DM-10 Gummy Depositor

DM-10 Gummy Depositor

Saintyco manufactures high-quality DM-10 gummy depositor with a sturdy and compact design. These are widely used for a small candy production line. For your confectionery production, Saintyco DM-10 gummy depositor machine is best for you!

With the use of advanced technology, Saintyco DM-10 gummy depositor can produce a wide range of candy sizes. Aside from producing quality outputs, our DM-10 gummy depositor is also ideal for saving manpower.

Because of its compact design, Saintyco DM-10 gummy depositor is also ideal for a room that requires less space occupation. Additionally, Saintyco manufactures gummy depositors with customizable gummy quantity capacity and 10-30 times/minute depositing speed.

With this fully automated and advanced DM-10 gummy depositor from Saintyco, you can create a large amount of high-quality candy shapes with a higher level of precision.

  • High precision and accuracy depositing speed with less scrap
  • Produces candies with a wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Customizable gummy quantity
  • Mounted on wheels for extreme mobility, ease of use, and maintenance

Technical Data DM-10

Capacity 1-20 pcs/time (gummy quantity can by customized)

Depositing speed 10-30 times/min

Power supply 380V 50HZ 3P 4.2KW

Air pressure > 0.4 MPa

Weight 120 kgs

Dimension 1200X1000X2300 mm

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