adhesion, we use bead-blasting and Teflon distribution plates. 

SaintyCo’s patented wedge design supplies consistent heat to set the gelatin capsules perfectly and allow for easy heat regulation. The specially engineered die roll molds optimize gelatin use to improve your production efficiency. 

You can request your die roll mold in any size, and with any number of cavities. Additionally, we offer a large range of cavity shapes, such as oval, oblong, calabash, flagon, tube, and even goldfish. 

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The equipment we used to process the die rollers is high precision four-axis linkage CNC machining center.

The precision and stability of the equipment can affect the quality of the dies directly, and on the other hand, the quality of the dies is the best standard to evaluate the precision of the equipment.

For every set of die rollers,  we can ensure its precision by using high-quality equipment with the help of high quality, high precision toolings and choosing a reasonable processing procedure.

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